Monday, November 30, 2009

Video Collection 30 (Japanese Shows)

Share ko lang sa mga hindi pa nakakapanood nito. This funny show from Japan. Learn to count in english.. But dont laugh or you aquire a big smack on the bottom! i reckon that orange guy was in somehow same programme where they are in library and get punished,.,,its freaky of it ..i m laffing my ass out!

this japanese guys are so crazy i can`t stop laughing theyre face are so damm funny. haha you need some scissors like right when they start pulling really hard just cut it in half XD

isn't that hole in the wall?
the japanese version is better than the filipino version the japanese one is harder

A ping pong match that has been played over thousands of times - a classic created from human ingenuity. The Japanese enjoy performances such as these for entertainment shows.

Thats why Japanese T.V. shows are so great.
They don't use effects as much as American T.V. shows.

More Japanese Matrix...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Morning Rush 93 (Answers to the Question "How Do You Like Your Eggs, Sir?")

October 22, 2009 Episode
Answers to the Question "How Do You Like Your Eggs, Sir?"
01. Yung malaki at mapula.
02. Yung hindi masyadong maalat.

03. I like them very much, thank you!

04. Eat it!

05. Yung nakapatong sa bibingka.

06. Shake 'em, not stirred.

07. Gustong-gusto ko pag binababad sa sarsi.

08. Try it with a tender juicy hotdog.

09. Yung hugas!

10. Yung pantay...ang luto!

11. Surprise me.
12. Slightly beatin'

13. Not as much as my wife does.

14. In pairs.

15. Yung medyo kayumanggi, basta hindi yung maitim talaga.

16. Finger Lickin Good.

17. Locked and Armed.

18. Yung walang buhok.

19. Yung mainit sa kamay.

20. Sanwich between two buns.

21. Handle it with care.

22. Left alone

23. With a kiss!

24. Dark and smelly.

25. Teka ha! iisipin ko muna! hawakan mo muna!

26. Sige lang, iisipin ko muna, kahit laru-laruin mo muna.

27. Juggle them first.

28. Lamasado! este Malasado!

29. With longganisa, yung skinless ha!

30. Kung hindi masyadong malaki, swllow it whole.

31. Yung madaling isubo.

32. Yung itlog ng pogi! este Pugo!

33. Tap between the leg of the mother hen.
34. Resting on a bushy nest.
35. Capped!

36. Kakalog-kalog!

37. Basta dalawa, yung malaki yung isa!

38. Hindi magkasinglaki!

39. Yung inupuan! yung nilimliman!

40. Hard in four minutes!

41. Kahit ano! basta itlog kinakain ko!

42. Broken! just like my heart!

43. Gusto ko yung amoy pa lang ulam na!

44. For starter, let them go first!

45. Yung hindi pa nalalawayan.

46. Fertilized!

47. Well ventilated!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Ultimate Crush No. 16

WHO: Kristen Stewart aka Isabella Swan (Bella)
WHERE: Twilight Saga
WHEN: Since Twilight
WHY: Kristen is beautiful in a dark kind of way. I agree that she wasn't very convincing in her role as Bella. I was' in fact, most annoyed and irritated by her constant blinking. Can't figure out why nobody told her that she was overdoing it- director anywhere?

Rare talent. She knows what she wants as an actor. She has depth and wisdom. Doesn't use her physical beauty to get roles but rather uses her instinct as an actor. Her portrayal of Bella is so understated but yet very effective. She became Bella and not just Kristen playing Bella.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Morning Rush 92 (Signs That A Movie Will Be A Flop)

October 27, 2009 Episode
How do we know a movie is going to be a BIG FLOP? How do you know even before it shown. Sometimes you know, you had a feeling that, "I don't think it's going to work." Whether because of the plow, whether because of the trailer, whether because of the stars, something about the dialogue. Anything as long as it is a signs that movie will be a flop.

