Thursday, March 31, 2011

Villa Manaoag Resort, Bulacan

Summer Na! Wala pa kong plano kung saan, kailan at paano makakapag-summer outing! Last year March pa lang gumala na kami, ngayon malapit na ang April, bukas na yun! Pero nagmumukmok pa rin ako sa bahay! Batong-bato na! Binalikan ko na lang yung mga picture na na-save ko sa external memory, 3 years ago pa to, ang summer outing kasama ang mga tito at tita ko, mga pamangkin at ilang pinsan. Sana maulit to ngayong summer.

Last 2008 pa tong photos na to, sinipag ako mag crop-crap kaya ito kinalabasan. It was taken at Manaoag Resort located at Manaoag, Pandi Bulacan. Sikat tong lugar na to lalo na sa mga gustong mag-retreat.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Morning Rush 259 (Song “Sagutan”)

March 18, 2011 Episode – by Trifler No More

01. Apathetic – Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love” sagot: “Somewhere out there”
02. Driven – Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” sagot: “No Thanks”
03. My Jensai – Parokya Ni Edgar’s “Gising Na!” Sagot: Sugarfree’s “Tulog Na!”
04. Spy Shadow – Ketchup Boys’ “What Have I done To Deserve This” Sagot: Hotdo’s “Beh Boteh Nga!”
05. My Jensai – Greenday’s “Wake Me Up When September End” Sagot: Parokya’s “Gising Na”
06. My Jensai – Itchyworms’ “Ang Gusto Ko Lang Sa Buhay” Sagot: Travy Mcoy’s “Billionaire”
07. Mr.Perk – Train’s “Marry Me” Sagot: Jay Sean “2012”
08. Mr.Perk – Kathy Perry’s “Peacock” sagot: Kathy Pery’s “Firework”
09. Driven – Coldplay’s “lost” sagot: Philip Laru “Found”
10. Super Gelly – The Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” sagot: Depeche Mode’s “Somebody”
11. Coach Edrick – Jessica Simpson’s song lyric “I belong to me, I don’t belong to you…” sagot: John Mayer’s song lyrics “I don’t belong to anyone, nobody belong to me”
12. Sonkien – Gino Padilla’s “Closer You and I” sagot: “Killing Me Softly”
13. Brick The Man – Parokya Ni Edgar’s “Don’t Touch my birdie” sagot: “Blame it on the alcohol”
14. Mr.Perk – “F U” sagot: Victoria’s “Dahan Dahan”
15. Yosh Rey – Nathalie Cole’s “Miss You Like Crazy sagot: Craig David’s “Don’t love you no more”
16. May Averdine – Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” Sagot: Chico Garcia’s “Neck-neck Mo!”
17. Homer Singson –Kuh Ledesma’s “Dito Ba” sagot: JLo’s “On the floor”
18. MelC – Apo Hiking Society’s “Batang Bata Ka Pa” sagot: Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach”
19. Joti – Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Suppose To Live Without You” sagot: Apo Hiking Society’s “Ewan”
20. Stella Awesome – Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” sagot: Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone”
21. Miko Da Vinci – Kathy Perry’s “I Wanna See Your Peacock” sagot: Parokya Ni Edgar’s “Don’t Touch My Birdie”
22. Jeff Bok – Parokya Ni Edgar’s “Don’t Touch My Birdie” sagot: Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”
23. Mark Ryan – Justine Beiber’s “Baby” Sagot: Madison Avenue’s “Don’t Call Me Baby”
24. Super Gelly – “Sino Ang Baliw” sagot: Sharon Cuneta’s “Ikaw”
25. Enimsaj – Sandara Park’s “Ang Ganda Ko” sagot: Rachel Alejandro’s “Bulag Sa Katotohanan”
26. Mato and Rhea – Plain White Teeth’s “Hey There Delilah” sagot: The Thing Thing “That’s Not My Name”
27. Homer Singson – Rihanna’s “What’s My Name” sagot: Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”
28. Candy Cane – Kesha’s “Blah Blah Blah” sagot: Black Eyed Peas’ “Shut Up”
29. Ako Ay Si Robin – Ariel Rivera’s “Minsan Lang Kita Iiibigin” sagot: Basil Valdes’ “Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan”
30. Fabulous Cat – Bruno Mars’ “I Love You Just The Way You Are” sagot: Rihanna’s “I love the way you lie”
31. Red Riding Dude – Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” sagot: Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”
32. Jontour Walrus – Jennifer Hudson’s “And I’m Telling You” sagot: “Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin”
33. Coposhack – Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Suppose To Live Without You” sagot: Heart’s “Alone”
34. Homer Singson – “What’s Up” sagot: Taylor Swift’s “Mine”
35. Super Gelly – “Grenade” “Dynamite” “Fireworks” sagot: “All About Explosions”
36. Maximo – “Beer” by Ichyworms, “Shots” by LMFEO, “Laklak” by The Teeth and “Inuman Na’ by Parokya Ni Edgar sagot: “Alcohol”
37. Humdinger – Alicia Keys’ “How Come You Don’t Call Me” sagot: Lionel Richie’s “Hello”
38. Fersus – The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Move” sagot: Matchbox 20’s “Push”
39. No Name – Adam Lambert’s “What Do You Want From Me” sagot: Sandwich’s “Pera Pera”
40. Coposhack – Ogie Alcasid’s “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” sagot: Stereophonics’ “Traffic”
41. Red Riding Dude – Plain White Tees’ “1-2-3-4” sagot: Steps’ “5-6-7-8”
42. Darline – Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” Sagot: Linkin Park’s “Breaking the Habit” sagot again: Jessie Mcartney’s “It’s Over” sagot: Pink’s “Please Don’t Leave Me”
43. Gelmaites – Mike Francis’ “let me in” sagot: Salt and Pepper’s “Push It”
44. Marioh Caryo – BoyzIIMen’s “On Bended Knee” sagot: The Game’s “Swallow that Slug”
45. Ruth – Meredith Brookes’ “Bitch” sagot: Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”
46. Arvincent – Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open” sagot: The Calling’s “Could Be Any Harder”
47. Mr.Perk – Foo Fighter’s “Ever Long” sagot: Foreigner’s “Feels Like The First Time”
48. Luisa – Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” sagot: “Rehab”

