Friday, April 30, 2010

Morning Rush 153 (Movie Titles Involving A Body Part)

The Top Ten Movie Titles Involving A Body Part
March 18, 2010 (Loi Pogi)
It doesn't have to be about a body part, it can be but it doesn't have to be, but the title has to involve a body part. Any body part, from puso to buhok, from siko to talukap, as long as it has a body part in the title. It can also be comedy, horror or any genre.

First Batch
10. Dennis Pinch - "Naluha Ang Mga MAta Ko N'ung Ti-Nuuut! Mo Ako!"
09. Genny-Ni - "Kagatin Mo Ang Pwet Ko Croco"
08. Homer Singson - "Sana Dalawa Ang Puson Mo"
07. Ragnar 818 - "Ang Kuyukut Na KuyuCute"
06. HellGirl - "Itchy Bitchy TiniWinny It's About As Big As My Pinky"
05. Lonely Boy - "Si Miss Basang-Basa Ang Kili-Kili"
04. HellGirl - "Siyam (10 Mga Daliri Putol Ang ISa)"
03. Young Indy - "Ava-Tartar:"
02. Anto - "Titi-yakin Ko Akin Ang Iyong Puso"
01. The Jerk - "Namamangka Sa Dalawang Itlog"

Second Batch
10. Oscar Dela Hopia - "Peklat, Peklat Paano Ka Sinalat?"
09. Jet Of Subic - "Baba (Babala! Asawa Ni Babalu!)"
08. Spy Shadow - "Eyelid Lang Ang Walang Hiki"
07. Suresh - "Titimbangin O Kikiluhin"
06. Joeshred - "Ulo Pa Lang Ulam Na"
Joeshred - "Hanggang Ngala-Ngala Ka Lang"
Larry - "Sagad Hanggang Uvula"
Blitskrieg - "Abot Hanggang Esopagus"
05. Acer - "Kapit Sa Maitim"
04. Denis Pinch - "Tumulo Ang Dagta Nang Pinisa Ang Pigsa"
03. Rayken - "A Bird In My Hand Is Better Than 2 In A Bush"
02. Purple Rose - "Tirisin Sa Sintak Ang Mga Taghiyawat Ni Barbara"
Purpose Rose - "Bukas Luluhod Ang Mga Tuhod"
01. Homer Singson - "Prostate Gum"

Third Batch
10. Modelizer - "Hanapin Mo Ang Ibang Nunal Ko"
09. Sad Yano - "Punta Ilog, Hugas Itlog"
08. PaulJeffrey - "Ang Misteryo Ng Kulot Na Buhok Sa Sabon"
07. No Name - "Humapdi Ang Labi"
06. Rodel - " Pwera Usog, Sige Na Dilaan Mo Na"
05. Lock On Stratus - "Himasin Mo Ang Kalyo Ko"
04. No NAme - "Isang Balat Ka LAng"
No Name - "Kinamay Ang Petchay"
03. Marioh Caryo - "Hips Don't Lie (Dyan, Nabubuko ang Bading)"
Marioh caryo - Datu Puti (Kilikili-Maputi Pero Maasim)"
02. Eroflux - "Buhok Sa Ngipin"
Eroflux - "Titik-O Sa DibDib Mo"
01. rodel - "Ang Fake Fake Mo (Ang Talambuhay Ng Ilong Ni Madam Auring)"

Final Batch
10. Witty Winky - "Ang Adam's Apple Ni Eva"
09. Aphy - "Bakit Mo Ko Inulo?"
08. Pneumonic - "Abot Hanggang Atay"
Gracia - "Abot Hanggang Apdo"
07. Loi Pogi - "Nagtago Si Pedro Pero Labas Ang Ulo"
06. No Name - "Mahal Kita Mula Split-Ends Hanggang Ingrowoenails"
05. No Name - "Ang Gubat Sa Iyong Kilikili"
04. Silver Bullet - "Ang Sugat Na Hindi Gumagaling"
03. Candy Cane - "Si Boy Pantog At Ang Sinehang Malamig"
02. Marioh Caryo - "Toothless: Walang Sayad"
Marioh Caryo - "Hindi Malaki Ang Ulo, MAugat Lang"
01. Romy-O - "Nagjogging Si Nene, Umalat Ang Mani"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Celebrity Crush 17 (Sandra Bullock)

WHO: Sandra Bullock
WHEN: Since "Speed"
WHERE: "Speed" Movie
WHY: If you are compiling a list of great female actresses of our time, you can store a large number down before even considering Sandra Bullock. But, as he showed in The Blind Side, he is worth his statue and be proud of his career many successes. Although he was the most popular artists of the current season – and so have dealt with a number of roles fluff – there are some excellent performances in his past. 1. Speed. Like a bus by the image of LA freeways, Bullock film brought in the eyes and minds of movie going public. He will not be as sexy and charming as he was on speed. In a scandal of raw energy, nervousness and fear, he is the civilian representative trio of terrorist (Dennis Hopper), policeman (Keanu Reeves) and the public. For those who have not seen the movie, it’s all about the ride can not stop. Bullock look his best in HD premium satellite TV network HBO.

2. Miss Congeniality. If the speed is the grand opening statement of the career of Bullock, Miss Congeniality is certainly the exclamation point. Watching the film, it is easy to see why readers find it easy to identify with Bullock and why he became such a big star. As a tough FBI agent forced to go soft and beautiful with the help of his work, Bullock brings all his charm and self-effacing humor to the task. Check out this movie in any number of satellite TV networks.
3. Infamous. Of all the strange coincidences in Hollywood, the production and almost simultaneously infamous Capote is one of the strangest of all. However, it would make viewers that the bias of the excellent film with Philip Seymour Hoffman loses something special scurvy. Bullock is right in the heart of a well-cast group as he portrays Harper Lee, author of Kill a Mockingbird, join the Truman Capote when he murders that later became the basis for the test in In Cold Blood. Watch movies on Showtime.
4. While You Were Sleeping. Another big shot in the arm for career in 1995 Bullock romantic comedy that the heel of Speed followed. Bullock shows off the softer side of his repertoire with Bill Pullman. Although the plot is slightly less than it is probably par for the course romantic comedy, so just sit back and enjoy.
5. Crash. For many people, Bullock’s role in the crash was an eye-opener. Among his most serious roles, he delivers perhaps his best performance.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Morning Rush 152 (Signs That Someone's Feeling Close)

The Top Ten Signs That Someone's Feeling Close
March 17, 2010 Episode (Abernaphy)

First Batch
10. Doraemon - Kapag nakikisali sa kwentuhan kahit hindi naman nya alam ang pinagkukwentuhan.
09. Tukneneng - My friend would always asked me for a favor, one day she wasn't even asking anymore, more of commanding na.
08. Jeng - If first name basis kayo ng boss mo inside the office even if everyone else is calling him/her sir/ma'm.
07. Guey Cabluey - Kapag gusto nya kahatio sya lagi sa food na kinakain mo, eh nakilala mo lang sya sa fx na sinasakyan mo kanina.
06. Dennis Pinch - Kapag nagpaplagay sya sa butt ng suntan lotion e pareho naman kayong lalaki.
05. No Name - When someone grabs your drinks, uses your straw without you offering him/her to do so.
04. Dennis Pinch - Kapag nangungutang ng 4-digit worth sayo ang ka-officemate mo, eh hindi naman kayo nag-uusap sa office.
03. Lonely Boy - Kapag ang tawag nya syo ay bayaw kasi nililigawan na nya ang kapatid mo.
02. Hellgirl - First time nyong magkakilala pero megaover touch ka na sa kanya tulad ng pagtapik sa puwet.
01. Joey - I hate it when people you hardly know made you beso.

