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Survivor South Pacific (Episode 03)

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"Reap What You Sow"
Redemption Island Duel
The castaways would balance a wooden totem on top of a pole which they would have to keep upright by holding at the bottom of the pole. At regular intervals, the player would add an additional section to the bottom of the pole, making the pole longer and harder to balance. The last castaway still holding the totem up would win.

Reward/Immunity Challenge
A tribe member would race across a floating bridge carrying a bodyboard attached to a rope. The tribe member would grab a bag containing a banner that would form part of their tribe's flag. They would then ride the bodyboard back to shore as it was winched in by the four members of their tribe. Five bundles would need to be winched to the beach in this manner. Two tribe members would then use grappling hooks from the top of a wall to retrieve the five banners. Finally, the two tribe members would assemble the banners into their tribe's flag. The first tribe to have their flag completed would win.
Reward: Chocolate, cookies, coffee, powdered milk, tea, and sugar.

Day 6's tree mail announced the first Redemption Island Duel. The tribes were instructed to send two members to witness the duel; Upolu sent Coach and Stacey while Savaii sent Ozzy and Elyse. Before the duel started, Semhar recited more poetry to calm herself, but it did not help and she lost to Christine. On day 7 at Upolu, Brandon felt guilty about lying to his tribe during his push to vote out Mikayla. He finally told them the truth about his family, displayed his tattoos and apologized for continuing to lie to them. In private, Brandon and Mikayla discussed why he wanted to vote her out. After Brandon felt threatened by her demeanor, he gathered the rest of the tribe and told them all that he was very upset at Mikayla's approach, that she did not appear to have much of an alliance, and to keep him out of all tribal drama. Coach was concerned that Brandon's outburst would cause friction within the tribe and his alliance. At Savaii, Ozzy decided that he had to trust somebody with the knowledge of his Hidden Immunity Idol discovery and he decided upon telling Keith. Keith then told Whitney in order to gain her trust. The combined Reward/Immunity Challenge was won by Upolu when Coach did a phenomenal job with the grappling hook. Back at Savaii, Cochran and Papa Bear shared their fear that one of them would be going to Redemption Island after Tribal Council and that the other would go at the next Tribal Council. The rest of the tribe decided on voting out Papa Bear, but would tell him that they would be voting for Cochran. Ozzy told Cochran about the plan. When Jim and Ozzy told Papa Bear that Cochran was going home, Papa Bear knew they were lying and he went to search for the Hidden Immunity Idol as his last ditch play. Elyse and Jim followed him into the woods to watch him look for the idol. Not finding the idol, Papa Bear decided to create a fake one in order to bluff the tribe into thinking he had one. Papa Bear told Jim that he found the idol. Cochran saw through his bluff, but was still concerned that the tribe would shift the vote to him. At Tribal Council, the tribe voted to call Papa Bear's bluff and he was sent to Redemption Island by a vote of 6–1–1.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

NBC (Live Streaming)

Morning Rush 298 (Signs That You're OC)

September 09, 2011 Episode

10. Shyanne - my kumare iron peso bills.
09. Iyah - if the body part had touch, for example, the left hand, i had to touch the other pair.
08. Dennis Pinch - i write down on a piece of paper every transaction, every 2 peso i gave to the beggar. And every movie i saw i had to write it on a piece paper and log it alphabetically. Spy Shadow - i arrabged my cds alphabetically.
07. Inled - i have memorize all the numbers of step of every stairs in our building, and the last step should be step by my left foot.
06. Blair - i has to take a bath in the same order at the same time, shampoo, conditioner, soap, facial wash. If i do it the wrong way, i start all over again.
05. Arvincent - my wife former officenate has an excel file of all the clothes she wear everyday on her computer.
04. Supergelly - my son would only eat sliced cheese if i slice it into 8 pieces.
03. Luzlady - i have colorpens and i had to arrange it ROYGBIV.
02. Mayen - when i lock the car, i lock the car, i have to walk away a couple of step, then come back and then check if its lock.
01. Grace - I cannot watch tv unless the volume is divisible by 5.

10. Camuli - i will count my money 5 times at the counter before i gave it to the teller to deposit.
09. Kristoff - before leaving my room i check everything, starting at the door, clockwise.
08. Cocotastic - when i read a book i always read the last page first.
07. Jatmonreal - my friend cannot eat if the spoon and fork are not the same size and design.
06. CoachEdrick - i have to wipe the banana first to clean before i eat it.
05. Rye - i need a proper arrangement of my tabs in my computer. If i make a mistakes, i have to close all my tabs and reopen them.
04. Kenli Lamson - Rafael Nadal, he always put his drinks align to his chair and the label would be facing the court.
03. EJ Ramirez - the shower floor should be completely dry before taking shower.
02. No Name - i can only drink calamansi juice only if it has 3 calamansi seeds floating in it.
01. Candy Can - when shopping, has to be the 3rd row from the left, 4th item from the front.

10. HJPerer - wherever i may be i always wipe the mouth of the catsup bottle before using it.
09. ODH - my boss' trainor arrange the money by amount and per amount is arrange by serial number. And spend it in that order.
08. Finding Gemo - my officemate tape his keyboards to his table so that it doesn't move in place.
07. CocoHernandez - i always touch the plane before boarding.
06. MyJennalicious - marami akong baon sa bag, why? Coz I had to change my panty after I pee. And also i baon a tabo.
05. Eric Sanchez - i always have yo put my spoon and fork in 7:30 position.
04. RunMDRun - phone has to be on right pocket, lighter has to be on the left pocket, wallet on the right back pocket and hankerchief on the left back pocket.
03. MatamisAko - my friend cannot pee unless it's a completely silence.
02. MamaGoofster - i cannot function if there are open cabinet or drawer.
01. Jambakoi - i never sit, just squat, on a toilet seat even in my own house unless i'm taking a bath.

