Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Morning Rush 8 (Metaphores and Similes for Women)


  1. FLOOD, madaling kumalat at destructive.
  2. FIRE, playing too closely to them can burn you.
  3. BANK ACCOUNT, without money, they lose interest.
  4. CELLPHONES, I don't have one.
  5. AMPALAYA, for aging woman, kulubot na, bitter pa.
  6. CALENDAR, they're only good for a year.
  7. CIGARETTE BUTTS, for woman drivers, nagkalat sa daan.
  8. KFC, they're finger licking good.
  9. CLAM, you don't eat them when there's red tide.
  10. COFFEE, they grind so fine.
  11. LARGE INTESTINE, they're so fall of it.
  12. FLOWER, if you care for them they bloom, if not they go dry.
  13. DUNKIN DONUTS, for woman's body, looks good tastes even better.
  14. DISPOSABLE DIAPER, they're good for one use.
  15. BOX OF MILK, fresh when new, spoiled & rotten when old.
  16. BANGUS, masarap pero matinik.
  17. MENTHOL CANDY, maanghang pero masarap.
  18. DURIAN, stinky but good.
  19. BRIEF, men used them until they're old & torn.
  20. COFFEE, mas masarap 'pag mainit.
  21. COFFEE, masarap kunin ang tamang timpla.
  22. M&M, for woman's defenses, melt in your mouth not in your hands.
  23. DRUGS, nakakaadik.
  24. MTV, I like!
  25. TAXI DRIVERS, for pakipot woman, namimili ng pasasakayin.
  26. APPLE PIE, the crush may look cold outside but the filling definitely hot.
  27. CATS, they're seet but they also have claws.
  28. DART BOARDS, you got to hit the right spot to get the most points.
  29. BALLS, pinagpapasapasahan.
  30. SLIPPERS, inaapak-apakan.
  31. HEMORROID, they were pain in the behind.
  32. CHICKEN, maaga pa lang, putak na ng putak.
  33. ENERGIZER"S BUNNY, for woman's mouth, they keep going & going & going.
  34. YESTERDAY'S NEWSPAPER, for loveless woman, walang pumapansin.
  35. CHANNEL 2& 7, they won't accept they're number 2.
  37. PACKAGES, for women with PMS, you take them with care.
  38. STING'S SONG, they're fragile.
  39. STOP LIGHTS, sometimes green, sometimes red.