Thursday, July 30, 2009

Facebook ng mga Bayani

Paano kaya kung may FACEBOOK na nung panahon ng KKK at Hen. AGUINALDO?
(Kung hindi nyo mabasa ang updates ng mga bayani natin sa FB nyo lang yung pictures to blow-up!)

Awesome spoofs! Know your Philippine History FB style! Featuring the Katipunan and characters from Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere.

“Padre Damaso Scandal”
“How the Katipunan would be found in a web dependent society”

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Celebrity Crush 6 (Mischa Barton)

WHO: Mischa Barton
WHERE: The O.C. (as Marissa Copper)
WHEN: Since Season 1
WHY: Mischa Barton has that classic, all-American beauty about her that makes us all weak in the knees. Her big eyes are engaging, and her tall, slender frame has caught the attention of more than a few big Hollywood men, including moks! haha!

I stoped watching the OC because they killed her. Her relationship with ryan was the BEST and ONLY part of the show that kept me going. For me she's one of the prettiest faces now in hollywood. And those long ,straight legs of her made her even more sexier.

Why I like her? Misha Barton is beautiful! Huge BLUE eyes, high cheek bones, flawless skin, tall with a model figure. She is flawless. The people who say mean things about her, as what i've read on the internet news, are either insane or jealous! Beauty is beauty, and Mishia is breathtaking.

Arghh! okay awat na moks!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Morning Rush 56 (Tips On Finding True Love)

Love is beautiful. Especially if it is true love a pair of lovers. Find true love does not easy reverse the hands, minds and need to ideal conditions for determine that someone is your true love.

The Top Ten Tips On Finding True Love
March 14, 2008 Episode
01. “Love is not blind. It sees, but it doesn’t mind.”
02. Try tearing your anterior cruciate ligament on your knee and go to the emergency room. That’s where I met my one true love.
03.If you’re lookin for love, don’t do it in a bar. Trust me, the only type of guy you’ll find there, is my kind. And you wouldn’t want that!
04. From “Capt. Corelli’s Mandolin”: “Love is what’s left when all the lust and passion is gone.”
05. “Walang lalaking bakla sa babaeng nakatihaya!”
06. From A Danny De Vito movie: “Assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups.”
07. “Love is not finding someone to go to bed with, but finding someone you want to wake up with in the morning.”
08. Sa kuwarto nalang magkaka-alaman kung true love yan!
09. It’s true love if he lets you be in charge of the remote control.
10. Naghintay ka na rin lang, maghintay ka pa.
11. Go to Quezon Ave. corner Timog and pay for some true love.
12. Kung hindi ukol, hindi bubukol. At pag bumukol…may baby ka after nine months.
13. Sabi nga ng bestfriend ko, “Magpaganda ka at magpakasaya, lalapit din yang true love na yan.”
14. Mag-novena kay St. Jude. - wag mag-offer ng itlog kung ayaw mo mabuntis :p
15. You’ve found your true love if she tells you, “Ako pa nga ang dapat magbayad sa ‘yo eh.”
16. Stand in front of a full length mirror at midnight, during a Friday the 13th, with a candle in one hand, and chant, “Salamin, salamin, ipakita ang para sa akin!”
17. Stop over-analyzing things.
18. Fate could bring you together, but it’s both your choice if you want to stay for the long haul.
19. When you graduate from “wanting to be with her”, to “cannot live without her”.
20. Drop the paranoia. Stop bugging yourself by asking questions like, “Is she the one?” or “Will she hurt me?”. It just kills the romance.
21. Allow yourself to be surprised by the Universe.- if you want something so badly, all of the universe will conspire to give it to you? weh?
22. You know you found true love if you keep falling in love over and over with the same person.
23. True love also means letting go of the person you love, no matter how painful, if it’s for the best.
24. Loosen up a bit and don’t be afraid to get hurt, because remember, love is a gamble.
25. Look for someone you can have conversations with until you both grow old.
26. True love knows no size. Maliit nga, pero umiikot namang parang elisi!
27. When you still long for your ex, even after spending the rest of your life with your wife.
28. Accept the fact that no matter how hot and smart you may be, that really cute guy will never notice you, if he prefers other cute guys.

However, there are tips that can be help how to find true love, which is below :
1. Do not search for it
Love does not to someone who came to find it. If you just end a relationship, focus on themselves and personal life first. No need to hurriedly find a new love, and enjoy your solitude.

