Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photoshop (Levitation)

I was browsing through the net, thanks to google, and i came upon a photo where this man is levitating for his photo and i wondered and got curious on how it's done. I love photography and i want to pursue that, but it's not something that you can master easily. I don't have the perfectshot picture now, cause i'm not into some summery place as of now.Here are a few levitation photographs I took (test shots):

Friday, May 28, 2010

Commercials I Like (Selecta Cornetto)

I find these ads very funny, nice concept and insight. And my favorite among this ads, TUGS TUGS TUGS TUGS TUGS SIGE SAYAW TUGS IGILING MO TUGS TUGS TUGS TUGS - Bouncer.






Survivor Nicaragua (Sneak Peek)

Jeff: For the past decade Survivor has taken you to the furthest corners of the planet, and subjected over three hundred contestants to the harshest enviroments, under the most exhausting conditions.

Join us now as we enter a new decade of Survivor...This is Nicaragua. It is a land of impenetrable terrain, smoldering volcanos, and savage wildlife. Christopher Columbus discovered its shores over five hundred years ago, and for centuries Spanish conquistadors set out to tame this exotic land only to be stopped at every turn by the expansive rainforest of this Central American landmark.

A brand new set of contestants, exciting, and innovative challenges, and something that may surprise them all. Who has it to out Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast all the others? Find out this fall as the adventure continues on... Survivor: Nicaragua.New castaways, innovative challanges, surprising twists!

Official preview for the 21th season. Survivor Nicaragua, premieres September 15th!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Sole Survivor)

Congratulations to Sandra Diaz Twine- Winner of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. Sandra, two titles of being sole survivor is a Survivor master piece.

It's sad that Survivor Heroes vs Villains is over, It was the best season so far since Survivor S08 All-Star. I'm on Heroes side since day 1, but what can I do, the final three are all villains. I am glad Sandra won again, first time in season 7 (Pearl Islands). Of the three finalists, she was the only one who had any shred of integrity. Even in a game, integrity is worth something. Parvatti was too much of a flirt and liked to flaunt herself. I was glad she did not win, coz she already won the Micronesia Fans vs Favorite Season. Russell was an ego maniacal troll. He thought that being a bully and a bighead was all he needed to do. At the end of the day, the jury called him on it. Sandra was the only real choice.

Parvati Russell Sandra Results Winner Survivor 01-2010-05-16.jpg

First Immunity Challenge: Parvati wins the balancing the plates challenge
And then Colby “surrenders” … but tries one last time to save himself. Did it work? Tribal Council: Colby is voted off 4-1.

The Final Four: Jerri, Evil Russell, Parvati and Sandra do the “fallen comrades” TRIP down memory lane…

Second Immunity Challenge: Evil Russell wins the blindfolded maze challenge
Evil Russell wants to bring Sandra in the finals because he’s certain that Sandra will not get any votes. He’s also certain that Parvati won’t get any votes if Sandra is in the finale — but actually wants Jerri in the finals because he can argue that Jerri did not do anything in the game… hmmm.
Tribal Council: Jerri is voted off 3-1.

Sandra throws Evil Russell’s hat in the fire! LOL

Tribal Council:
Danielle: “You’re not going to get any votes, no one respects your game Russell.”
Just like I predicted, everyone on the jury hates Evil Russell to the point they will never vote for him. It even damaged Parvati a bit because she was in an alliance with him. And the winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is: Sandra Diaz-Twine
Votes: Sandra – 5; Parvati – 3; Evil Russell – 0
(Last vote unread, so the final tally could be 6-3 or 5-4… most likely 6-3)
Will live blog the Survivor Reunion updates as they happen: Evil Russell still CLUELESS as to why he’s lost 2 times. Hahaha. He’s so in denial!

Dumbest Move in Survivor History is:James ‘JT’ Thomas!

And the winner of the Sprint Player of the Season is: Evil Russell Hantz

Survivor 22 is also believed to filmed in Nicaragua and 23 and 24 to be filmed on Caramoan, Philippines.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Morning Rush 161 (Ways To Ruin A Summer Vacation)

The Top Ten Ways To Ruin A Summer Vacation
April 09, 2010 Episode (Specialist)

First Batch
10. Spy Shadow - Getting your camera stolen on day 1.
Atoy 44 - Loosing your passport.
09. Mr.Perk - If your partner is going on vacation without you, to ruin it, you deliverately turn off your partner's alarm, so he would miss it.
08. No Name - Seeing your ex with his girlfriend at the same resort.
07. Jeng - If you're in Pagsanjan, shooting on a rapid boat and you're in the same boat with maarte, pasosyal girl that goes in call center accent, "Can we go any faster?"
06. Saravic - I know a couple who went to Amanpolo, within an hour of getting there, the husband brings out his office work.
05. Atoy44 - If you're bitten by a dog or any animal.
04. Mr.Perk - If you eat a bad food combo at the night of your trip.
Mr. Perk - Being stranded with a feeling close companion.
03. Obet - A bomb joke at the airport will not just ruin your vacation, it won't ever start.
Obet - To strat sharing a secrets that you won't have share without alcohol.
02. Calvin Cane - Fall in love with your vacation buddy.
01. Inaki - When the neighbors call to tell you that your house is on fire.

