Monday, November 29, 2010

Spoof-ta-cu-lar (My Amnesia Girl)

Kakabukas ko lang ng facebook, itong link na to ang bumungad agad sa akin. Pinanood ko at walanghumpay ang tawa ko, nawala ang antok ko kakatawa sa mga hinayupak na dalawang gagong ito. Share ko lang sa inyo guys. Kung hindi nyo pa napapanood ang original movie trailer, heto share ko para makarelate naman kayo kung saan nila kinuha at ginaya ang movie trailer.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nuestra Senora Del Rosario Church (Bulacan)

One of the best small church here in Bulacan, a newly renovated church a couple of kilometers from home. Located at the Barangay Pulonggubat, Guiguinto, Bulacan, you'll see the Nuestra Senora Del Rorasio Parish Church.


My sister, invited us to come with her togetehr with our tito in a wedding ceremony, her officemate's wedding. Who am I not to come, kainan kaya to. And since it was my first time to be at that church, I bring with me my camera, just like what I need before, everytime it's my first time in a church or a place, I had to take a shot for souvenir. A habit.

The wedding is not so solemn, ang daming abay, ang daming batang abay, 10 batang babae at 10 batang lalaki, nagkakagulo wedding march pa lang. Saka ang daming tao sa aisle lahat may hawak na camera para makuhanan ang mga nak nila na cute na cute daw dahil nakabarong at gown. Nawawala ang pagkasolemn ng kasal, parang pictorial na. Pati ang official photographer nahihirapan sa mga tao sa daming singit sa aisle.

Matagal ang wedding mass, inabot ng 1 at kalahating oras, ang bagal magsalita ng pari, parang si Kuya Cesar. Walang biro totoo. Gutom na gutom na laht ng tao sa bagal ng misa, kaya naman nang matapos unahan ang lahat sa kani-kanilang sasakyan para makapunta na sa reption area.

On our way to reception, at Pandi, Bulacan. Busog sa papak.

Pagdating sa reception, magulo na naman pagdating sa pagkuha ng pagkain, walang caterer para magbigay ng pagkain, unahan ang tao, may pila nga pero marami ang nakikisiksik. Hay, ito yata ang kasal na napuntahan ko na magulo at walang nag-organize. Parang birthday party ang dating hindi masyadong solemn.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Morning Rush 234 (Fat Stripper Names)

September 14, 2010 Episode (by Sasha Purse)

10. Spy Shadow / Marioh Caryo – Bilbilly Jeans
09. Padjo Daet – Flabulous
08. Dennis Pinch / Greg – Plumbelina Jolie
07. Homer Singson – Laki Chan
06. Mr. Perk – Aling Lydia
05. Spy Shadow – Infatsoation; No Name – Bouncy Knowles
04. Eroplano – Horderous
03. Ipo21 – Dabiana Zubirri
02. Padjo Daet – Hita Avila
01. Homer Singson / Asnalar – Cristy Pata

10. Indian Mango Pie – Miss Barbie-Q
09. Humdinger – Natalie Porkman
08. Folks DL – Lito Lipid
07. Silver Bullet – Fatty Osten
06. Silver Bullet / Victorious – Lilet Chunin; Panel – Ethel Bopis
05. Blitskrieg – Thumbalyena
04. Spy Shadow – HipHoppotamus
03. Marioh Caryo – Suffocake; Marioh Caryo – Sebo de Macho Dancer; Marioh Caryo – Buttered Wife
02. Kid Bukid – Double Chin Gutierrez; Young Indy – Tabachinchin Gutierrez
01. Emy / Cindy / Oldine – Isabel Oily

10. No Name – Celia Lite
09. Homer Singson – Jumbo Madrigal; Homer Singson – Val Yena
08. Padjo Daet – Carne Martin
07. Sepulturero - Inday Destion; Sepulturero - Maricellulite Soriano
06. Peticsologist – Tranny De Veto
05. Oscar Dela Hopia / Ugly Kid Joey – Sarsa Emmanuel
04. Juan Tamad / Padjo Daet – Francine Pinirito
03. Sasha Purse / Eroplano – Dairy Queen Latifa
02. Loi Pogi – Chicharon Cuneta
01. Katty Perya – Mila Jubavich; Oscar Dela Hopia – Jubanna Palermo

10. McMacky – Peter Porker
09. Humdinger / Arvincent – Malou Sog / Samantha Ba
08. Young Indy – Bilbilma Santos
07. Artemius – Spamela Hamderson
06. Mel – Angelina Jollibee; Kimikimmy More – Dunkin Donna
05. Mojacko – Sam Milbil
04. Jaspat ni Granma – Mel Tiyanco
03. Sasha Purse – Greasabella
02. No Name – Dita Bundat; Dreamer - Dita Buntis; Dreamer – Patatim Yap; Dreamer – Lea Salongganisa
01. Loi Pogi – 1. Choi Yun Fat Ka, 2. Boy Abundat, 3. Jacky Extra Rice

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Video Collection 34 (Assorted Ads)

Let me share to you guys my favorite youtube videos. Videos i've watched for the past few months. I collected it and posted here on my world. Here's the videos I like. The first batch.