2. Give time to yourself
Discover your positive aura. If feelings of self-satisfied to appear, the automatic positive aura that will radiated. And people in the vicinity of any will view. That is the charm for you.

3. Ready to open
If you are ready to open sheet for the new relationship, then select the start character pairs such as what is desirable. Not only in terms of physical but also mental and privacy.

4. Socialize and hang out
This is will open the opportunity for you to meet new people. Who knows one one of them is your true love.

5. Dare to take risks
If One day you meet someone that matches the criteria of love sincere, do not hesitate to take the step. Start the introduction and establish relationship. Because the opportunity never came twice.

6. The most important
love yourself first. Life with happy and never let hope. Believe, each person created a pair. The problem is just get the right person, at the right time.

On My List: Nokia E63

It looks like the Nokia E71 business phone is a huge hit that Nokia is looking into making a cheaper version for mass market under the label Nokia E63.

Nokia E63. It’s not yet officially announced so specs might possibly include:
* HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
* 2.36 inches screen (320×240 pixels)
* 110 MB internal memory
* 128 MB SDRAM Memory
* ~2MP camera
* ARM 11 369 MHz processor
* WiFi 802.11 b/g
* Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP
* Full QWERTY keyboard

Most of the features are similar to that of the Nokia E71 except for the ff:
* Plastic construction instead of metallic
* No front-facing camera
* Missing side buttons (volume and voice command controls)
* No GPS
* No FM tuner

The dropped features is meant to shave off a chunk of the price from that of Nokia E71. So if the E71 goes for around Php21 - Php23k, the rumored Nokia E63 might end up with a price point around Php15k or less.

However, for those who are in a budget (which most people are nowadays) but are looking into a fine qwerty smartphone, the Nokia E63 is the better option because of the bargain price-point.

Update: The Nokia E63 is now shipping with an SRP of Php14,200 (inclusive of 12% tax and foreign exchange adjustment).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Movie Trailer: 2012

Few people have destroyed the world more than Roland Emmerich. In his mega-hit "Independence Day," aliens laid waste to pretty much every metropolitan center on the planet, and in his eco-thriller "The Day After Tomorrow," much of the northern hemisphere finds itself buried under ice. In his third crack at presenting the apocalypse, this fall's "2012," Emmerich taps into the angst of thousands of astrologers, doomsday enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists who fear that a massive cataclysm will strike the earth on December 21 of that year. Yet unlike previous dates tied to the Earth's expiration, this one has its roots in various sources throughout history including interpretations of the Mayan calendar, astrology, and the ancient Chinese fortune-telling text the "I-Ching."
Article form Yahoo! Movie talk!
Produced by: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Paul Bales
Directed by:
Nick Everhart

Written by:
Nick Everhart

Cinematography by:
Mark Atkins
Starring: Dale Midkiff, Cliff DeYoung, Ami Dolenz

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Celebrity Crush 5 (Katherine Heigl)

WHO: Katherine Heigl aka Dr. Izzie Stevens
WHERE: Grey's Anatomy
WHEN: Since Season 01
WHY: Eh, another celebrity who is considered hot just because of her body and nude pictures. Her face look like any other attractive girl; nothing original. I like her,i think she is a cute Actress with a great personality can't see her in an Action ,aThriller or in a Drama Movie but i like her in the Comedy and Cute Movies.Don't know why People would think that she is a Whore or heinous? she is married and i have not seen her acting heinous i any way.She is a Homegirl and doesn't go clubbing.I like her.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eclipse 3

The first solar eclipse of the year 2009 occured yesterday today and it is an annular eclipse of the sun.
An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun so the Sun appears as a very bright ring surrounding the outline of the Moon.
The partial solar eclipse will take just a few minutes so sky watchers are advised to set up their telescopes early with the use of special filters. Observers are also reminded not to look or stare at the sun with the naked eye.
Local residents watch solar eclipse on the peak of Malu Mountain in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region July 22, 2009. A total solar eclipse began its flight on Wednesday across a narrow path of Asia, where it was expected to darken the skies for millions of people for more than six minutes in some places

A partial solar eclipse is seen near the minaret of a mosque in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century pitched a swath of Asia from India to China into near darkness Wednesday as millions gathered to watch the phenomenon.
A dragonfly flies in the sky during a stage in a total solar eclipse in Seoul July 22, 2009. A total solar eclipse began its flight on Wednesday across a narrow path of Asia, where it was expected to darken the skies for millions of people for more than six minutes in some places.
A partial solar eclipse is seen next to a mosque in Hyderabad, Pakistan on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century pitched a swath of Asia into near-darkness after dawn, as millions watched the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon Wednesday.