10. AkosiMB - bago pumasok ng bahay 3x kong pinapagpag ang paa ko.
09. Kaye - i have a male employee who take off all his clothes including his shoes and socks before doing no.2.
08. PurpleRouge - i cannot pay coin unless it is face up.
07. Chichingching - if i never wash the drinking glass myself i never drink in it.
06. PinkShrink - i  count the number of buhos when bathing according to the age.
05. Annie - everytine i wash my clothes, i rinse it twice and babad for 24 hours, then wash it again, then soaping
04. Monique - if a have a bag with 1 sling, it goes to my left sgoulder. If it has 2 slings it has to go on my right shoulder.
03. Blitskrieg/MrPerk - in my celphone phonebook, the contacts has to be in lowercase.
02. Pujicko - i make sure my cotton ball is a perfect ball before using it to clean my face.
01. TechieGirl - when i eat french fries, i dont eat the part that i touched.

Angry-birds-main-theme-song Mp3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ABC Network (live Streaming)

Morning Rush 297 (First Name or Last Name for Celebrity)

September 06, 2011 Episode (by A-Lex)

10. Astroboy - anu ang last name ni Beast? Quit.
09. CocoJacks - Anu last name ni Yoda? Lehihoo!
08. Twilight - anu ang last name ni Barbie? Nadal.
07. PaulIgnacius - Ano ang last name ni Punisher? Rano.
06. DennisPinch - ano ang last name ni Bo Derrick? Paulate.
05. Surge - ano ang last name ni Super Mario? Dumawal.
04. RaiRaiwashere - Ano ang last name ni Yoshi? Noya.
03. 2280 - Ano ang last name ni He-Man? Moreno.
2280 - Ano ang last name ni Pinocchio? Langot
03. Baloy - ano ang last name ni Samuel? Bee.
02. Abubot - ano ang last name ni Dora the Explorer? Aunor.
01. Astroboy - ano ang first name ni Nemo? Sarahgero.

10. Purpill - anu ang first name ni Volta? Johntra.
09. YoungIndy - Ano ang last name ni Beauty? Key.
08. PaintMeBlue - ano ang last name ni Oprah? Cabana.
Ano ang last anme ni Wally? Revillamie.
Ano ang last name nio Coby? Wankinobi
07. Surge - ano ang last name ni Paris? Gump
06. Oscar Dela Hopia - ano ang last name ni Rihanna? Bel Rama.
No Name - Anu ang first name ni Pichachu? Cherrie Pie.
No Name - Anu ang last name ni Denzel? Weta.
No Name - Ano ang last name ni Christopher? Min.
No Name - Ano ang first name ni Diether? Tirso Cruz
No Name - Ano ang last name ni Sisa? Mistreet.
No Name - Ano ang last name ni Ruffa? Rigno.
05. Romatius - ano ang first name ni Einstein? Frank.
04. IamBrent - ano ang last name ni Gina? Natuto.
IamBrent - Ano ang last name ni Angelina? Magdangal.
03. CocoHernandez - Ano ang last name ni TI? NG
CocoHernandez - Ano ang last name ni Dr.Pill? Invest.
CocoHernandez - Ano ang last name ni Pink? Cachu.
02. Ervick - ano ang first anme ni Janno? Eduman
01. PaulJeffrey/IamnotJohnLloyd - Anu ang first name ni Batman? Jonjon.

10. Anu ang first name ng Azkals? Cita.
PaulIgnatius/Chey/SilverBunny - anu ang last name ni Joseph? Fruit Gum.
PaulIgnatius - Anu ang first anme ni Mr.Bean? Avrila.
09. CoachEdrick - Anu ang last name ni Prince? Ster.
08. ChristianoReynaldo - Anu ang first name ni Dingdong? Zomba.
ChristianReynaldo - Anu ang first name ni Leviste? Asta.
07. Gin25 - ano ang first name ni Thor? Derek.
06. Jaywalker83 - ano ang last anme ni Popeye the sailor man? Toottoot!
05. Pongoloid - ano ang firtsname ni Pitt? Happy.
04. CutePasaway - anu last name ni Ali? Comambo.
03. YoungIndy - anu ang last name ni Jollibee? Kybelo.
02. Pawi17 - anu ang last name ni Paula Abdul? Jabar.
01. JayspatniGarma - anu ang last name ni Madam Auring? king king king.

10. Kian - anu ang last name ni Cherry Gil? Ton.
09. Alek - anu ang last name ni Doraemon? Lauchengco.
08. No Name - Anu ang last name ni Aga? Feeling.
07. Super - Anu ang first name ni Pio? C3.
 No Name - Anu ang last name ni Arthur? D2
 RunCharlieRun - anu ang last anme ni R2D2? NiGonzaga.
06. VerticallyChallenge - Anu ang last name ni Dagul? Denboy.
05. KenjiSy - anu ang last anme ni Eminem? OP
ThePabiliGuy - anu ang last name ni Richard Gere? Tierrez.
03. Kevin / Mojacko - Anu ang last name ni Palito? Lippi.
02. No Name - anu ang last name ni Chris Tiu? Fermin
01. Rafaelito - anu ang last anme ni Yoda? Man.