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SaSa 7 (1st Birthday)

1st Birthday na ni SaSa!

Happy 1st Birthday to our baby, Sasa! Isang taon na ang baby namin. Actually, July 28, 2010 namin sya binili, 4 months old cute little puppy. Ang sabi sa amin ng may-ari March 28 daw pinanganak si SaSa. Dahil special ang birthday na to kay SaSa, pinagluto namin sya ni Nina ng paborito nyang ulam, kare-kare, hahaha adik yan sa buto, 6 na buto uubusin nya isang upuan, nakahiga man yan na akalain mo tulog na pero may buto palang pinapangas. At madalas magtago ng natitirang buto, pag sawa na sa ilalim na higaan nya, at babalikan pag nagutom ulit.

Yung isa ko namang kapatid, sinagot ang spagheti at ice cream, yung isa naman nagpa-siomai at coke, mahal na mahal nila si Sasa. Sabi ko nga hindi pa namin to tunay na anak, alagang aso pa lang minamahal na nila, paano pa kaya kung may anak na talaga kami, baka hindi mo na mayakap at laging nasa kanila. HAPPy 1st BIRTHDAY SASA! Daddy loves you so much!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Marathon 4

The Friday the 13th series has never been known to be anything more than a pretty cool looking horror icon (Jason Voorhees) and a series of inventive death sequences and gore FX....don't get me wrong I happen to think Jason is a pretty scary guy, but for some reason I feel he has never reached his potential on screen.

Even though none of these films are all that great, I do like Jason and most of the films are entertaining for what they are. I watched both the theatrical release and "killer cut" of the 2009 installment and found both to be disappointing only because I felt they could have brought the series to another level that the character deserves.

This is a slicker looking film and Jason is a bit faster, but it's pretty much the same old thing. This film is better than at least a couple of the Friday installments with some nice gratuitous gore and nudity even in this theatrical version!

As a fan of beauty & The Beast, and The Little Mermaid, I had high expectations for Disney's return to traditional animation. Suffice to say I was NOT disappointed. The Princess & The Frog is fun and magical from start to finish. Boy do I miss this style of animation. It creates a world and look you simply do not get in this age of CGI movies that seem to be churned out like candy on an assembly line these days. If you're a fan of Disney's more traditional musical animated movies. See this now.