People congregate on the banks of the River Ganges at the start of the solar eclipse in Varanasi, India, Wednesday, July 22, 2009. The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century pitched a swath of Asia from India to China into near darkness Wednesday as millions gathered to watch the phenomenon.
The sun emerges behind the moon just after totality during a total solar eclipse in North Iwojima island, Japan July 22, 2009. A total solar eclipse began its flight on Wednesday across a narrow swathe of Asia, where hundreds of millions of people watched the skies darken despite thick summer clouds.

A partial solar eclipse is seen in Hyderabad, Pakistan on Wednesday, July 22, 2009. The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century pitched a swath of Asia into near-darkness after dawn, as millions watched the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon Wednesday.

Morning Rush 55 (Signs That You’re Watching A Pinoy Movie)

Napapansin ko ngayon puro horror, comedy, love story na lang ang movies ng pinas, wala na masyadong action and heavy drama, Sa indie film mo naman makikita yung mga suspense or mga intriguing movies. Mas astig pa nga yung mga indie films na iba kesa sa ibang big production movies.

Sa napapanisin ko mas maganda and orig ang stories ng movies noon kesa ngayon isa sa naiisip kong dahilan bakit hindi masyado nag eeffort ngayon ang mga big movie companies dito ay dahil sa piracy.. Napakatalamak na piracy yan, showing pa lang sa sinehan nabebenta na sa dvd, bakit ka nga naman manonood ng sine worth P130 eh mabibili mo lang sa labas ng P35 marami pa pwede manood. Ang di ko maintindihan bakit ganun ka talamak ang bentahan nito, as in public na makikita ng kahit sino. Kahit ako aminado ako bumibili ako pirated dvd. Nadadaanan ko eh, kaya naaakit din ako bumili.

Pero bakit nga ba mas pipiliin nating manood ng foreign film kesa sa local? ilan ba ito sa mga dahilan?

Signs That You’re Watching A Pinoy Movie 060508

01. Kapag yung sound effect ng suntukan, parang pakwan na dini-dribble.
02. Yung kontrabida yayakap sa bida, sabay taas ng kilay at ngingisi.
03. In a Pinoy cowboy movie, when the bida is shootng at the indians, he never runs out of bullets. But once it’s the contrabida, he suddenly runs out of bullets so they have to have a fist fight!
04. Pag may magkaribal na babae, yung mabait diretcho ang buhok at may bangs. Yung salbahe, laging kulot.
05. Sa pinoy action movies, ang bida hindi nauubusan ng bala.
06. Sa pinoy action movies, kapag tumakbo ang bida, sa lupa lahat ang tama ng bala ng kalaban.
07. Kapag may angry mob na pupunta sa bahaykubo ng manananggal, si Vangie Labalan ang laging lider.
08. Alam mong moment of truth na ng bida kapag sinabi na niya yung title ng pelikula.
09. Sasayaw sa likod ng puno ng buko pag nasa beach yung scene. Alternate pa yung mga ulo nila.
10. Yung nakababatang kapatid ng bida habang naglalaro ng bola, mabibitawan at mapupunta sa gitna ng kalsada. Tapos may darating na sasakyan, tapos itutulak siya ng bida. Yung bida naman ang nasa gita ng kalsada. Biglang may sasakyang darating. Ang bida, ico-cross lang niya arms niya covering his face tapos sisigaw yung kapatd ng ‘kuyaaa!’. Next scene nasa ospital na sila. Simula na ng drama.
11. Kapag bakbakan, hindi nasasaktan ang bida, pero umaaray siya pag ginagamot na siya ng leading lady, at kasunod na ang love scene.
12. Kapag may sinabi ng kontrabida ang masama niyang plano sa bida, ang sasabihin ng bida: “hayop ka!”
13. Ang bidang babae, pag katulong ang role, siguradong magiging anak ng amo niya sa ending.
14. Laging sa Fairview pag may car chase scene.
15. Ang nanay ng mayaman laging may pamaypay na pangmayaman, at ang nanay ng mahirap laging naka duster.
16. Ang mga bida sa drama, pag nakatanggap ng masamang balita, laging may pinto sa likod nila para puwede silang sumandal habang nagsa-slide dahan-dahan pababa, tapos todo iyak with matching uhog.
17. In a love triangle, the less popular actor of the 2 vying for the leading lady, will either die, go to prison, go abroad, or gives in na lang.
18. Pag di nahuli ng mga goons ang bida, sasabihin ng boss sa kanila, “Mga inutil!”
19. Sa comedy movie pag may patay, laging may bulak sa ilong.
20. Laging mas maganda ang yayang bida kesa sa kontrabidang anak ng amo niya.
21. Ang tawag ng kontrabida sa mga goons niya, “Mga bata.”
22. Pag ang ending ng movie ay song and dance number sa beach o resort, ang huling frame, tatalon ang buong cast…sabay freeze.
23. Laging nakakapulot ng baril na may bala ang bida kapag kinakailangan niya.
24. Sa pinoy movie, after the rape scene, makikita mong naka-panty pa rin ang biktima.
25. Ang hideout ng kontrabida, parating mansion na may chicks sa pool.
26. Pag horror movie, yung mga halimaw parang gawa sa gulaman.
27. Pag car chase scene, laging may mababangga na patong-patong na kahon, o kaya kariton, o kaya fruitstand.
28. Marunong gumamit ng baril at asintado ang leading lady, kahit unang bese palang siya nakakahawak nito sa buong buhay niya!
29. Pag Seiko Films during the late 80’s/early 90’s, laging may kanta ng Michael Learns To Rock.
30. Ang pancit, nagdadala ng malas. Uuwi ang bida na may dalang pancit sa kanyang nanay na si Anita Linda. Tatawagin nito ang mga bata para kumain, at kakamustahin ng bida ang pag-aaral habang kumakain ng pancit. Biglang may titigil na sasakyan sa harap ng bahay at pauulanan ng baril ang pamilya! Mamamatay si Anita Linda, at sisigaw ang bida ng “Inaaay!” at mangangakong ipaghihiganti ito. Moral lesson: Ang pancit, nakakamatay.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Celebrity Crush 4 (Sarah Wayne Callies)

