Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project 365 (July 2010)

This month the my month with most ups and down in my personal life, lots of drinking sessions with friends and peers na halos every weekend, meeting new friends, lots of special occasions, busiest days at work, with sidelines, financial, marriage & personal problems.

JULY 01, 2010. The replacement for my 4-year old webcam. A much and better quality one.

JULY 02, 2010. Our company launch this program for all of us PLI Employees, Oplan Malasakit.

JULY 03, 2010. Happy Drunky Jerky barkada drinking session at Sherwin's Place. Anahaw Gimik after 4 bottles of The Bar Apple Vodka.

JULY 04, 2010. After Anahaw gimik, nagpainit ng tyan sa lugaw sa bayan, nang mawala ang tama, nagplanong mag overnight swimming sa Fun & Sun Resort, katabing bahay namin.

JULY 05, 2010. Absent, hangover! At dahil dyan, nainspire gumawa ng tula about our gimik last saturday & sunday, a trilogy poem (Sherwin's Place, Anahaw Grill & Fun N'' Sun)

JULY 06, 2010. My first time to experience a morning habit/routine at our company, a morning prayer and Engineering employees prayer.

JULY 07, 2010. Material Testing at Pampanga with our contrator VBColumna.

JULY 08, 2010. Na-hook kami ni Babba kakapanood ng "The Vampire Diaries", we watched 4-5 episodes started last week.

JULY 09, 2010. Done watching the season 1 of "The Vampire Diaries"

JULY 10, 2010. Ang sarap ng tag-ulan, first heavy rain for the month of July.

JULY 11, 2010. Marlene's 30th birthday, ang happiest at nakakatawang araw dahil kay Jhimboy!

JULY 12, 2010. Lost Season 6 (Final Season) Marathon Night

JULY 13, 2010. Bored sa office, wala ang supervisor (Naka-Leave), wala din ang manager (OB), palihim naglalaro ng Plants versus Zombies sa office.

JULY 14, 2010. Luzon Black-Out?

JULY 15, 2010. Done watching the final season of LOST.

JULY 16, 2010. The Balaw Balaw Restaurant in Rizal with VBColumn'as Project Engineer Jhie.

JULY 17, 2010. Watching Eclipse (The Twilight Saga) with my wife Nina.

JULY 18, 2010. Nag-anak si Nina sa first daughter ng best friend nyang si Shuby, Welcome to the christian world Nazareanne.

JULY 19, 2010. Yellow Cab Pizza, courtesy of Mr. Sy (Our Mechanical Contractor) for awarding him the latest project.

JULY 20, 2010. Drinking session at Gabby's Place, with Me, Nina, Gabby, Marlene, Glaezel and Arvin.

JULY 21, 2010. Our 58th monthsary.

JULY 22, 2010. One of the busiest day at the office due to upcoming ISO Audit day. Preparing all necessary master plans, updated SOP's and Room Books.

JULY 23, 2010. First time at TAPSI Bocaue. Babalik-balikan namin to.

JULY 24, 2010. Ana's Birthday. Marlene's best friend.

JULY 25, 2010. Happy Drunky Jerky first movie date. Plano talaga naming panoorin ang "Inception" pero dahil sa 2 beses screening nya, nauwi kami sa kapalit nito, ang "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."

JULY 26, 2010. DVD Movie marathon.

JULY 27, 2010. Shuby and her husband Ched visited us. Bonding at kaunting inom.

JULY 28, 2010. Take out at Slice N' Dice at Balagtas Town Center.

JULY 29, 2010. Goes to Maunlad Mall at Malolos City to buy lots of DVD.

JULY 30, 2010. Inuman at Tacio's Place. Tacio, Sherwin, Arvin, Ron and Dyordz. Videoke and Acoustic Jamming nang malasing na ang lahat.

JULY 31, 2010. At Pizza Hut Delta, Quezon Avenue, papalipas ng oras before our meeting with ABS-CBN XXX staff.

House (Season 03)

The show once again, two thumbs up for me and my wife. We truly love it and all its characters, we're hooked! Sa season na to, wala pang dry episode, yet there is no way I'm going to buy the original dvd for the first 3 seasons- it's too expensive. The one thing about this show is the blood. I'm not a pansy, but when I see operations and inner body parts and nasty stuff like that, I get a little freaked out. Medical stuff like that scares me, as I am a bit of a hypochondriac, and that is one drawback to this TV show: the blood and guts.

Now, before I let you go, there is one last thing I'll comment on. Practically every episode goes by a typical formula that is entertaining all the same, but about thirty minutes in, when House realizes what's wrong and the camera zooms in and he makes a thoughtful face, well... by the 20th time of seeing that, it gets old. I feel bad for Hugh Laurie, who has to act like he's just made a brilliant discovery and make a serious face time over and over. It's amusing, in a way, but it gets boring.

Anyways, it is an AWESOME show. As a matter of fact it's testing The Mentalist, for me, as my favorite show, and that is huge, since I am in love with Simon Baker. So if you're like me and can't afford to give stupid Amazon a thousand dollars to buy every season, at least watch it, because this is one TV show EVERYONE ought to watch before they die.