Adidas Commercial - Impossible is Nothing

Amazing Grace in 50 Different Languages

Jesus Painting

Michael Jackson Medley


Don't Stop Believing (Glee)

January 11, 2000 - July 31, 2006. 2356 Days. A work in progress.It was a video six years in the making. From 2000 to 2006, Noah Kalina took a photo of himself every day and linked all the individual frames together to form a fascinating six-minute look into the subtle ways one man ages.
I’m sure a lot of you have seen this commercial already. But just in case you haven’t, check this out:

The first time I caught this a long time ago, I really cracked up, given how dirty my mind is. Obviously, I saw more than just arm exercises, if you know what I mean. I LOL’d especially at the part that goes, “designed specifically for women…” Hmmm, I wonder why? But apparently, I’m not the only green-minded person out there. The product was featured in many talk shows, including “Jimmy Kimmel”, “The View”, and my favorite, “Ellen”. Her handling of the “wink, wink” factor was hilarious!

I just loved the innuendo when she said, “these are working out muscles I have never worked out in my life!” And what about that guy on the platform! Hehehe, I swear, they got away with murder. The day before, Ellen gave Queen Latifah one and she ran away with it.

That’s some funny stuff. But just when you think that they’ve bled the joke enough, here comes the best part: The Shake Weight for MEN!

Oh no they didn’t! Hahaha, they did! Seriously, the manufacturers are having fun with this. NO WAY is this unintentional, not with lines like: “the rapid, short, and powerful thrusts…”, “30, 45 seconds, and I was already covered in sweat and completely pumped”, and “I haven’t had a pump like this in a long time”. Sounds like lines from a “corn” movie about the exploits of a horny corn named Humpme Dumpme. Hilarious.

It reminds me the local version of Save Water of Nestle ang Maling Ginagawa ng Matanda sa Mata ng Bata ay Tama.

My heart just bleed by watching NAPCAN's plug on how adults mostly parents affects the children on what they might become on the future. Let me say this in Tagalog; Para sa mga bata ang mga ginagawa ng matanda ay isang ehemplo para sa mga bata na nagiging parte ng kanilang pagkatao at daratingsa puntong gagawin na ito. Sa lagay na ito hindi ko masasabing ganito ang gawin dapat ng magulang pero ang tanging masasabi lang ay maging aware nawa ang mga magulang sa pagpapalaki ng kanilang anak, dahil sabi nga nila kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Morning Rush 233 (Things to Say to Someone who is Staring at You or Your Body Part)

December 12, 2006 Episode (by Loi Pogi)

10. Cookie – Tama na! Baka ma-inlove ka na nyan!
09. Raymond – I know I’m stunning but you’re making me feel self conscious and it’s making it difficult to be self-facing.
08. No Name – Well, don’t you wish your girlfriend look hot like me?
07. Kid Bukid – Enjoy it as much as you want, kasi hanggang tingin ka na lang.
06. Dementor – Hmmm! Palibhasa cup A ang sa’yo!
05. Lexie Girl – Take a picture! It last longer!
04. Spy Shadow – Eto’ng tissue pakipunasan ang laway!
Twilight – Tulo mo lumalaway
03. Luis – Are you done? Now it’s my turn!
02. Tuna Belly / Inaki – No ma’am it’s not a puppy inside my pants, but you can go ahead and petted it if you want.
01. Loi Pogi – Wag mong titigan, sige ka magagalit yan!

10. Shy Ann – Manong naman, eh mukha na lang yata ang nagagalit sa’yo eh.
09. Demine – Hindi ko sya anak, boyfriend ko s’ya.
08. Mrs. Caspani – Tao lang! Hindi dyosa, maganda lang talaga!
07. Loi Pogi – Anu ba? Hanggang tingin ka na lang ba? Lalapit ka ba o hindi?
Acer – You can look, you can touch, don’t be shy.
06. Spy Shadow – Tingin ka nang tingin dyan eh, sige pag uminit ang ulo nyan eh.
05. Joeshred – Sabihin mo lang! Pagbibigyan naman kita eh!
04. 6680 – So take a look at me now… Coz there’s just an empty space…
03. Acer – Are you done staring? Well, what if I say you move from staring to my room upstairs?
02. No Name – I know!
01. Gorgeous Bitch – Quits staring, I can only break your heart.

10. Young Indy – Titingin-tingin hindi naman bibili
09. Kurt Smith – Pare naman meron ka rin naman nito ah
08. Inaki – Here lady let me help you put back your undies.
07. Frudo – Kung makatingin ka naman parang gusto mo akong kainin, anu gusto mong palaman?
06. Madhatter – Well hello! I’m up here!
05. Acer – Base on where you’re looking you better not have x-ray vision
04. Blade – What do you say if we skip the appetizer and go straight to the main course?
03. Cliver – Yeah! There’s just handful aren’t they?
02. Milly – Mister, they’re called breast. Women have them.
01. Young Indy – Sige ka titingin-tingin ka dyan, baka mapasubo ka!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Morning Rush 232 (Signs that you are a Jerkasoid)

December 15, 2009 Episode (by Chico and Delamar)