01. If the star is a politician.
02. If the lead actor is wearing too much make-up.
03. If the trailer has all the good parts.
04. If the sequel number is more than 2 digits.
05. If the stars of the movie is the son or the daughter of the current president.
06. If the setting is in China, pero obvious namang sa Binondo ang shooting.
07. Kapag lahat ng backdrop halatang pininturahan lang.
08. Kapag trailer pa lang nakuha mo na ang buong istorya.
09. If the title of the movie is, "Hu Hu Hu, I'm really Sad!"
10. If they release a 4th installment of a famous trilogy.
11. If it's a famous action movie turns musical, example; Jurassic Park: The Musical.
12. If the stars promoting it says the classic, "Maganda ang movie namin, may action, may drama, may comedy at marami kayong matututunang aral promise."
13. If the movie is about the life story of a policitian.
14. If it's a ghost story, and the ghost actually says Boo!
15. If it's a film about Sadaku, pero si Sadaku may ribbon na sa hair.
16. There was this FPJ movie, where the trailer showed him dying. People, with the viewer boycotted the film.
17. If after the movie/screening, the people going out of the moviehouse saying "Refund! Refund!"
18. If it stars Mommy Dionisia and the title was, "My Melk pa sa leps!"
19. Kapag hindi naaalala ng mga artistang nagpo-promote yung title ng movie nila.
20. If they come out with a spiderman sequel, tapos ang sponsor nila BAYGON!
21. Whenever the star of the movie would say stuff like, "Suportahan natin ang Palikulang Pilipino."
22. When it stars some pipitsuging artista promoting, "Sana po manood po kayo...pinaghirapan po namin ito."
23. If the movie stars Eddie Murphy.
24. If the plot is very much like a recent hit movie.
25. If the movie is set in Antartica, filled with snow and everything, all white, pero nakikita mo yung mga extras sa likod nagpapaypay.
26. Kung ang star din ang writer at director ng movie, at kung ang kontrabida sya rin, kaaway na ang kakambal nya.
27. Kapag ang pinaplug ng movie cast sa tv ibang pelikula.
28. If it ended with a cliffhanger, pero walang sequel.
29. If it's a remake of a 70's sexy movie, but it stars with the whole original cast.
30. If it stars former porn star in a sci-fi movie.
31. Kapag lahat ng lumabas sa sinehan, may tuyong laway sa pisngi.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Plants vs Zombies

“Yes, goddamn you, I want to quit. I want to quit so bad. Why won’t you let me quit you, Plants vs. Zombies?”

I am addicted to this game!It's official. Plants vs. Zombies has become one of the most popular computer games in the Philippines.

Get ready to soil your plants in an all-new action-strategy game from PopCap! A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they can reach your front door.

Each zombie has its own special skills, so you’ll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. But be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds… as you battle the fun-dead, obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool add to the challenge. And with five game modes to dig into, the fun never dies!

"Tonight, we dine in hell!"
"Tonight, we dine in hell!"

Would you trust this man?
Would you trust this man?

*Insert Wilhelm Scream here.*
*Insert Scream here.*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morning Rush 91 (Arguments on Who's Better Edward-vs-Jacob or Vampires-vs-Werewolves)

November 19, 2009 EpisodeThe eternal struggle between vampire and werewolf is sparked again in theaters today with New Moon. Which causes us to wonder who's really better: werewolves or vampires? We settle this issue once and for all, with a this arguments.

Arguments on Who's Better Edward-vs-Jacob or Vampires-vs-Werewolves 01. Werewolves are better because dogs are better than glitters.
02. Edward is better simply because Cedric Diggory is cooler than sharkboy.

03. Werewolves are better because ang mga vampires... hmmp mga sipsip!

04. Edward maybe hard and cold, but Jacob vibrates.

05. Jacob is definitely better because he are like some people that doesn't have his abs painted on him.

06. Jacob is better because hindi sya anemic.

07. Mas magaling ang vampires kasi hindi magastos sa damit.

08. Mas maganda ang vampires kasi ang werewolves walang night life.

09. Jacob is better mainly because he can turnme straight anytime.

10. For gay people, vampires are useless, their teeth are too sharp.

11. If you are into sudonecrophelia, vampires are way to go.

12. Werewolves are better because they do it dogstyle.

13. Werewolves are better, kasi ang mga vampires hindi mo mayayaya sa beach.
14. Werewolves are better, mas malaki ang bibig.
15. Jacob is better, hindi magastos sa eye-mo.

16. Ang mga vampires hanggang sipsip lang. Ang werewolves kakainin ka talaga.
17. Edward is better because he is shining, shivering, splendid. Jacob, he'll just shed over the furniture.
18. If werewolves are dogs, then I like them more, because dogs prefer bitches.
19. Vampires are better, unlike werewolves you don't have to house train them. 20. Vampires are better because walang tulugan. Party all night!
21. Vampires are better, tipid sa whitening lotion.

