Thursday, June 28, 2007

10 Worst Junk Foods

I'm here to tell you about reality and fantasy. Reality is not all foods are created equal, in fact, a lot of them are junk. The fantasy is, if you think by eating a lot of junk foods you're going to remain healthy,you're mistaken.That's why I've created the top 10 list of worst junk foods people commonly eat.

10. Fruit drinks.
Not to be confused with fruit juices, fruit drinks are 10 per cent or less real fruit sugar. They're loaded with artificial colouring and sucrose. Definitely teeth rotters.
9. White bread.
Yes, this is a junk food. Everytime you're looking at a slice of white bread you are seeing a slice of sugar-it acts in the body the same way. Eat wheat bread instead.
8. Doughnut.It's white bread dipped and deep-fried and sugar. What can be worse? No wonder there's a big hole in the middle, it's a nutritional zero.
7. Decaffeinated coffee.
An excellent way to remove the caffeine and add chemical solvent residue right into your favourite beverage.
6. Pop.
Let's see now, how do you spell increased bone breakage? P-O-P.
5. Diet pop.You get all the dandy benefits of pop, plus artificial sweetener, which has been shown in studies to actually increase your sugar cravings and alter your brain chemistry.
4. Sugary breakfast cereals.
Now here's a guarantee: If you want to start your day in a low lifeforce mode, then this is the junk breakfast for you.
3. Deep-dish pizza.
This is an excellent way to stack, jack and pack your G.I. tract with one big dollop of sodium, dough and fat-an overnight weight-gain wonder.
2. Ice cream.
Here's a beauty, high in sugar and high in fat, for another whack attack on your pancreas and your arteries.And the number one worst junk food hands down is...
1. French fries and potato chips.
Here's why: Yes, it's unparalleled sodium-loading enzyme-dead food. But new information now shows that it's high in acrylimide, a known cancer-causing agent. In fact, the amount of acyrlimide in a serving of fast-food French fries is 300 times above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's limit set for one glass of water.

Now, every behaviour carries with it it's own consequences. It's nodifferent with nutrition. Reality or fantasy, take your pick. Choosewisely.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Morning Rush 15 (Things That Make Men Happy)

Misis na walang magulang.
Male first-born-baby to carry his name.
Sports Illustrated, FHM & Maxim.
Sexy private nurses.
Beer, Pulutan & girls.
Anything that cooks, cleans & reproduces without asking for monthly wages.
Big party meals.
Trading cards in general.
Wrestling & Heavy metal bands.
Multiple partners.
Anything girly.
Inflatable dolls.
Toys for big boys.
Motel discounts.
The fact that they’re not woman.
A mute wife.
Smart friend’s dump wife.
Leila Barros.
Being in control.
Girls in mini skirts on a windy day.
Babaeng bagong paligo.
The site of nakasampay na undies ng kapitbahay.
Two women fighting over him.
The site of 2 girls kissing.
A commitment free relationship.
The scent of a woman.
Low maintenance girlfriend.
Mammary gland.

Morning Rush 14 (Metaphores and Similes for Men)

GINATAAN, puro sila stir.
MICE, they play around when cat is not around.
BOOK, you cannot put things down which one gives you.
TOYS, you have to choose which gives you joy.
TEXT MESSAGES, you don't know if they're telling the truth.
RISING SUN, men's promises – they won't last a day.
BITTER PILL, you have to swallow it for best result.
PROMOS, they only good until supply's last.
LINOLIUM, if you lay them right for the first time, then you walked with them for 20 years.
TIKOY, 'pag tumatagal kumukunat.
BACON, they shrink under fire.
TICKS, kung saan masikip doon sumusiksik.
COFFEE, you have to put cream to taste better.
CAR, the faster they go, the hotter they get.
BROKEN VENDO MACHINE, you push the right button & nothing's comes out.
BOMB, they can explode anywhere & everywhere.
BUBBLE GUM, they're only sweet at first but become tasteless if they stay too long on your mouth.
LAVA LAMP, they are fun to look at but not all that bright.
COLEMAN, you just load them with beer & you can take them anywhere you want.
BEER, they make woman's belly bouched & give woman a headache.
SHOOTING STAR, for men's promises, they blaze brightly across the sky briefly then disappear into darkness.
DINOSAURS, the biggest his cane.
BUTTERFLY, they suck all the sweetness in you.
ASPIRIN, they maybe good for a lonely heart but it could hurt for a stomach.
TELEPHONE DIRECTORY, they have all these numbers but they never call.
SONG, the more you listen to them, the more na nakakasawa.
COMPUTERS, they are user friendly.
BACKSTREET BOYS' SONG, they are larger than life.
FLOURESCENT BULB, the longer you use it, the dullard it get.
CIRCUS MONKEYS, damitan mo man unggoy pa rin.
VOLCANOES, they're always hot inside.
BALLS, they are always bounce back.
NACHO, they rhyme with macho.
PASTRIES, they're sweet but they make you fat.
FASHION ACCESSORIES, they love great on you but they're useless.
CELLPHONES, you need one when you having an emergency, but the bigger the antenna the better.