10. Alek - anu ang last name ni Chico? Wallet.
Alek - anu ang first name ni Kenny G? Janet.
09. DonJoseDavis - Anu ang last name ni Obiwan? Tamad.
08. No Name - anu ang last anme ni Obama? Nabolsnoman.
07. Android - anu ang last anme ni Tara Reed? Riding Hood.
06. Earl Dope - anu ang last anme ni Neyo? Zet.
05. CustorWinston - anu ang last name ni Tyrese? Pempengco.
04. Matamis Ako - Anu ang last anme ni Zsazsa? Zasuka
03. JayAmery - anu ang last name nung Centor? Rituna.
02. ACPajardo - anu ang first name ni Papa? Lab Ko to.
01. PinkPasta - Anu ang last name ni Yoda? One for Me Your The Ectasy.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Amazing Race 19 (Teams)

Sa wakas, may bago nang season ang The Amazing Race. Exciting to kasi 2 survivor all-star ang kasali dito, sina Jenna at Ethan. Sila ang bet ko ngayon. Madadagdagan na ang mapapanood ko dito sa Camp, iwas inip. Survivor at Amazing Race, mga show na mapaglilibanagn kong panoorin dito. Isama pa pala ang The Voice na kinaadikan ko sa ngayon. Sa monday na ang pilot episode ng TAR 19, september 26, Philippine Time.

Liz Canavan, 24, and Marie Canavan, 24 (twins)

Ron Zeitz, 44, and Bill Smith, 49 (domestic partners)

Ethan Zohn, 37, and Jenna Morasca, 30 (dating couple)

Andy Finch, 30, and Tommy Czeschin, 32 (friends/former Olympic snowboarders)

Bill, 63, and Cathi Alden, 62 (married couple)

Amani, 36, and Marcus Pollard, 39 (married couple)

Kaylani Paliotta, 33, and Lisa Tilley, 32 (friends)

Jeremy Cline, 35, and Sandy Draghi, 33 (dating couple)

Laurence, 48, and Zac Sunderland, 19 (father and son)

Justin Young, 31, and Jennifer Young, 30 (siblings)

Ernie Halvorsen, 29, and Cindy Chiang, 30 (engaged couple)

Soundtrack - The Amazing Race Mp3

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Morning Rush 296 (I Want My _____ Clean But My _____ Dirty)

August 04, 2011 Episode

10. Jopetso - I want my socks clean but my chucks dirty.
09. Justine - I want my body clean but thoughts dirty
08. Sparks - I want my front yard clean but my back dirty.
07. The Educator - I want my drinks clean but the conversation absolutely dirty.
06. Jojo - I want my lover clean but my sex life is dirty.
05. Coco - I want my food clean but my ice cream dirty (the dirty ice cream)
04. Furriririts - I want my colon be clean but my diet dirty.
03. Targrod - I want my heart clean but my basketball dirty.
02. Nino - I want my Facebook wall clean but my twitter timeline dirty.
Karla Tecson / Yontipian - I want my timeline clean but my private message folder dirty.
01. YoungIndy - Don't preach clean and act dirty.

10. AkosiRaiRai - I want my chatmates clean but the images they sent in dirty.
09. Ehemfahardz - I want my bird clean but my cage dirty.
08. Teacher Bryan - I want my conscience clean but my pleasure dirty.
Night77 - I want my bed sheet clean but my dream dirty.
07. EngrMoks - I want my desktop clean but my hard-drive dirty.
06. Targrod - I want my pecks clean and my tits dirty.
05. Oscar Dela Hopia - I may look clean but I what the way you look at me dirty.
Steven Soul - I look clean but my intentions are dirty.
04. PJ Solis - I want my cock clean for my dirty chicks.
03. IamCoriks - I want my car clean but the activity inside dirty.
02. AkosiMB/AllanAgrao - I want my inbox clean but my sent-box dirty.
01. Coco - I want my image squeaky clean but my secret dirty.
Coco - My intentions are clean but my moves are dirty.

10. Ian13 - I was born dirty but I wanna die clean.
09. Daddy's Boy - I want my credit card clean but my passport dirty.
08. Francis - I want my girls clean but my men dirty.
07. Jedi Master - I want my phone clean but my application dirty.
Jedi Master - I want my internet connection clean but my websites dirty.
06. Jonathan Garbo / Joti - I want my home to be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.
05. Steven Soul - When I see you all nice and clean, I want to do dirty things on you.
Steven Soul - When you do dirty things make sure you leave the place clean.
04. Levi - I went in clean, I went out dirty.
03. AkosiMB - I want my 6 clean but my 9 dirty.
02. Tialogy - I want my statuses clean but my profile picture dirty.
01. Don Kamote - Fooling around in the shower dirty and clean.