22. Jacob is better because he's cut, si Edward uncut.

23. Di ba ang vampires walang dugo? so kung walang dugo, eh di no blood can rush to turn me on.

24. Werewolves are better, who wants to hug a cold body on a rainy day?

25. Werewolves are better, they got big when they get angry.

26. Vampires are cool because they are immortal. Werewolves are not.

27. Edward does not like it when Bella kisses him too rough, bading si Edward.

28. Who cares about vampires vs werewolves? it's all about Plants vs Zombies.

29. I would rather kiss the cold lips of a vampire than the dolly mouth of a wolf.

30. Vampires are much better because they give gay man an excuse to wear foundation and lipstick.

31. Well it is much cooler to do it in an Austin Martin (Edward's car) as opposed to Volkwagen Rabbit (Jacob's Car)

32. Jacob is only dangerous to Bella when he is angry, Edward is always dangerous to her, all the time. Papercut pa lang delikado ka, paano pa kaya kung menstruation period na?

33. werewolves are better, panalo kasi lagi sila sa taguan..."Where wolf?"

34. Werewolves have a primal appeal that effimanate vampire's roth.

35. I'm a dentist, so both sucks for me as client.

36. Well, breakfast is my favorite meal, so traditionally i will go for werewolves.

37. I prefer vampires because vampires are cooler. Ang werewolves hindi kayang uminom ng gumagamit ng straw.

38. Werewolves are better kasi hindi lang pangil ang humahaba... pati kuko.

39. Jacob rocks! because he showers regularly than Edward.

40. Werewolves are much better because they imprint, and when they do you can be sure you will be his only one.

41. Vampires are much better because with werewolves you have to wait for estres.

42. Vampires are better kasi kahit papatayin ka nila...papatayin ka muna sa sarap.

43. Well vampires are much better because they're experts at necking.

44. As a victim, i choose to be a vimtim of vampires rather than werewolves, because i would rather get anemia than rabies.
45. Every girl deserves an Edward in their lives.

46. Jacob is better because Edward is a hunk, grapo, mayaman, misterious, dangerous, nice other words "Sakit ng ulo maging asawa!"

47. Vampires na lang...because I'm tired of being a dog's bitch.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon (Experience)

Our New Moon Adventure at SM North EDSA
This is it! The day me and my wife been waiting for, To catch NEW MOON. What we enjoyed most of the time we were in our trip last saturday, was the fun, the gardens, the city views, the excitement of the movie. andddd the simple adventure... the joy! the simple treat!

On our way to Trinoma...
We decide not to watch New Moon at Trinoma. My sister told us about the crowd, the long line to the ticket booth. When we get there, at SM North EDSA, we rushed to the ticket booth and frustrated by the crowded pile of people outside the two cinemas. Okay lang naman dahil late na kami sa first screening, and it's a long hour of waiting for the next sched around 1:15pm

Our New Moon Tickets...SM North Edsa Cinema 5
Here's some of my stolen shot during the movie. Feeling kabado while doing this, afraid to be busted by any bystanders or security.

Nakakabitin yung movie, it's good for the moviemakers, for us to look forward to the third installment, Eclipse. Outside the cinemas there was a huge posters of the New Moon Cast, and Nina want me to take a shot of her with Edward.

3pm..late for lunch, early for dinner..what do you call that? lunner? snacks? Almost 30 minutes, bago kami nakapagdecide saan kumain. And the winner is, Kenny Rogers!

After we'd eat our lunch with a full stomach, energized and alive again, we enjoy the ambiance and the scenery of Sky Garden. Since it's my wife's day, her post's her time to shine, it's her time for the photoshots.
Papahuli ba naman ang mokong!
Some of our shot during our gala at Trinoma garden.

And guys meet our newest toy...Jacobo aka Jacob!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Morning Rush 90 (Things You'd Tell a Ghost or Any Halloween Creatures)

November 02, 2009 Episode
Things You'd Tell a Ghost or Any Halloween Creatures
01. To a ghost: O tara hide and seek tayo, m,agtago ka ng mabuti tapos hindi kita hahanapin.
02. To a Kapre: Pare, may sindi ka ba?

03. To a witch: Hey witch! Wanna straddle my broomstick?

04. To a Ghost: Noong buhay ka ba, takot ka din ba sa multo?

05. To a Ghost: Stop following me around! Get a life!

06. To an Incubust: Oohh incubust, what are you waiting for? jump-in!

07. To a ghost: O ghost! Puntahan mo yung dalawang dj ha!

08. To a Ghost: Nene, umalis ka dyan sa tabi ng nagbabasa nito!

09. To a duwende: O dude! kamusta naman si Snowhite? Kain naman ng kain,
himatay ng himatay, gusto lang magpahalik...ang landi tagala nyang si Snowhite anu?
10. To a Ghost: Now that you're a ghost, what scares you?