Morning Rush 13 (Reasons Why You Weren't Admitted To An All-Girls or All-Boys School)

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Weren’t Admitted To AnAll-Girls /All-Boys School
Because you’re too versatile genderwise.
Do not quite look like a boy, not quite like a girl.
You’re slot was given to a girl in an experiment to admit a girl in an all boys school.
You’re too cute, you might turn the boys into girls.
Kasi babae kang may bigote.
During an entrance exam to an all boys school you are wearing too much make-up.
You can’t “shock” or “gosh” the way they deliver it.
Because you refuse to wear underwear under your miniskirt.
Hindi ka natanggap sa all-girls school kasi may tattoo ka ng sawa sa braso mo.
You bulge in all the wrong place.
The principal thought you weren’t good enough kisser.
Because you have an adam apple.
You’re too wild & funky to be tame by nuns.
Kasi yung dean ng college na papasukan mo ay ang mismong nag-opera sa’yo noong lalaki ka pa.
Because you were a boy but you pee sitting down.
If your ex-boyfriend’s mom happens to be the principal of the school.
You wrote in your application that your favorite color is fushia.
You spoke in falsetto voice.
You commented on the dean’s poor fashion sense.
When asks during an interview who your favorite singer was, you answered Cadie Lang.
Your family name is “The Generous”.
You keep waking up the nuns.
Because you are nine months pregnant.
Because in an all-boys school you insisted on a home economics subject.
You insist on wearing high heels dahil hindi ka sanay sa greg shoes.
You forgot to remove your shoulder pad & eyebrows during the interview.
You’re a boy but you only answer to the name Elaine.
Dahil sa last school mo you were notorious na nagtitinda ka ng tocino.
You insisted that your pink uniform was simply nahawahan ng pula.
You call your principal mama.
Bawal ang butterfly clip sa all-boys school.
Bawal ang ponytail sa all-boys school.
You were caught carrying hormone pills.
For your application form when ask for 2x2 picture, you send in a 1x1 picture of Jennifer Lopez.
Kasi kasama ka sa cast ng “Biyaheng Langit” at “Sex Trip”.
Because you was a bold star.

Morning Rush 12 (Excuses If You Forget Your Anniversary or Birthday)

The Top Ten Excuses If You Forget Your Anniversary or Birthday“Hindi natin napalitan yung calendar.”
“Did you know I suffered temporary amnesia but I’m okey now!”
“Someone in the family got sick”
“A lot of people die in the family”
“Hindi mo ba narinig yung greetings ko syo sa FM?”
“I forgot that it was a leap year, I thought it was a day later.”
“Last year I greeted you in advance, so I thought I would make it equal to greet you late.”
“Ikaw naman di ka na nasanay, suntok gusto mo?”
“Kunyari lang nakalimutan ko ang anniversary natin, tinitingnan ko lang kung maaalala mo para malaman ko kung importante ako sa’yo.”
“I proposely don’t remember your birthday because I was so busy preparing on how to ask you to marry me.”
“Kasabay kasi ng birthday mo ang death anniversary ng lolo ko, kaya may padasal kami.”
“I was out of town in a phoneless city & I forgot my cellphone.”
“I purposely don’t remember your birthday because to me you’ll always be young.”
You don’t need my greeting to make your birthday special because you’re very special all around.”
“Nasagasaan ako ng truck.”
“Ang taas-taas na nga ng presyo ng bilihin anniversary pa rin ang nasa isip mo’”
“I was so busy looking for the perfect gift that I forgot to actually greet you.”
“Hindi ko nakalimutan ang birthday mo, nahihiya lang akong batiin ka dahil wala akong gift sa’yo, dahil nadonate ko na sa charity ang sweldo ko this month.”
“Alam mo naman anniversary natin ba’t di mo pa panaalala?”
“What!? You actually have birthdays!? It doesn’t look you never seem to age!”
“My head forgot not my heart!”