01. Mr. Perk – If you say you’ve call but you don’t.
02. Mr. Perk – If after sex you go, “Would you mind leaving now! Coz I’m not used to sleeping next to someone.”
03. X Palaboy X – He makes sure na mauunang malasing ang mga kainuman nya.
04. Marioh Caryo – I always get called Jerk, mainly because my real name is Jericho.
05. Stanley – If somebody tells you, “We can do whatever you want except kiss, because kissing makes you gay.”
06. No Name – I live in Makati and he lives in Antipolo, he always said that he can’t come over because it is just too far. But whenever I tell him that I’m home alone, he’s there in a snap.
07. Chloe – If everytime you and your girlfriend had a fight, you come running to your ex.
08. Marioh Caryo – My aunt is a jerkasoid, she always make sure that she is the first to open the balikbayan box and gets everything from bras to tinanol.
09. Maya Girl – When the guy who invites you to an event you agree, but when you get there he hook ups with someone else.
10. Shampoo 88 – If he watches porn while doing the deed with you.
11. Makatang Duling – guys who counterflow every chance they’ve got.
12. Raiken – a girl is a jerkasoid if she thumbs her nose while kissing me on national radio.
13. Marioh Caryo – My ex is a jerkasoid because he made me feel like a necrophiliac, just lay there lifeless.
14. Lock On Stratus – During an EB, you tell a girl, “bakit mas maganda ka sa picture?”
15. Pancho – After waiting 8 hours for a girl, I text her, “What taking you so long?” She text back, “E di umuwi ka!”

Friday, November 19, 2010

Morning Rush 231 (Ways To Tell Your Partner That You’re Cheating)

May 04, 2007 Episode (BY Loi Pogi)

10. Howe – Hon, di ba nakakasawa ang adobo pag araw-araw mong kinakain? Kaya tumikim ako ng kare-kare, minsan lang naman para mamiss ko yung adobo.
09. Tuna Belly – Hon, pagbaba mo pakiabot naman kay yaya yung halfsleep nya naiwan nya sa kama eh.
08. Agent Orange – Hon, invited nga pala tayo sa 1st birthday ng anak naming ni kumara ha, wag kang gagawa ng lakad okay?
07. Loi Pogi – Hon, malalate ako tonight ha! May dinner lang ako with secretary ko tapos manonood kami ng Spiderman3 tapos derecho na kaming apartment nya!
06. No Name – Hon, gumanti ako sa’yo.
05. Spy Shadow – Kasalanan mo to eh, sinitante mo si Manang tapos kumuha ka pa ng yaya, hot pa
04. Loi Popgi – Sino ang kalaguyo ko? A. My college girlfriend B. My ex who named her son after me or C. O yung hunky guy na kasama ko lagi sa gym. If you guess it right, isasama kitang manood ng Spiderman 3
03. Krasti Pie – Hon, may nangyari sa amin ni Manong Guard kagabi eh, pero don’t worry hindi ko naramdaman I swear!
02. Howe – Honey kung may balak kang mangaliwa, suggestion ko si pare na lang, highly recommended.
01. Princess Aiah – hon, naalala mo ba si Robert? Hindi ko talaga sya cousin, cousin-tahan ko siya.

10. Ronnie – Hon, hindi ba sabi mo magaling ka? Hmmm mali ka nag-second opinion ako!
09. No Name – Baby ang likot palang matulog ng bestfriend mo? ; No Name – Mahal ang dami palang kiliti ng kuya mo!
08. Spy Shadow – Hon sinunod ko lang naman yung sinabi ni kumara na “Make yourself feel at home”
07. Jedi Master – Hon kung may plano kang mangaliwa go ahead ha! Please feel free kasi di ba wala naming masama dun? No harm done no big deal di ba?
06. Gelmaites – Anu? Bakit ngayon lang ako dumating? Eto tingnan mo, pagpinaupo mo na ako sa batya ng tubig lulutang na to eh.
05. No Name – Hon, I love you but she satisfies me.
04. Luis – Hon, maganda pala yung vasectomy, si Kumpare mo tapos na kaya hindi ko na kailangang mag-pills.
03. No Name – Hon, may problema tayo, nabuntis natin si yaya ; Hon, may problema tayo nahuli tayo ng misis ko, teka ikaw nga pala misis ko
02. Howe – Hon, umuwi na from the states yung ex ko! Thanks for keeping me company while she was away ha.
01. Loi Pogi – Hon, mamili ka, gagastos tayo ng libo-libo sa annulment or accept the fact that I’m only human, male and by-nature polygamous.

