Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Video Collection 33 (Evolution of Dance)

At the age of 31, I still know and I wanna learn latest moves, coz I think I can still dance. Since kindergarden, pinilit ako ng titser ko sumayaw kasama ang ilang kaklase, for our graduation dance number, "We Build This City of Rock & Rock" yan ang kauna unahan kong sinayaw. Hanggang taon taon mula kinder hanggang grade six, kasama ako sa dance number sa buong school, mapa folk dance, mapa modern, graduation number o field demo sa school. Okay, stop right there, baka mareveal ko pa kung gaano ako kagaling at ang hidden talent ko ay hindi na hidden, let me share you this video, na nakita ko sa youtube. Enjoy guys, The evolution of dance steps, from 50's to zero's. Here's the video that earn 150 plus million hits on youtube.

Here's the second part. 12 million hits as of today. 1. I Got You(I Feel Good)-James Brown 2.My Girl- Temptations 3. Proud Mary- Tina Turner(i think this is her version) 4. The Hustle- Van McCoy 5. Hokey Pokey- (not sure of the artist) 6.Shout- The Isley Brothers 7.Tequila- The Champs 8.not sure of this one-im still looking. 9.Pump Up The Jam- technotronics 10.I'm too sexy- Right Said Fred 11.electric boogie- marcia griffiths-(i dont think shes the original, but she sings it.) 12. tootsie roll- 69 boyz 13. cha cha slide- casper 14. Lean Back- Terror Squad/Fat Joe, 15. Here it goes again- OK Go, 16.London Bridge- Fergie, 17.Crank Dat- Soulja Boy Tell Em'


  1. kakatuwa nga naman to. reminds me of where the hell is matt.

  2. @Dong Ho - Sino si Matt? hehe
    @Traveliztera & Fufu - Nice video right? Galing, hehehe Fufu, practice makes perfect.