Morning Rush 11 (Things You Don't Want to Hear Right After Your Honeymoon)

The Top Ten Things You Don’t Want To Hear Right After Your Honeymoon
1.”Since we’re married already, pwede na bang lumipat sa atin ang family ko?”
2. “Here’s the bill!”
3. “I am not satisfied!”
4. “Ay! Bitin!”
5. “Ano? Buhay ka pa?”
6. “Hon, may alam ka bang annulment lawyer?”
7. “He wasn’t man enough for me.”
8. “I thought you were the one, hindi pala.”
9. “Buntis na, naghohoneymoon pa.”
10.”Sana bumili na lang ako ng aso.”
11.Motel receptionist: ”Bago yan sir ah.”
12.”Honey, I think I’m still a virgin.”
13.”May expiration baa ng marriage contract?”
14.”I was better off alone.”
15.”Akala ko main course ka, yun pala appetizer lang.”
16.”I had better, but you will do.”
17.”Huston, we have a problem.”
18.”Are you sure you’re not gay.”
19.”Mom! Mom, your turn!”
20.”Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit may mga babaeng nangangaliwa.”
21.”I like the part when he pretended I was a ham & egg sandwich and he actually used real mayonnaise.”
22.”That’s it? Your tired? Chicken! Chicken!
23.”Hon, anu kaya tong mga rushes na to? Meron ka din ba?”
24.”Is sexual dissatisfaction grounds for annulment?”
25.”Honey could you look up Performance Difficulty in the dictionary?”
26.”Bakit walang fireworks?”
27.”Hmmm! Akin na nga yang cellphone ko!”
28.”Mukha silang magnanay.”
29.”May lahi ba kayong toothpick?”
30.”Remember the stuff I told you about soulmate? Well, forget it.”
31.”Oh! By the way, I also have piece standing up.”
32.”Tapos na! Uwi na tayo!”
33.”Next time, no money no honey!”
35.”Do we have to do that again anytime soon?”

Morning Rush 10 (The Next Best Things...)

The next best thing to watching a movie is watching tv.
The next best thing to a perfect morning is to greet your partner.
The next best thing to having a friend is chatting on-line.
The next best thing to being good looking is being smart.
The next best thing to being beautiful is being nice.
The next best thing to being famous is being humble.
The next best thing to having a hot date is an aromatic foot massage.
The next best thing to being happy is being content.
The next best thing to getting down & dirty is to getting down & dirty literally by gardening.
The next best thing to getting a raise is having an affair with the boss.
The next best thing to a Boracay Vacation is quiet 3-day holy week break.
The next best thing to eating when starving is sleeping it off.
The next best thing to being a successful professional has a job is being an amateur who has hope.
The next best thing to success is revenge.
The next best thing to be successful is to be envied by many.
The next best thing to having a love life is having a sex life.
The next best thing to love is lust.
The next best thing to finding your soulmate is having a relationship with a person who really loves you.
The next best thing to working hard is playing dirty.
The next best thing to having a beautiful girlfriend is having a girly looking gay friend.
The next best thing to being God-Loving is being God-Fearing.
The next best thing to getting your wants is getting your needs.
The next best thing to having three kids & a wife is having 3 kids.
The next best thing to being naked in public is not wearing underwear.
The next best thing to Britney Spears is Christina Aguilera or vice versa, depending on whom you like.
The next best thing to having an airconditioned room is taking a long cold shower.
The next best thing to gaining a friend is losing an enemy.
The next best thing to having honors is simply graduating.
The next best thing to having the best of everything in life is simply living it.
The next best thing to forgiving is forgetting.
The next best thing to being first in your love-one’s list is just being on the list. The next best thing to having a boyfriend is having a girl friend.
The next best thing to having sex is pillow-fighting until you fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Morning Rush 9 (Rules On Breaking-Up)

1. Don’t say it through a letter.
2. Reprise after 6 to 10 months.
3. Don’t returns the really expensive gift, only return the cheaper one.
4. Don’t break-up when he gave you expensive gifts.
5. Don’t do it in-front of either person’s parent.
6. Don’t break-up in the dark.
7. Don’t break-up when you still owe your girlfriend’s money.
8. Don’t wear red when you’re breaking-up someone.
9. Don’t do it via “Dear Dr. Love” or Joe D’ Mango’s Love notes.
10. No hitting below the belt.
11. Don’t cry in-front of each other.
12. Don’t beak-up when there’s a death in the family.
13. Don’t break-up before exam.
14. Don’t break-up during special occasions or holidays.
15. Don’t break-up in public.
16. Don’t break-up in bed.
17. Don’t drink before breaking up.
18. Never let your new love coached you on how to break-up with your ex-to-be.
19. Don’t bring the new one when breaking up.
20. Don’t use witchcraft.
21. No return No exchange.
22. Don’t break-up on your anniversary.
23. Don’t break in the car or while driving.
24. Don’t use background music when you’re breaking up.
25. Don’t call at 3AM from a friend’s apartment.
26. No breaking up after I DO.
27. Don’t break-up until she gaves birth.
28. Don’t use or wear his favorite perfumes.
29. Don’t break-up on an empty stomach.
30. Don’t kiss & tell after the break-up.
31. Don’t break-up in the kitchen, there are knives there.
32. Don’t break-up during her period, she’ll go insane.
33. No threatening, No begging.
34. Don’t do it ala-disappearing act.
35. Don’t use sex to soften the blow.
36. Don’t tell other people of your plan to break-up with her, let her be the first to know.
37. ‘Wag paligoy-ligoy.
38. Do it only if you’re 100% sure.
39. Don’t do it on Friday the 13th, Malas!
40. For married people, not in front of the kids.
41. Don’t cut your hair after break-up.
42. Use smudge-proof mascara when you’re breaking up someone.
43. No sour-grapping.
44. No patronizing.
45. No bad mouthing.
46. Don’t let other people do the breaking up for you.
47. Don’t break up after a big fight; wait till both of you calm down.
48. Look into their eyes when you break their heart.
49. Don’t expect that you’re still be friends.
50. Don’t ask if she’s okay after break-up, just leave.
51. No assigning of flame.
52. Don’t start-off with cool-off, split kung split.
53. Break somebody’s heart the way an orthopedist could break your bone, quickly & cleanly because medically it heals faster in that way.
54. Don’t delay.
55. Don’t embrace each other after break-up.
56. No crying.