10. Loi Pogi – Di ba we promise to stay together for better or for worse? E boring pala yung better eh kaya nitry ko yung worse.
09. Lance – Hon, badtrip yang secretary mo ha! May hadhad!
08. Yuri Boy – Technically I’m not cheating! Coz I’m telling you I’d be cheating if you didn’t know, I’m not cheating, what I am I’m honest. ; Yuri Boy – Hon, I’m gay! (What!?) Just kidding! May iba akong babae, di ba mas okay yun?
07. Rachel Lee – Have you ever cheated? (No!) Grabe! Iba ang feeling!
06. Spy Shadow – Hon, wag mo ko masyadong yayakapin nakatingin si Yaya eh, alam mo naming gaano kaselosa yan eh.
05. Sinigang na Bangus – Hon, alam mo yung parable ng Prodigal Husband di ba? ; Sinigang na Bangus – Hon, promise sa office na ako mag-o-vertime!
04. Rachel Lee – Eto na si Kaka bubuka-bukaka! Hon, naalala mo si Kaka di ba?
03. Loi Pogi – Hon, di ba meron kang pinkish birthmark sa ilalim ng pusod? Si pareng Gabriel din!
02. Yuri Boy – Hon, I’m seeing another woman, pero don’t worry she doesn’t know I’m married. ; Yuri Boy – Pasalamat ka nga dyan at may gumagawa ng ayaw mong gawin eh!
01. Rodel – I cheated! I tried another radio station pero bumalik ako! (Chico and Del)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to the 90's (Nsync)

Tambayan na naman to. Halika at samahan nyo akong balikan ang Dekada 90. Soundtrip at makinig, manood ng music videos. Boyband naman tyo. Korni pero kahit papaano naapektuhan tayo ng boyband virus noong 90's. 90's ang taon na sumikat at nagsulputan ang mga boyband. Sinimulan ng BoyzIIMen, BSB, NSYNC, hanggang sa dumating ang WestLife, A1, Plus1 at kung anu-ano kabaduyan. May 5 members, may apatan, may tatluhan, ang dalawa ba matatawag na boyband o duo? Lalo naman hindi boyband ang mag-isa.

I Want You Back

Tearin' Up My Heart

I drive Myself Crazy

(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You


For The Girl Who Has Everything

This I Promise You (Spanglish Version)

It's Gonna Be Me

Bye Bye Bye




Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kwentong Mokong ni Glentot

Inihahandog ng Moks Ideal Mind, sa kanyang ika-walong installment, isang chickboy ang aking ibibida ngayon. Pangalanan na lang natin syang GLENTOT bilang itago ang kanyang tunay na katauhan sa mundo ng mga blogger. Inuulit ko chickboy! Pwede sa chick, pwede sa boy! (Fiction lang po ito, katuwaan lang!)

Moks Ideal Mind Presents: Glentot

Isang araw, isang biktima na naman ang binobola ni Glentot. Sa Luneta ang eksena, naglalakad sa park, sa tabi ng rebulto ni Rizal hanggang sa makarating ng Grand Stand, HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) nagsusubuan ng chicaron na nabili sa isang vendor, with matching gulaman in plastic with straw. Ang sweet nila, para bang wala ng bukas, parang hindi na lulubog ang araw sa manila bay... Lahat ng tao nakatingin sa kanilang ka-switan, sa kanilang PDA moment. Ang sweet sweet talaga ng 2 ito, si Glentot at si Bentot, isang bading na nagpapaaral kay Glentot. Nag-antay ng magandang tiempo, nagtapat ang ating bida ng kanyang pagmamahal dito, gusto na nitong seryusohin si Bentot, dahil magka-collega na sya, at gusto nitong mag-aral sa Harvard University.

Glentot: Alam mo Bentot, kung ako ang mag-aayos ng alphabet, ipagtatabi ko ang U at I.

Bentot: Hindi mo na kailangang gawin yan dahil magkatabi na ang N at O.
Ayun! Basted si Glentot.

Si Glentot, nag-eemo sa inuupahang condo. Umiinom ng mainit na kape, nakadungaw sa bintana, pinagmamasdan ang papasikat na araw. Hihigop ng mainit na kape, at sasabihing...

Glentot: "Para kanino ba ako bumabangon? at bakit sa ating lipunan mas tanggap ang dalawang lalaking may hawak na baril at nagpapatayan, kesa sa dalawang lalaking magkahawak ng kamay at nagmamahalan?"

Higop uli ng kape, sabay punas sa luhang tumutulo sa kaliwang mata.
After 5 years. Straight na ang ating bida, piniling hawakan ang tunay na baril
at makipagpatayan kesa sa baril-barilan ng kapwa nya lalaki. At may asawa na sya. Isang eksena habang nasa trabaho.

Glentot: Pare, gustong-gusto ko nang umuwi! Gustong-gusto ko nang hubarin ang panty ng asawa ko.

Pare: Wow pare! Hot na hot ka na ba? Patay na naman ang misis mo nyan. Text mo para makapaligo na sya. Pagdating mo pampampam na!

Glentot: Hindi pare, masyadong masikip sa akin ang panty ni misis eh!

MAkalipas ang ilang taon, na-adik ang ating bida sa paglalaro ng kanyang baril. Sa isang aksidente naiputok na ito sa iba sa hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon. Nakulong, nasentensyahan ng death penalty. Oras na ng kanyang bitay, Eksena sa loob ng bitayan room, electric chair. Sabay-sabay bibitayin ang ating bida at ang 2 pang bilanggo na hinatulan ng death penalty. Pangalanan natin silang Bogart at Dolfo. Unang tinawag si Bogart.

Bogart: "Ako ay isang Pari, naniniwala ako sa Diyos na ako ay kanyang ililigtas. May himala! Ako'y kanyang ililigtas."