Second Batch
10. Young Indie - If you don't even know his/her name, but he/she starts asking you personal questions like, "Magkano sweldo mo?" or "Do you sleep naked?"
09. Wondering Henry - Kakalipat mo pa lang ng cubicle, nakikigamit lang sandali ng phone, next thing you know pinapakialaman na nya ang work at personal life mo.
08. No Name - Kapag di na nagsasabing sasabay sya sa auto mo.
07. Pinky B - Una pang sumasalubong kapag may balikbayan.
06. Sarah - Sa tumbler sinasabi nya, "Hi Ate! I like your post, can you follow me?"
05. Ms. Lea Salonga - When they call you by your childhood nickname and invade your personal space before even officially meeting you.
04. Oscar Dela Hopia - Feeling close kung yung mga katabi mo sa fx o mrt na nakikibasa ng newspaper o text message mo.
03. Super Gelly - My mom's friend saw me watching tv, nilipat nya yung channel sabay sabi, "Uy! Lipat ko na ha, "mula Sa Puso" na eh!"
02. Ian Gomez - If a first time date eats off your plate, goes to your car's compartment or starts to suggest what you throw away.
01. Marioh Caryo - At my birthday party an acquintance gatecrashed the party, but then gave me a gift and handed it to me and said, "I'm sure you'll like it" and asked me to open it infront of everyone. When I open it, It was a gay dvd porn.

Third Batch
15. eroflux - I accepted a friend request from a highschool classmate, then the next day, he sent me a message asking if he can borrow money so that he can start a business. I was like, "Didn't we hate each other 10 years ago?" and that was also the last time we've met.
14. Super Gelly - When out of the blue kinukuha ka nyang ninang kahit ni minsan ay hindi naman kayo nag-uusap.
13. Misis - Feeling close ang yaya mo kapag para na syang single-wife, I noticed she doesn't buy her own toiletries, she copies my fashion even my handwriting.
12. TT - When someone borrows your phone, I feel icky coz you don't know what they hide in their hand, baka mapunta pa sayo.
11. Gracia - When people asked you about your love life, aba e wala namang love life.
10. Peter The Brave - When someone borrows your cellphone para maki-text and then they check-out your inbox messages and then discuss them with you.
09. Mouth - Feeling close kami, meaning myself and all this others, listeners who refer to you as "Our friends", but the truth is that is how we really look at you coz we are with you everyday together, we were so near yet so far away.
08. Arvincent - Kung hinihiram ng katabi mo sa jeep ang isa sa earphones mo to listen to the top10, kasi napapansin nya tawa ako ng tawa.
07. No Name - I know someone, few weeks pa lang sinasabihan na nya akong "Bestfriend na ang turing ko sayo."
06. Rob Joe - Im gay, and I once brought a guy friend for dinner, we were talking about how I sometimes think our house's haunted, and our very newly hired maid join the conversation feeling very close telling my guy friend, "Naku baka iba na ang katabi nyo paggising nyo dyan sir." The thing was he wasn't sleeping over at my house and what's worst, my mom was right there.
05. Mark Cunanan - When someone calls your parents mom and dad right away without the time and takes.
04. Corky Mommy - This guy friend would fix my bra strap if he sees that it's crocked, the problem was he's single and i'm a married woman.
03. Super Gelly - Pag pinapagalitan ako ng mom ko, her companion who I didn't even know makikisabat at makikinig and saying, "Tama ang mommy mo, makinig ka!"
02. Z - My cousin and I were on an escalator, and we were comparing the Harry Potter Movies, then a woman infront of us looked back and then join the conversation.
01. Vegas - Dumating yung bagong maid namin, aalukin ko sana sya ng maiinom pero inunahan nya ako, she immediately went to the kitchen, open the fridge sabay sabing, "Wala bang coke?"

Final Batch
10. Super Gelly - Pag nakikisalo sya sa group picture pero ang matindi talaga kahit family picture nakikisama sya.
09. Daniel 203 - It's only been a week since you know each other and already she punches you everytime you crack a joke.
08. Corky Mommy - We have a neighbor who peeps in every of our neighbor's open sliding doors and then checks out what's everyone's doing in the house.
07. Astroboy Is Gay - When someone asked RSVP at the end of every sms he sends you, kahit hindi naman invitation yung sms nya, feeling close na pa-vip pa.
06. Matias - When someone shows marks on their body like scars from operation, stretch mark, etc., and you just met them.
10. No Name - When somebody you're not close to borrows your press powder.
09. Macho Prof - Gatecrasher na nga sa inuman, sya pa ang nalasing, sya pa ang nakitulog sa kama mo, niyakap ka pa.
08. Ectatic cat - I was in a salon, I asked the hairstylist kung bagay sa akin ang hairstyle that I shown him, suddenly the customer beside me butted in and said, "Ay sa tingin ko hindi kasi ropund yung face mo eh."
07. Jedi Master - While in a long bus ride, when someone just leaps on your shoulder without asking you.
06. Ducks - Kapag everytime ilalabas mo ang kikay kit mo, palagi syang nakikihiram at nakiki-kikay.
05. Shark Bait - When I went to Singapore, the immigration guy said to me "Ang daming open na IT duon, subukan mo." Sabi ko, "Sir, magbabakasyon."
04. Noel Mauricio - When someone hugs you and join your barkada's cenverstion.
03. Stinky Tofu - If you're eating a bag of chips and then without asking this person put his hand inside the bag, grabs a handful and not even thanking you after.
02. Mr.Perk - there's this girl when she slearned that I was planning a trip, she suggested that she will pay firstclass seat just so we could go together.
01. Summer - When someone says something to you that somebody you don't know, that is so TMI like, "Ang kati ng pwet ko!."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Last April 22, 2010, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and just like what we did for an hour last March 27, 2010, we open our eyes to the task of saving our planet, we do our share in making Mother Earth a place which we could truly be proud of.

We celebrate Earth Day to honor Mother Earth and all living things that inhibit it. Reuse. Recycle. Reduce. There are practical energy saving tips that we could observe and do to help. How often are we told to always turn off the light when not in use? If possible, we should use natural daylight since a few hours saved on electricity means a few pesos less on our monthly bills. We often told us not to open the refrigerator door more than we need to, it’s one way of saving electricity too. Read books instead of watching TV or playing electronic games. Some of you may not agree specially those who can’t do without TV in front of them. I know of some people who use TV to lull them to sleep. Electronic games? Online games? Most of us are probably guilty spending hours on the net playing Farmville or what not. It’s good I am not a fan of those online games except Farmville. “Farmville is fun, but go plant real vegetables in your backyard. Facebook is fun but go out too and meet people”. Gardening is such an engaging hobby, why not plant your own and be rewarded with fresh produce and blooms?

I am glad that most supermarkets now encourage bringing one’s own shopping bags instead of using plastics. I have several shopping bags made of cloth, some from the lowly “katsa” and they are more handy to use than plastic bags. Reuse! If it is possible, during grocery shopping, we should buy in large quantities to save on gas for future trips to the store. Let’s buy products with the least amount of packaging. Don’t buy disposable items like plates, cups, diapers, batteries, they add up to the waste we accumulate daily. Come to think of it, it is so inconvenient using plastic spoons and fork, right? During parties, I always try to avoid using disposable items, it’s better to invest in good old china plates, drinking glasses etc. Styrofoam which is often used by food chains contains polystyrene which is the most difficult material to break down. If we can’t avoid buying disposable items, we should at least limit their use. Reduce!

