Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Fruits 2010

In the belief that round fruits will bring in wealth for the coming year, many Filipinos are running around, hunting
for 12 (others say it should be 13) different fruits that are preferably round before the new year.

This is my last post for 2009... as i bid goodbye for 2009, let me share you my final post! 12 round fruits, sabi nila it represents money for each month of the New Year. Added to the spread on their New Year’s table, Filipinos believe an abundance of food that night is believed to ensure a prosperous new year. One part of the Filipino New Year tradition is having 12 different round fruits, minsan nga kahit di talaga bilog eh pinipilit isama, basta prutas na walang kanto pwede na, for a bountiful and prosperous New Year.

Guava (Bayabas)

Ponkan (Mandarin)

Caimito (Star Apple)

Peras (Pears)



Round Pineapple

Buko (Coconut)





These fruits should be round and sweet. Another belief is that when you eat 12 pieces of grapes at 12midnight of New Year, it will bring you wealth and more luck for the next 12 months of the coming year.

Fruit sellers are almost everywhere now the New Year is around the corner. For sure, the fruit sellers are already experiencing the luck and prosperity way ahead of everyone else.

Most people follow these traditions because of the luck that they would like to earn. Knowing that the economic situation in the US will affect the Philippines, most of the people would like to grab the opportunity to put things in their favor. Sometimes, effort in earning a living is not enough, people resort to beliefs to help them strive better even if its only on the psychological level.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Morning Rush 107 (Holiday Pick-Up Lines)

December 24, 2009 Episode

If you are trying to hook-up someone during the holiday season, I'm talking about christmas & New Year, sama na natin ang Thanksgiving, or the holiday season in general. How do you pick someone up during this season? You can't use this lines on any other time of the year except during the holidays.

I am talking like the first line when you wanna meet someone, when you want to have a date, when you want to go somewhere with them, you don't know them but it's the first line to say, a holiday pick up lines.

Holiday Pick-Up Lines
-Rusher Nakakapagpabagabag

01. Mr. Perk - I've been nice! Wanna see my naughty side?
02. John Lang - Wanna see me pop my roman candle?
03. Homer Singson - If I dress up like santa, would you sit on my lap?
04. Oaklet - Hey! You horny deer! Nose lang ba red sa'yo?
05. Greg - Excuse me miss! My candy cane needs leaking! Wanna help me out here?
06. Mr. Perk - Can you help unwrap this specific gift?
07. Marioh Carrioh - I'd love to melt that candy cane in my mouth not in my hand...
08. Agamemnon - You wanna see my fireworks? It's spectacular! Kaya lang isang kulay lang!
09. Eldest Kim - If you can name all the santa's raindeers, I will let you ride my sleigh tonight!
10. Spy Shadow - Miss, If your left leg is thanksgiving, and your right leg is christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?
11. No Name - May gift ka na ba sa akin this Christmas? Kung wala pwede matamis mo na lang na oo?
12. Aber Nappy - Patikimin mo ako ng puto bumbong mo, patitikimin kita ng bibingka ko! Pero warning ha... bibingka ko may itlog na maalat!
13. Marioh Carrioh - You know who my Christmas author is? Charles DICK-en!
14. Oscar Dela Hopia - One hour with me & i'll have you see my flying raindeer.
15. Inaki - How about you sit on my lap & let's talk about the first thing that pops up!
16. Nelson - You won't see Rudolph tonight, but i have something close enough, red shiny & horny.
17. Oscar Dela Hopia - How about I slip down your chimney tonight?
18. Shampoo 18 - Santa, I have needs that only a toy could fulfill.
19. Sasha Purse - / Astroboy - Excuse me, do you make love to complete stranger? No? Well, in that case, let me introduce myself.
20. Astroboy - Okay! Okay! Im here! So what's your next wish?
21. Callie - You know what I want for Christmas? PSP mo! Pasko Sa Piling mo!
22. Nelson - Na-try mo na bang magpaputok ng super lolo?
23. Joe Shred - Wanna see my 12-inch elf?
24. Marioh Carrioh - Wanna make like the camel with hump?
25. Aero Flux - Let my inner santa bring out your in our home.
26. Joe Shred - Hey Angel! Shouldn't you sitting on top of a tree?
27. Targrad - Excuse me! Can you help me polish my Christmas balls?
28. Oger Bee - It's the season of helping! Care to give me a "Helping Hand."
29. Lock On Stratus - Do you need help stuffing your turkey?
30. Stand - Santa is in the North Pole! But heaven is in the South Pole!
31. Marioh Carrioh - Can I rummaged thru your "Manger"?
32. Lock On Stratus - Shot! Bat ang daming mistle toes?
33. Nile Amor - Hey Babe! If you heat up the tip, you will see fireworks!
34. Hakai - Is that a candy cane on your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
35. Targrad - Can you be my maiden milkin'?
36. Arthur - The word for Christmas is legs! Now go and spread the word!
37. Marioh Carrioh - Ang gusto ko sa Noche Buena, ang iyong keso de bola!
38. Marioh Carrioh - Pwede ba pag nag-caroling, ang gamit ko yung mikropono mo?
39. Remul Roar - You know what I want for Christmas? Just a bonding, coz I scraped my knee when I felt for you!
40. Lock On Stratus - You wanna taste my eggnog?
41. Vashen Chic - Where will the noche buena be? Your place or mine?
42. Delamar - Well, I can make like Santa! And give you a Ho! Ho! Ho!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas TXT 2009