Ibinaba ang switch, pero hindi gumana ang silya elektrika. Ligtas ang si Paring Bogart. Sunod na tinawag so Dolfo, pina-upo sa electric chair.

Dolfo: "Isa akong abogado, ang batas ay panig sa akin. Ililigtas ako ng katarungan. Hindi nyo dapat ako bitayin."

Muling binaba ang switch, pero hindi naman ito gumana. Ligtas ang Attorney. Huling tinawag ang ating bida. Bago ito pina-upo, nagsalita ang bida.

Glentot: "Walang himala! Walang magic! Walang pangyayaring kababalghan dito! Isa akong electrician, hindi po nakasaksak ang electric chair sa outlet kaya hindi po gumagana, mga bobo kayo."

Ayun, namatay ang ating bida sa electric chair. The End

NEXT ATTRACTION: Moks Ideal Mind Presents: ????????

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morning Rush 230 (Messages For A Body Part)

October 20, 2006 Episode (by Luis)

10. No Name – Dear Mother-In-Law’s Mouth, Hindi ka ba napapagod? Tenga kasi namin pagod na.
09. Mastermind – Dear Officemate’s Brain, How many of your cells are still working? Para kasing wala na.
08. Grace / Gorgeous Bitch – Dear Heart, Pwede ‘wag tatanga-tanga? Gamitin mo naman ang utak mo hindi yung puro puso.
07. Terish – Dear Bividibobiddy Boobs, Please stop growing too big coz I’m only 12 years old.
06. Tuna Belly – Dear Package, It would be nice to tuck in my shirt without scandalizing anyone.
05. Sexy Love – Dear Boss’ Mouth, how long has it been since you tasted toothpaste or mouthwash?
04. Coby Kong – Dear “Gummy Bear”, it’s been so long since you’ve turn into the incredible hulk, let’s try tonight we’ve got a hot date.
03. Loi Pogi – Dear Politician’s Conscience, if you could be surgically removing it could be a minor operation.
02. Rookie – Dear Belly, when I look down and said “Can you get bigger?” I was talking to the boobs.
01. Preggy M – Dear Ex-Husband’s Package, it’s confirmed you’re shooting blanks.

10. Tuna Belly – Dear Yaya’s Butt, why do you bounce? Every time yaya walks are you really hyper active you little butt?
09. Tsonggo Girl – Dear Body Hair, Why are you all over the body areas?
08. No Name – My Ever Dearest Hair, why are you leaving? Why are you escaping via my hairbrush?
07. Pretty In Purple – Dear Braso, stop getting bigger I’m starting to look like a wrestler.
06. V53 – Dear Right Hand, I can’t imagine my life without you, ikaw lang maasahan ko all this years.
05. Acer – dear Butt, why are you shrinking as I lose weight? Wag naman!
04. Blaire Bitch – Dear Boyfriend’s Junior, wag ka naman shy, magpakita ka naman minsan.
Sap O – Dear Junior, O grow up! You’re not a kid anymore.
03. Freeverse – Dear Egg Cells – Please! Please! Please! stay and fertilize.
02. Doug’s Foxes – Dear Junior, anu? Hanggang wiwi ka na lang ba?
01. Loi Pogi – Dear Officemate’s Brain, I won’t get into battle of wit with you coz I don’t fight with someone unarm.

10. No Name – Dear Knee – I hope that all your ligaments are still in place I promise to take care of you the second time around.
09. Estiol – Dear Tummy, nang-aasar ka ba? 4 days ka nang nag-iinis ha!
08. Iron Alfred – Dear Feet, stop talking to each other while I’m trying to walk. (Pike)
07. Gorgeous Bitch – Dear Officemate’s Hand, I would appreciate it if you stop touching mine.
06. Paris – Dear Boobies, when will you ever grow up to become boobs?
05. Cielo – Dear Brother’s Mouth, please stop eating beans so brother’s butt stops gassing.
04. Rox18 – Dear Oil Glands, utang na loob tahan na mukha na akong aratiles.
03. Acer – Dear Heart, accept it you will never be whole again.
02. No Name – Dear Underarms, hindi ka naman naaarawan pero bakit ka naman tan?
01. Young Indy – Dear Mouth, don’t think of yourself as a poor substitute.

Monday, November 15, 2010

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2010 (Ngayong Pasko Magniningning Ang Pilipino)

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Ang bilis talaga ng araw...Pasko na naman. Ilan na ba ang natupad sa Christmas wishlist ko last year? Isang kurap ko lang, pasko na naman. In this year Christmas ID, the media giant honored all those people who continue to bring pride and honor to our country with their world-class talents and skills.

Another exceptional work from ABS-CBN. But I still prefer their last year Christmas Station ID - Star ng Pasko, over this year. Maybe because in last year SID there were much more powerful images (Christmas after typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng) and I think the jingle is more catchy than this year's. How about you, what can you say of this year's ABS-CBN Christmas ID?