Morning Rush 8 (Metaphores and Similes for Women)


  1. FLOOD, madaling kumalat at destructive.
  2. FIRE, playing too closely to them can burn you.
  3. BANK ACCOUNT, without money, they lose interest.
  4. CELLPHONES, I don't have one.
  5. AMPALAYA, for aging woman, kulubot na, bitter pa.
  6. CALENDAR, they're only good for a year.
  7. CIGARETTE BUTTS, for woman drivers, nagkalat sa daan.
  8. KFC, they're finger licking good.
  9. CLAM, you don't eat them when there's red tide.
  10. COFFEE, they grind so fine.
  11. LARGE INTESTINE, they're so fall of it.
  12. FLOWER, if you care for them they bloom, if not they go dry.
  13. DUNKIN DONUTS, for woman's body, looks good tastes even better.
  14. DISPOSABLE DIAPER, they're good for one use.
  15. BOX OF MILK, fresh when new, spoiled & rotten when old.
  16. BANGUS, masarap pero matinik.
  17. MENTHOL CANDY, maanghang pero masarap.
  18. DURIAN, stinky but good.
  19. BRIEF, men used them until they're old & torn.
  20. COFFEE, mas masarap 'pag mainit.
  21. COFFEE, masarap kunin ang tamang timpla.
  22. M&M, for woman's defenses, melt in your mouth not in your hands.
  23. DRUGS, nakakaadik.
  24. MTV, I like!
  25. TAXI DRIVERS, for pakipot woman, namimili ng pasasakayin.
  26. APPLE PIE, the crush may look cold outside but the filling definitely hot.
  27. CATS, they're seet but they also have claws.
  28. DART BOARDS, you got to hit the right spot to get the most points.
  29. BALLS, pinagpapasapasahan.
  30. SLIPPERS, inaapak-apakan.
  31. HEMORROID, they were pain in the behind.
  32. CHICKEN, maaga pa lang, putak na ng putak.
  33. ENERGIZER"S BUNNY, for woman's mouth, they keep going & going & going.
  34. YESTERDAY'S NEWSPAPER, for loveless woman, walang pumapansin.
  35. CHANNEL 2& 7, they won't accept they're number 2.
  37. PACKAGES, for women with PMS, you take them with care.
  38. STING'S SONG, they're fragile.
  39. STOP LIGHTS, sometimes green, sometimes red.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Morning Rush 7 (Things That Make Woman Happy)

Men with hairy chest.
Men who take Vitamin E.
A Rich dying man.
Husband who help with household chores.
The site of her hunky neighbor washing his clothes shortless.
A man who’s full of surprises.
A ladies room which isn’t fully packed.
Girl’s night-out.
Knowing that they’re still fertile.
The U.P.’s oblation run.
A little bit of kinky violence.
Having the last say.
A good foot massages.
After a general touch-up.
When men take a second look.
When men actually call back.
When other woman asked you where you bought whatever.
When the men in their lives remember.
Wonder bra.
Blank check.
Good hair day.
Ugly friend.
The last day of her period.
A rare breed a woman-man.
Breakfast in bed.
Fashion Magazines.
Gossips & Blind items.
Slimming pills that works & no side effects.
Gay friends.
Romantic movies.
Hungarian sausages at room temperature.
Winning against the man.
Getting even with an ex-boyfriend.
Pag-iniyakan ka ng guy.
Men with big gun.
A make over.
Being mistaken from Miss when you actually married.
Sweet nothings.The site of basketball player with sweats running down

Morning Rush 06 (Vacation Bombers)