Second Batch
10. Doraemon - Woke up late for a flight, so I was rushing because I didn't want to miss a plane. When I got to the airport with minutes to spare, I realize that I left the ticket at home.
09. Kurt Smith - We are here, at this moment, in Lucban Quezon, me and my wife are having a fight.
08. Madhater - I had a friend whose the entire family went to the US, and on their second day there, their father die.
07. Hanna Bananah - If you're so excited about a trip, you get there early to your meeting place, and then suddenly your companions are late. And then, while you are waiting for them, they texted you that they did not going.
06. Dennis Pinch - The only time you would call calm waters a disaster is it when you get there to surf.
05. No Name - If you get your bulutong on the 1st day of your vacation.
Black Desire - Allergy if you eat something on your vacation.
04. Dennis Pinch - If your companion goes, "Hay! Sana magamot ng salt water ang buni ko!"
03. No Name - If you're newly circumsize and your family decided to go to the beach.
02. Joltino - Sitting between two sweaty guys, the sixof an elephant, snooring loudly on a flight halfway across the globe.
01. Arvinson - If you are neck-deep in water at the beach and your phone ring.

Third Batch
10. Raymond - When the paradise you last visited now had a major make-over.
09. Doc Carlo - If you bought your airline ticket, you booked in a resort, then your leave form dissapproved.
08. Super Gelly - If you plan a romantic summer getaway and you accidentally texted it to both No.1 and No.2
07. ODH - When your parents force you to bring your brothers and sisters to your barkada outing.
06. Engr. Moks - If sa website super ganda ng resort, pagdating mo dun NPA Hideout.
05. Engr.Moks - You buy sunblock, board shorts, sundress, flipflops and then you find out your destination is Baguio.
04. Tumoie Himura - If the vacation is going perfectly well, and then you get into a huge major fight just because you look at pretty girls.
Tumoie Himura - We have a friend who was waiting in a riverbed, and he stab his foot with a very sharp piece of broken glass.
03. Free Your Mind - Ikaw ang nakakita sa promo, ikaw ang nagsuggest ng resort, at nalaman mo na lang ikaw ang hindi kasama. Nakita mo na lang pi-nost yung pictures sa FB.
02. Man In Art - If your mom decides on this long drive that you've plan way way back, to bring her boyfriend. It was the longest 9 hour drive of my life.
01. Anonymous - I really don't like it when on a trip abroad, you're splurging on food and shopping, and your companion goes, "Pwedeng pa-swipe?"

Final Batch
10. Game master - If you we're riding a bus for a vacation, there was a stop over, but when you return to your bus you can't find your seat. And you found out you rode the wrong bus.
09. Ania - If you see your boss in a thong with his mistress in a resort.
08. Gracia - If as you were checking out, a hot italian checks in.
07. Kid Bukid - If the resort you go to had a huge sign infront that said,Now Terrorist free!"
06. Victorius - If you accidentally swallow mouthful of salf water then you realize you're in a pool.
05. typan - Coming back from a one-week campventure and you get home to see your girlfriend making out with your bestfriend.
04. No Name - One really bad way to ruin a vacation is while you were swimming you found a yellow submarine floating near you.
03. No Name - If your poke would save up for a family vacation abroad as a graduation gift for you, and then you don't graduate.
02. Yna - It happens to actress Heart Evangelista, she was on her way to Thailand and as she was in the airport they announce that the country declared a State Of Calamity.
01. Marioh caryo - We once had a friend who was a newly reformed christian. And we spend the entire vacation with him telling us how we are all going to hell because we are living the life of Sodom and Gomora, here in the Philippines.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Papak, Alak, Halakhak, Palakpak (Metro Bar - Quezon City)

Heto na..main event na. Matapos mabusog sa papak, Metro bar na, alak, halakhak at palakpak na naman. Last time punchline kami, this time Metro Comedy Bar naman para masubukan lang.

Around 2am, time for us to go, eksakto lang dahil katatapos lang ng show ng Foxy Ladies, kung saan nahingan pa kami ng TIP... Hope you enjoy the photos, the rest of my kwento shows below.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Food Trip (Kowloon House, Quezon City)

Excellent Dimsum... Good Chinese Food at Reasonable Prices... Perfect Combo! So before the main event of my birthday, drinking and celebrating with some friends, we had something to eat first. We decided to eat at Kowloon House near Tomas Morato.

Parking is available in front of the restaurant but very limited. This place looks like a tacky Chinese house. The place is old. We ordered,  the food is pretty decent. The dimsum though shines, if ever you're craving for some give Kowloon House a shot.

E. Rodriguez Ave. cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Friday, May 21, 2010

Morning Rush 160 ("What Do You Want From Me?")

The Top Ten Answers To The Question "What Do You Want From Me?"
April 05, 2010 Episode (Delamar)

Whether it is somebody who's very meady, or somebody who's acting very suspicious. It can also be somebody, let say, in a relationship, somebody is always unhappy. Anything from your relative, from your kapitbahay, officemate, a complete strangers, anyway you can put this statement to.

First Batch
10. Borge - "Just some of my emotional investment back."
09. Mr.Perk - "Pare, bitiwan mo ang kamay ko!"
08. OBH - "Your body minus your face"
07. Lonely Boy - "Your long legs wrap around my _________"
06. Dennis Pinch - "An apology to the millions of pinoy you lame back" (Adam Corolla)
05. Oscar Dela Hopia - "Miss hindi po libre ang sakay sa jeep!"
04. Blitskring - "Miss, sasabihin ko lang yung bra nyo nasa baywang nyo na."
03. Kitty - "Yosi!"
02. Sumi - "Just you!"
01. Oiboi - "I want you to be like a gourmet restaurant, pag nagsasawa na ako sa lutong bahay."

Second Batch
10. Dr.G - "Everything about you except your mom."
09. PaulJeffrey - "Hmmm... to get lost!?"
PaulJeffrey - "The truth!"
08. Marioh Caryo - "Affirmation"
07. Flirty / Mojacko - "like your wallet, your, jewelry, your cellphone, your ipod..TMI...Hold up po ito."
06. Super Gelly - "A plan! I just need to know that I didn't waste 7 years of my life with you."
05. Mojacko - "To touch the most sensitive part of my body."
04. Acer - "That bulge in your pants."
03. Rain Dion - "My husband!"
02. Yankees - "Tinatanong pa ba yon?" (To matandang mayaman)
01. Bitchy Shiela - "The you had before."

Third Batch
10. Pearl - "Manhid ka talaga pare, manhid!"
09. Loi Pogi - "I wanna know what love is and I want you to show me"
08. Hungdinger - "If possible, a pre-nup!"
07. Obet - "The best and the worst of you, kasi mahal kita."
06. Marioh Caryo - "To go get a land"
Marioh Caryo - "A future with you in it."
05. No Name - "A little glam, a little glitter, a little guyliner."
04. Makoy / Agent bad Boy - "Second chance"
03. Adicrab 14 - "After 28 years divorced from mom, to see you again dad"
Adicrab 14 - To love and trust me again"
02. Marioh Caryo - "A lastname for my baby"
01. Arvincent - "Lengthening and enlargement po"

Final Batch
16. Paru-parung Bukid - "Just give back the ability to love and trust again."
15. Fatalist The Faint Smile - "Forgiveness, even if you don't love me anymore."
14. Kris Avela @ Love - "Ang magkabalikan tayo kahit palagi klitang kinukurot sa singit."
13. Allantot Mabantot - "I'm thinking more of 'What I don't want from you'"
12. Chi-Chi - "Freedom! Break the chain you put around my heart so I can love again."
Rye - "Your signature on our annulment paper."
11. No Name - "Some level of consistency"
10. Pipit - "Yung boyfriend mong bading"
09. Milkboy - "My happiness minus you"
08. Bunga - "To get lost with you"
07. NAIA T3 - "To shut up, so I can kiss you"
06. Lonely Boy - "Anything as long as it is free"
05. Loi Pogi - "Tama na ang daldal, baka mabulunan ka"
04. NAIA T3 - "Hmmmm... 2 cheeseburger meal with french fries please!"
03. Young Indy - "Some bisexual tension"
02. Gracia - "Just lay with me and forget the world"
01. ENS - "I just want to come home, that's wherever you are."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

All About Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is no longer denying the rumors, he's gay! In a statement posted via twitter in both english and spanish, Martin said, "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man, I am very bless to be who I am!" From many, Martin's announcement will come as no surprise, the livin La Vida Loca Singer's sexuality has been speculated about for years.

However, the Puerto Rican star, who got his start as a child in a teen group Menudo never directly address it, and usually seen at events with beautiful women on his arm. Martin, 38, said he decided to reveal the truth after working on his memoirs help him realize that he had to be free with himself and not keep anymore secret.
"From the moment I wrote the first phrase, I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me feel myself from things that I was carrying from a long time. Things that was too hevy from me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life I got very close to my truth and this is something worth celebrating." - Ricky Martin

Martin said, one of the reason why he kept his sexuality hidden was because he was told by someone that it would hurt his career. While his US career peak after the release of his 1999 self-titled english album, a multi-platinum success including the hits "Livin La Vida Loca" and "Shake Your Bon-Bon", he is still a hugely successful latin artist. Martin was the father of 2 boys, born by a surrogate in 2008 said, He could continue to hide his sexuality now he is a father, he says "Enough is enough this has to change."
-Source: News at 17 (The Morning Rush RX 93.1)

Again, no big deal, no big surprise, but what is big about this is him admitting it. Obviously, everyone knows it but it's just big, like, let say, a very big obviously gay superstar, let say Jodi Foster, but she needed to talk about it, but if she actually announce it, it will still be not the information but the announcement, the coming out of the closet officially.

There's a saying about this stereotype, a very very really nice guy, good looking, great body, very sensitive, think twice.