Kapiling ko mga bituin ngayong gabi. Mga ulap ang aking katabi
Ngunit hindi ako nag-iisa, Pagkat ikaw ay nandito na

Mga tala sa iyong mata’y aking batid, Bawat kislap ay may pag-ibig na hatid
Sa mga hangarin nating tapat, Kayang baguhin ang lahat

Magagandang larawan ng ating bukas, Ngayong pasko ay magniningas

Ngayong Pasko magniningning ang Pilipino
Sa’n man sa mundo tanaw nila ang liwanag mo
Duyan ka ng pagmamahal, Pinagpala ng maykapal
Ngayong Pasko magniningning ang Pilipino

Magandang tadhanang naghihintay, Pupuntahan natin magkasabay
Tibok ng puso nati’y iisa, Sa loob nito’y Tagarito ka

Magagandang larawan ng ating bukas. Ngayong pasko ay magniningas

Ngayong Pasko magniningning ang Pilipino
Sa’n man sa mundo tanaw nila ang liwanag mo
Duyan ka ng pagmamahal, Pinagpala ng maykapal
Ngayong Pasko magniningning ang Pilipino

Sa hirap at ginhawa. Umiyak man o tumawa
Malayo o malapit. Tayo ay sama-sama

Tagumpay natin ay ipagdiwang (ipagdiwang)
Wala nang panahon kundi ngayon (ngayon)

Ngayong Pasko magniningning ang Pilipino
Sa’n man sa mundo tanaw nila ang liwanag mo
Duyan ka ng pagmamahal, Pinagpala ng maykapal
Ngayong Pasko magniningning ang Pilipino

Ngayong Pasko
Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw (Magniningning ang Pilipino)

Walang iba kundi ikaw (Sa’n man sa mundo tanaw nila ang liwanag mo)
(Duyan ka ng pagmamahal)Salamat sa liwanag mo (Pinagpala ng maykapal)
Ngayong Pasko Muling magkakakulay ang pasko (Magniningning ang Pilipino)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pacquiao vs Margarito

Nagmukhang ghost country na naman ang Pilipinas dahil sa pinakaaabangan laban na ito. Asan na ang trapik sa EDSA? ang ingay ng palengke? Hayun sila nagtumpok sa stadium, salamt sa mayor o congressman nyo. Yung iba, salo-salo sa bahay, kanya-kanyang taya, kanya-kanyang pusta. Pacman ka ba o MArgarito?

Nagsawa na naman ang mata at tenga ko sa mga commercial ni Pacman, ang Hid in Suldyer, ang Alaksan If-Ar, ang Riksuna, San Miguel Beer-Dapat may pulutan, at kung anu-ano pang commercial ni Pacman. Dahil yan sa local tv channel broadcast. Swerte ko at may twitter, dyan ako nakikibalita, hindi ko man makita o mahanap ang free link ng live streaming ng laban ni Pacman-Margarito, napapahiyaw din ako kahit sa twitter updates ko lang nalalaman. From round 1 hanggang sa round 12. Sa ganda ng laban, pinagtiyagaan kong panoorin ito sa local tv na nagsimula ng 2PM hanngang 4:30 ng hapon.

Mahaba na ang intro ko, tara na at sisimulan ko na ang aking recap sa naganap na big event sa mundo ng boxing, sa mundo nating mga Pinoy, at sa mundo ng twitter ko. Sa mga hindi nakapanood, yaan nyo ibibigay ko ang buong detalye, sa puso, sa isip, at sa diwa ala Mokong.

Heto na naman si Michael Buffer making the usual fight intro of the main event, 12 rounds of boxing, "Lets get ready to rumble!!!" HERE WE GO!!! Go for Philippines! Go for Pacquiao... Margarito is a cheater...