WHO: Sarah Wayne Callies aka Sarah Tancredi
WHERE: Prison Break (US TV Series)
WHEN: Since Season One
WHY: She’s beautifull, and she’s got feeling, she’s human. She’s the best! Dr. Sara Tancredi is a fictional character from the American television series, Prison Break. She is played by Sarah Wayne Callies. As one of the main characters in the series, the character has appeared in almost every episode. Her main role in the first season of the series was as a prison doctor and the love interest of the protagonist, Michael Scofield. As the season progresses, Sara’s role expands with her increased involvement in the main plot. In the second season, the evolution of the character of Sara further increases her role as one of the show’s main characters.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Commercials I Like (Lola Techie)

TV is part of our basic home appliances and everyone who has one use it. Like who doesn’t watch TV? Anyway, just a few weeks ago, I saw this very nice TV commercial featuring Bayantel promoting their DSL services.

The commercial had this very cool grandmother whom they named her as Lola Techie. She’s like really really cool! I was wondering if I’d have that kind of grandmother LOL Its nice for them to finally feature the elderly in these commercials rather than just young adults. For a change, they brought somewhat a good message that even the elderly can still learn how to use the computer. And like I really would like to have a DOTA match with Lola Techie LOL The commercial gave us quite a lot of laughs every time it gets played on TV. Here are some of the commercials – I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Morning Rush 54 (Inuman Quotes)

Masarap uminom. Lalo na paglibre. Pero dapat alam mo lang pano kontrolin ang sarili mo at mag-ingat na sa mga kasamang may dalang camera. At syempre mag-ingat pag-uwi kung di ka sa bahay niyo uminom. Baka maya-maya pala, isa ka ng alamat! Hindi naman talaga ako lasenggero. Umiinom lang paminsan-minsan. Minsan nalalasing, minsan nama'y lalong nalalasing. Pero ngayon mukhang mabilis akong tamaan ng alak. Gaya nung nakaraang linggo, (Nai-post ko na dfito yung istoryang iyon), nagyaya ang isa sa mga cliente namin, kasama ang 2 kong supervisor ng inuman, sino ba naman ako para tumanggi lalo na’t libre? Walang pakundangan na inom ang gawa ko, aba mga ilang buwan din ako di nakainom. Sakit sa ulo nung pagkagising, mas lalong sumakit nung buksan ko ang ref at ang laman lang ay bote-boteng mineral water.