“This is the time of year that we learn to give,
And the greatest gift is the learning to forgive.

We will have the best time that we ever know
If you forgive me and i forgive you.”

Isang thank you blog ulit at pasasalamat namin sa lahat ng nakaalala at nagtext sa amin sa nakaraang araw Pasko, gaya noong ginwa ko last Christmas 2008... Dahil sa sobrang saya namin at naalala nyo kami, parang ayaw kong burahin ang mga text message nyo. Dahil baka mag-hang ang phone memory ko at ma-corrupt lahat ng text greetings nyo...naisip kong isama para mai-save na lang ito sa blogsite namin. Salamat & Merry Christmas din sa inyong lahat...Hanggang sa susunod na Pasko ulit... Christmas 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Morning Rush 106 (Things To Say To Someone Who Hates Christmas)

December 19, 2006 Episode
What do you say to someone who hates Christmas? the whole season, whether they hate it the season itself, for what it's stands for, or maybe they just hate the commercialism of it all. Maybe also they hate the kiosk, they hate the caroling, the gift giving, or maybe some bad happened in the past, somebody broke-up with them, somebody died in the family.

Things To Say To Someone Who Hates Christmas
01. Kid Bukid - Go to Pluto! Duon walang Christmas Christmas!
02. Fruito - Ang kailangan mo lang siguro Kiss sabay Hug!
03. Joe Shred - Take it like a man! Bend-over!
04. Inaki - Magsama kayo ng biyanan kong kuripot.
05. Loi Pogi - I know how you feel, dati rin kasi wala akong pera.
06. Fredrick - Anu'ng magagawa natin, talagang kasabay ng birthday mo ang Christmas, kaya walang pumapansin sa'yo.
07. Loi Pogi - I don't want to force you subscribe to the celebration pero kung magmumukmok ka lang! Wag kang mangdamay, kaya mag-isa ka sa misery mo!
08. Tuna Belly - Alam mo okay lang na Grinch ka! Kasi kamukha mo naman siya!
09. Joey Tribianni - You hate Christmas? Pwes madali langyan, isauli mo mga Christmas gifts at mga Christmas bonus mo! Pwede ba wala kang Christmas vacation?!
10. No Name - Cheer-up na! malay mo naman huling Christmas mo na 'to!
11. Rodel - Etong Christmas gift ko syo! sleeping pills! inom ka ng mga 5 sa December 24 para ang gising mo December 26 na.
12. Crave - Sige! sige ka pag sad ka paliligayahin ka ng North Pole ko!
13. Kris - Wish ka kay Santa! Baka regaluhan ka ng life!
14. Michael George - Alam mo last Christmas! I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away! eh ngayon iniwan ka rin nya! Buti nga sa'yo!
15. Donkey - Alam ko kung ba't ayaw mo sa Pasko! Kasi di ba it highlights what's missing from your life, that's Good and Happy!
16. Blanch - I once told this to my cousin during Noche Buena, "Here! Wash the dishes, para may silbi ka naman!" Keep them busy!
17. Stone Cold - Sige ka! I'll bring the guy in a red suit...No! not Santa Claus! the other guy in red suit! Satan!!!
18. Luis - I say this to you as a friend, it's been 5 years since your dad died Christmas eve, which was also your birthday, Honey, you just have to let go!
19. Georgous Bitch - Don't talk to me about pain attached to Christmas, because you should see how it feels to lose a father during Christmas.
20. Joey Tribianni - Well! Kung ayaw mo sa Christmas, ayaw din ng Christmas sa yo!
21. Marissa - Okay lang yan! If you hate Christmas, wala namang babati sa'yo eh!
22. Jolly - Basta't may nagmamahal sa'yo, dapat okay lang ang Pasko! Unless walang nagmamahal sa'yo!
23. Loi Pogi - I'm just glad your self-inflicted misery isn't contagious, you could cause epidemic!
24. Idu - Kaya puro arenola natatanggap mo tuwing Christmas eh! Napaka-nega mo eh!
25. Dyosa - Yun din ang sabi mo last year eh and the year before that and the year before that...mag I hate New Year ka naman tutal pa-different ka naman eh!
26. Lexie Girl - Anu?! hate mo ang birthday ni Jesus?!
27. South Butch Diet - Ah ganun ah! well hahambog ka din!
28. Idu - The Christmas season starts September and ends about January-February, why ruin half of your year?
29. Erik - Sayang bibigyan pa naman kita ng bagong kotse ngayong Pasko!
30. Greg - Will it help if Paul Walker visited you in a loose santa suit with nothing underneath?
31. Georgious Bitch - Hay Naku! Kung mag-iinarte ka lang this Christmas wag na! Masyado kang cute para maging Grinch!
32. Delamar - Snap out of it!
33. Chico - It's not about you!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