There are one thousand and one ways which we could do to help save our planet. It is not yet too late, let us start now!

Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever. While climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, it also presents the greatest opportunity – an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and for the future.

Earth Day 2010 can be a turning point to advance climate policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs. Earth Day Network is galvanizing millions who make personal commitments to sustainability. Earth Day 2010 is a pivotal opportunity for individuals, corporations and governments to join together and create a global green economy. Join the more than one billion people in 190 countries that are taking action for Earth Day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My 2nd Lens (Sigma 10-20mm UWA)

Here's mine, the Sigma 10-20mm! sigma. Basically, this lens gets a wider view, perfect for landscapes and wide vistasI immediately fell in love with its 102.4 degree field-of-view, and I’ll have this almost always at 10mm.

This is the 2nd lens I bought last Saturday (April 24, 2010). I needed an ultra-wide angle lens for my landscapes and one of my options is the Tokina because of its popularity and sharpness. During that time, I care more about the price so I chose Sigma. Below are the difference between shooting at 18mm (kit lens) and 10mm. 10mm captures massive view!

Build Quality and Specifications

Build quality is impressive. The lens feels solid and the black finish is very good. Front element doesn’t rotate during focusing, which is great for using polarizer filter; but it extends a little as you zoom at the long end.

Focal Length: 10-20mm
Aperture: f/4-5.6
Minimum Aperture: f/22
Image Stabilization: No
Hypersonic Motor (HSM): Yes
Filter Size: 77mm
Dimension (length): 81 mm
Weight: 460g (100g heavier than Canon 10-20mm)
Price: Php 24k
Accessories: Petal Hood, Rear Cap, Front Cap, Lens’ Case

Vignetting & Flare

Flare is not an issue of this lens, I tried it with different apertures and focal length and still came up with a minimal flare (almost unnoticeable). I don't care about vignette that much because I can correct them easily using Lightroom or Photoshop.

Good image quality.Low price compared to Tokina 11-16 (Php 28k) and Canon 10-22mm (Php 31k). Very fast, silent and accurate focusing. Versatile Zoom Range (unlike Tokina’s 11-16mm)
Cons: No image stabilization – but it’s fine with me since I use it a lot with a tripod for my landscape shots. f/4-5.6 aperture which is not ideal for low-light situations (unlike Tokina's 11-16 f/2.8). But since I use this a lot for landscape shots with a tripod, it's not a big deal for me.

Here are some of my test shots, an hour after I bought my Sigma UWA Lens. So please don't comment any negative reaction about my shots, just experimenting. Ginagamawy pa lang! Naglalaro, nag-eenjoy!

"Inside the Mall"


"Sky is the Limit"

"Raise Your Hands Mga Bata"

"Dog or Guinea Pig"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Morning Rush 151 (Statements Na Nakaka-Headache or Ang Labo Quotes)

The Top Ten Statements Na Nakaka-Headache or Ang Labo Quotes
March 12, 2010 Episode (Sasha Purse)
Have you ever heard somebody say something, you like "What the heck!? I don't get it!" Whether you don't get it or you do get it but ang labo. Or it's a wrong thing to say at a wrong time, or the statement is just wrong for whatever reason, as long as it is something that gives you a headache.

First Batch
10. Howdie - Q: What color of t-shirt sir? A: Kahit anu'ng kulay basta puti.
09. Yosid - Mom: Anak! abot mo nga yung gamot ko sa cabinet... Anak: Kanino ko iaabot? sayo o sa cabinet?
08. No Name - Me: Whew! ang iniiiit! Kuya: O, etong kutsara!
07. Homer Singson - Mom: Sa susunod na magdadala ka ng softdrinks sa kuwarto mo, wag kang magdadala!
06. Beowulf Teacher - Me: Hallo auntie! Tita: Sino to? Me: Si Bryan po! Tita: Ahhh!sorry Randy, bakit?
05. Triple E - Classmate: Alam nyo ang bahay ay parang yelo yan... (and then walks away!)
04. West Ice Toshibe - Guy in a steam room: Huh! ang iniiit!
03. Ex-Gym - Me: Nakita mo ba yung bag ko? Sister: Hindi! Ikaw nakita mo?
02. Annetalk - Me: Manong, isa nganag gulaman pero walang gulaman.
Buttercup16 - Yaya: Ang sarap ng luto ko ngayon, chicken na fish fillet.
01. Spy Shadow - Sign at the door of a repairshop: "We fix Anything!" (Kumatok kayo sira ang doorbell)

Second Batch
10. Buttercup16 - Yaya: Wag kang tumatakbo habang naglalakad.
09. No Name - Alam mo feeling ko si Sister Amelia walang asawa.
08. Mr.G - Son: Sige na please dad, bili mo na ko ng invisibleman costume.
07. Kid Bukid - The contestant in a tv show blow the mic to test if it is working, the host said: Bakit mainit?
06. Sleek Sheak Boy - Hello? Sino to? Kasi wrong number yata ako eh! (Click)
05. Cess Ni RC -RC: Paabot naman ng pliers, ipampupukpok ko lang!
04. No Name - Husband: Quick! Think of an egg! (Whether I have hiccups)
03. Mr.Mizer - Me: Pahiran mo ng sipon yang kapatid mo!
02. No NAme - Me: Hoy! Wag mong galawin yan! (To my brother) Mom: Hoy! wag kang mag-hoy! Masama yan!
01. No NAme - %-year-Old Korean Student: You want, I can speak in Bisaya, Uno... Dos... Tres...

Third Batch
10. Royal Pain - Pare, pag wala ako bukas absent ako ha!
09. Ally - Master Showman Host: Ang next guess po natin ay Fil-Am, ang tatay po nya ay Australian.
08. Gab - Bos, gusto ko yung semi-kalbo pero wag yung masyadong maiksi.
07. Onips - This Lot is "NOT" For Sale (Please Contact 0917-XXXXXXX)
06. Yankees - O, mauna ka na ha! Hihintayin na lang kita dun.
05. Abernathy - Traffic is terrible everywhere if you're about to leave now pleaseearlier.
04. Wind - M1: Uy! tingnan mo yung naka-blue! M2: Alin yung naka yellow.
Nat Balansa - Ibahin naman natin for a change
03. Miugan Spoon - Class, pretend you don't know Jonah okay?... Okay now, question, who's Jonah?
02. Kamoteng Kahoy - Uy! nabalitaan ko namatay daw yung lola mo? Kamusta na siya?
01. Joseph - H: Grabe ang init, sa sobrang init dumugo ilong ko kanina, W: Ay grabe ako din, dumugo namn gilagid ko! H: Sa init! W: Ay hine, napadiin yung toothbrush ko!