Episode list for House, M.D. Season 4 from www.imdb.com:
Episode 1: Meaning
Richard, a husband and father living with brain cancer, drives his wheelchair into a pool at a family BBQ. Everyone but his son think that it was suicide from the pain but House will stop at nothing to figure out his true ailment.

Episode 2: Cane and Able
House is affected by the fact that he thinks he didn't solve the last case while a young boy, who believes aliens tortured him, is brought in.

Episode 3: Informed Consent
House and his team face a lot of moral dilemmas when a patient wants them to help him end his life.

Episode 4: Lines in the Sand
A ten-year-old boy begins screaming in pain, but nobody knows why, because he is autistic and cannot explain. House refuses to use his office because it has new carpet.

Episode 5: Fools for Love
A husband and wife being treated cause Foreman to ponder the strength of true love, and House abuses one too many patients with potentially devastating repercussions.

Episode 6: Que SerĂ¡ SerĂ¡
A "suicidally" obese man in a coma presents treatment challenges, but finding out what's wrong with him may be the most challenging test of all. Elsewhere, Tritter ramps up his vendetta against House.

Episode 7: Son of Coma Guy
When the son of a man in a vegetative state starts going into a coma, the vegetative man is reawakened chemically by House, who hopes to get some clues to the son's problems.

Episode 8: Whac-A-Mole
A young man collapses at his job, and House makes a game of establishing the diagnosis until things turn critical, and Tritter increases the pressure on Wilson.

Episode 9: Finding Judas
While a little girl's life and limbs are in jeopardy, Tritter becomes more manipulative and House suffers withdrawal.

Episode 10: Merry Little Christmas
Wilson presents the deal to House and then convinces Cuddy to back him up, meanwhile the team is flummoxed by a patient's condition and various members keep seeking out House for his opinion even though he may not be prepared to assist.

Episode 11: Words and Deeds
House checks himself into rehab just before his trial, but a different game entirely may be afoot. Elsewhere, the team attempts to treat a firefighter who can't stop shivering.

Episode 12: One Day, One Room
Stuck with clinic duty, House almost wishes he had the boring patients back after he encounters a young woman with an STD and the need to talk.

Episode 13: Needle in a Haystack
A young man is stricken during sex with his girlfriend, and House must determine why his organs are suddenly shutting down. Finding the cause is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Episode 14: Insensitive
On Valentine's day House meddles in relationships as he works to diagnose a teenager who has a genetic inability to feel pain.

Episode 15: Half-Wit
House struggles to find out why a pianist savant is losing his ability to play. Ultimately, a decision must be made as to how much brain is necessary for a normal quality of life.

Episode 16: Top Secret
A patient whose relative has called in a favor with Cuddy presents with nonspecific minor symptoms that turn life-threatening, but House is distracted by a dream and an inability to urinate.

Episode 17: Fetal Position
When a pregnant woman has a stroke, the team is at a loss after all tests reveal nothing, but when her organs start shutting down Cuddy takes over the case.

Episode 18: Airborne
House and Cuddy are flying back to the US from an international conference in Singapore. While en route a mysterious disease strikes one passenger and an epidemic unfolds, causing House to diagnose in midair since they have missed the halfway mark by passing the north pole. Back in Princeton, Wilson and House's lackeys have a confusing case of what is ailing a woman who came into the clinic and proceeded to have a seizure.

Episode 19: Act Your Age
A young girl is ailed with diseases that usually strike people much older than her 6 years of age. But before House can diagnose her, her brother starts exhibiting the same symptoms she was admitted with. During all of this House gives Wilson tickets that a patient had given to him for a play. Ensuing a discussion on why men take women to plays. Wilson decides to take Cuddy and the tug of war with House for her affections begins, although Cuddy insists that she only went with Wilson as a friend.

Episode 20: House Training
The cause of a woman's TIA stumps the team, and Foreman's family visits.

Episode 21: Family
Wilson is preparing his 14-year-old patient, Nick, for a bone marrow transplant when the donor, Nick's younger brother Matty, suddenly starts sneezing. Since Nick's immune system has been destroyed by the chemotherapy for his cancer, he cannot risk a marrow donation from Matty while Matty is ill. House decides that the fastest way to find out what's wrong with Matty is to make him worse. As the boys get sicker and sicker, House and his team race to cure Matty before both brothers die. Meanwhile, House battles Hector (his newly adopted dog) for supremacy and Foreman can't stop thinking about last week's mistake.

Episode 22: Resignation
A 19-year-old college student, Addie, starts coughing up blood during karate class and ends up one of House's cases. Foreman hands in his resignation before treating the woman and refuses to explain why. Although her symptoms show no signs of it, House is convinced that an infection is causing Addie's bleeding. Her lungs start filling with fluid and House's team believes a toxin or cancer is to blame for Addie's illness but are unable to change House's mind. Addie continues to get worse and House wants to do an extremely risky life-or-death treatment in order to confirm his diagnosis; the team starts to ask whether House cares about making a diagnosis more than Addie's own life. Meanwhile, House becomes interested in Honey, a young, attractive nutritionist who brought her boyfriend to the clinic for treatment. He gets her to fill out an employment application (for Foreman's soon-to-be vacated position) and arranges to meet her again in a more casual situation.