10. Purple Pupil - I want my stuff toys clean but my adult toys dirty.
09. Red World - I want my wedding clean but my wedding night dirty.
08. Tialogy - Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness, but Dirtiness is next to happiness.
07. Jetong - I want clean binocular but dirty neighbors.
06. Mr.Perk - I want to clean my dirty carpet with your face.
05. Coco - Let's cut the crap and come clean with our dirt intentions.
04. Markus - My intention is clean, your interpretation on what I said is dirty.
03. Homer Singson - when you told me, "Let's make a clean rest of thing," dirty ang naisip ko.
02. KenIsTheWay - Basta "election" dapat clean, if you change 1 letter dapat dirty.
01. DJ Gambit - I want my monitor clean but my keyboard dirty.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mixed Tape 7

"Another Used To Be" by Joe
2005. Kapag naririnig ko ang kantang to, naalala ko yung mga unang buwan namin ni Nina bilang magkasintahan, nauso kasi ang mga Quiet Storm Tracks na RNB noong time na yun at isa ito sa masarap pakinggan. Madalas kaming magsoundtrip ng mga kantong klaseng kanta,isang cd na rnb, kasabayan ng kanta ng South Border na Rainbow.

"Another Used To Be"
I brought you here so that i can express the things i've been thinkin
bout give me your ear.
cuz i don't normally do this so bare with me through this.
there are so many things that i
want to say. but let me start by saying this saying i thank you.
darling just because..

i used to love someone that i didn't like
we used to want to break up every other night. i
used to think realationships were a lot of stress
i used to think that pain was a part of happiness
now all that's changed since you've come my way,
but i don't want us to become another used to be.

I hope what i'm saying don't discourage you in any kind of way
cuz i do believe that you have
the potential to be everything i need
i hope that you can really understand that i would hate
to be with someone new, and tell them what i'm telling you.

i used to love someone that i didn't like
we used to want to break up every other night. i
used to think realationships were a lot of stress
i used to think that pain was a part of
happiness. now all that's changed since you've come my way,
but i don't want us to become another used to be.

cuz it would only be another waste of time,
another moment to be raised i would bout my
mind. another memory a part of history
I cant forget cuz it keeps haunting me
Now that your here is evidently clear,
but i don't ever have to have this worry again again

i used to love someone that i didn't like
we used to want to break up every other night
i used to think realationships were a lot of stress
i used to think pain was a part of happiness
now all that's changed since you've come my way,
but i don't want us to become another used to be

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Survivor South Pacific (Episode 02)

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"He Has Demons"
Reward/Immunity Challenge
 Four members from each tribe would unwind ribbons from a maypole to release a set of keys. One of the four would then use the keys to free four other tribemates. Those four tribemates would then push crates around a platform to clear the way for a large crate to pass under a pole. The entire tribe would then carry the large crate to a finish platform. The first tribe to have their large crate onto the finish platform would win.
Reward: Pillows, blankets, a hammock, and a mat.

On Redemption Island, Semhar recited poetry to comfort herself over feeling abandoned by her tribe. At Upolu, even though Coach already had an alliance, he formed a "needs to know" alliance with Edna. With lying in keeping his relation to Russell Hantz eating at him, Brandon revealed his secret to Coach and asked him to keep it to himself. Brandon gave his word that he would stick with Coach and their alliance. Christine found the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Brandon continued to project sinister and sordid motivations to Mikayla's simple camp activities and so felt uncomfortable around her, saying she reminded him of Parvati Shallow and that he planned to vote her out as soon as possible. At Savaii, Ozzy used his past Survivor experience, looked for things out of place and discovered the Hidden Immunity Idol. Jim put forth a "3 plus 2" alliance plan of himself, Keith, and Ozzy as a core alliance with Elyse and Whitney as the "plus 2". At the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, the men of Upolu blew a huge lead going into the crate stage of the challenge to let Savaii win the challenge. Back at camp, Coach was concerned about Christine having a Hidden Immunity Idol and suggested to his alliance that they flush the Idol by splitting their vote between Christine and Stacey with three votes for each. Brandon lobbied everybody to vote out Mikayla. Coach wanted his alliance to stick to his plan as he thought Mikayla was an asset at challenges and did not deserve to be voted out. Brandon lied to Coach and told him that Christine and Stacey would vote for Mikayla. At Tribal Council, Coach confronted Christine and Stacey about their votes. Christine and Stacey denied they had ever said they would vote for Mikayla. When they asked who Coach had heard that from, Coach refused to say until Brandon confessed to telling the two women to vote against Mikayla. When the vote came, the alliance of six followed Coach's plan and split their vote. Mikayla also voted against Christine and she was sent to Redemption Island by a vote of 4–3–1–1.

Morning Rush 295 (Titles for a Pornstar's Biography)

August 02, 2011 Episode (sent in by PaulJeffrey)

10. Teacher Bryan - The Chronicles of Hernia
09. YoungIndy - My Body was a Wonderland
08. KarlaTecson - All Sex, No Love
07. AkosiMB - Mr.Quickie
06. AllanAgrao - The Fella Show
05. Mr.Perk - Ang Malalagkit na Pahina ng Diary Ko
04. Engr.Moks - Luslos in Translation
03. Wolverine - Spurtickus
02. Tianroy - Veni Vidi Becky (I Came, I Saw, I'm Gay)
01. TechnoBlueprint - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Guys
TechnoBlueprint - The Porn Identity

10. Coco - Porn the Reply
09. Endymool - Cherry Poppin
08. TechnoBlueprint - Facial Attraction
07. YoungIndy - Ang Huling Ma-El Bimbo
06. Tianroy - Hairy Peter and His Chamber of Secrets
05. Esnolido - Snowhite and the 7 Sailors
04. Yontipian - 69th Sense
03. AkosiRaiRai - Petrang Kinabayo
02. Chris907 - Bata, Bata, Ganito Ka Ginawa!
01. IamCorik - Ang Bi-ag ng Pornstar