Final Batch
20. China in OC - Friend: Ano ba nag tama Facade (Facayd) or Facade (Fa-Ca-De)É
19. Super Gelly - Anu`ng UlamÉ Boy: Gis wat!É Girl: Anu`ng ulam yunÉ IlonggoÉ Boy: Hende ati, Holaan mu!
18. No Name - "Trespassers will be punish to the full extent of the Law" Signed Sister of Mercy
17. No Name - Ang pangit ng essay mo, redundant at saka paulit-ulit.
16. No NAme - Are you Korean? No? why?
15. Markus - Sa mga absent, I will not.
14. Shy-Anne - Sige na anak, sabihin mo na sa kanila yung joke mo. Anak: Ayoko nga pagtawanan pa nila.
13. Tmbilee - Half of this game is 90% mental.
12. Ragnok818 - Guys! Guys! anung spelling ng DHL?
11. No Name - Pag ikaw naputol yung pareho mong paa, huwag kang makatakbo takbo sa akin ha!
10. Aldus kim - Quick! What's the number for 911?
09. C2 - Ma, nakita mo ba yung notebook ko? Mom: San mo ba nilagay?
08. Jickan - Text Message: Buksan mo yung phone mo tinatawagan kita
07. Autumn 88 - Wag kang iinom bago ka matulog, sige ka baka paggising mo bukas patay ka na.
06. No Name - I: what are you doing for the past 3 months? A: I was taling care of my grandfather, apparently he was dead the whole time.
05. No Name - Yaya: Manong, isang kilong dulong! pati bone.
04. No Name - Speaker; Can you hear me at the back? (No Answer) people at the front, can you ask them if they can hear me?
03. Gracia - Sorry ha, hindi ako nakapunta sa libing ng lola mo, next time na lang ha!
Rodel- Pare: O kamusta naman yung libing ng tito mo? Rodel: Ok naman hindi naman sya naglaban!
02. Nicolai - Me: My luggage didn't arrive! A: Does your plane landed?
01. Super Gelly - The boyfriend gave the girl 12 roses so she found it so sweet that she decided to reward him. So as she was about to enter the room, she took off all her clothes, lay down on the bed and spread her legs. And when the boyfriend entered, saw her sprawled on the bed, naked with her legs open, she said, "This is for the flower." And the boyfriend said, "Bakit? wala ba tayong vase?"

Edie (Rescued Dog)

Just got this video on Chico's Blog, I was listening to their podcast and heard they're talking about this video. So i browse his blogsite and search for it. Watched it, in the end, teary-smiling eyes! I'm such a sap!!! Hehe! This is the second video/movie about dog that made me teary-eye, next to Marley & Me.

I don't usually get emotional but as a fellow dog-lover this really pulled at my heart. Way to go for saving that dog! A great lesson to everyone out there that shelter dogs are just as great as any others! What a wonderful video. Shocking difference between the very beginning, and once you pulled him into your lap, that scene my eyes started to wet (is that the correct word? wet?) I laughed when I saw how much fur they trimmed off, though. What a sweet animal. First I was like, dude that dog needs a wash. And then I thought, oh look he had a haircut!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning Rush 150 (Titles For A Movie About Your Ex)

The Top Ten Titles For A Movie About Your Ex
March 11, 2010 Episode
What if you made a movie about your ex, not specifically the latest one but anyone in your past. What would be the title? It can be dramatic, if it wasn't fun, or it can be a funny one. Sometimes the actual relationship was difficult but the way you remember it can have a sort of humor, actually think of it as a movie, it can be drama, it can be horror, it can be comedy, it can be suspense, it can be whatever kind of movie, english or tagalog.

First Batch
10. Twilight - Glad You're Not Around To Ruin It For Me
09. hellgirl - Sinukat Ka Ngunit Kulang (Talagang Kulang Na Kulang)
08. Lonely Boy - Drag Her To Hell
Lonely Boy - Ang Babaeng Makati Pa Sa Higad
07. Papercut - Not So Pretty Woman
06. Dennis Pinch - How The Bitch Stole Christmas
05. VonRyan - Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Overweight
04. JohnPogi - Impaktita
Joeshred - Huthutera
03. Mr.Perk - You're Not Man Enough For Me
Mr.Perk - You're So Vain (You're Probably Think This Movie Is About You)
Mr.Perk - Straight Guy (Ang Hanap Nya!)
02. Dennis Pinch - The Swallow
01. Kimi-Kimi More - Wala Na Si Together, Sinama Pa Si Forever!

Second Batch
10. Sapphire Safari / Young Indie - Kung nasaan ka man, Dyan Ka Lang!
09. teacher Miles - The Man Who Can't Be Move (Tamad Kasi!)
08. Urduja - Thanks! But No Thanks!
07. Young Indie - Aahitan Kita
06. Marioh Caryo - The Fast And The Furious (He's Too Fast and I'm sooo Furious!)
Marioh Caryo - With Honors (Paid for his tuition, he graduated with honors, and then left me!)
05. Hopia Mani Popcorn - Dr. Too Little
04. Mr.Perk - F7 (Grammar Check)
Arvinson - Wrong Spelling, Wrong!
03. Mary Jane - One-Way Ticket To Black & Blue
02. Miguel Lawrence - Wag Ka Ng Babalik Ka Rin
01. Gracia - Malaki Nga, Pero Lelembot-Lembot Naman!

Third Batch
10. Corky Mommy - The Devil Wears Fahrenheit
09. PaulJeffrey - Dumb & Dumber
08. Kid Bukid - Killing Me Softly With Her Thong
07. No Name - My Future Exboyfriend
06. Kurtsmith - Eaten Alive
05. Guey Cabuey - Ang Halimaw Na Bangag
Ex-Palaboy X - Your Boobs are Bigger Than Your Brain
04. Chiz Bun - Humanap Siya Ng Pangit
03. No Name - Paroparung Haliparot, Palipatlipat Ng Dagta
02. Cali - With Or Without You? Without You Na Lang
01. No NAme - AVATARantado Ka!

Final Batch
16. Mr.Perk - Please Stay...Away From Me!
15. Trifler No More - Rub It In.... Di Nga Rub It In!
14. Musashi - UP!... Yours!
13. Marioh Caryo - Puson Mo Ang Daigdig
12. Die You Hippocripp - Tigas-Ulo
11. Cess Ni RC - Pinilit Mo Hindi Naman Kasya
10. Jardona - Nagalit Ang Pakwan Sa Haba Ng Saging
09. Mommy Cresia - Eternal Sunshine Of His Empty Mind
08. Trifler No More - Napasubo Lang Ako Sa Relasyon Namin
07. No Name - Marunong Kang Umalis, Matuto Kang Bumalik
06. Hanna Banana - Walang Karugtong Ang Nakaraan
Hanna Banana - Ayoko Nang Umaray, Gusto Ko Namang Humalinghing
05. No Name - Sinagad Na Ngunit Kulang Pa Rin
04. Marioh Caryo - Durian (Kasi Mabaho Pero Masarap)
03. Marison - The Sound Of Music (Ang Boyfriend Kong Mahilig Sa Nota)
02. No NAme - Iniwan Mo Ako Pero Ikaw Ang Nag-Iisa
01. Miles - Microsoft (It`s Really A Micro and It`s Soft)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kwentong Mokong ni Jag

Episode 01: Presong Jag
Isang preso na nagngangalang Jag ang nakawala sa bilanguan at 15 taon ang nilagi nya dito.. isang araw pumasok ito sa isang bahay para maghanap ng pera at baril.. ngunit ang nakita nito ay magasawang nagtatalik. Hinugot nito ang lalaki sabay tali ito sa upuan. Pumunta ng kama si Jag at saka hinalikan ang babae sa leeg. Tapos tumayo para pumunta sa banyo. Habang nasa banyo ang konvict sabi ng lalaki sa kanyang asawa;
Husband: "Tingnan mo ang lalaking yun. Mukha siyang preso na nakatakas. Siguro matagal ang nilagi nya sa preso kaya parang ngayon lang nakakita ng babae. Ngayon kung gusto nya makipag sex sayo wag kang papalag para hindi nya tayo patayin. Be strong honey mahal kita..."
Wife: "Hindi nya hinalikan ang leeg ko. may binulong siya sakin. sabi nya bakla daw siya. sabi nya ang cute mo daw at tinanong ako kung may lubricant daw tayo. sabi ko nasa banyo. kaya be strong honey mahal din kita."