11. To a Ghost: Do you remember the family you left behind?

12. To a Tikbalang: Totoo bang kinakasal kayo tuwing umuulan habang umaaraw?

13. To a Werewolf: Go ahead! bite me! coz vampire is sooo twilight...

14. To a Ghost: I think this is a ghost! I know this is a ghost! gusto mong pasukin ang katawan ko...

15. To a Tiyanak: Gusto mo isumbong natin sa Bantay Bata?

16. To a Ghost: Bakit kahit nakapikit ako nakikita kita?

17. To a Ghost: Nasisilaw pa ba kayo kapag may flash?

18. To Moaning Myrtle: Since you've been to many Harry Potter bath, anu ang itsura ng "Magic Wand" ni Harry Potter?

19. To a White Lady: Ayaw mo ba talaga kahit
blush-on o lipstick man lang?
20. To a Ghost: Do you use or communicate with your fellow ghost? did you recognize each other?

21. To a Dad Ghost: Dad...alam mo na ba na I'm not straight?

22. To a Ghost: Drop dead!

23. To a White Lady: Uy! anu'ng ginamit mong whitening soap?

24. To a Kapre: Hey there big boy!

25. To a Zombie: Back off! I've got plants!

26. To a Ghost: Naggugulatan din ba kayong mga multo?

27. To a Ghost: Anu'ng numero ang lalabas sa lotto bukas?

28. To a Vampire: Do you floss? Do you get cavity?

29. For Lamanlupa: Tumatabi
ba talaga kayo pag sinasabi naming tabi-tabi po? 30. To a Ghost: Alin ang pinakamalinaw ang signal? Quija board, spirit of the glass o spirit of the ballpen?
31. To a Ghost: Yun bang pumanaw na mga gays, nagiging multong bakla?

32. To a Ghost: Why are camera shy?

33. To a Werewolf: (Throw a stick) Fetch!

34. To a Ghost: Alam mo bang patay ka na?

35. To a Ghost: Wag nyo na akong takutin...matagal na akong takot!

36. To a Ghost: Are you my soulmate?

37. To a Poltergeist: Alam mo para kang crush ko! Papansin!

38. To Sadako: Kilala mo ba yung girl sa The Grudge?

39. To a Ghost: Do you gets excited when you see celebrity ghost?

40. To a Ghost: Meeehhhhh? ay akala ko goats!

41. To a Manananggal: Feeeling mo ba may kulang sa buhay mo?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon (Experience)

So Nina and I just got back from watching "Twilight Saga: New Moon" at SM North Edsa. We used to plan watching it at Trinoma, kaso sa haba ng pila na halos mapuno na ang buong 4th floor sa SM North na lang kami nanood. So after we've watched the movie I gave you now my review...naks movie critic na naman ang mood ko ngayon ah!I don’t want to give away any spoilers to those who haven’t seen yet.

First, I want to share with you guys some Info from
L.A. Times about ticket sales:

According to four people close to the movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” sold more than $22.2 million worth of tickets in midnight shows last night, beating a record set this summer by “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

Two people close to the picture said the exact gross, which is still being calculated by Summit Entertainment, could be as high as $26 million.

(10:45 AM): Summit’s official estimate for midnight ticket sales is $26.27 million.


WOOHOO!!!!! OK guys this is gonna be kinda quick because the truth is I'm so tired and sleepy at this very moment as I am writing. I wanted to let you guys know what I thought though.

OK, I thought the movie was way better than Twilight. My wife loved those horse sized wolves and Robert’s sparkling was much better in this movie (Special effectwise). I loved the theater scene with Mike, Jacob and Bella (Funny). Glad it got included in the film. The fight between Paul and Jacob as wolves was pretty intense. Hindi ko akalain na ganun talaga kalaki yung muffin na kinain nila sa scene, dagdag humor. When Sam came in and kissed Emily the people was just aawww, how sweet and the scene had some classic funny lines.

The Volturi rocked!! Marcus completely creeped me out though. He barely said three words, but him just sitting up there was extremely creepy!! Jane was amazing. I love that little psycho vamp! The fight scene between Felix and Edward was off the hook. They tore that place up! Michael playing Aro was just, I think he was made for that role. He did an amazing job.

The humans once again stole the show for me. They had great funny lines and I think Charlie was amazing. I always smile when he’s on screen. He’s great! They may be minor characters, but they always are amazing when they are on screen. Jessica rambling on and on about zombies, Awesome!!!