10. DJGambit - Inspect Her Gadget
09. YoungIndy - BoGLEE
08. Tianroy - Talong ang Lusting Love
07. KarlaTecson - Single White She-Male
06. Spark - I Love YouJizz the Way You Are
Spark - Noli Me Tangry Bird
05. Masterbaker - Key Keeper
Masterbaker - Vaigraphy and Bayography
04. Peticksologist - Eric Shawn's Last Stand
03. AllanAgrao - The Inconvenient Throat
02. Tianroy - Sumimid sa Phuket
01. PaulIgnatius - Pamburat Lapis

10. Kimosalen - Ang Nata ni Coco
09. Crayontown - Araw-gabi Kumakanta...
08. LoiPogi - The Hard Work: It's a Long Story
07. DonKamote - 28 Gays Later
06. AkosiRaiRai - Give Me Headlines
05. No Name - Han's Job
04. Craven - Nung Kami ay Magka-Tuta
03. AllanAgrao -  How I Met Our Daughter (H.I.M.O.D.)
02. Daniel - The Bicurious Case of Benjamin Button
Daniel - Ari Ko ang Mundo
01. Arvincent - Blue Jabs!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Morning Rush 294 (Flop Superhero Names for Pinoy Superheroes)

July 28, 2011 Episode (sent in by Paul Jeffrey)

10. AkosiRaiRai - Matabang superman, Super Suman
09. Ehemfahardz - Captain Philippines Game KNB?
08. AkoImOnins - Kapitan Tibo
07. AllanAgrao - Ang superhero na hindi bukal sa loob ang pagtulong: Plastic Man
06. Awantinagan - superhero na anemic, Kulang sa IronMan.
05. Tian26Jack - ang sperhero na gusto lang tumulong sa super pretty girl, SuperManiac
04. Anto/Homer Singson - superhero na galing sa HUKBALAHAP, The Incredible HUK.
03. AllanAgrao - Superhero na maliit lang ang chance mong tulungan ka, Super Lotto.
02. Chris907/ Wonderdog - Captain Dumbell, he only half the power of Captain Barbell.
01. DiviKingBed - the top superhero but eventually she got older, MatanDarna.

10. Mr.Perk - a gay superhero who really runs fast, BaklaRun.
09. Serbojem - Mighty T, meron syang martilyong sintigas ng adobe.
08. TheNomad - Pinoy Captain America, Tinyenteng Kabisote.
07. Coco - Super Ningas-Kugon at Kapitan Maniana, mamaya ka na nila tutulungan or tutulungan ka nila sa umpisa pero hindi tatapusin.
06. AllanAgrao/Mr.Perk - ang superhero na medyo confius, SuperMan2Man
05. CarlaTecson - Ang Manay, ang baklang Panday.
04. Otep - Superhero na galit sa Zombies, HalaMan
03. Tian26Jack - Superhero na kung magmahal ay forever, MagpakailanMan
02. Young Indy - JejeDyesabel, ang serenang jejemon
Pawi17 - Jejeman, ang superhero na jejemon.
01. Joti - Ilokanong superhero, Bagnetto.

10. TitserBryan - Superhero who makes banana fritters, THORon!
09. Oscar Dela Hopia - Ang superhero na panalo ang dalawang Peks, PeksMan
08. Edward - A gay spiderman, GagamBI
07. AkosiRaiRai - SuperCallBoy
06. YoungIndy - THOR-a-Care and Astring-O-Boy, kalaban ng mababaho ang hininga.
05. Mr.Perk - A gay version of Zorro, Zarra, ang kalaban ng mga baduy manamit.
04. Jayson - A hero from the Visayas, UnsaMan
Jayson/Mojacko - Pepeng Basa, kalaban ni Pepeng Kuryente
03. LockOnStratus - Superhero na musically incline, SuperNota
02. Young Indy - Superhero na matandang robot na pumapatol sa mga batang robot na walang load, Megatrona.
01. Debbysoria - a gay hunchback superhero, Kampanerang Chuva!

10. CoolFriend - Captain Gargle, para sa taong may badbreath
09. Zi - Superhero na may power beam na lumalabs sa kanyang finger, Ma-Finger-Z
08. PaulIgnatius - Ang pagong na naka-skimpy underwear na superhero, Thong Pagong
07. IamCorricks - ang superhero na sobrang hilig ng mga babae, CapTEN Inches
06. No Name - Ang superhero na ang power nakukuha sa Yakult, Yakulero
05. Capricot - a superhero who can swallow his enemy's hole, Mighty Mouth
CrazyLittleJazy - ang superhero na ang power ay asarin at inisin nag kanyang enemies, Mang Inasar
Pettickzoologist - a superhero na kundoktor, KunDoktor Dome.
Jeff - a superhero who doesn't afraid of his recitations and speeches, Super Oral.
No Name - A superhero who has a power who pushes it to the limit, Sagadzilla
DCM396 - Super KulangOT
04. Topher - A superhero na may deep penetration agent, Agent Hinaga Magkano
03. The Game - A transformer na kalbo, Bembol Bee
02. Jester Joey - 3 Superhero-in-One, Spiderman, Gambit and Logan of LOTR, Gagambitlogan.
01. Clint - A Ben10 superhero who can transform into 20 character, BENte

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Morning Rush 293 (Signs You're Too Nega)