Episode 02: Promding Jag
Isang taga probinsya na nagngangalang Jag ang napadpad sa maynila, nang siya ay gutumin nang mapadaan siya sa isang kainan.. Naupo ito at tila nakikiramdam s tao sa paligid nya.. Napansin nito nay may isang mayaman na tinaas ang kamay at umorder ng isang manok.. Nang makita nito ang mayaman naisip nya.;
Jag: "abay ok dito sa maynila, itataas lang ang kamay at may dadating nang manok.."

So kanya itong sinubukan at nagtaas at sumigaw ng manok. Matapos nito tinignan nya uli ang mayaman at napansin uli nya na nagtaas ng kamay ang mayaman at humingi ng tubig.. So kanya itong ginaya at humingi ng tubi. Matapos ito ay ganun uli ang nangyari nagtaas uli ng kamay ang mayaman at kumuha uli ng manok na ginaya uli ng probinsyano.. Dahil dito nakahalata ang waiter at kinausap nito ang kanyang manager;
Waiter: "boss tignan nyo itong taong to napansin ko na parang ginagaya nya ang tao dun s malapit sakanya. Parang probinsyano at wala namang pambayad ito."

Amo: "cge tignan lang natin siyang mabuti kung pag binali nya ang paa ng manok ganun din ang gagawin natin sa kanya.. Basta kung anong una nyang gagawin un ang gagawin natin sakanya.."

Matapos nito ay pinagmasdan ng magamo ang ginagawa ng probinsyano.. Habang pinapan0od.. Nakatingin ang probinsano sa mayamang kumakain din ng manok.. Nilagyan ng mayaman ng catsup ang manok sabay kinagat.

Probinsyano: "abay mukhang masarap yun ah.."Pinanunuod pa rin ng manager at ng waiter ang probinsyanong Jag, kumuha ang probinsyano ng hotsauce matapos ito ay itinaktak s pwet ng manok.. DINILAAN...Episode 03: "THE END"
Sa isang malayong lugar may isang lalakeng na nagngangalang Jag ang naligaw at naghahanap nang mga "treasures" (aka.- Magnanakaw)… na mapagkakakitaan , nang biglang nabutan siya nang gabi at nakatulog sa isang umbok nang bato…. ang hindi niya alam na ang kanyang tinutulugan ay ang gitna nang isang gubat na punong puno nang mga "kanibals" nang nagising siya siya ay nagulanta sa kanyang nakita at napapaligidan na siya nang mga ito……..
nawawalan na siya nang pagasa at humingi nang tulong sa panginoon… ang sabi nang lalaki wahhhhh katapusan ko na panginoon tulungan nyo po ako….!!! lumitaw ang mahiwagang boses sa kawalan at may iniwang mensahe.. -hindi mo pa katapusan ipuk pok mo yang batong katabi mo sa ulo nang kanilang pinuno…..- walng pakundangang ginawa ito nang lalake…. sa lakas nang pagkapukpok natumba ang pinuno nang mga kanibals at nagulanta ang kaniyang mga tauhang kanibals….. natuwa ang lalaki at masyang sumigaw nang… panginoon!!!! nagawa ko na po… lumitaw ang mahiwagang bose at sinabing… "Ngayon KATAPUSAN mo na…."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Morning Rush 149 (Lousiest Lies You've Ever Told)

The Top Ten Lousiest Lies You've Ever Told
March 09, 2010(Marioh Caryo)
Not worst! because lying sometimes are actually good lies because they were able to fool you. What was the lousiest one? whether it is an excuse to gave at school or a lie you told your parent, but it's lousy, I mean it's lame, a crappy kind of lie.

First Batch
10. Widow Mafia - My ex-boyfriend would always use the same excuse everytime we supposed to meet up, and he doesn't make it, "Naglaba pa ko eh!"
09. Hellgirl - When you asked a guy, "Why haven't you tected for an entire month?" and his excuse, "Low-bat eh!"
08. Jaya - When I told my boyfriend I was late for a date, and my excuse, "Nag-People power revolution sa EDSA!"
07. No Name - My husband hid the name of his girlfriend on his phone by using a very manly name, unfortunately for him, the officemate read the sweet text message under a man's name, and they thought he was gay.
06. Christian - I wasn't allowed to go out in a party, but i've tried to sneak out. In the middle of the night, I got dressup and started to sneak out on the door. Then my tita sees me and says, "At saan ka pupunta?" what I said, "Jogging?"
05. Insu - When the teacher asked the classmate, "Where's your term paper?" the classmate answered, "Ma'am brownout!"
04. Hellgirl - My boyfriend's excuse for not wanting to attend to any of my family reunion thru out the year, "Nandun kasi relatives mo eh!"
03. Gurgle - My friend's mom caught her with condoms inside her wallet. So when the mom said, "At bakit meron ka nito?" her excuse, "Just in case lang po makidnap ako at ma-rape!"
02. Kitty - We know of someone who actually started telling people, because he dissappeared for a couple of days, "Naglaslals ako!" but everyone waslike, "But there's no scar" "Or wound" her excuse, "Ah kasi nagpa-hypnotize ako."
01. Ian024 - My friend's mom texted her, "Nasaan ka na?" my friend texted, "Last piso ko na to hindi na ako makakareply."
Jed - "Last text message ko na ito! No load after this." So I replied, "Okay take care then!" and then the friend texted back, "Thanks!"

Second Batch
10. Mojacko - A friend's mom caught him watching porn on the VHS, so when the mom says, "Anu yang ginagawa mo?" and then he said, "Nalaglag po yung tape sa player!"
09. Dennis Pinch - I once convince people that I was the son of Christopher De Leon and it work.
08. Insu - My friend came home with a hiki on her neck, when a dad sayw it, he said, "What's that red mark on your neck?" and she said,"Uhmmm naipit po sapinto!"
07. Doraemon - The lousiest lies I ever told was that I was late for an hour, when meeting up with friends, so when I got there, they said, "Bakit isang oras kang late?" and my answer was, "Ang daming kalesa sa EDSA!"
06. Reyrey - we caught our maid taking stuff in our house and bringing it to another maid in another house, how did we catch her? because she took her stuff, brought it to the accomplish, on her way back, she started screaming, "Nanakawan kami!" but she hasn't back to the house yet, she already knew!
05. Doraemon - When I was young, I always asked my mom, "Bakit po wala kayong pasalubong sa akin?" and her standard excuse, "Hinabol ako ng pulis eh!"
04. Abernathy - One time my team mate wasabsent and she texted, "Uy! sorry hindi kita nasabihan na absent ako today at saka bukas, akala ko kasi wednesday pa lang!"
03. Dru - My neighbor caught her husband in the shower, naked with another woman, his excuse, "Hon, friends lang kami!"
Dru - A classmate was late for class, her excuse, "Ma'm pumunta kasi yung new kids on the block sa bahay after their concert."
02. Gab - My girlfriend caught me whispering sweet nothings on my cellphone, so my girlfriend goes, "Sino yang kausap mo?" and I goes, "Ha? hindi ba ikaw to?"
01. Kate - My friend had a suitor, who knock on thier door and it was the mom who answered. When the suitor look for my friend the mom said, "Wala! Umalis! Tulog!" so the suitor says, " Sige po! Pagdating nya pakigising!"