Inuman Quotes 082908
01.Nung tinanong ako ng magulang ko, “Anong napapala mo sa kaka-inom?” Tinanong ko rin sila, “Anong napapala ninyo sa kaka-sermon?
02. Fave quote on drinking: “Buo ang loob, wasak ang isipan.”
03. Nahuli ni misis si mister na lasing sa club, kaya nagpanggap siyang GRO. Mrs:”Pogi, gusto mo ko i-table?” Mr: “Ayoko sa yo, kamukha mo asawa ko!”
04. Biruin na ang lasing, kahit pa ang bagong gising, wag lang ang bading na inagawan ng booking.”
05. While drinking with the boss, she challenged, “Ang ayaw na uminom, bading!” Wanting to go home already, I told her, “Suko na akesh!”
06. You know why alcohol is better than milk? Pangit kasi pakinggan yung, “Tara ‘tol, dede tayo!”
07. A girl in a bar was offered margaritas, got drunk & was gang-raped. The next day, not remembering what happened the previous night, she came back to the same club & was again offered the same drinks. She said, “Ayoko na ng margarita, masakit sa puk*!”
08. Dead drunk and on a jeepney, I blurted out, “Mama, tagay!”
09. I’ve had a priest seatmate once during a flight home from Dubai. At an altitude of 32,000 feet, he was asked by the stewardess if he would care for a hard drink. The churchman hesitated for a moment and then said, “Maybe not. We’re a little too close to ‘Headquarters!”
10. During a drink fest in Tagaytay, my cousin was so drunk that she chased my gay friend shouting, “Halika dito, gagawin kitang lalake!”
11. “Pare…ishang lashing nalang…bote na ko!”
12. Text exchange between 2 friends: Ben, the hunk, and Alvin, the gay who was drunk. Ben: “Matagal ko nang tinatago ang nararamdaman ko para sa yo.Mahal na mahal kita.” Alvin: “Oh my gosh, akala mo ba ikaw lang? Mahal na mahal din kita, Ben!” (long pause) Ben: “Pare, wrong send ako.”
13. 2 drunks peeing in public toilet, one straight, one gay. Gay was watching straight guy as he peed. Straight: “Pag di ka tumigil, hahampasin kita nito!” Gay: “Promise?”
14. “Drinking is the haven of the weak.”
15. While drinking with an unpopular American officer, one officemate blurted, “Langyang Kano ito, ang hina sa inuman! Isang bote palang, inggles na ng inggles!”
16. A father was trying to teach his son about the evils of alcohol. He put 1 worm in a glass of water and another worm in a glass of whisky. The worm in the water lived, while the one in the whisky died. FATHER: “All right son, what have you learned?” SON: “Well dad, it shows that if you drink alcohol, hindi ka magkakabulate!”
17. Isang girl may nakitang umiihing lasing sa daan. Girl: “Ano ba yan! Ang daming bulb*l pero ang liit ng t*ti!” Lasing: “Anong gusto mo, maraming tit* pero maliit ang bulb*l?”
18. Dalawang lasing: Lasing 1: “Pare totoo bang babaeng lamok lang ang nangangagat?” Lasing 2: “Tanga, pati aso nangangagat!”
19. The morning after 2 guys were dead drunk, they woke up beside each other on a small bed. Guy 1: “Ang sikip!” Guy: “Ganun talaga…first time ko eh…”
20. During an all-girl inuman, one friend complained that only ugly men are courting her. Another friend assured her, “Ganun talaga, kasi yung mga guwapo, sila-sila ang nagliligawan!”
21. Couple sees a wounded skunk and picks it up. Wife: “It’s cold and shivering!” Husband: “Put it in between your legs.” Wife: “What about the smell?” Husband: “Takpan mo nalang ilong niya!”
22.Beer over wine, not so fine. Wine over beer, never fear. Beer over whisky, very risky. Beer over brandy fine and dandy.”
23. I had a freudian slip and orderd, “Isa ngang sizzling tiyan ng bellydancer!”
24. Drunk 1: “”Ano nga pala spelling ng orange?” Drunk 2: “Alin, yung kulay o yung prutas?”
25. “Huwag manghiram ng tapang sa alak dahil bukas duwag ka na ulit.”
26. “Drunken words are spoken by sober hearts.”
27. Namatay yung kapitbahay namin na drug dealer. Sa 1st night ng bur0l, may mga dumating na addict na mga lasing. Biglang lumapit yung isa, sabay yumakap sa kabaong sabay sigaw ng, “Drug lord, bakit mo kami iniwannn!!!”
28. “What’s the use of a hangover if the heart still hurts more than the head?”
29. “Drinking doesn’t cure any trouble, but it only holds your problem till tomorow.”
30. Our gay friend was trying to comfort a straight friend who just broke up w/ his girlfriend. STRAIGHT: “Wala na kong silbi! Puputulin ko na ang ari ko at ipapakain sa aso!” GAY: “Arf! Arf! Arf!”