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April 05, 2000

20. When you realized you've got nothing to do.
19. When you need to review for the coming board exam.
18. Your orthodontist insisted you to wear braces.
17. If your vacation is at the beach and it rains all the time.
16. When you fall out of the tree and your leg had to put in a cast.
15. Delayed flight and lost luggage.
14. When your wallet with all your cash and credit cards get stolen.
13. The end of vacation.
12. You go to a secluded area in the Philippines only to discover it's a NPA hide-out.
11. Cutting short a vacation because of the death in the family.
10. Your air-conditioner broke down.
09. You wanted a tan but got a sunburn instead.
08. You were meditating and your bed catches fire because of your candles.
07. You were send to your province to take care of your grandparents.
06. When the vacation spot you choose turned out not so impressive as in the brochure.
05. Losing your plane ticket.
04. Your car broke down or having a flat tire on your way to wherever you going.
03. You spend all your money on sunblock, bathing suits and sundress only to find out your going to Baguio.
02. Travelling with someone you hate or someone complaining about or worries a lot.
01. When you lose a child in a crowd.

Morning Rush 5 (Signs That You Enrolled In A Crummy School)


Kung knee-deep ang baha sa loob sa classroom nyo.
If the cafeteria serves left-over from the previous day.
If classes are held military style.
If the school has no trophy, not even sports trophy.
If the classroom looks like a sari-sari store because of your teacher’s paninda.
If most of your schoolmate have multi-colored hair, nose rings, multiple earrings & belly botton rings.
If most of your classmates were kick-out-students from other school.
If the school janitor is also the security guard.
If the students are smarter than the teacher.
If the canteen was a former morgue.
When your history teacher spends most of her lecture of telling you the history of her love life.
Pag kulay gray na ang flag na nire-raised sa flag ceremony.
If your principal always twisting her hair, laughed with herself infront of a mirror & never brushes her hair.
If unisex ang toilet dahil iisa lang ang cr sa buong campus.
If in the cr, no matter how many times you flushed the toilet , the color of the water stays the same.
If you mentioned the name of your school to your friends & they always asked “SAAN?”
If you can’t find your school in any directory.
If cheating is allowed.
If your writing classes’ motto is “Plagiarizism saves times.”
Kapag may pa-raffle ng grades at the end of the semester.
If the school logo is tattooed on the skin of every students.
If instead of presently your ID as entry, you paid tong at the guard house.
If your college still teaches the multiplication table.
If the Intramurals are held in the adjacent street.
If they’re mosquito coils in each corner of every classroom.
Kung mas matanda ang students kaysa sa teacher.
If they serve tapang aso in the cafeteria.
If they serve Soup No.5
If for PE, your school offers madjong & tong-it.
If instead of chalk, your school use basag na paso.
If people starts popularizing jokes about your school.
While during classes your cellphone rings & the teacher comments “Ay! Anong Tawag Dyan?” and all your classmates says “Wow! Cellphone!”
When the teachers & students are more than just friends but also lovers.
Ifthe school canteen requires table charge & PhP100 worth of ladies drinks.
If the professor teaches with arrow sticking from their back.
If the anatomy laboratory requires a new cadaver the day after the lethal injection.
After high school, you’re the only have a difficult time in math when you’re on college.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cellphone vs Bible

Ang Cellphone laging hawak ipinapakita,
Ang Bible lagging nakatago at ayaw ipakita.
Ang Cellphone binibili kahit libo-libo halaga,
Ang Bible ayaw bilhin, kahit isang daan ang halaga.
Ang Cellphone lagging pinapalitan ng case,
Ang Bible hindi man lang mabalutan ng plastic.
Ang Cellphone ay ayaw magasgasan,
Ang Bible hinahayaang maalibukan.
Ang Cellphone bihirang makaligtaan kung saan iniwan,
Ang Bible madaling lakaligtaan kung saan naiwan.
Ang Cellphone mahirap ipahiram baka masira,
Ang Bible madaling ipahiram kahit mawala.
Ang Cellphone laging binabasa kung may bagong message.
Ang Bible hindi binabasa kaya hindi Makita nag message.
Ang Cellphone message masarap i-share,
Ang Bible verse nakakalimutang i-share.
Ang Cellphone pinapakita ang style ng tao,
Ang Bible nagpapabago ng lifestyle ng tao.
Ang Cellphone mabilis maluma,
Ang Bible hindi naluluma.
Ang Cellphone message kung minsan ay late,
Ang Bible laging on time ang message.
Ang Cellphone kailangan magload para mag-message,
Ang Bible laging fully loaded ang message.
Ang Cellphone ay mahalagang gamit ng tao,
Pero ang Bible ay mas mahalaga kung gagamitin ng tao.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Si Lord Talaga

Si Lord talaga alam kung kelan ka babatukan sa ulo.
Here He is again trying to get my attention.
Hello! "...busy ka? naku mukha nga... tagal na natin di nagkikita.. tagal mo na ako di dinadalaw... alam mo miss na kita... o sino yang nagtext sa iyo?... buti pa sa kanya nakapagreply ka agad... napansin ko ang dami mong ginagawa talaga... ang dami mo ring things to do diyan sa planner mo ah! mapangarap ka talaga noh?... ang dami mong plano. nakakatuwa naman na malaman yan. kasama ba ako sa plano mo? ano? naku di ka agad makasagot... sige okay lang alam ko naman kung ano talaga sagot mo... nakita kita nung Friday, aga mo umalis sa office. alam mo ba, ang akala ko pupuntahan mo ako. ooppss! hindi pala! TGIF (THANK God its Friday) pala kayo ng mga friends mo. umaga ka na nakauwi ah? naghintay ako sa'yo. pagpasok mo sa kuwarto mo, di mo ako napansin... haaay! kawawa ka naman siguradong kinabukasan masakit ang ulo mo, tanghali ka na gigising... Ang dami mong lakad, naghihintay ako na tayo naman ang maging magkasama kaya lang sa dami ng schedules mo sa trabaho at sa labas ng office parang malabo O sige na, balik ka na sa work mo. i might be eating too much of your time maging dahilan pa ako para masira ang plano mo sa araw na ito... gusto ko lang sabihin sa'yo na nandito lang ako kapag kailangan mo ako...pag hindi ka na busy. totoo yon! walang biro! ayaw mong maniwala? Ganon kita kamahal kasi! ayaw mo pa ring maniwala? Haaay! remember this, kahit singit lang ako lagi sa buhay mo, kahit biglaan mo lang na natatawag ako dahil nagulat ka, nasaktan ka, nauntog ka o dahil part ang pangalan ko nung binabasa mo sa text, you will be in my heart always... trial after trial isipin mo kasama mo ako na lumalakad, hindi man sa buhangin, kasama mo pa rin ako... sa lahat plano mo , kahit hindi mo ako kasama perfecting it... para mas maging masaya ka... minsan tayo naman ang mag-usap ha? minsan ako naman ang dalawin mo... miss na talaga kita akin hindi ka singit lang..."


Morning Rush 4 (Don't You Just Hate It Moments)

When there’s a word at the tip of your tongue.
When the light turn green & all the cars behind you starts honking their horn.
Kapag yung buhok ng babae sa ordinary bus na katabi mo pumupunta sa mukha mo pag malakas ang hangin.
When you’re just one point short of passing an exam.
When you don’t know exactly what it is that you hate.
When you finally find the perfect dress or the perfect shoe, then realize you don’t have a size.
When you open your bag & you forget what it was you supposed to get.
When your nails are freshly manicured & polished then suddenly there a huge itch at your back.
When you set the alarm clock at 7pm instead of 7am.
When someone calls your identical twin ugly.
When you’re inside the elevator & the moment the door’s open there is a lot of faces trying to get in.
Kapag nasa loob ka ng elevator at nagmamadali ka,may isang taong sinusubukang makahabol sa pagsara ng elevator.
When there’s a long line at the cashiers of supermarket & the only thing you have to pay is just a 1 box of toothpick.
Kapag yung time card mo naipunch exactly 7:01 AM.
Kapag hindi matuloy-tuloy yung pag-sneeze mo.
When you’re at the middle of your yawning, there’s someone tap you trying to say something.
When you try to return to a mall to buy a shirt or dress, pagbalik mo wala na.
When you look in a dictionary the word you don’t know the correct spelling.
You go to a public toilet to go number 2 & there’s no tissue & water.
When you’re paying fare in a jeepney & no one seems to care to pass it on.
When the taxi driver open the windows instead of doors to asked you 1st where you going.
You swallow the pill as you realize it was the wrong pill.
There’s a certain part of your body that itches but somehow you can’t seem to find it.
You end a perfect & splendid speech with a “Thyenk yuh.”
When the radio station doesn’t tell you who sang the song.
When you have to inform five different sales lady at the same store that you just looking.
When you’re just a few meters from your building then you got stucked in traffic.
When you’re lined-up in a fast food counter & the costumer right before you couldn’t make-up her mind which things to order as you slowly started to death.
Kapag biglang nag-break ang jeep at nadikit ang lollipop na kinakain mo sa kilikili ng lalaking nakasando.
Whenever your mom wakes you up just to asked if you were already sleeping.