Third Batch
10. Super Gelly - My lola caught me crying after a break-up, but I wasn't supposed to have a boyfriend so it was a secret, so when my lola asked, "Bakit ka ba umiiyak?" and I told her, "Naaawa lang po ako sa mgamahihirap sa smokey mountain."
09. No Name - One time a friend was so angry because I was so late and she said, "Bakit ba ang tagal mo?" and I told her, "Kanina pa kaya ako nandito, eh nung ite-text kita na 'Nadito Na'ko' narealize ko na wala akong cellphone, kaya umuwi ako sa bahay!"
08. Mischa - Student from an old boys school miss his final exam, his excuse, "Dismenorrhea"
07. Cute Kuto - I went to asked my brother, "Ikaw yung kumain ng spaghetti ko no?" and then my brother answered, "Hindi ah! Bakit ko kakainin yun eh ang alat-alat!"
06. Pinky B - My chocolate misteriously dissappeare, so what I did was I cornered my usual suspect, my nephew, I asked him, "Ikaw ba yung kumain ng chocolate ko?" and then my nephew answered, "Hindi ah!" Sabay tulo ng laway na brown.
05. Little Red Shining Nips - In highschool, I confronted my classmate and I said, "Yan yung nawawala kong wallet ah!" and then she sid, "Hindi ito wallet mo! Tingnan mo wala na yung garfield sticker."
04. No Name - I came home and I saw my Ipod screen was cracked, so I told my mom, "Ma! Bakit basag itong screen ng ipod ko?" and then my mom said, "Ha!? Hindi ko inapakan yan ha!"
03. Career Mom - I know of this guy who was in camp crame, and then the police asked for his ID, so he hands over his wallet and the police opens the wallet to get his id, a joint fell from the wallet, the friend looks up at the sky and goes, "Ay! san galing yun?"
02. No NAme - Lumabas ako ng bahay kasi alam ko hinog na yung papaya, paglabas ko nakatingin ako sa puno, may dumadaan na lola at biglang wala naman akong sinasabi, ang sabi nya, "Hoy! Porke ba bungi ako, ako na kumuha ng matamis mong papaya?"
01. Lula Mae - I was sent letter by my mom, snail mail, when I open it, I read the letter, "Anak, magpapadala sana ako ng pera syo, kasama dito sa liham na ito pero nai-seal ko na eh!"

Final Batch
10. No Name - Nasa public toilet ako ng bar para magwiwi, pero medyo lasing na, nung pawiwi na ko bigla akong napautot at yung katabi ko biglang napatingin sa akin, at ang sabi ko sa kanya, "Yukkk! Umutot ka?"
09. No NAme - The husband comes home drunk, the wife goes, "Lasing ka na naman!" and the husband goes, "Nagyaya kasi ang mga ka-officemate ko eh!" and then the wife goes, "Officemates? e tricycle driver ka!"
08. No Name - One time I call up a friend that I was late, and I said, "Nasa EDSA na ko!" and then he goes, "E bat may tumitilaok?"
07. Oscar Dela Hopia - I went to a fruit stand and asked the vendor, "Miss, seedless ba to?" the vendor said, "opo! seedless yan!" So I took one grape put it inside my mouth and there was seed, so I asked the lady, "E bakit may buto?" and then the vendor said, "Naku po special po yan! seedless na may buto!"
06. No NAme - I told my teacher when I was in gradeschool, "Ma'am si Carlo o! nagmumura!" and then Carlo said, "Gago ka! Hindi ah!"
05. Cali - My officemate was absent the day after a long weekend, so he comes back with his foot supposedly he has a pilay, but then he was forced to get a check-up and there was nothing wrong, no wound, no broken bone, no sprain, no swelling, there was nothing. When he was asked, "Ano bang nangyari bakit ka napilay?" and all he could come up with was, "Nakaapak po ako ng duwende eh!"
04. No Name - A friend, in the middle of the party, texted his mom, "Ma, mali-late po ako ng uwi...dahil nawala po ang cellphone ko, hahanapin ko muna!"
03. Ronacious - Our landlady caught us sneaking back in to the dorm after watching a movie, she didn't asked us if we went out or if we watched a movie, all she said was, "Anu ang pinanood nyo?" all we could come up with was, "Ewan po namin!"
02. Artemius - My dad loves free taste in groceries, one time he likes this free sandwich that he kept coming back, so nakahalata na yung saleslady and she actually asked my dad, "Sir.... nakakailan na po kayo!" and my dad said, "Huh!? una pa lang!" and the saleslady said, "E bakit po puro mayonnaise na yung gilid ng bibig nyo?"
01. Lihayi - My brother was caught by my tita in his room playing with his thingy. So as the tita barged in, and said, "Anu'ng ginagawa mo?" Panicked, the younger brother goes, "papunta po ng tindahan, bibili po ng tinapay!"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Music In My Head (Live Like We're Dying)

by Kris Allen

LIVE LIKE WE'RE DYING is the first single from American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen. True to its title, the song describes how people should live every day like it's their last and, subsequently, take every opportunity to express their affection to loved ones. Like Allen himself, the tune is super innocuous, avoiding any graphic language or other adult content; the only lyrics that give even the slightest pause are the reference to the common metaphor "we’re all staring down the barrel of a gun."

While this clean approach is in line with Allen's personality, he can't take songwriting credits: those go to the Irish band The Script, which penned the track.
Despite their enormous popularity on the show, most American Idol winners are not known for being big post-show smashes -- a fate that many are already predicting for fairly vanilla Kris Allen. They may not want to count him out so quickly, however: his debut track shows more originality and appeal than the first singles from other Idol winners. Its catchy hook gives it a surprisingly stand-out sound that attracts your attention, and Allen's vocals, though somewhat spotty on the show, are solid here. He may yet have a chance to break the streak of mediocre post-Idol careers.

Sometime we fall down and can’t get back up

We’re hiding behind skin that’s too tough
How come we don’t say I love you enough
Till it’s too late, it’s not too late

Our hearts are hungry for a food that won’t come
We could make a feast from these crumbs
And we’re all staring down the barrel of a gun
So if your life flashed before you, what would you wish you would’ve done

Yeah… gotta start
Looking at the hand of the time we’ve been given here
This is all we got and we gotta start thinkin’ it
Every second counts on a clock that’s tickin
Gotta live like we’re dying

We only got 86 400 seconds in a day
To turn it all around or throw it all away
We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say,
Gotta live like we’re dying

Well if you plane fell out of the skies
Who would you call with your last goodbyes
Should be so careful who we live out of our lives
So when we long for absolution, there’ll be no one on the line

Yeah… we gotta start
Lookin’ at the hand of the time we’ve been given here

This all we got and we gotta start thinkin it
Every second count on a clock that’s tickin
Gotta live like we’re dying

We only got 86 400 seconds in a day
To turn it all around or throw it all away

We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say,
Gotta live like we’re dying

Like we’re dying oh…
Like we’re dying
Like we’re dying oh…
Like we’re dying

We only got 86 400 seconds in a day
To turn it all around or throw it all away

We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say,
Gotta live like we’re dying

You never know a good thing until it’s gone
You never see a crash until its head on
All these people right when we’re dead wrong,
You never know a good thing till it’s gone

Yeah… we gotta start
Lookin’ at the hand of the time
We’ve been given here this all we got and we gotta start thinkin it

Every second count on a clock that’s tickin
Gotta live like we’re dying

We only got 86 400 seconds in a day
To turn it all around or throw it all away

We gotta tell ‘em that we
Love ‘em while we got the chance to say,

Gotta live like we’re dying

Like we’re dying oh…
Like we’re dying
Like we’re dying oh…
Like we’re dying

We only got 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away
We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say,
Gotta live like we’re dying

Monday, April 19, 2010

Morning Rush 148 (Best Text Messages)

The Top Ten Best Text Messages
April 20, 2009 Episode (Rusher Alexa)
Whether it's a joke, whether it's a text message sent by a love one or anything/maybe a forwarded messages or a quote. But it's gonna be a nice one not the one mill average mediocher. Anything at all, an actual text messages. As long as it's the best text message you've ever receive.