July 27, 2011 Episode

10. TheWonderDog – Pag ang favorite character mo sa Transformers ay si Negatron.
09. TheWonderdog – If you’re suicidal, parang ayaw mo nbuhay.
08. Furyriritz – Cynical people surround negative people.  Neganess is contagious, after sometime of exposure people around them become nega themselves.
07. AkosiMB – lahat ng nakikita mong magkasintahan sa daan sinasabihan mo ng, “Hindi sila bagay!”
06. TheWonderDog – you keep reminiscing bad memories and even tell everyone how miserable your life is.
05. No Name - kapag sinasabi mong, "Wala namang mangyayari..." kapag sinasabhan kang mag-ayos ng sarli.
04. Mr.Perk - when you're use to saying "Asa ka pa!"
03. SuperPawy - when you think and feel that everyone around you  can do anything except hurt you.
02. Mr.Perk - mahihiya at maluluma ng mga dementor kapag tumabi sayo.
01. No Name - Pag pangit at galit ka sa magagandang tulad ko.

10. Mr.JR - pag send ka ng send ng sad at tragic story sa MMK at palagi kang nirereject.
09. Apathetic - when someone tells you that he love you, you automatically reply with "Yeah, but until when?"
08. YoungIndy - when somebody offers you food or gives you bonus for a job well done you say, "Ano to limos? I don't need charity!"
07.AllanAgrao - when you greet someone "Good Monring" tapos ang sagot nya, "Kelan?"
06. MamaZ - ang taong nega, ang lahat ng taong sa paningin nya ay kaaway, kapamilya man o kaibigan wala syang tiwala kaya mahirap syang tulungan.
05. Jonathan - pag sinisigaw mo ang sentence na "Goodbye cruel word"
Mr.Perk - if your motto is "life sucks!"
04. Cedric - when you enjoy when other people are as negative as you are.
03. ElaineAduka - If I think that I will never win the Nokia Cel no matter how many entries I sent.
02. Mangy17 - kapag naglalambing ang boygriend/girlfriend mo, ang respond mo "Weeeeh!"
01. Joti - kung ang lahat ng activity mo sa twitter ay puro pang-ookray sa twitter ng iba, kahit na hindi naman para sayo ang tweets nila.

10. Neilsky - if you hear him/her saying, "Hay naku hindi ako pwede masyadong masaya, baka mmaya umiyak ako dahil baka may mangyaring masama."
09. YoungIndy - if everytime na malalamangan ka ng iba ang laging sabi mo, "Okay lang mamamatay ka din."
08. Levi - kapag PAsko at kahit anu mang celebration ang lagi mong sabi, "Gastos lang yan!"
07. No Name - you're too nega when instead of being thankful when people are nice to you, you say, "ng plastik mo!"
06. MelC - if you sincerely believe that there are only 2 kinds of people in the world, the ones that is all want bad and the ones that is plastic.
05. YoungIndy - everytime if somebody give you something or need a favor from you, ang sagot mo, "Anu naman ang kapalit?"
04. EmoterangEwan - kapag binubura mo na sa phonebook mo ang number ng boyfriend/girlfriend mo, at pinupunit mo na ang mga pictures nya kapag hindi sya sumagot sa tawag mo o kapag hindi sya nagreply agad sa text mo.
03. Dru - in every single argument you get into with your boyfriend/girlfriend, the only solution you bring up is "maghiwalay na tayo!'
02. Jake - nega kayo if bridegrooms at bridemaids kayo in a wedding, tapos may pot kayo kung kelan maghihiwalay ang groom at bride.
01. Gracia - when you're disappointed you hate the world.

10. Joti - I have a friend na hindi nagbibigay ng tip, i ask her why and she told me, "trabaho nila yan e bakit ako magbibigay?"
09. No Name  - when your out lit of negativity is in form of an alter ego or an entity living inside you.
08. Idle Cloud - when you wake up in the morning and say, "Another day! Another dissapointed!"
07. Denise - when you see a beautiful girl na walang kapintasan, bigla mong maiisip na, "Siguro masama ang ugali nya o kaya hindi sya matalino."
06. HannaBanana - when people say positive thing about something, you always add, "Yeah...but..."
05. RonMojacko - when your favorite fast time is dishing other people.
04. AlphaTeraio151 - when you're only happy after payday, 5 days after payday you're grumpy, you lock yourself in your room and it is like that every month.
03. DieYouHippocrite - when someone says, "Absence make the heart go ponder" you actually translate the saying to mean that they want you to go away.
02. GorgeousBitch - when something bad happen to someone you actually say, "Buti nga sa kanya!"
01. Tubelet - whenever a team compete with another country, you always say, "Ayoko manood kasi matatalo lang naman tayo."

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Survivor South Pacific (Episode 01)

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"I Need Redemption"
Reward Challenge
Coach and Ozzy would represent their tribes by climbing a 12-foot (3.7 m) pole to retrieve a wooden turtle. They would then have to dig themselves under a log. Finally, they would solve a six-level Tower of Hanoi puzzle with the turtle as the top piece to win the challenge.
Reward: Taro and flint

Immunity Challenge
The tribes would race through an obstacle course of zigzagging pathways, through a web of strung up coconuts, and over a 10-foot (3.0 m) wall. One tribe member would then dig up a machete and use it to cut five ropes which would release a bin of coconuts. Three tribe members would then shoot the coconuts through a hoop into a net. When enough coconuts were shot into the net, their combined weight would raise a flag. The first tribe to raise their flag would win.

