Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom (Part 1)

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away." - Anonymous

Okay! Okay! It’s shameful to admit but yes, it was my first time to go to Enchanted Kingdom last weekend, January 24, 2010. We arrived there around 1pm right after our Tagaytay trip. I wanted to ensure we’ll get to park inside where it’s closer to go back to eat and change clothes if needed. The kid in me is very excited to get inside to take a picture with Wizard - the first thing on my mind the first time in EK and my dream! Here are some of the photos:

The Enchanted Kingdom Main Gate

Wizard: Welcome!

I finally had time to bond with my wife - Nina, and two of our friends. Me as their photographer, taking pictures here and there but they were not very cooperative that day. They hate posing. Probably because they were very eager to get on the rides. So I took a lot of photos around EK.

Before the riding experience, let me show you the Enchanted Kingdom's 7 themes.


Midway Boardwalk

Victoria Park

Jungle Outpost


At last, after 15 years since Enchanted Kingdom opens... I'm here! Tao na ako! Hep hep Hooray! Hep Hep Hooray! I wanna celebrate right here! right now!

Up Up and Away!

Behind the Front Gate

Two of EK's Famous Rides: The Grand Carousel & The Wheel of Fate

Our first Ride: The Flying Fiesta

4D Discovery Theater

Up Up and Away!

Roller Skater

Midway Boardwalk Snacks Area

Teknovation (Soon to Open)

Harry Houdini's Magic Shop

After trying some of the minor rides and attractions, we look-around shops for some souvenirs and shirt. You can't missed the souvenir shops at EK, it's all around and easy to find.

Eldar the Wizard Stuff Toys and Pencil Sharpener

Assorted Eldar Pens and Shades

Assorted Eldar Photo Frames

Kiddie Tumbler

Assorted Design and Colors EK Shirts

More EK Shirts and Toys

Our Souvenir Shirts

We take a break and ate our snacks at the foodcourt area, I feel dizzy that time due to stupid decision to rode with my wife at the Up Up & Away ride. And timing with our break was the EK Elvis Show.

Enchanted Kingdom's other attractions and rides:

Swan Lake - Paddle Boat Ride

Tropics Trading Post

Amazon Grill

We filled our day with magic, fun and laughter! We've braced ourselves for world-class rides, spellbinding entertainment, delectable food delights and a variety of unique souvenir items. This is just a part 1 of my EK experience, minor rides and attractions.

Tune In for my Enchanted Kingdom Major Rides, Attractions Photo Blogpost!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morning Rush 120 (Extinct Brands Or Products)

January 08, 2009 Episode

Here are some of the brands or products, as far as we know, that are not being sold or we don't see it anymore. When you're young, what you could really remember was the product that's no longer exist today, some produts are pulled out very very shortly after it's debut. If you missed that, here are some of them, remember the Jigs? a chewy chocolate candy? I don't expect anyone to remember that coz it's too way way back. How about the lemolime? a softdrink in orange flavor?

Extinct Brands Or Products
01. Chocobeam
02. KLIM
03. Royco Alphabet Noodle Soup
04. Apple Sidra
05. Legrolite
06. Mango Brutus
07. Marie Cookies
08. Benson Candy
09. Serg candy
10. Pritos Ring
11. Chickidees
12. Gee You Hair Smells Terrific
13. Magnolia Ice Cream Funwich
14. Maglonia's Flavor of the Month Ice Cream
15. Coney Island
16. Fit - Yung pangbabad ng fruits at gulay
17. Big Boy Bubble Gum
18. Dahlia - Ang Sabon ng mga Artista
19. 680 Home Appliances
20. Carefree G-String Pantyliner
21. Moonbits
22. Cloverbits
23. Pepsodent Toothpaste
24. Nutri-Bun
25. Superwheel Detergent Bar
26. Mighty Kid Rubbershoes
27. Grosby Shoes
28. Ola! Ang Sabong Panlaba
29. Mellow Yellow
30. Camay Soap Bar
31. Manila Beer
32. Gold Eagle Beer
33. Tivoli Chocolate Bar
34. Kilometrico Ballpen
35. Selsun Blue Anti-Dundruff Shampoo
36. KAO Feather Shampoo
37. Horlicks Chocolate Tablets
38. Ovalteenies
39. Vicks candy
40. Whistle Pop Candy
41. Daisy Pink Milk
42. Brown Cow
43. Arbies Roast Beef Sandwich
44. Nano-Nano Candy
45. Carefree Black
46. Queen's Supermarket along EDSA
47. Carol Anne's Potatoe Chips
48. Frel Shampoo
49. Haba-Haba Ballpen
50. M-Egg Milk Candy
51. How Cow Milk candy
52. Lifebouy Bar Soap
53. Topex & Oxy
54. Clean & Clear
55. Lobo Biscuits
56. Humpy Dumpy Corn Chips
57. Munchies Chips
58. Neko Soap
59. Nenuko
60. Pompoms
61. Veto & Mum Roll-Ons
62. Ibalik Ang Swerte (Junkfood)
63. Saucony Shoes
64. Memen Baby Powder
65. Lobster Chips
66. Acebon Candy
67. Bady & Bounce Shampoo
68. Ajax
69. Cali Shandy
70. Bar Nan
71. Whachamacallit
72. Zip Juice
73. Citrobel
74. Barbie & jeans Alcoholic Drinks
75. Bonn Milk
76. Janel's Brief
77. Shake Shampoo
78. Stayfree
79. Bataang Matamis Cigar
80. Jelly Juice
81. Revive Shampoo
82. Ivory
83. Halo Shampoo
84. Whim Feminine Wash
85. Shower to Shower Shampoo
86. Chummy crunch
87. Hi-C
88. Nestle Twin Milk
89. Fres Candy
90. Heno De Pravia
91. Pall Mall Cigarettes
92. Hour After Hour Roll-On
93. Vitalis
94. Breeze detergent Soap
95. Fissan Frickly Heat Powder
96. Tretorn Shoes
97. Marca Pina Soysauce

Friday, January 29, 2010

Picnic Groove, Tagaytay

Gala January 24, 2010

Now that I have my first Nikon DSLR, all I want to do now is gala gala, pasyal-pasyal, libot-libot, trip-trip, bakasyon-bakasyon. And the first thing that came out on my mind is Tagaytay! Perfect place to practice my photography, practicing my baby nikon. Since Tagaytay is one of the picturesque place here in the Philippines why not to choose this place.

We woke up at 6am, Sunday morning, and prepare ourself for an adventure. We meet our friends at gasoline station here in Bulacan. Just the 4 of us inside the van, all looking tired and sleepy but so excited with the adventure ahead of us. Around 8:00am, our first pitstop, to take a pee and a lot of stretching, and we ate our breakfast at McDonald' sPetron Station SLEX.

Ayoko ng Large Fries...

Softdrink-In-Cans for the Giants! (Taken at Sta. Rosa Tollgate Exit)

After an hour, we reached our destination, Tagaytay Groove. Dissappointed because of the cloudy weather, because the best time to practice photography is a sunny weather. Here are some of my photos taken at the Picnic Groove:

Gondola and Zipline

Cloud and the Lake

Mossy trellis

Zipline Back and forth

Pathway to Picnic Groove (Main)

Stairway to Slippery

Tagaytay Geometry

Family Picnic

Tagaytay Geometry 2

Kite Flying Ground

Saranggola ni Pepe

Reach for the Sky!

One Kite Down! and More to go!

Around 11am, thank God! the cloud is fading... and the sun is shining! Now I've got the best chance to take photos of the Taal View; places, people, plants, flowers.

Forbidden Forest?

When it comes to photography, Macro photoshooting is one of the first thing i've learned, and when it comes to macro, the best subject is the plants' leaves or flowers, because simply they don't move. Hope you like my photos, the Tagaytay Plants and Flowers:

Yellow vs Green

Ina Magenta


Red turns Pink

Blue-tiful Insect!

Blue-tiful Insect 2

White Stripes

Kangkong Flower Look-a-Like

Bud between Flowers

Red vs Orange

Red Rice?

Coral Flowers

Christmas Tree Leaves


Shouting trumpets

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa!

The Flower / Plant Shop

What is Tagaytay trip without pasalubong? buy some items found at the Souvenier Shops. Souvenir shops in Tagaytay is not hard to find, it was located along the way uphill near the Admin building across the Horseback riding area.

The Puppets

Assorted Coin Purse

Bakya Mo Neneng Keychains

Assorted Keychains

Tagaytay Shirt

Take a Good Look on my face! Pimple!

Aside from the souvenir shops, Tagaytay is also known for sweets and fruits.

Magkano ang "P"nya?

Sweet Eyes!

Sweeter? Saging o Pinya?

Before we go to our next destination (soon to be posted) we bought some pasalubong, what is the best pasalubong store in Tagaytay, batangas? Colettes!

Ate pansinin mo naman ako!

Yummy Sandwich

Assorted Boat Tart

Sweetened Sampalok, Pulburon, atbp!

Nanay and her Espasol

Medyo di ko pa naman gamay yung cam ko at hindi pa masyado master ang apperture at shuuter speed, kaya medyo blurred yung mga kuha ko sa moving object. Don't worry, next time maayos ko na!

Horsie Horsie Tigidig-tigidig!

Shoe? Check!... Black Toenail? Check!

Luchtime! What's the best food to try when in Tagaytay? Bulalo! We ate at Koorah Koorah Bulalo Restaurant just across the Picnic Groove. Since our breakfast is at 8am, and all our energy are drained due to long walking up and down the hill, excitement and wowed experience, we need to refuel our energy. We ordered Bulalo and Kalderetang baka and 4 extra rice, 4 EXTRA Rice, for the 4 of us, not hungry huh?!

Best resto, nice waiter, an ok! ambiance, but the worst about this resto? 1 and a half hour of waiting...argghhhh!!! We almost die of waiting, OA?!!! I know! Exagged! but the long wait is sulit! Great food, great taste, great servings!

Kare-kare ala Koorah-Koorah

After 30 minutes of fast lunch, right FAST Lunch!!! We are now heading to our next destination, the main reason why we're all together, for "what for" is our trip?

Ads Tore

So, that's it for now... hope you like my first ever out-of-town photoshoot experience.

Tune-In for our Next Adventure...Soon!