First Batch
10. Victor - Hindi lahat ng hinihimas umaamo, meron ding nagagalit.
09. Specialist - I'm looking for a treasure, can I see your chest?
08. Allen - The cutest girl in our theater group once texted me, "If I told you I like you would you think I'm joking?" and then when I didn't texted at once she instantly texted back, "It was just a joke."
07. RC & Cess – Bakit hindi nag pupulbo ang mga maiitim? Kasi nagmumukha silang crinkles.
06. Myckle Mouse – (Day 1) Bata: “Pabili ng ubas!” Tindera: “Wala kaming ubas.” (Day 2) Bata: “Pabili ng ubas!” Tindera: “Sinabi nang wala kaming ubas! Isa pa, ise-stapler ko na yang bibig mo!” (Day 3) Bata: “Pabili ng stapler!” Tindera: “Wala kaming stapler.” Bata: “Ganon? Pabili ng ubas!”
05. Gwen - Don't think you're a half waiting for another half to make you whole.
04. Cruel Ryan - Don't avoid sexual temptation, as you grow older they start avoiding you.
03. Rc N Cess - One time a friend of mine won as councilor in their District, I was joking with them, I said, "Okay so, how do I address you now?" & then he said, "Ay! Same address sa Tondo Manila." And then I said, "No! no! no! what I meant is how should I call you?" And then he said, "Ay hindi, same number then."
02. Boknoi – Funny signs: (1) In a veterinarian’s waiting room: “Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!” (2) Outside a muffler shop: “No appointment necessary. We hear you coming.” (3) On a maternity room door: “Push. Push. Push!” (4) Sign over a gynecologist’s office: “Dr. Smith, at your cervix."
01. Realearlonline – Anong tawag sa taong walang baga? Wala lung…

Second Batch
10. RC & Cess - Even if everyone looks up to you, it's cold and lonely at the top - Quote from the Philippine Flag
09. Kite - A sign from doctor's office: "Doctors are Patient People"
08. MyBurns - There are some questions that are only answered once you stop asking them.
07. Intensity6 - Boy: "Tanungin mo ako ng Ingles, sasagutin kita ng Spanish" Girl: "Sige nga, what is more important, heart or mind?" Boy: "Spanish"
06. Luningning - You are sine squared theta and I am cosine squared theta, together we are ONE.
05. Gracia - I won't stup down to my level
Gracia - Grabe ang sakit ng migraine ko!
04. Mao - One definition of Forgiveness: It is the sweat fragrance flowers give when crush.
03. Marian - It's ordinary to love the beautiful, but it's beautiful to love the ordinary.
02. Sasha Purse - An Emo, a Punk and a HipHop Guy, inabutan ng ulan, Emo: "I love the rain coz nobody can tell that I'm crying" Punk: "Yuhoooo! hindi halatang umihi ako sa pantalon ko! Rock On!", HipHop Guy: "Guys! Guys! mamaya na kayong magsaya, bumibigat yung damit ko!"
01. Doraemon - One time nagrereminisce sila lolo at lola, Lola: "Anu kaya, balikan natin ang nakaraan nuong bago pa lang tayo magsyota", Lolo: "O cge, bukas dun tayo magkita sa dati nating tagpuan ah!" Lola: "OO, hintayin mo lang ako dun!" So naghintay si lolo sa may tabing-ilog dala ang tatlong roses at tsokolate. Maghapon si lolo naghintay ngunit walang dumating kaya pagkalungkot lungkot umuwi na lang sya. Pagdating sa bahay naratnan nya si lola nakahiga at tumatawa. lolo: "Bakit hindi mo naman ako sinipot?" lola:"Hindi ako pinayagan ni mommy!"

Third Batch
10. Capt Amag – Question: Ano ang difference ng lalaking tumataya sa Lotto at sa nakikipag away sa misis? Answer: Mas malaki ang chance manalo sa Lotto kesa manalo kay misis.
Itchyboy - Late at night, the man wakes up because he heard his friend calling from downstairs outside the house, Friend: "Pare! Pare! Tulong! Tulong! Patulak!" So the guy dresses up rushes downstairs and then goes, "Okay pare nandito na ko nasaan ka?" Friend: "Dito sa swing! Patulak!"
08. Trifler - Common Mistakes: "Don't make fond of me!", "Alma Mother", "No Holes Barg", "Connect me if i'm wrong!"
07. No Name - Why waste the beautiful petals of the flower if you know from the start that he loves you not.
06. Bashingshing – Ano ang laging suggestion ng mga pangit kapag picture taking? “Wacky! Wacky!”
05. Ian024 - “Let’s flip a coin. If it’s HEADS, we’ll be friends forever. If it’s TAILS, we’ll flip it again…”
Ruelsky - My lovelife is like Algebra, my ex always figures an equation.
03. Astroboy - “Pag ako nilibing, ayokong RIP ang nakalagay sa puntod ko kundi…BRB.”
02. Phoebe - I'm a beautiful brown butterfly - sabi ng baklang ipis.
01. Buknoi - This are actual medical transcription booboos: 01. Love test indicates abnormal lover function, 02. On the second day the knee was better, and on the third day it dissappear, 03. The patient has 2 teenage children but show no other abnormalities.

Final Batch
10. Chimermo - If you like me, race your hand! If not erase your standard.
09. Fiona - God always answers your prayers it's just sometimes His answer is no.
08. Feb15 -
Pick battles big enough to matter but small enough to win.
Feb15 - Ate: "Bakit namatay yung aso?" Yaya: "Kasi po pinaliguan ko po ng laundry soup" Ate:"Bakit nakakamatay ba yun?" Yaya: "Siguro po basta po pagpatay ko ng washing machine, patay na rin yung aso!"
07. No Name - In a classy Bar. German: "Waiter, Remy Martan, double!" Frenchman: "Waiter, Carlo Rossi, single!' Pinoy: "Waiter, Popoy Roque, hiwalay sa asawa."
No Name -
Sad story: “A boy was jealous of his baby brother, so he put poison on his mother’s nipples. The next day, the driver died.”
No Name -
Bakit tumatawa ang mga duwende tuwing tumatakbo sila sa gubat? Kasi nakikiliti ang mga betlog nila sa damo.
06. Acer - Pinadalhan ni Vicky Belo ng sulat ang lahat ng guwapo at magaganda. Alam mo ba kung ano ang laman ng sulat? Ay, hindi mo alam? Di ka pinadalhan?
05. No Name - In a chase between cat and mouse, the mouse usually wins because the cat is running for its food, but the mouse is running for its life.
No Name -
From Reader’s Digest: 5 Fun facts from infection control: 01. While swimming in a pool, you will ingest 1/12 liter of urine, 02. In an average day, your hand comes into indirect contact w/ 15 penises by touching door knobs, 03. Annually, you swallow 12 pubic hairs from fastfoods, 04. Annually, you swallow 5 insects while sleeping, 05. Annualy, you shake hands w/ 3 men who have masturbated and failed to wash their hands.
04. Astroboy – Isang gabi sa bahay, may nakita akong naglalakad na matandang babae, na may mahabang buhok na nakatakip sa mukha. Nakasuot ng puro itim, na kakulay ng mga kuko niyang kulay itim din. Bigla niyang binuka ang kanyang mga itim na labi at nagsabing: “Apo, bagay ba sa kin ang EMO?”
03. Lance - Isang batang lalaki nahulog sa septic tank, sumigaw sya, "Sunog! Sunoggg!" Biglang dumating ang mga bumbero niligtas sya, at tinanong sya ng mga tao, "Bakit sunog ang sinigaw mo?" at sumagot sya, "Bakit, kung tae ba ang isisigaw mo pupunta kayo?"
02. Christina - My family and I went to the beach, and as we arrive we notice an old woman sitting by the seashore, hours went by and it was already nighttime, we still saw the old woman sitting there. we approach her and asked, "Nay, sino po kasama nyo?" and then she said, "Mga anak ko tsakamga apo, pero pumunta lang daw sila sa trabaho tapos babalikan nila ako pag-uwi
." So we said, "Maghahatinggabi na po inay, sigurado ba kayong babalik sila?" & the old woman said, "Oo apo hindi nila ako pababayaan! meron nga silang iniwang sulat sa akin pero hindi ko mabasa."we read the letter, it said there, "Kung sino man ang makakita sa matandang ito pakidala na lang sa social welfare."
01. Feb15 - Ang itlog hindi ko alam sa greek, ang itlog hindi ko rin alam sa french, pero ang itlog alam ko sa-latin.