The sixteen new castaways rowed rafts ashore to the Redemption Island Arena to await the arrival of two mystery players by helicopter. Coach and Ozzy disembarked. To determine which tribes the two returnees would join, Jeff gave them each an egg with either blue or red paint inside. The two crushed their eggs, with Ozzy crushing it on his chest, to reveal that Coach joined Upolu and Ozzy joined Savaii. Coach's welcome to his tribe was cold, while Ozzy's was warm. John requested that Jeff call him by his last name, Cochran, in the vein of past castaways that Jeff really liked. Jeff explained that Redemption Island was in play and that a Reward Challenge would begin immediately between Coach and Ozzy representing their tribes. They both struggled with the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, requesting help from their tribes. Savaii's assistance was pivotal and Ozzy took the win. When Upolu arrived at their campsite, Coach tried to charm his tribe and overcome his cold greeting, while Christine went off to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Brandon struggled with a dangerous secret. He is Russell Hantz's nephew and has "Hantz" tattooed on his back and arm. Coach formed an alliance with Albert, Brandon, Rick, and Sophie. Over at Savaii, Mark asked to be called Papa Bear. On day 2, Dawn had a minor emotional breakdown, which concerned Papa Bear and Ozzy. The first Immunity Challenge was won by Upolu in a close match. In addition to Tribal Immunity, Upolu received flint and was told that a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol was hidden at their campsite. When Savaii returned to camp, Semhar and Jim had an argument about Semhar's effort and Jim's criticism at the Immunity Challenge. Most of the tribe wanted to vote out Semhar due to her failure at the coconut throwing stage of the challenge, for which she had volunteered. Ozzy suggested that the tribe consider voting out Cochran for being physically inept. Jim was suspicious about Ozzy's reasons for keeping Semhar in the game. Ozzy told Semhar that she needed to lobby the others in voting out Cochran. Jim told Cochran about Ozzy's suggestion and Cochran became paranoid that he would be voted out. At Tribal Council, the tribe debated if Semhar or Cochran was to remain in the tribe. When the vote came, the tribe decided against Semhar and she became the first resident of Redemption Island by a vote of 8–1.

Morning Rush 292 (Things To Say To Someone Who's Oily)

July 26, 2011 Episode

10. Lexian - Boss! pa-full tank nga!
09. Oscar Dela Hopia - Anak, pakikaskas mo nga yung mukha mo dito sa kawali, magpiprito lang ako ng ulam natin.
08. IamMawen - Nakaka-highblood ang mukha mo!
07. Xobeci - Buti na lang babyface ka, kasi puro puno ng baby oil ang face mo!
06. DJ Gambit - Hindi tayo bagay, tubig ako, langis ka!
05. Allan Agraw - Naku! mag-iingat ka ha baka pag-agawan ka ng Pilipinas at China ha!
04. AkosiRaiRai - Alam mo, ang bagay dyan sa mukha mo, itlog ko!
03. Jingsan - Uyy shining shimmering! but not splendid!
02. Kengkarot - Wow! shiny happy people!
01. Ehempahard - Uy! Miss, si Rihanna ka ba? kasi "...make you feel, coz you're the only girl in the world!"

10. EngrMoks - Sa Baguio: Pare mukha mo o! nagsesebo!
09. Kengkarot - Girl: "Can i touch your face?" Guy: "Yeah sure, you wanna fl how oft it is? Girl: " Hindi kasi ang dy na ng hands ko weh.
08. IamOnins - Miss, FYI hindi labag sa batas ang maghilamos!
07. AkosiRaiRai - Alam mo wag ka na magswimming sa Guimaras, kasi hindi pa sila nakakrecover sa Oilspil weh.
06. AllanAgraw - Dati big three, ngayon big 4 na! Shell, Chevron, Petron at IKAW!
Chris907 - No Smoking within 15-ft.
05. Abernathy - Uy meron ka nyang energizer headlight. ganda naman, ah huh? wala kang headlight? kintab lang yan ng noo mo?
04. Tianroy - Hindi ka lang virgin, extra virgin ka pa.
03. DonKamote - You're so oily, even your cit sliding off.
02. AkosiRaiRai - you eating oily food is the definition of redundant.
01. Driven - Alam mo tayo sa barkada, lahat lahat tayo ang ganda-ganda ng skin! "You are the oily exception..."

10. BewareOfThor - Ay! OFW ka pala? Oily Face Worker.
09. Hellgirl - Your sign should say, "Caution: Slippery when Slippery!"
08. FuryRitz - Miss, wag ka magpafoundation, nagpuputik eh!
07. No Name - Anu yang ginagamit mong facial wipe? balat ng litson?
06. AkoSiRaiRai - If you want to ask me out on a date, Press 1. If you want to be my boyfriend, Press 2. If you want to kiss me, Press Powder!
AkoSiRaiRai - Guy1: "Huh! hindi ko gusto dito, ang oily naman ng pagkain dito!" Guy2: "Look who's talking!"
05. Carl'sJr - Ay ang galing tingnan mo yung mga lamok nag-a-iceskating sa mukha mo.
04. Bebemiles -Alam mo yung face mo parang magazine, Glossy!
03. RC&Cess - A husband rubbing his wife's face. Wife: "Ay, ang lambing mo today!" Husband: "Hindi! Hindi ko lang matanggal yung singsing ko."
02. DJ Gambit - You're so oily, you use bacon as band-aid!
01. Football Zombie - Grabe ka kung makapintas ka kala mo hindi ka oily! I really hate this oilier than doubt attitude.