Zodiac was a great movie if you come at it with the right expectation. It's sort of a dramatized documentary about the investigation of the Zodiac Killer. The events in the film stick pretty closely to what we know of the case. Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey do a great job as the lead actors. If you are at all interested in the case then give the movie a shot.

Just don't go in expecting a scripted action movie - this story ends like it did in reality.

So, if you are the kind of person who enjoys trashy and bloody films like the Jason or Freddy "epics," or if you cannot handle too much thinking while at the theatre, then this is not a movie for you. If you've enjoyed "smart" flicks like "Lost Highway," "Frailty," or "The Ring," then this is definitely for you. You will feel good about seeing this one, even though it portrays so many bad and ugly things about us as "humans."

This movie is as good as a sequel can get(dare I say it might have even been a little better that the original) First it have a fantastic opening sequence, it is fast paced , terrfying,and non stop trills, unlike the first film with started off too slow. You really get to feel for and believe the charaters in the movie, its just plain entertaining.

13 years after the events that Alice experienced, Alice is 19, and lives with her family. She is being pressured upon to accept an engagement from a man she doesn't like. So at the engagement party, after seeing the rabbit show her that she is very late for her important date, she runs to where the rabbit hole is and falls down it one more time. After struggles to shrink herself, she meets up with everyone she knows once again and is taken to The Mad Hatter, who reveals to her that The Red Queen is terrorizing wonderland once again. She must help The Mad Hatter and the white queen stop the Red Queen from eventually overtaking Wonderland before it's too late.

So in total, that isn't exactly the best plot for a sequel, is it? Well, I didn't think it was, but that didn't prevent me from really loving the movie. The visuals are very gorgeous like we see in the trailer. The CG is well rendered, and in short it looks gorgeous. As for performances, Alice was portrayed very well by Mia Wasikowska. She really did a great job, she really nailed the role big time. Bonham Carter was great as The Red Queen too- she really has come a long way as her role as the junkie Marla in Fight Club. Of course, Depp never fails to entertain, and Alice in Wonderland is proof- his wacky performance as The Mad Hatter is certainly enough to keep your attention. The only performance that wasn't exactly great was Crispin Glover as Knave of Hearts- that may be in part due to his character, but he wasn't bad in the movie, he did quite good. Just he wasn't one of the better performances.

I do have but two complaints- I thought the ending seemed really fanfic-ish, and the movie was slow in a few spots. And also, one more thing- if you're going to see it in 3D, it is really good. I definitely recommend it, as it is well used. That said, I really liked the movie and I can't really see why people are complaining. I guess people need SOMETHING to complain about. So guys, don't be a puppet of the critics, and DON'T let your expectations run away with you. See the movie and decide for yourself.

Oh, and someone please tell me where I can learn some of the hatter's funky dance moves.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Music In My Head (Always)

by Switchfoot
"Ang musika ay parte ng araw-araw na pamumuhay natin. May iba sa atin na ginaganahan mag-aral kapag may music, ginaganahan kumain pag may music, etcetera etcetera... at kadalasan pag sobra nating pinapakinggan ang isang kanta, nagsa-stuck ito sa utak natin at yun na ang song for the day natin, minsan pa nga tumatagal ng ilang araw, isang linggo. At kahit yung pinaka-ayaw nating kanta ay nagsa-stuck din! Sa ngayon eto ang LSS Ko!"

(Songwriters: Foreman, Jon)

This is the star, this is your heart
This is the day you were born
This is the sun, these are your lungs
This is the day you were born

And I am always, always, always yours
And I am always, always, always yours

These are the scars deep in your heart
This is the place you were born
And this is the hole where most of your soul comes ripping out
From the places you've been torn

And it is always, always, always yours
And I am always, I'm always, I'm always yours

Hallelujah, I'm caving in
Hallelujah, I'm in love again
Hallelujah, I'm a wretched man
Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance, yeah

And it is always, always, always yours
And I am always, I'm always, always yours
Always, always, I'm always yours, I'm yours
Always, always, I am always yours

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour is a universal message of hope and action to protect the one thing that unites us all – the planet. Together the actions add up. Join the world for Earth Hour 2011 by switching off your lights at 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March (Philippine Time) that's tonight! Share the positive action you will take for the planet beyond the hour.