The Best and The Rest
01. No name – Ano ang tawag sa sex organ ng transexual? Eh di “fakefek”!
02. No name – PULIS: “Ano trabaho mo iha?” GIRL: “Substitute po sir.” PULIS: Sigurado ka hindi prostitute?” GIRL: “Naku, hindi po! Nanay ko po yung prostitute. Pag tinatamad siya, ako po yung substitute…”

03. Eien17 – (Sa swimming pool) Pedro: “Tulong! Tulong! Hindi ako marunong lumangoy!” Juan: “Epal, bakit ako, hindi ako marunong mag-violin, sinisigaw ko ba?”
04. Abernathy – “Noodle! Noodle!” – Manny Pacquio, naglalaro sa Deal Or No Deal.

05. Uglybelle – Husband asked his wife na tumaba: “Nasaan ang asawa ko? Iluwa mo!”

06. Blitzkrieg – (Ang storya ng kandila) MRS: “Delayed ako ng isang buwan! Pero wag mo muna ipagsabi, nahihiya ako. MR: “Okay, hon.” (Next day, may dumating na taga-MERALCO) MERALCO: “Misis, delayed po kayo ng isang buwan.” MRS: “Ha?!? Paano mo nalaman?” MERALCO: “Eh nasa record po namin.” MR: “Aba! Bakit naka-record diyan na delayed ang misis ko?” MERALCO: “Kung gusto niyo mawala sa record, mag-bayad po kayo.” MR: “Eh kung ayoko magbayad?” MERALCO: “Eh di puputulan kayo!” MR: “Tarantado ka pala eh! Anong gagamitin ni misis?” MERALCO: “Puwede naman po siya gumamit ng kandila.”

07. Mitlop – Ano ang pinagkaiba ng demonyo sa bading? Ang demonyo, DIABLO. Ang bading, BLO-DIAB.
08. No name – Nakita ni Loi si Erap na nagtatanim sa lupa. Loi: “Niloloko mo ba ko? Eh wala ka naman tinatanim eh!” Erap: “Haller? Seedless grapes kaya ‘to!”

09. Argel – “Naranasan mo na bang magmahal pero di ka minahal in return? Ako madalas…” – JESUS.

10. Arvie – ANAK: “Tay natinik ako!” TATAY: “Lumunok ka ng saging!” ANAK: “Nakakatatlo na nga po ako pero meron pa rin.” TATAY: “Saang banda ba yung tinik?” ANAK: “Sa paa.”

11. Phoebe – Isang open letter para sa Deped, mula sa concerned parent: “Okay lang naman ang sex education, pero sana naman wala nang homework!”

12. Satchie – SPERM # 1: “Pagod na ako! Mamamatay na yata ako! Malayo pa ba tayo sa ovary?” SPERM#2: “Oo naman! Malayo pa tayo. Kakadaan pa lang natin sa tonsils, eh!”

13. Yamane – GMA: “I plan to end poverty and mass starvation!” ERAP: “Poverty madaling pigilin, pero ang masturbation, human right yun!”

14. Feb15 - “I love sleep…My life has a tendency to fall apart when I’m awake.”
15. No name – Thought for the day: “Biruin na ang lasing, kahit pa ang bagong gising, wag lang ang bading na inagawan ng booking.”
16. Carlo - “1. Trulalu 2. Eklavu 3. Eklavu 4. Trulalu 5. Eklavu 6. Trulalu 7. Trulalu 8. Eklavu 9. Trulalu 10. Trulalu.” – batang bading sumasagot ng true or false sa quiz.
17. Cathy de la reya – A teacher was doing a study, testing the sense of taste of her students using a bowl of lifesavers. The kids were able to identify flavors by their colors: red-cherry; yellow-lemon; orange-orange; white-mint. Finally, the teacher gave them all HONEY flavor lifesavers. After eating them, none of the kids could identify the taste. The teacher said, “Okay, I’ll give you a clue. It’s what your mom sometimes calls your father.” One kid spit his lifesaver out & yelled: “OMG, THEY’RE ASSHOLES!”
18. Cheodosche – (Ampalaya & tomato nag-uusap) Amplaya: “Akala mo kung sino kang makinis. Dadating ang pnahon, kukulubot ka din!” Tomato: “Woohooooo BITTER!”

19. Vanie - “Laging tandaan: Kapag iniwan ka na, huwag mo nang subukang habulin pa, at baka masaktan ka lang.” – Paalala mula sa pamunuan ng MRT.
20. Bonecnec – Maid #1: “Bakit mo tinapon sa tulay ang alaga mo?!?” Maid #2: “Sabi kasi ni sir, kung wala nang pampers, huggies ko na lang!”
21. Gerver - Bago ka matulog: pansinin mo naman ang matandang nakaitim sa may pintuan ng kuwarto mo. Ingat sa pagkilos baka madaganan mo ang batang nasa ilalim ng kumot mo. Kumusta naman ang babaeng nasa loob ng cabinet mo, duguan pa rin ba? Ang lalaking nakabarong sa ulunan mo, natagpuan na ba ang ulo niya? Napansin mo bang sobrang tahimik ang kapaligiran at wala kang maririnig kundi ang ungol ng mga di matahimik na kaluluwa? Nasa kisame pa ba yung batang mapula ang mga mata na nakatitig sa iyo? Sige, tulog ka na…GudnYt!
22. No Name - Mahal kita todo-todo, walang break walang preno, mabangga man sa kanto ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko. Sa dahon ng gumamela, sa bulaklak ng sampaguita, duon mo makikita
ang salitang mahal kita. Mahal kita sa tagalog, I love you sa Ingles, 143 sa mathematics, ewan ko lang sa Physics. Tubig is water, Ilog is river, combine it together I love you forever. Pepsi ka sa buhay ko, Royal ka sa puso ko, pag ako iniwan mo magkakape na lang ako.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Video Collection 32 (Interpretative Dance)

I'm not a viewer of this show, just caught a video clips on facebook. I was amaze by the choreography and search the net where this video came from, what's the title of that show, and I google it and found out that it was "So You Think You Can Dance" show on Fox. So You Think You Can Dance is an American dance competition and reality show that airs on Fox in the United States.

The series first premiered on July 20, 2005 and has a similar premise to the American Idol series of singing competitions, with nationwide auditions leading to the discovery of the next big star.

Here's some of my favorite video clips from that competition, great choreo, feeling ko ganito ko kagaling sumayaw kung todo practice nga lang!

"Mad (Ne-Yo)"

"No Air"

"Bleeding Love"