Umabante ang Mexicano, yabang! Feeling gwapo kasi mas matangkad sya kay Manny. Hanep sa tattoo, angas ng dating. Pero anu silbi mo, porma ka lang. Pacquiao, naramdaman ang taas ni ng advantage ni Margarito, nakatingala. Hindi inalintana ni Pacman ang disadvantage ng height nya, sige pa rin ng sige ng suntok, sunod-sunod ang suntok. Pacman: Suntok! Suntok! Suntok! Margarito: Hide! Hide! Hide! Margarito, naturete at nalito sa bilis ng suntok ni Pacman. Round 01 goes to Pacman. Yahoo! Somebody please pass me the roasted highland legumes! Magra-round 02 na. Exciting game to. Whooooahhh! Pacman, relax ka lang 1st round pa lang umaarangkada ka na.
Manny Pacquiao Of The Philippines (L) And Antonio Margarito Of Mexico Slug It Out
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Ramdam na ramdam na si Margarito ang mabilis na suntok ni Pacman. Hindi na kayang habulin ni Margarito ang bilis ng suntok sa kanya. Isa na namang sunod sunod na suntok ang natamo ni Margarito sa mukha, iba-ibang combination. Tsug! Tsag! Tsah! Arghhh! Mababasag na mukha ni Margarito.
Manny Pacquiao Of The Philippines (R) And Antonio Margarito Of Mexico Slug It Out
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Unti-unti nang nauubos ang balbas ni Margarito sa mga suntok ni Pacman. Ang yabang ng mexicano, nawala s alakas ng kamao ni Pacman. Isang suntok na ibato ni Margarito, 5 hanggnag 8 suntok ang ibinalik ni Pacman. Walang humpay, mabilis na mabilis, natulala si Mokong sa forward ang nangyari?
  Manny Pacquiao (white Trunks) Of The Philippines Fights
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Maga na ang mukha ni Margarito. Suntok! Suntok! Suntok! May sugat na sa mukha ang Mexicano. Pero matapang pa rin itong si Margarito, ayaw sumuko, gaganti ito! Gaganti ito! Nahilig ang pagdala kay manny sa corner. Duon sya gaganti. Pero ayaw magpatalo ni Pacman, batteries of punches, yan ang itinapat sa suntok ng mexicanong may balbas.
Antonio Margarito, Right, Lands
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
"Mayweather, come out! come out! Whereever you are!" Hiyawan ang tao. Hindi pa rin mahuli ng Mexicano ang mga suntok ni Pacman dahil sa bilis nito. Kaliwang mata ni Margarito, shut down na yata. kinikindatan na si Manny! Pero ayaw magpaawat ng ating pambansang kamao. Walang pagod! Walang tigil!
Antonio Margarito, Left And Manny Pacquiao Go Toe To Toe
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Isang standing ovation ng mga taong nanonood sa arena para sa laban ng 2 boksingero. Manny, anu'ng baterya ba ang nakakabit dyan s akamao mo? ang bilis mo! Sa galing ni Manny, kitang-kita umiiyak si Jinky! Si Nanay Dionisia, hihimatayin na yata.
Manny Pacquiao, Right, Lands
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Nahinto saglit dahil sa sugat ni Margarito. Naparami daw ng lagay ng gamot. Tuloy ang laban... Humahabol si Margarito, gumagaling, gumagaling! Hindi pa rin nagpapatalo si Pacman, suntok suntok suntok! Kawawang mukha kay Margarito. Alog ang ulo.
Manny Pacquiao, Right, And Antonio Margarito, Left, Exchange Blows
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Duguan na ang mukha ni Margarito. Pero sunod sunod pa rin ang suntok ni Pacman, ayaw papaawat! Saan ba nanggaling nag lakas nitong si MAnny? Manny luring Margarito to Open Up.

Manny Pacquiao Of The Philippines (L) Takes
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Hiyawan ang buong stadium para kay Manny! Hiyawan din at tila tinatawag si Mayweather. Para kaya sa susunod na laban ni Manny? Ayaw tumigil sa pagdugo ng sugat sa kaliwang mata ni MArgarito. Sarado na ang mata sa pamamaga. Bumulong si Pacman kay Margarito, "You can't hit me! Only Belo touches my skin!"
Manny Pacquiao Of The Philippines (R) Battles
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Pretty face pa rin si Pacman. Walang maga walang sugat sa mukha. Kawawang Margarito, duguang mukha at magang mata. Hiyawan na naman ang tao, "Manny! Manny!"
  The Likeness
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Walang paraan para maipanalo ng Mexico ang labang ito. Tapusin na ang laban, nakakaawa na si Margarito. Mukhang mamamatay na sya! huhuhu! OA ba? Itigil na dapat ang laban. Pero ayaw akong pakinggan ng referree. Tuloy ang suntukan, si Pacman, tuloy ang pagbato ng suntok, iniiwaan ang sugat ni Margarito. Yan ang Pinoy, gentleman. Natigil ang laro, nagpahula ang referee kay Margarito kung ilang daliri ito. Hala anhulaan, tuloy ang laban, ayaw magpatalo talaga ni Margarito, fighting spirit mo hinahangaan ko. Nakakakita ka pa ba ng maayos kung kaliwang mata mo tulog?
  Referee Laurence Cole Inspects The Cut On The Eye Of Antonio Margarito (black Trunks) Of Mexico As Manny Pacquiao (
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Kinasa na ni Manny ang kanyang huli at natitirang baterya sa kamao. Pak pak pak! Hindi mapigilan ang excitement ng mga tao, alam na kung sino nag mananalo. Pero gusto pa ring ituloy ni Margarito ang laban, gusto nyang lumaban hanggang sa matapos ang round 12. Pero lumalayo na si Pacman, ayaw na nyang dagdagan pa nag basag sa mukha n Margarito, pero lapit pa rin ng lapit ito sa kanya. Wapakkk! Huling suntok! and then the announcer announces... Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision.
Manny Pacquiao Of The Philippines Celebrates
Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Amazing fight. Kumpara mo sa huling laban niya last April 2010. Hanga ako syo Manny, 8 world titles? Hanep ka. Proud ako sayo! Ikaw nag superstar ng boxing. Ikaw ang Ali ngayon!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Morning Rush 229 (Things You Would Say To Your Pet If It Could Talk)

August 02, 2007 Episode (by Erin)

10. Blitzen – (Dog) Just to remind you in case you forgot, ako ang amo dito.
09. No Name – (Dog) Please stop humping my girlfriend every time she’s in the house.
08. Your Highness – (Dog) Is that a bone or you’re just happy to see me?
07. My Cat Beyonce – (Cat) Why are you cats always in heat?
06. Honhon Giraffe – (Dog) Ibabalik ba kita sa pinanggalingan mo?
05. Taho – (Dog) Please saan mo tinago ang tsinelas ko?
04. No Name – (Dog) Why do you watch me so intently whenever I’m getting dress?
03. Harvey – (Hamster) You shouldn’t have slept in my shoe, I’ll miss you!
02. Teresa – (Chicken) I love you guys and all but you do know your future ends up in Tinola.
01. Shy Ann – (Hawk) Uy wag mong paglaruan yang itlog mo.