My Celebrity Crush 3 (Kristine Kreuk)

WHO: Kristin Kreuk aka Lana Lang
WHERE: Smallville
WHEN: Since Season 1
WHY: Whenever I watched SMALLVILLE (noon) feel ko ako si Clark Kent. I hope and I pray that someday I get her e-mail address/facebook account or twitter account and if that happened I'm most happy person in the whole world. She looks a lot like Angel Locsin (Isa sa mga crushes ko) pareho sila ng smile,pati ang style,pati sa pag arte.pareho madating!at pareho sila bagay gumanap na may super powers. Magkasing galing sila sa mga kissing scenes (haha!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Video Collection 12 (Jodinand)

Who is Jodinand? Only one of the hottest Filipino YouTubers online today! Seriously, this boy is funny! I’ve never seen a boy have this much fun by himself in front of a camera. Well, not on a G-rated site at least!


I recently run into this fellow in You Tube! A fellow Bulakenyo, true, warm blooded Pinoy abroad! I found him so hilarious and sensibly funny. Watch him and laugh your heart out. He has a lot of other youtube videos that are way so good and fun to watch as well. Presenting Jodinand's Youtube flick! What do you think?!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fourth Finger

Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger?
There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese Legend...

Thumb represents your Parents
Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings
Middle finger represents your-Self
Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner
the Last(Little) finger represents your child

01. Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together - back to back.

02. Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb -tip to tip
(As shown in the figure below):
03. Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)..., they will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you sooner or later.

04. Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers (representing siblings)... ., they will also open, because your brothers and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own separate lives.

05. Now join the Index fingers and separate your Little fingers (representing your children)... ., they will open too, because the children also will get married and settle down on their own some day.

06. Finally, join your Little fingers, and try to separate your Ring fingers (representing your spouse).
You will be surprised to see that you just CANNOT....., because Husband & Wife have to remain together all their lives - through thick and thin!!

Please try this out......... ...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Video Collection 11 (Princess Sarah)

Naaalala niyo pa ba si Sarah? Yung prinsesang nagpapakabait at magalang pa?
Pero kung iisipin natin, hindi naman makatotohanan na maging mabait at magalang ang mga batang ubod ng yaman, diba? ... Sa pelikula lang nangyayari yon... Hindi sa totoong buhay, lalong lalo na dito sa Pilipinas!

Kaya heto't panoorin niyo kung ano nga ba ang mangyayari kung mas ginawang makatotohanan ang pelikulang "Sarah: Ang Munting Prinsesa"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S08

In just 5 nights -straight, we've finished the eighth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Medyo nakaka-hook talaga yung finale ng season 7 kaya humanap kami agad ng season 8. Season 8 begins with the answer to the previous season's cliffhanger: Yes, CSI Sara Sidle survives. But fans of this top-rated crime procedural won't be able to breathe a sigh of relief. By the end of the 17 episodes, two fan favorites will be gone. This year, CSI explores the complicated romance between Sara and head CSI Gil Grissom . But the storyline is weaved in so well with the gruesome cases that their relationship is never overpowering to the viewer.

All in all, C.S.I. still manages to wonderfully deliver the goods even in it's eighth season, and still remains the best prime time, network TV crime drama on the air today. Parang nakakalungkot na yung CSI ngayon, hindi sa story o plot ng series kundi dahil 2 sa group/team ang nawala na.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Morning Rush 53 (Invented Jokes)

These jokes are some examples of how intelligent Filipinos are and of course how stupid they are also. There are times that we Filipinos ay talagang umiiral at nag-uumapaw sa katalinuhan but then, sometimes nagagamit siya sa walang kwentang bagay at katangahan.