Earth Hour calls on individuals, businesses, communities and governments to go beyond the hour by committing to a positive action for the planet and celebrating that commitment with the people of the world by switching off their lights for one designated hour.

From its inception as a single-city initiative – Sydney, Australia - in 2007, Earth Hour has grown into a global symbol of hope and movement for change. Earth Hour 2010 created history as the world’s largest ever voluntary action with people, businesses and governments in 128 countries across every continent coming together to celebrate an unambiguous commitment to the planet.

In 2011, Earth Hour’s iconic global ‘lights out’ event which has seen some of the world’s most recognized landmarks, including the Forbidden City, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Golden Gate Bridge, Table Mountain, Christ the Redeemer statue and Sydney Opera House switch off their lights, will again bring the world together in a global celebration of the one thing that unites us all – the planet.

Earth Hour 2011: 8.30pm, Saturday 26 March, celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world, and add more to your Earth Hour. Sign up to, switch off your lights for the hour, and share the positive actions you will sustain for earth beyond the hour.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Morning Rush 258 (Statements That Make You Go: “Arte Mo, Ogag!”)

March 17, 2011 Episode – by Chico

01. No Name – “Ayoko nang mabuhay….” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
02. Morticazer – I really hate it when you’re already seriously asking for certain information and then people are nagpapa-cute and they go, “Secreeett….” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
03. Super Gelly – my friend was in a relationship with a British boyfriend, when the British boyfriend broke up with her she was saying, “Why? Why are we breaking up?” His reason, “coz I’m too British and you’re too Filipino.” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
04. Shane – one time I invited a friend for a shopping, she said, “I can’t go shopping with you wehhh I have a pimple.” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
05. Wotwoot 03 – a friend once said, on other way somewhere, “I can’t, I can’t pass there nandyan ang crush ko…” I said, “E hindi ka nga kilala nyan eh.” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
06. Kid Bukid – the nephew actually told my sister, “Okay na ko mama wag mo na akong isipin, okay na ako maging mukhang kawawa dahil wala akong Ben10.”(Arte Mo, Ogag!)
07. Icknave – from a very thin friend, in near tear she goes, “Oh my god, I’m so fat!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
08. Spy Shadow – one time I heard a girl, “Hell I’m tisay I don’t eat tutong!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
09. Joti – “Sige lang wag mo kong isama, sino ba naman ako sa buhay mo? Girldfriend lang! girlfriend lang!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
10. Inaki – a friend said, “Waiter, can I have lemon and Worcestershire sauce for my tofu and pork?” (Kalamansi at toyu para sa tokwa’t babot) (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
11. Blitzkrieg – one time I saw a friend with a big frown on her friend, I go, “O bakit nakasimangot ka? Ngiti ka naman!” she goes, “Ayoko!” and I say, “Bakit?” and then she said, “Magka-crush ka pa sa akin.” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
12. Lock On Stratus – “Miss, anchovy and sherbet please!” in a carinderia, dilis and scramble. (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
13. Mel C – a girl on a jeep “Can you make para for me, I don’t know how eh!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
14. Mark Ryan – pasosyal girl on a jeep “Sher, sher, sher shandali lang, sher sher sa thabi lang!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
15. Humdinger – Cashier: “Ma’am the swipper couldn’t accept your credit card, here’s your card” Ma’am: “Eh pera na galling sa Feragamo wallet pwede?” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
16. Joti – On facebook, Girl: “I wab u boyfwen” Boy: “I wab u girlfwen” Girl: I wab u more” Boy: “I wab u most!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
17. Dark Moon Fairy – at the office, officemate: “O saan ka galing?” Me: “I took a damp” Officemate: “Eeeewww kadiri ka!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
18. Zero Ice – “I only eat tutong when it‘s flavored.” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
19. Spylantrophy – Officemate: “I’m starving…” Me: “Ang daming pagkain sa mesa pag hindi ka kumain?” Officemate: “I don’t eat with plastic utensils.” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
20. Mr. Perk – “Ahhhhhh I have such a problem…” and when you tell him he goes, “Sorry I can’t tell you…” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