My Family, The Calalang Family

Whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate -- within reason, of course -- I hope you're having a great Christmas Day.

My Christmas Day was pretty boring! Yeah! I didn’t get a shitload of presents, just joking! I had a nice, quiet day with my wife and my family! and my nieces and nephews came over and we did a family bonding thing, and it was cool. While I didn’t clean up present-wise, I quite liked what I did get.

Christmas morning with my pamangkins Romnar and Chuchay!

Our Christmas was just a wonderful day! We had a wonderful morning as family and then the afternoon with more family! It was amazing! I am just very grateful for my family! I am going to just post all (only part) of the pictures and give little comments when needed. I hope you enjoy!

Magpaka-berde ka kahit puyat ka! Me and my wife!

Last year me and my wife choosed red as our theme, this Christmas we picked Green! Next year Gold naman kaya?! Hmmm!???!

The Pretty in Pink: Chuchay, Cath and Anne

Turn Red! Ate Joly, Nanay and Romnar!

Almost Paradise...FOB! Flowers Over Boy!
Tatay, Anne, Nina, Cath and Nanay!

Bonding moment with my nephew, Manex!

Well…we’re coming on the last hour of Christmas 2009. We started to taste one of the gifts I've received this Christmas, since I'm over with the hard drinks and still had a hang-over, we tried the red wine.

Magpakalasing sa Red Wine! Sawa na sa Beer at Gin!

Hindi pa ako Lashing!

I've enjoyed many things this holiday season, and one of them, I must admit, is being away from the computer, taking a break from blogging and bloghopping. Aside from a short post yesterday, and this one now, I haven't done any posting, and I haven't even spent much time at the computer. There haven't even been any tweets, harvesting on farmville or farmtown, no pet to feed on petville, and no more blog comments to publish.

Anyway, I really enjoy the rest of that day.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.
- Mokong

Morning Rush 105 (Signs That Your Kris Kringle Did Not Like His or Her Gift)

December 13, 2006 Episode

Let's say the gift isn't so nice, but I've still really think in as much as people who gave aweful gifts, there are also people who are not so good at receiving and sometimes they are ungracious. You give a gift and you make a joke out of it, or they say "Okay! Who wants it! I really don't want it!." Com'on sometimes there are limitations to what people can give, especially during on office and class kris kringle, there's a budget. It goes both ways, coz some people don't really think about gifts they buy, they don't really think about the one receiving it, and the people who are receiving the gift don't really think about the effort that went into buying this gift. So both sides there's something to be said and the blame can be shared on both sides.

Well, the Christmas party is over but it's still Christmas season. How's your Christmas party? How's the gift you've received? There is always a kris kringle at the office, school or any group of people, that's one way we celebrate it.