10. Mommyof3 - Ikaw ha.. hindi mo sinasabi sikat pala yung brother mo, si Bruce Lee! di ba ikaw si Oi?
09. Mojacko - artista ka ba? kasi it's your time to shine!
08. Sandre - Mam? change oil?
07. No Name - Hinahalikan pa lang kita tumataas na ang cholesterol ko!
06. FlabbiouslyGorgeous - To oily friend crying: "Tubig at langis..."
05. Carena - alam mo kung naging isda ka, tuna ka, tuna in oil.
AllanAgraw -you know what seeing your face really does my heart go, Omega3.
04. Anto - Girl1: "wow! looking at your face really reminds me of the movie with Bella." Girl: "Bella? from Twilight?" Girl1: "Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter."
03. RC&Cess - Girl1: "How does my face look?" Girl2: I don't know, all I see is my face.
02. Flabbiously Gorgeous - You give the term Taong Grasa a new meaning.
01. Merski - alam mo perfect kang ginisa eh, oily ka na, amoy bawang ka pa.

Credit to BLUERITZ for the podcast

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Survivor South Pacific (The Castaways)

Sa wakas may survivor na. Survivor fever na naman to. Edi ako na ang survivor adik! Hindi yung local version na ang masakit sa tenga ang host. US version to. Excited ako, lagi naman, tuwing may bagong season ang survivor, avid fan ako, at lahat ng episode sinusubaybayan ko, may mamiss man, idinadownload ko. September 14 ang airing nito sa US.

Wala pa akong idea kung anu ang dalawang tribo, at kung sino sino ang magkakagrupo. Exciting ito tulad ng season 22, kung saan may redemption island, ang alam ko meron din dito at magbabalik din ang 2 pang sikat na survivor star, Si coach at si Ozzy.

Keith Tollefson
Age: 26 Current Residence: Edina, Minn. Occupation: Water Treatment Tech

Elyse Umemoto
Age: 27 Current Residence: Las Vegas Occupation: Dance Team Manager

Albert Destrade
Age: 26 Current Residence: Plantation, Fla. Occupation: Baseball/Dating Coach

Brandon Hantz
Age: 19 Current Residence: Katy, Texas Occupation: Oil Tanker Crewman

Christine Shields Markoski
Age: 39 Current Residence: Merrick, N.Y. Occupation: Teacher

Jim Rice
Age: 35 Current Residence: Denver Occupation: Medical Marijuana Dispenser

Dawn Meehan
Age: 41 Current Residence: South Jordan, Utah Occupation: English Professor

John Cochran
Age: 24 Current Residence: Washington D.C. Occupation: Harvard Law Student

Edna Ma
Age: 35 Current Residence: Los Angeles Occupation: Anesthesiologist

Mark Caruso
Age: 48 Current Residence: Forest Hills, N.Y. Occupation: Retired NYPD Detective

Mikayla Wingle
Age: 22 Current Residence: Tampa, Fla. Occupation: Lingerie Football Player

Rick Nelson
Age: 51 Current Residence: Aurora, Utah Occupation: Rancher

Semhar Tadesse
Age: 24 Current Residence: Los Angeles Occupation: Spoken Word Artist

Sophie Clarke
Age: 22 Current Residence: Willsboro, N.Y. Occupation: Medical Student

Stacey Powell
Age: 44 Current Residence: Dallas Occupation: Mortician

Whitney Duncan
Age: 27 Current Residence: Nashville, Tenn. Occupation: Country Music Singer

At ang dalawang former survivor castaway na nagbalik, isang survivor star sa isang tribo. Si Ozzy, na galing sa Survivor Cook Island at nagbalik din sa Survivor Nicronesia. At si Coach, mula sa Survivor Tocantins at nagbalik din sa Survivor Heroes vs Villains. Team Ozzy ako.


Credit: All photos taken from
Survivor 20 - Heroes Vs. Villains (theme Song)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Animal Crackers

This is one of my favorite movie of all time, Armageddon. I’ve seen it about 10 times? I think. Walang sawa. At dahil sa maraming beses ko na tong napanood halos alam ko na ang sunod sunod na eksena, OA?! At ito ang favorite movie scene of all time.


Don't Wanna Close My Eyes I Don't Wanna Fall Asleep 'Coz I'd Miss You Baby And I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Harry: Know what I was thinkin'
Grace: What?
Harry: I, I really don't think that the animal cracker... qualifies as a cracker.
Grace: Why?
Harry: Well, 'cause it's sweet, which is an in suggest cookie. And when you put a cheese on something it's sorta the finer characteristic of what makes a cracker a cracker. I don't know why I thought of that, I just...
Grace: Baby, you have such sweet pillow Talk.
Harry: Ya got like a little animal cracker discovery channel thing. Watch the gazelle as he grazes through the open plains. Now look, as the cheetah approaches, watch as he stalks his prey now the gazell is a little spooked he could head north to the ample substance, to the 'Manless Peaks Above' or down south, the gazelle now faces man's most paralous question... North... or South... way down there... Tune in Next Week!
Grace: Baby, do you think it's possible that anyone else in this world is doing this very same thing at this very same moment?
Harry: I hope so, otherwise what the hell are we trying to say?

Don't Wanna Close My Eyes I Don't Wanna Fall Asleep 'Coz I'd Miss You Baby And I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing