Monday, December 17, 2007

Survivor China (Sole Survivor)

The remaining Fei Long held on to their lead, making up the final four. After the Todd/Amanda/Courtney alliance eliminated Denise, the three went to the Final Tribal Council. All three were criticized by the jury, but Todd ultimately won with 4 votes to Courtney's 2 and Amanda's 1.

1. Survivor: China is the fifteenth season of Survivor. It originally aired in fall 2007.
2. It was the first American television show to ever be filmed or produced in the People's Republic of China.
3. The "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" slogan used in previous season's logos has been replaced by Chinese characters.
4. The characters translate to "compete in intelligence" (比智慧, bĭ zhìhuì), "compete in skill" (比技巧, bĭ jìqiǎo), and "compete in endurance" (比耐力, bĭ nàilì).
5. This season returned to 16 contestants on two initial tribes, Fei Long (飞龙) and Zhan Hu (战虎), meaning Flying Dragon and Fighting Tiger respectively.
6. On Day 13 each tribe switched two contestants.
7. On Day 19 the tribes merged into Hae Da Fung (黑打風), which means Black Fighting Wind, a name proposed by Peih-Gee Law.
8. Producers were given an "unprecedented access" to several Chinese monuments and landmarks, and they incorporated many aspects of China's vast culture into the game (design of campsites, challenge concepts, Tribal Council set, etc.).
9. Before they made it to their camps, the contestants took part in a non-religious Buddhist ceremony.
10. Both tribes received a copy of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" which would help them in winning challenges and conquering the other tribe.
11. The season was said to be the first US show to be entirely shot in China.
12. Kidnapping: The kidnapping twist from Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: All-Stars returned.
13. However, unlike the two former seasons, the kidnapped player was not granted immunity.
14. Starting with the episode "My Mom Is Going To Kill Me!", whichever tribe won the reward challenge would kidnap a member from the losing tribe to stay at their camp until the next Immunity Challenge.
15. The kidnapped player would give a tube containing clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol to a tribe member from the opposing side for an idol at their camp.
16. This is the only 16-castaway season to have the final 3 face the jury.
17. This is the only season where all members of the final 3 received at least 1 jury vote.
18. This is the only season thus far where more than one contestant in the Final 3 never received a vote against them.
19. This was the first season to have a 7-person jury and a Final 3.
20. This is the first season to use a variation on "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast". 21. The Chinese words used in their place translate to "compete in intelligence, compete in skill, compete in endurance" as a rough translation.
22. In the end, there was a final three. However, there was only a jury of seven.
23. All three final contestants received votes, but Todd Herzog was crowned Sole Survivor after garnering four votes, as opposed to Courtney Yates's two and Amanda Kimmel's one.