Signs That Your Kris Kringle Did Not Like His or Her Gift
01. Kid Bukid - If upon receiving their gift theuy immediately demand for a reraffle.
02. Trip Trap - After your baby open his/her gift, he/she would say, "Oh sino walang natanggap? Sinong walang natanggap!" and then your baby go voluntarily give your gift to someone didn't get any.
03. Inaki - If he/she says, "Huh?! Sana pinera na lang!"
04. Spy Shadow - Kapag pare-pareho ang gifts na ibinigay at tinanggap mo.
05. Twilight - "Uy! ito na lang ang kulang ko para mabigyan ko si manong guard!"
06. Tuna Belly - Well, if next Christmas they recycled your gift back to you.
07. Blanch - The officemate after receiving the gift goes, "Oh thank you! i'm starting at collection of picture frame!"
08. Helpy Tini - Pag sumigaw siya at galit na sinabi, "Sinong nanay ko?"
09. Loi Pogi - Upon receiving the gift, He/she yells loud enough for everyone to hear, "Wow! it's the thought that counts!."
10. Twilight - If your baby goes after you give the gift, he/she goes, "Wow! thank you! bagay na bagay to kay yaya!"
11. Rachel Green - If he/she doesn't take out bthe gift from the box and he would check out other people what they got.
12. Kitty Kat - If your kris kringle goes, "Uhmmm...di ba eto yung bigay ko sayo last Christmas? Ayan oh nandyan pa nakadikit yung card!"
13. Tuna Belly - If your baby goes, "When he/she opened the gift, "Wow! Towel?"
14. Trip Trap - "Hmmm...nagparinig na nga ako dati kung anu ang gusto ko, hindi pa rin yun ang binili!"
15. Loi Pogi -If after opening the gift, he/she goes, "Wow! I Love...the wrapper!"
16. Romy - Alam mo gusto to talaga ng lolo ko!
17. Trip Trap - If your baby would demand their receipt and goes, "Samahan mo naman ako ibalik natin to sa pinagbilhan mo para mapalitan na rin natin."
18. Simplerfy - Right after opening the gift, the baby turns to the person behind him/her and say, "Hey! Wanna trade?"
20. Bite Size - If after receiving the gift your baby goes, "Uy! Thank you nag-abala ka pa, sana hindi na, hindi na! Sana hindi na!"
21. Fredrick - Sana...load or cash na lang
22. Fredrick - Pwede kaya ito ipapalit ng size? or color? pati yung item na rin!
23. No Name -Wow! Buti pa yung wrapper mas magagamit.
24. Segurista - Ay! Okay atleast sa Rustan's binili!
25. Loi Pogi - And Disyembre ko ay malungkot!
26. No Name - Kanino na lang to?!!!
27. Inday! May pamasko na ako sa iyo!
28. No Name - Ah! Anu to? Gift o Donation?
29. Blue Shark - Wow! Angkop na angkop sa theme natin this week! Something Garbage!
30. Bite Size - Nyehhh! Anu to?!
31. No Name - Wow! This is one well researched gift! talagang ito ang pinaka-ayaw ko!
32. Delamar - If they leave it behind.
33. Chico - If you never see it again, ever ever gain!

In terms of gift, some people the presentation or the wrapping presentation is everything. Some gifts are beautifully wrapped. They say, some gifts that wrapped poorly will looked so-so, but wrapped wonderfully will suddenly seems a great gift, but i think, for me, don't judge a gift by it's wrapper. Hehe!

When we have a Christmas Party and all that, it should be all about the spirit of giving, but underneath all that it's about the gift, right? Gifts are not obligatory. If somebody gives you a gift, you should be happy. Sometimes you are not really wanna give a gift or you're force to give. You're not really think about the gift you're giving, that's sometimes we get a gift we don't like, and this are the things that we would say.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

There is nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. To witness the magic of it. The joy of it. Just nothing like it. Our Christmas Eve was full. Full of fun, happiness and excitement. Even though I'm busy wrapping gifts that day, from the afternoon on, I packed it to the brim with the magic of the holiday.

A lots of gifts under the tree... I wish my name was there...

That night, a little before our family was due for dinner, No better way to prolong a holiday.I’ll leave you with a few pictures of our evening. The kids. The food. The fun. From our home (and kitchen!) to yours … may you have a truly awesome holiday filled with all the magic possible. Just believe.

Me and my wife Nina, The Blue-ming couple...

I got pictures of my niece, nephew and sisters, coz this is the only time of the year we're all Get-Together, so i want to share a few moments with them. These were taken at our humble abode!

From left to right, Manex, KC, Anne and Cath
Philippines' Scariest Photo!

The traditional Calalang Family Christmas game for three years in a row was, "Pinoy Henyo." It's so easy to mount. You just need paper, and scotch tape, to attach the word to the guesser's forehead. Words ranging from "Parol" to "Hamon" kept them puzzled. Me and my partner won that game!

Of course, every Filipino Christmas is sure to include a noche buena. Sometimes it is a feast of jamon, queso de bola, relleno, roast chicken, lechon, fruit salad, castanas, and fruit cake. Sometimes, it's plain pancit, spaghetti, lasagna, barbi-que, hotdogs and lugaw. It's a feast, nonetheless, and shouldn't really matter as long as the family is together.

Christmas is a the most wonderful time of the year, its the time of gift giving, a time of sharing the moments with your love ones especially our family..there are lot of words for me to describe Christmas. because i believe it is celebrated in the whole world especially if you are a christian and roman catholic it is just celebrated in a different way and set up. but the spirit is there....

Top (Left-Right): Tita Enchee, Kuya Joppet, Kuya Janssen, Tito Manoling
Bottom (Left-Right): Tita Laura, Tita Mommy, Tita Mely, Bea & Roma.

-The Calalang Clan