10. Mike Bryan – (Scorpion) Why did you eat your brother?
09. Starbark – (Dog) If you don’t feel well please tell me, I can’t afford to lose anymore of you.
08. JT – (Dog) Hoy! Ikaw ba ang nakabuntis kay chinky sa kapitbahay?
07. Raymond – (Dog) I hope your kids will be my kid’s pets.
06. No Name – (Dog) Anu’ng klase kang babae? Ang dami mong anak, iba-iba naman ang ama!
05. Purple – (Puppy) I don’t actually love you, I never have and I’m afraid I never will.
04. Pawpaw – (Dog) Are you your father’s son? Why can’t you produce puppies like him? Bakla ka ba?
03. No Name – (Cat) You see everything, please don’t tell my parents how many boys are going to my room. You can watch but please don’t tell.
02. Rambo – (Chicken) Ayusin mo nga yung upo mo, kita na yung itlog mo!
01. No Name – (Giraffe) Hey you! Here’s your neckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Tie!

10. No Name – (Dog) Scooby wag mong tahulan si Lulu! Bingi yan!
09. No Name – (Dog) Hoy kita na yang 10 boobs mo!
08. Jekjek – (Cat) Okay spill it! Where did you hide your poop this time?
07. Sienna Zumi – Wag ka ngang gala ng gala s kalye, baka mamaya nyan san ka pulutan este pulutin!
06. Tet – (Duck) What’s up duck?
05. Reptile – (Fighting Cock) You only have 2 choices, victory o kaldero!
04. GI Joe – (Camel) Hump-pasin kita dyan eh!
03. Enteng – (Dog) How does toilet water taste like?
02. Red – (Former pet python) Sana magkasama pa tayo kung hindi mo lang kinagat ang anak ni Chin-chin.
01. Cheatmate – (Dog) hey Dog! I like your style!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Music In My Head (2012)

by Jay Sean

"Ang musika ay parte ng araw-araw na pamumuhay natin. May iba sa atin na ginaganahan mag-aral kapag may music, ginaganahan kumain pag may music, etcetera etcetera... at kadalasan pag sobra nating pinapakinggan ang isang kanta, nagsa-stuck ito sa utak natin at yun na ang song for the day natin, minsan pa nga tumatagal ng ilang araw, isang linggo. At kahit yung pinaka-ayaw nating kanta ay nagsa-stuck din! Sa ngayon eto ang LSS Ko!"

Ohh ohh
It's alright, Oh It's alright
You know what they say
Life aint always easy and everyday
We're survivors
So forget the day
It's all about tonight act a fool and start a riot a-riot be rebel
Bottles poppin till we can't stand
We keep it rockin til 6 am
New York to London over to Japan

Turn it up... Turn It Up... Mash it up
We gonna party like
Party like, like it's the end of the world
We gonna party like, like it's 2012
You know that it doesn't matter as long as we got each other

Turn it up... Turn it up... Mash it up
It ain't the end of the world
Gonna live like it's the end of the world
Gonna party like
Turn it up... Turn it up... Mash it up
It ain't the end of the world

(Nicki Minaj) Similes, metaphors and we pop bills
Sick flow, inundated with the doc bills
Work hard, now we know how to top bills
In the middle of the street doing cartwheels

Lot of them try to do it but it's not real
Wasn't a rapper, then I could've got a pop deal
White curls in a hot-pink Hot Wheels
Lot of bottles and a lot of fruity cocktails

Uh, days of our lives
You wink it goes by
So we'll just get it with no Edison
Anything goes, so no time for closed minds

And free my Lil' Weezy
And let's just get right
Young money, cash money in the building
Let's go, the world ends tonight

(Jay Sean)Have a drink with me
And lets make tonight go down
In history... in history yeahh
Lets play make believe
It's the last 24 hours and this whole world is ours
Eternally, eternally

Bottles poppin til we can't stand
We keep it rockn til 6 am
New York to London over to Japan
Turn it up... Turn It Up... Mash it up
We gonna party like
Party like, like it's the end of the world
We gonna party like, like it's 2012
You know that it doesn't matter as long as we got each other
Turn it up... Turn it up... Mash it up
It ain't the end of the world

We got live like it's the end of the world
We gotta party like
Turn it up... Turn It Up... Mash it up
It aint the end of the world

No I not gonna follow
Anything that they say anymore
And it's never to late to start living
So let start it with here and right now
Party like like it's the end of the world
We gonna party like like it's 2012
You know that it doesn't matter as long as we got each other

Turn it up... Turn it up... mash it up
It ain't the end of the world
We gonna live like it's the end of the world
We gonna party like
Turn it up... Turn it up... Mash it up
It aint the end of the world... the world
Because the world keeps spinnin', the world keeps spinnin' around