21. Kwep – Friend:“Argggrhhh uahhh hahaha” Me: “O anu’ng nangyari bakit anu ba ang nangyari?” Friend: “Wala wala wala! I’m okay! I’m okay! (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
22. Brave Cave – In an expensive store, a friend goes, “Ow! you look at the price tag?” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
23. Pork Choppies – “Excuse me, why is your wifi cannot connect my 17” inch Apple macbook?” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
24. Sonkien – I’m cool enough to say that I had a nose-job, one time an Officemate saw me, she goes, “Hay kung mukha din lang fake, hindi ko na papagalaw nag ilong ko!” and then a couple of weeks later, I found out the same officemate has been emailing the doctor inquiring about the nose-job. (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
25. Maldito – I really hate it coz I work in the Eastwood Area, when you take a jeepney going to eastwood a lot of a time your co-passenger would be construction workers from the whiteplains, valle verde, green meadows area. I really here this from people going to Eastwood as if they want it to say “I’m not one of you guys, I’m going to eastwood because I have a nice job there…” and they go, “Manong, isa nga sa Citibeynk!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
26. Quep – I googled what the dilis is, and found out “Dilis is actually long-jawed anchovy” and I found myself talking to my computer, “Long-jawed long jawed, dilis lang eh, arte mo ogag!’ (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
27. Chez Ketron – I have a balikbayan friend who actually said this, “I’m sorry I no longer specks tagaylog!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
28. No Name – “Hurry friend, my driver is making potpot na…” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
29. Blitzkrieg – “if I don’t text you because I’m waiting for you to text me first, and If I push you away you better grab me and not letting me go…” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
30. Wonderboy – “Miss, miss excuse me, can I buy potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate” “Anu? Anu’ng kailangan mo?” “Uhmmm tawas pang jabar” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
31. Kendra – “Yak! I hate Filipino food” (pero may kalislis ng tuyo sa labi) (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
32. Chez Kitron – “Manong Taho, one wet venti, extra pearl and extra syrup, no wip” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
33. Joko Sherwin – “I don’t eat grapes unless boneless” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
34. Spylantrophy - “Manong... how much those orange colored quail eggs?” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
35. Spylantrophy – Macho Guy, “Do we only have meal break? Wala bang facial wash break?” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
36. Asnalar – I’m the type of person who doesn’t like food touching on the plate, for instance pancit and menudo, therefore I don’t like halo-halo kasi gusto ko hiwa-hiwalay, “Ang arte ko, Ogag!”
37. Mr. Lawn – On a jeep, “Driver…fare!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
38. Jay-el – “I don’t drink coffee unless it’s from starbrucks” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
39. Truman – when we were on a beach outing, when our gay supervisor saw a posit he goes, “Eww yuck Ursula” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
40. No Name – Girl 1: “I’m so hungry na…” Girl2: “Either do I” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
41. Artemius – “I miss my bed, I miss yaya, I miss my tidi ber!” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
42. Quep – “Grabe! so mahal the jean I saw on Hong Kong, 15,000! So kaya ngayon I only bought 2” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)
43. Sonkien - a girl crying “Huhuhuhu…(Stop, look in the mirror with tears in the eyes and start singing) I return to a land called Paraiso…” (Arte Mo, Ogag!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canton Moks

Nagpa-canton ako kahapon!

Yesterday was my father's 73rd birthday, so we decided, me and my loving wife, to cook for him. One of his favorite, Pancit Canton. Do you want to learn how to cook pancit canton ala Moks and Babba? Then here’s my personal recipe. I hope you find it easy to do and of course, delicious.

Pancit Canton Recipe Ingredients:
- 3/4 large head garlic minced
- 1 medium head onion minced
- 2-3 packs of 200 grams pancit canton noodles
- 1/4 kg pork, sliced to small pieces
- 6 tbsp of cooking oil
- 1/2 kg chopsuey mixed vegetables
- 2 small pack of Magic Sarap
- 1 pack of Squid Balls
- 1 pack of small-size kikiam
- 2-3 tbsp of soy sauce
- salt and pepper to taste

How To Cook Pancit Canton:
1. Saute pork fat, until the oil comes out. Then add garlic and onions.

2. Add the pork slices. Cook for 3 minutes.

3. When the pork is cooked, add the squidballs and kikiam (sliced).

4. When the kikiam and squidballs are cooked, add the mixed vegetables. Stir a few seconds.

5. Simmer for a minute, then add the 4 cups of chicken/pork stock, the the 2 small packs of magic sarap and soy sauce. Let everything simmer for another 5 minutes on low fire.

6. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add the pancit canton noodles.

7. Mix until the noodles absorb the sauce. Seve hot and enjoy.

Pwede rin kayo magsahog ng hipon, itlog ng pugo at crab stick, syempre mas lalong sasarap yan kung may kasamang kalamansi. Sino gustong magpacanton kay Moks? papatikimin ko kayo.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Morning Rush 257 (Reasons Why We Love Women)

Celebrating International Women's Day (March 08, 2011)

March 08, 2011 Episode – by Mr.Perk

01. Mavens – Because they’ve got everything in their handbag.
02. Tristanting – because they drive me nuts, and then they’re the one who keeps me under control when I do.
03. Yontypian – because she is both steel and cotton candy and everything in between.
04. Lock On Stratus – I love it when their words say NO, but their eyes say otherwise.
05. Homer Singson – in one word… boobies! Mainly because they are the source of sustenance.
06. Mr. Perk – we have to or else they get angry.
07. Bulanglang – it is better to be fear than love, pero sasabihin ko na lang na Love baka kasi magalit.
08. Paul Jeffrey – dahil meron silang PEK (Puso Emosyon Kalinga)
09. Marioh Caryo – women preempted the invention of the terabyte with their sharp memory and efficient recycle bin, especially when it comes to men’s mistakes.
10. Manoy Joe – I love women because it will be awkward if I went to a prom with another man.
11. Chefchefan – we love women mainly because the reason we all love our mothers.
12. Mojacko – they add the “wo” to man.
13. Manoy Joe – I love the way they tuck their hair behind their ears.
14. Mark Ryan – I love the way women fish for compliments even if you know and she know that you think she is the most beautiful women in the world.
15. Spy Shadow – because they are the manager in the “lost and found” section of every single household.
16. Glitch – when they’re hot as hell, they make you feel like you are in heaven.
17. Pinky’s Pop – because they love us men.
18. Vandro 101 – I love women in the fashion industry, what makes them incredible is that you can actually try to uglyfy them but they still come up gorgeous.
19. Rena – only women know how to really please women.
20. Shine – women are incredible and I love women because they are more perceptive when it comes to non-verbal messages.
21. No Name – women need 3 things to survive: Food, water and compliments.
22. Marioh Caryo – I love it when woman can appreciating another woman’s beauty without hating on her.
23. Egoy – I love the way the most timid girls scream the worst expletives if you’re doing things right.
24. Chem – she’ll promise you the Garden of Eden then she’ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding.
25. Chenochenochenoppi – I love women because without them we don’t have beauty pageant.
26. Vendro101 – the women have the power to make the angry man soft, and the soft man angry.
27. Doraemon – women know all our pressure points.
28. Blitzkrieg – women love to blow things out of proportion but only because they love you, and that’s make it really good.
29. Trifler No More – I love women, because without women there will be no gays, and without gays men would have no cell phone loads and new sneakers.
30. Artobluey – women ferry us from boyhood to manhood.
31. No Name – I love how girls pretend that it’s the guys who really have strong libidos.
32. No Name – I love women in general, because in general they smell better.
33. Kurbytuts – they nourished both my body and soul.
34. No Name – women are source of comfort in my life, “Ma, luto ka na, gutom na ko!”
35. Mr.Grumpy – I love women because when I need it, they supply me with kisspirin, yakapsul at biogesex.
36. Marioh Caryo – women are excellent when recognizing different shades of color, for example women know the exact shade of lipstick, for me red is red.
37. Si Angel – my wife helps push me to strive harder in life.
38. No Name – Einstein have a brain of a woman, that’s what they say.
39. Myra – I’m married, I live 31Km away from my mom’s house but I go there 3 times a week just to eat her cooking.
40. Eliapot – women are the wind beneath our wings.
41. Nomad – I love the curves in women especially the one in the right place.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project 365 (February 2011)