I know people were saying they were gonna cry during the break-up scene, We didn’t. What I did get emotional about, where Bella is just sitting there and the horrible nightmares, Charlie rushing in to protect her, Man, that tore at my heart strings. Not sure why it just did. I made fun of that bit of her screaming in bed like that during the trailers, but after I saw it in the movie it all made since and I was like WOW!!!

Finally this movie was to be about Jacob, and Taylor did an amazing job. He did a great job acting and i could really feel the emotion coming from his character. You know, me and my wife are Team Edward-Bella, coz we hate Jacob in the book version, and after watching the movie we just like and adore him. Poor Jacob.

Why all the girls in the movie house at SM screaming? It's because of Jacob, i feel jelous and insecure, inspired to to go gym, to have that 6-pack! LOLZ!!! Some people have been upset about the ending, but I liked it and I think it will be great for Eclipse to pick up from. I think it followed the book pretty well. Though stuff was added and not included that’s common when a book comes to the big screen though.

So I really liked it, but I will say I did think it was a bit slow. I wish the pace would have been a little faster. I also wish Victoria would of had a little bigger role or at least of said something, she looked great though.

Also the “Future scene” where Bella is a vampire and her and Edward were skipping through the woods, Come on!! Hate it!! People actually laughed in the theater it was so gay and lame, we laughed coz it sooo corny! Baduy ika nga! I’m sorry if you all liked it, but for me –worse scene in the whole film!! They could have done something else, anything else and it would have been better. Sorry just my opinion!!!

OK that’s it. Sorry about typos and grammatical errors I think I got most of them, but like I said feeling tired and sleepy right now. It's almost 1 in the morning.

So what did you guys all think?Only 221 days till Eclipse! And this review, just my opinion. Please don’t send hate comment or reaction if you disagree, lol!!!

Overall... for my personal opinion, it was better than Twilight. I loved the wolves said Edward Sparkled better, but the movie was too slow for my man brain. Plus I really likes Jasper and Alice! I like the character of the two, it gives comedy to the movie...


The Twilight Saga: New Moon is a Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Horror, Thriller by Pioneer Films and runs for 2 hours and 10 minutes. This is the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s phenomenally successful Twilight series. This is where Bella Swans (Kristen Stewart) delves deeper into the mysteries of the supernatural world she yearns to become part of only to find herself in greater peril and where the love triangle withEdward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) intensified.

Dakota Fanning was in the movie what was her role and what she did in the movie is something I will leave to your imagination she was a member of the Volturi. I also love Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) in the movie. The Cullen family’s gathering is always a heart-stopper!

Ah, I think I should stop.

Oops! Isng maiksing Pahabol post...

I’m not a huge fan of the Twilight Saga but I have read all of its books. Pero dahil hindi kami ng wife ko papayag na mawala sa uso ay nanood kami ng part 2 ng Twilight, ang New Moon. We were laughing the whole movie time especially that we were seated next to screaming fan girls and gay people who kept on whispering side comments whenever there are shirtless guys on the scene. Laugh trip.

I’m pretty sure some of you have already read some reliable New Moon reviews so I won’t take this seriously. There are just a few points that caught my attention:

Bakit tuwing lalabas si Edward Cullen ay slow motion ang effect? Okay sana yung unang scene na lumabas sya para may oras pa magtitili ang mga fans. Pero even on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th appearance, slomo parin ang paglalakad.

Bella stands too close to anyone who talks to her. Parang may kissing scene sya lagi.

Sorry Team Jacob, pero hindi sya close-up material. Eheme! Mas gwapo pa si Mokong!

Ang cheesy nung setting na tumatakbo si Edward at Bella sa woods. Once more, in slow motion.

Walang masyadong aksyon at puro salitaan, but who cares? Mapapansin pa ba ito sa kabila ng walang humpay na scenes ng mga machong lalaki na may perfect torsos? Pink Film ba ito?

Ang cool ng mga werewolves, naka-shorts and rubber shoes lang buong movie, umulan man o umaraw. Amazing!

And again, never ending exposures of topless boys flexing their pecs. Pink Film nga ba ito ulit?

This movie is recommended for Twilight fans who are so in love with the princes of the book (or for some plain viewers who just want to see a bunch of shirtless men), but for casual moviegoers like me, I guess not. Regardless of the dark concept, cheesy lines and emotionless acting, I’m still watching the next movie and hoping for improvements…and less abs. :|