Sounds corny? Their intelligence is mixed with kalokohan kasi kaya kung minsan pumapalya ang trabaho. Masisisi mo ba naman sila, di naman kasi pwedend seryoso nalang lagi. Pero pagdating sa trabaho, trabaho talaga.

Invented Jokes 110608
01.Anong sabi ng laway sa spe*m? “Anong ginagawa mo dito?”

02.Kung ang tagalog ng HOUSE ay BAHAY, ang tagalog ng HOME ay TAHANAN, ano sa tagalog ang MOTEL? Sagot: TIRAHAN!
03. Paano tumawa si Dracula kung naging kapampangan siya? “A! A! A! A! A!”
04. Kapag di tumalab ang KISSpirin at YAKAPsule sa LOVEnat, ano na dapat ang gamitin? BiogeSEX.
05. Paano gumawa ng itlog na maalat? Eh di mag-jogging ka!
06. Bakit hinimatay si daddy centipede? Nagpabili si junior ng Havaianas.
07. What is, “if are”? Gamot sa masaket na masil na nagkapilipilipilipit.
08. Ano ang apelyido ni Punisher? Ranno.
09. Bakit ginawa ang eroplano? Kasi sira.
10. Ano ang sabi ng kilay dun sa isang kilay? “Hi brow!”
11. Ano apelyido ni Yoda? Lehihoo.
12. Anong puno ang laging okay lang? Eh di “fine tree”!
13. Ano ang ultimate dream ng panda? Magkaroon ng colored picture.
14. Sino ang favorite wrestler ng mga baboy? eh di The Rock!
15. Ano sabi nung poopoo sa kapwa poopoo? “Pare, walang tulakan!
16. Anong hayop ang sinisigaw ng mga bisaya sa concert? Raccoon!
17. Ano ang ayaw ilagay ni Goldilocks sa buhok niya? Red Ribbon.
18. Bakit mahirap magmahal ng anaesthesiologist? Kasi manhid.
19. Ano ang sabi ng utot sa sanitary napkin? “I am the wind beneath your wings.”
20. Teacher: “Ano ang similarity nina Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio at Ninoy Aquino?” Student: “Lahat sila, namatay ng holiday!”
21. Ano ang favorite na laruan ni Garfield nung bata pa siya? Eh di pussycat dolls!
22. May batang nahulog sa septic tank. BOY: “Sunog! Sunog!” Dumating ang bumbero, niligtas siya. BUMBERO: “Bakit sunog ang sinigaw mo?” BOY: “Bakit, kung sumigaw ba ako ng ‘Tae! Tae!’ pupuntahan niyo ko?”
23. Bakit kapag bilugan ang mukha mo, hindi ka dapat masyado ngumiti? Kasi baka mapagkamalan kang YAHOO MESSENGER!
24. Paano ka dapat uutang kay Dracula? “Meron ka bampira?”
25. Bakit ang kalbo di dapat magsuot ng turtleneck? Kasi baka magmukha siyang roll-on.
26. Ano sa english ang singsing at tatlong hari? Aringkingkingking.
27. Ano ang sabi ng utot sa tae? “Pare, mauna na ko sa yo ha?”
28. Ano ang apelyido ni Sadako? Paroon.
29. Bakit ang brief may bulsa? Lalagyan ng asin para sa itlog.
30. Bakit ang maitim di dapat nagpu-pulbos? Kasi magmumukha silang crinkles.
31. Ano ang first name ni Herman? Soup.
32. Headline w/ a picture of a cow: “BAKA – hindi sigurado.”
33. Q: How can you win the heart of a nurse? A: First, you have to be PATIENT.
34. Ano ang sabi ng medyas sa sapatos pagkatapos silang hubarin? “Haaay…life socks!”
35. Ano ang sabi ng poopoo sa utot? “Pare, sabay na ko sa yo!”
36. Ano ang tunog ng high heels ng babaeng makapal ang makeup at naka micro mini, habang naglalakad ng gabi? “Pok, pok, pok, pok…”
37. Anong bansa ang pinanggagalingan ng pinakamaraming gatas? Eh di Nepal.
38. Ano ang sabi ni Bugs Bunny kay Daffy Duck? “What’s up, duck?”
39. Ano ang tawag sa head editor ng isang major chinese broadsheet? Eh di EDITOR-INTSIK!
40. Ano ang apelyido ni Josie? Frotgam.
41. Ano sa Tagalog ang “lap”? Eh di tawa! Mwahahahaha!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Celebrity Crush 2 (Hilarie Burton)

WHO: Hilarie Burton / Peyton Sawyer
WHERE: One Tree Hill (US TV Series)
WHEN: Since Season One

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Video Collection 10 (Skating Babies)

This just makes me feel good. It's the most clever ever... advertizing through humor is so much more enjoyable it's one ad I won't MUTE when it comes on... love it! Did I say I love it! This inventor(s) know their buisness.