Morning Rush 3 (Don't You Just Love It Moments)

When your boss is in a light & joking mood.
When it’s pay day.
Smoking after a big meal.
Going through an old book & finding an old love letter in between the pages.
Giving up on an object that you’ve been looking for but you can’t seem to find & find it again in your closet after a year.
When your kids bring home a half galloon of your favorite ice cream for father’s day.
When you end up with a biggest slice of cake.
When you catch people talking about your surprise birthday party.
When you take a leave on a Monday.
When a beautiful sexy doctor will do your circumcision.
When the only available seat on the bus is next to a beautiful woman.
When you see your ex-girlfriend with an ugly new boyfriend.
When you pretend to sleep on your crush’s shoulder in a vehicle & everytime there’s a hump he/she holds your head up so you wouldn’t fall-off.
When you complete a crossword puzzle.
When you stretch.
When you have a caller ID.
When you accidentally lock your keys in your car & you realize you left a window open.
When you found an empty parking space on a really crowded day.
When you find an empty cubbyhole just when you really need to go.
You have to go to a bathroom & there’s a nice magazine for you to read.
The song you have in mind is played by a DJ.
You see an old couple sharing a burger.
Saving the chicken skins for last.
You enter an elevator & there’s a celebrity inside.
When your next door neighbor’s big fruit tree leans over to your own backyard & they allow you to pick some of those fruits.
When your mom forgets that she gave you baon already & she gives you another one.
When after a rough day you go home & as if she could read your mind, your mom automatically give you a backrub.
Everytime your mom runs her fingers through your hair.
When your boyfriend wakes up extra early, so that he’s the first one to greet you good morning.
When he stays up really late just to make sure he can call you to be the last one to greet you goodnight & sweet dreams.
When you released a big furt in a very crowded area & it pleasantly turns out unheard & unscented.
When you wake-up to your favorite song on your clock radio.
When monthly period unexpectedly arrive & you happen to have a napkin on your bag.
When a jeepney / car slows down so that you can cross the street.
When your boyfriend kisses you on your neck.
When you’re in the gym & someone mistakes you as a gym instructor.
When you discover that your current girlfriend actually your classmate in grade I.
When you were thinking of calling your girlfriend & just as you pick up the phone to start dialing you find she already there without ringing.
When you come up with a witty comeback to someone who just insulted you.
When two cockroaches mating & you kill both.
When the kiss that greets you good morning is the same kiss that greets you goodnight.
When you find CD that you’ve been looking for years in unexpected store.
When the sun decides to shine right after classes are suspended.
When a friend tells you that the person you are eyeing in a party who just completely ignored you was actually asking about you.
Drinking Sustagen after PE during grade school.
When you think you’re already late & then you suddenly remember that your clock is 15minutes advance.
That after DJ work you find your dad sleep on his chair with the radio tunes on your radio station.
When you have a crush in the office / school.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

World Without Engineers







Capones Island 2007

Tara samahan nyo kong tuklasin ang kagandahan ng CAPONES ISLAND....isang white sand island sa San Antonio, Zambales... Samahan nyo kong maexplore ang ganda at saya sa pag-stay namin dito sa loob ng 2 araw at isang gabi...

MOUNTAIN RANGE. Kuha mula sa bangca papuntang Capones Island.
Mga bundok sa paligid ng Zambales Province.

Capones Island... our destination X... Capones here we come...

WHERE'S THE BANGKERO?.Lunch Time around 12:40pm antay lang namin ang bangkerong maghahatid sa amin Capones.

QUEEN OF THIS PLACE. Sabik na kming sumakay ng bangka..mamang bangkero...yuhoooo!!!

AT LAST. Tingin ko Bubba di ka masyado excited... hindi halata..

SUNNY. Excited na maexplore ang Capones Island... A guy behind me, Aries, one of my Best friends. Sya ang may pakana ng trip na to...

WAVES.a GREAT EXPERIENCE SA BANGKA... LAKAS NG ALON.. nakaka-kaba... parang di kami makakarating sa island. Lahat takot. At dahil sa lakas ng alon basang basa kami..

BE /BENCH. Kami lang apat tao dito sa island. Kaya wala kming pkialam anu man gawin namin. May nude photos kami. Di ko nilagay dtro at magagalit si Chairman Laguardia.

SUN, SAND, VIEW. My bubba wants me to take her some ganda ng view... White sand.. great waves...crystal clear water..awesome view.

Night bonding by making fire. Kanya kaang task... paghahanap ng kahoy... pagluto.. pagkain...

Morning Rush 2 (Remember When...)

