Friday, November 30, 2007

FHM Calendar 2008

Katrina Halili and Cristine Reyes. So Who Cares If They Are Photoshopped?

I don't care. Well, I don't like Katrina but Cristine is one of my ultimate crushes now. Here are some of the pages of the FHM 2008 Calendar. I think it's already available on your nearest Magazine stand. This is definitely included in my long Christmas Wishlist but I wouldn't mind spending some extra bucks for it.


Monday, November 5, 2007

FHM Philippines November 2007 (Ariani Nogueira)

This is Ariani Nogueira. She is a Brazilian and one of Eat Bulaga's beauty known as Arrianey. Now she is the FHM Cover Girl for November 2007.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Amazing Race 12 (Teams)

This season's 11 teams included married lesbian ministers, dating Goths, and siblings. Longtime fans of the show who have delighted at labels like "Dating/Virgins" will find some amusement here, as the new teams include "Dating Goths" and "Married Ministers" among their titles. Also notable is that this is a group of contestants that almost entirely, with just a few exceptions, come from the Southern California area. This season also sees the first ever grandparent/grandchild pairing on the show.

Nathan and Jennifer - Dating

Shana and Jennifer - Friends

Kynt and Vyxsin - Dating Goths

Azaria and Hendekea - Brother / Sister

Ronald and Christina - Father / Daughter

Lorena and Jason - Dating

Ari and Staella - Best Friends

Nicolas and Donald - Grandfather / Grandson

Marianna and Julia - Sisters

TK and Rachel - Newly Dating

Kate and Pat - Married Ministers