Episode 23: The Jerk
When a teenage chess-player assaults his opponent, the team struggles to determine whether the problem is organic or psychological.

Episode 24: Human Error
A couple risk their lives getting from Cuba to see House, but his preoccupation with staff issues may cost the woman her life.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Morning Rush 201 (Shameful Quotes)

January 27, 2009 Episode (by Luis)

12. Your Highness – You know you’re getting old when a narrow waist and a broad mind switch places

11. Rc & Cess – Life is fair when it comes to being fair

10. Feb15 – Ang pag-aaral ang pinto ng tagumpay pero ang pangongopya nag susi

09. Harry Escapo – Kung kaya ng iba, ipagawa mo sa kanila

08. Feb15 – Why do couples hold hands during wedding? It’s a formality, just like two boxers shaking hands before the fight begins

07. Spy Shadow – You know your kids are grown up when they stop asking you where they came from and refuse you where they’re going

06. Kid Bukid – Marriage is the expensive way to get your laundry done

05. Drizzle – Life is too short to wake-up in the morning with regrets so wake-up after lunch

04. Inaki – A woman can keep a secret, what she can’t keep is a secret that she’s keeping a secret

03. Real Earl Online – Ang batang masipag pag laki pagod

02. Astroboy – There are perfect guys out there, the problem is they are dating each other

01. Angel in Disguise – the two hardest tests in life: First, to have the patience to wait; and second, to have the acceptance that you’ve waited for nothing.


12. Mr.Perk – When challenges feels so big, that we feel our strength is not enough to carry on, naku malapit na ending mo.

11. Ronnie – Mahirap labanan ang katamaran lalo na kapag tinatamad kang labanan ito

10. Pretty Jamel – Sorry is not necessarily synonymous with “I won’t do it again”

09. Gabe – A secretary is never permanent until she screwed on the desk

08. Dru – Ang utak parang kotse yan, walang kwenta pag mabagal
07. Twilight – Ang tawag sa gumagawa ng tubo, tubero. Ang sa nangongolekta ng basura, basurero. Ang mahilig gumimik, gimikero. Ang mahilig sa babae, babaero. At ang tawag sa mahilig umupo sa kanto, tambay.

06. Oscar Dela Hopia – All the books basically tells us to love each other but only the kamasutra explains how

05. Marco – You’ll never know the true happiness until you get married, but by then it’s too late

Twilight – My wife dresses to kill, she also cooks the same way

Twilight / Your Highness – Man is incomplete until he is married then he is finish

04. Abernathy – I’m lesbian because I prefer someone who uses what’s between her ears rather than someone who uses what’s between his legs.

03. Trace – (Chinese Proverb) Man who runs in front of car gets tired, man who runs after gets exhausted

02. No Name – First love never dies, but true love can bury it alive

01. Amber Spider – Life is sad, and our everyday struggle is how to get out of that sadness


12. Curt Smith – Going pass the age of 80 is the sign that you didn’t enjoy the food you ate when you’re young

11. No Name – Pag binato ka ng bato away na ito

10. No Name - The heart for loving, is about how hard as stopping the ye from blinking, the more you control it the more you’ll hurt

09. Loui – Men are so sensitive with their feelings, but so insensitive with others

08. Elfine – ang babae parang bola ng basketball, kahit hawak ng iba aagawin maka-score lang

07. Necosci – Pag may nagmamahal sayo suklian mo, ang sabi nga sa tindahan ang tamang magsukli maraming suki

09. RC & Cess – A UP professor once said, “Time heals all wounds but vengeance ????”

08. Forge – If at first you don’t succeed destroy all evidence that you did

07. Dianne – “I Love You” has 8 letters, and so Biatch
06. Necosci – The roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl is empty, and so is your head

05. Dark Angel /
Lexy – Natitis ang hapi, ang kati hindi Laugh at yourself.
04. No Name - Everybody else does
Kung ang fishball gawa sa fish, ang squidball gawa sa squid, saan gawa ang kikiam?
03. No Name - Programming is simply a race between software engineers trying to build a better idiot-proof program and the universe producing bigger idiots, so far the universe is winning
02. No Name – Bob Ong “Bida sa script nya”

01. Phoebo Mine – Bob Ong “Hindi lungkot o takot ang mahirap sa pusomundo, wala man lang nakipaglaban para makasama ka”

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Black & White Photography

Black and white photography is the creation of monochrome images using photographic techniques. Through the use of either a traditional film camera or digital camera, the artist exposes an image media, such as film or a digital image sensor, to light. The light then affects the image media in such a way as to leave a permanent imprint of the scene on that media. This media is then processed to create a final image or photograph.

A modern black and white photography can be either film-based or digital. The process remains the same in that the film or digital sensor is exposed to light through a lens, and then the resulting image is processed either in a darkroom or by computer to create the final black-and-white image.

For me black and white photos are timeless and classy,and its also a challenge to some photographer to be able to send a message with the absence of colors. Here are some of my favourite beautiful and touching black and white photography, I do hope you will enjoy it.