For all you people that says 'Thats SOOOOOO fake!' well ofcourse it is idiot! you come on to youtube to say everything is fake or to watch funny videos? just think about what you say and give credit to the artist. obviously this guy has a talent. greats job!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Directed By: Michael Bay

I know he's not the greatest director in the world, but I generally like his movies, i'm a huge Michael Bay fan. Since I've watched Armageddon way back 11 years ago, I followed, collected and watched all his movies. I think he crafts brilliant, engaging action scenes. I don't see what everyone has against the shaky camera. It's not that bad. If you have problems with his camera movement, you must be old and having seizures. I do agree, especially in Transformers, that the action gets too chaotic, and you can't tell what the heck is going on, but I still like it.

So what is your favorite film by him? A list of his movies are below. My personal favorites are his two Transformers movies. But what are yours? Discuss.BAD BOYS (1995).What can I say about this movie, but the fact that Bad boys is one of my all time favourite films. It stars Will Smith and Martin Lawerance as two Miami cops, both are two very funny actors who took to the action role very well (of course Will Smith as continued on so in this role in films like ID4 and Men in black). The film produces great action and boasting good soundtrack(songs such as Shy guy) from the talents of a great director(This film really started Michael Bay's carear and is still one of his best).THE ROCK (1996).This is a fine, in many ways typical, Hollywood action movie, that without its fine cast wouldn't have been half the movie it is. What makes the film work so well is the performance of Sean Connery as an SAS soldier whos been kept under lock and key by the US as he had discovered the truth about JFK and numerous other US follies. In the Winter of his career (age 66 when this was made) Connery still had that magical screen presence that only a few actors are blessed with.ARMAGEDDON (1998).I believe this movie to be well directed and scripted. It had the right amount of humor, drama, and "feel good" ending. They knew when to be funny and when to be serious. It had a great cast and overall it was a very enjoyable movie. From what I've read, this was one of those "hate it or love it" movies and I really liked the movie.
PEARL HARBOR (2001).This movie was shown very well with great acting great special effects with i must add a great tandem being Bruckheimer/Bay. Also, screenwriter Randall Wallace who wrote Braveheart. Some people also have a problem with the love story but I think it goes good with the movie especially more on a personal and touching level after the attacks. And hell if you can deal with the love story in Titanic don't attempt to diss the love story in Pearl Harbor. So people need to stop looking so much into it and watch it for what it is. A MOVIE!!
BAD BOYS II (2003).This one is over the top and almost funny at the end because it's so unrealistic, compared to the first one which was less unrealistic. But if you like the first, you must see the 2nd. Great cast and the comedic fillers are good. Action packed, gizmo packed and of course Will Smith is tough as a nutshell
THE ISLAND (2005).The big thing about "The Island" is...there is no island. It's just a ploy to lure unsuspecting clones to their deaths. The year is 2014 and a corporation has developed a method to produce human clones. The clones have been led to believe that the Earth has been contaminated, which is why they're all being quarantined indoors. Every so often the facility has a lottery drawing, and one lucky winner is offered the chance to go to "the island," which is supposedly the one place on the planet that hasn't been destroyed.TRANSFORMER (2007). Anyone who has ever loved the cartoon Transformers should at least appreciate the attempt that was made to give shout outs to the older fans of a really cool cartoon show. Like the fact that Optimus Prime was voiced by the same actor as the cartoon. I really liked the special features found on this edition of the movie. They kept me entertained for hours and I learned a lot about the making of it. I found them to be full of intersting information and entertaining at the same time.TRANSFORMERS 2 (2009). "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is a glorified summer blockbuster that is meant to entertain. Put aside the criticisms on acting, plot, etc. It's a Michael Bay film after all, so what can you expect besides over the top action and excessive explosions? But who cares? That's what you paid to see; robots battling each other and transforming, causing destruction in real-life settings. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.