Akala ko January 2011 na ang highlight ng taong 2011, pero mali pala, unang buwan pa lang yan may 11 pa. Dinaig ng buwan ng Pebrero ang buwan ng Enero ngayon taon. Nagpapasikatan ba sila? Nagsimula ang buwan ng Pebrero sa controberyal na Garcia-AFP Anomalies, ang bargain plea hearing sa senado. Sumikat sa telebisyon si Heidi Mendoza, dapat ko syang i-clap clap! Si Col. Rabusa, si Ligot at ang ballroom dancing at bahay sa amerika na nabili ng kanyang misis. Ang nakakagulat na balita sa pagkamatay ni Gen Angelo Garcia. Buwan ng Pebrero din ipinagdiwang ang pagpapalit ng taon ng mga tsino, metal rabbit, taon ng mga playboy. Ang debate sa pagliligtas sa 3 pinoy na nahatulan ng bitay sa China sa kasong drug trafficking. Nagsimula na rin ang hearing para mapa-impeach si Mercedita Gutierrez. Nagsimula na ang bago na namang noontime show, ang Happy Yipee Yehey! at ang mga bagong channel, tulad ng GMA News TV at Aksyon TV.

Sa daming nangyari sa 28 araw lang ng buwan ng Pebrero, halos araw-araw may nangyayari, may nagaganap na balita saan mang panig ng mundo. Personal na tayo, share ko naman a inyo ang 28 araw ng buwan ng Pebrero ko.

DAY 032 (February 01, 2011). Watching this sad dog movie. Great movie for dog-lover.

DAY 033 (February 02, 2011). Chico's blog post which I suggested him to try. Thanks Chico for doing this.

DAY 034 (February 03, 2011). Inuman with my kumpare dito sa bahay.

DAY 035 (February 04, 2011). Experimenting chopsuey with friend pork, tinawag ko yang Moksuey!

DAY 036 (February 05, 2011). A new toy na uwi ng kapatid ko para kay Sasa, 1 minuto lang sira na. Lesson, wag bibili ng laruan si Sasa lalo na yung mga di-hangin.

DAY 037 (February 06, 2011). Screen shot. Weird crop ng farmville, Nacho Chips.

DAY 038 (February 07, 2011). Kudos to Sen. Jinggoy Estrada sa paggisa nya kay Ligot.

DAY 039 (February 08, 2011). Ang biglaang pagkamatay ni General Angelo Garcia. Pagpapakamatay sa lubhang pagdadamdam sa kaganapan sa senado.

DAY 040 (February 09, 2011). Birthday ng cutest kong pamangkin na si LemLEm.

DAY 041 (February 10, 2011). Inuman na naman sa bahay with our friends, tacio and yna.

DAY 042 (February 11, 2011). Maja blanca from tatay.

DAY 043 (February 12, 2011). Inuman night, just me and my babba while watching dvd.

DAY 044 (February 13, 2011). DVD night, The Last Airbender.

DAY 045 (February 14, 2011). Pancit guisado, birthday ni lolo (deceased). Valentine's Day din ngayon. Araw ng silent putukan. 

DAY 046 (February 15, 2011). Pasalubong galing Hongkong from our cousin Jillianne.

DAY 047 (February 16, 2011). Started playing SIMS 3 sa ipod touch. Subok lang

DAY 048 February 17, 2011). Bought Avatar book 1-3 cartoon series.

DAY 049 (February 18, 2011). Inuman na naman sa bahay with Tacio and Yna.

DAY 050 (February 19, 2011). My Google adsense PIN number.

DAY 051 (February 20, 2011). Inuman with Joe-I , tonton and Mabel. The night our inaanak Indy admitted in the hospital due to typhoid fever.

DAY 052 (February 21, 2011). DVD Night, The next three days.

DAY 053 (February 22, 2011). Pirmahan ng plano. Ang sideline ko noon, main source of income ko na ngayon.

DAY 054 (February 23, 2011). DVD Night, the green hornets back-to-back with Shaolin.

DAY 055 (February 24, 2011). Perspective drawing and design para sa convenience store and eatery ng kumpare ko.

DAY 056 (February 25, 2011). Revision ng plano. Try ang ibang kulay.

DAY 057 (February 26, 2011). DVD Night, Toy Story 3.

DAY 058 (February 27, 2011).Tita Laura's birthday.

DAY 059 (February 28, 2011). Watching The Oscar. Congrats sa mga nanalo.