Cameras were disposable, they’re used to be four shots per camera.
Daily Savings Time (DST)
Bayani & Chocobeam
The most popular soap was Dial & Irish Spring
Pacman & Space Invader were the only games available
Atari was a home playstation
The hottest soap operas were Flordeluna & Annalisa
The only gums available were Tarzan & Texas
Crispa & Toyota were the top basketball team
Skylab, a satellite might fall into Australia but it landed on the ocean
Cubao was the hottest shopping place
Good Earth erporium was like the department store.
Cherry was the only antagonizer.
You needed 3-25cents for phone call.
edsa was still called Highway 54.
A double deck buses in Roxas Boulevard.
Kris Aquino fell off the stage in a variety show promoting Pido Dida with Rene Requestas.
Michael Jackson was still black.
All taxi’s were yellow.
2 peso coin & bill.
G.I. Joe was the hottest action figure.
Pinag-bike si Ariel Oreta sa Camp crame for making fun of the Bagong Lipunan.
John Black star in Janna of the Jungle.
Shaider & Bioman.
Fans used to give sampaguitas to their idols.
Basketball shorts were super shorts & tight.
Divina Valencia hit Rey Dela Cruz on the head with the microphone.
Inday badiday’s “Nothing Nut The Truth”.
Every Christmas we would watch the C.O.D. display.
The hottest party places were Euphoria & Equinox.
The hottest variety shows were Vilma in Person, Loveliness, Always Snooky & Maria Maria.
We used to put boston inderneath our shoes.
Most jeepney had horse statues on the hood.
We used to have Mellow Yellow, Royal Straberry & Royal Grape.
Royal True Orange came with Pulp Bit.
Cheese Curls & Chippy came in plastic jars.
the hottest ballpen was Kilometrico.
There were sea lion on Manila Zoo.
People said grocery, they meant Cherry Fooderama, Fernando’s or Queen.
FM Radio offered only music & News.
You would watch two movies in one.
Metro Aide used to swept the street in red yellow & salakot.
Before Wowowee & Eat Bulaga there was Student Canteen.
Police wore brown uniform.
Camay Soap had a promo where you could win a diamond placed inside.
The most popular burger was Tropical Hut.
Multi-colored mini buses were allowed on edsa.
Tet Antiguera’s blouse, too blouse felt-off in for-the-boys.
The softdrinks beauties: Pepsi Paloma, Coca Nicolas & Sarsi Emmanuel.
Tap water was safe for drinking.
The menthol candy available were the triangular Vicks Candy in a box.
Korina Sanchez met an accident.
Lea Salonga was being linked to Herbert Bautista.
There were live band at Shakey’s.
Bembol Roca had hair.
We used to put egg in Sarsi.
Bigger Cellphone.
Jojo & Jigs.
No cars & building in Ortigas Center.

Morning Rush (Promises We'd Like to Hear from Politician)

1.Whoever wins in the election will clean-up after everyone.
2.Upon waking he should look in the mirror & promise himself that everything he do today will be for the greater good of his country & at night ask himself if he fulfill his promise.
3.Promise to read letters of instructions & memos before signing them.
4.Provide fund for theater arts, so it will become affordable to the masses.
5.The minimum speed on EDSA would be 150 KpH.
6.A color coding system for government officials, so that they will have to take the bus & know just how traffic is.
7.To abolished ROTC & CAT.
8.A compulsory salary increase each year.
9.A promise to actually keep a promise.
10. To stop drinking & womanizing.
11. Not to make promises at all because he’s a man of action.
12. A promise not to run ever again for public office after being elected.
13. That the skyway would be lower.
14. That Smoke belching would be wipe-out completely.
15. Make sure that the garbage collector will dutifully fulfill their job.
16. Politician’s wives could only manage one charity.
17. To make sure that punishment fits the crime.
18. To promise go back to school & finish the course.
19. To promise not to react to criticism like a child.
20. Ang sumunod sa 10 utos ng Diyos sa panahon ng panunungkulan.
21. To fear no one nut God.
22. To act according to his conscience.
23. To stop going after enemies way after they’ve been elected.
24. A promise to limit their speeches to 10 minutes & below.
25. To find the true meaning of life together with the country.
26. A promise that actually show concrete evidence that they really is a public glamour for them to run for office.
27. Clear the vendors from the street.
28. For loggers, for every tree that they cut they should replace it.
29. A promise that his wife or children would not run for public office.
30. To put a list where all the name of all the relatives & friends & all the one who gave-in to the campaign, so that we would see in cases of like decision or if he is being partial.
31. To promise to obey all traffic rules & regulations despite the position.
32. To promise to know how to count backward especially when doing yearend countdown.
33. To act nationally not regionally to avoid regionalism.
34. Di ipalalagay ang pangalan sa lahat ng pagawaing bayan.
35. To promise not to sing & dance during election campaign.
36. A travel privilege so that Filipinos can discover their own country.
37. Once elected, to stop acting like a candidate.
38. Imprisonment for dog eaters.
39. To promise reality not fantasy.
40. To promise not to have many advisers.
41. To promise not to marry sexy actress.
42. To promise not to call the press every time they plant a tree.
43. To put-up a billboard where all the promises made are listed.