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Game of Thrones E105 (The Wolf and the Lion)

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Robert and Ned have an argument over how they should deal with the advance of the Targaryen/Dothraki alliance. Catelyn and Tyrion arrive at her sister Lysa's home in the Eyrie. News of Tyrion's kidnapping reaches King's Landing where Jaime Lannister, the Queen's twin brother, demands answers from Ned. 



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The Morning Rush 688 (Rules On Friendship)

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August 25, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by Mark

10a. DrawRanger - no hitting on my brother or my sister kasi kilala kita.
10b. Patsky – no hitting on my boyfriend/girlfriend
10c. CherryPop – we will on everything except my man.
09. Beth / Emmanuel / Yan – walang talunan.
08a. TunaBelli - learn to listen sometimes we don’t need advise just a friendly ear.
08b. JohnLang – we you are asked to listen, don’t comment until you given the go signal to do so.
07. BlueHope – no free-loading please.
06. MethaleneBlue – if my fly is open or if I have a sticker on my back or if I have stain on my teeth o rif I have been acting really strange or if you think I annoyingly offended somebody or somebody’s telling nasty thing behind my back, for goodness sake tell me seriously we’ve been friends for years and you told all of our friends except me, what were you thinking? Yun lang di ko naman pine-personal.
05. TunaBelli – for Guy Friends: Kung ayaw sumabay sayo sa shower wag pilitin, baka hindi pa sya ready.
04a. Extinger - laging hating kapatid, so sa donut akin ang gilid, iyo ang gitna.
04b. Rinchan – pagdating sa pagkain walang kai-kaibigan.
03. Fredrick – don’t lend money you can’t afford to lose.
02. Twinkle – don’t take your friend’s successes against them.
01. Rica – in a barkada, don’t act like a leader, it’s a democracy.

10a. NoName – don’t ask for the number of the girl your friend is currently pursuing.
10b. NoName – when applying in jobs don’t go in pairs, one might end up very disappointed if one gets in and the other one is not, kanya kanya muna.
09. Bee – don’t be possessive you’re not my only friend.
08. GorgeousBitch – you’re a bestfriend not a mom, so stop acting like one.
07. Superman – listen when I talk so that I listen when you talk.
06. Facula – don’t correct me infront of other people, talk to me in private.
05. Ren – wag magdadala ng boyfriend o girlfriend sa gimik unless it was agreed upon in advance, we lost a friend kasi ayaw sa amin ng boyfriend nya.
04. RiaChan – get a room and stop using my apartment as a motel, especially my bed, it’s gross.
03. FatherMarkus – don’t think that money is not an issue especially if you have it and your friends don’t.
02a. Vestiol – regardless of how close you are never forget to respect your boundaries.
02b. Vestiol – don’t give up on your friends, if it‘s necessary back off first but still be there.
01. Gelmites – if you are a friend with a couple, one is cheating on the other, talk to the offender not the offendee. There is a thin line of saving a marriage and breaking it up faster.

10. WinnieThePooh – when you borrow something return it, it’s not conjugal.
09a. Fredrick – don’t beso me then spread rumors behind my back. You got nothing on me kumareng putik.
09b. Twiggy – true friends stab you in the front.
08. LoiPogi / SpyShadow / PinkyB – don’t tell even your closest friends the secret you cannot afford to come out, the worst blackmail courtesy of former friends.
07. Kirei – isa ang bestfriend kaya nga “best” eh.
06. FatherMarkus – there are times that your friend doesn’t want you around, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you anymore.
05. Christian – friends don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear.
04. GorgeousBitch – don’t expect your friend to like everything you like, except maybe listening to The Morning Rush, dun pwede mo silang brasuhin.
03. JediMaster – to my barkada, siguro naman pwedeng hindi pare-pareho tayo ng ringtone.
02a. Yan – don’t dump your friends just because you got into a relationship, because they will be the one you’re running to in case it turns out not good.
02b. Acer – when a member of a barkada gets married don’t pressure him to still live the carefree single life.
01a. Sayuri – don’t interfere with choices of the heart.
01b. Sayuri – never demand two things from a friend, time and money.
01c. Sayuri – friends can ask but not nag, can suggest but not command, can question but not judge, and they can mediate but not interfere.

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The Morning Rush 687 (Things You Will Never Say NO To)

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August 23, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10a. BashanSink – chocolates
10b. Extinger – Double Dutch ice cream kahit na on a diet ako, basta may sinerve na ice cream, go I can’t help it. Wag lang macapuno.
09. RichJohn – a night of clubbing, vodka and hot boys. BTW I’m a discreet gay.
08. BadBoyRMTND – I’ll never say no to the answers being whispered to me “Why the cadaver during gross anatomy practical exam?”
07. TunaBelli – my 9-year old daughter kapag naglalambing sometimes, she would insist na subuan ko sya specially when she’s sick.
06. ShyAnn – hmm let’s see… shopping, shopping and more shopping.
05. Raymond – chocolate raisins, I can eat a bucket in one movie screen, I want my deathbed meal to be chocolate.
04a. NoName – a date with Delamar. Just a friendly one.
04b. CobyKong – an opportunity to date Delamar aka DJ Lady Love to a romantic date.
04c. NoName – to pinch in a butt of DJ Adora aka DJ Lady Love.
03. NoName - leakages of board exam.
02. Vestiol – out-of-town or out-of-the-country work assignments. I get to be paid double. My regular salary, all-expenses pay, accommodation with meals, daily allowance per diem plus my work is focus on the purpose of the trip not too much multi-tasking.
01. Lindsey – an unexpected under the table hand holding from a suitor you so definitely like.

10. SquidBob – I’m a medical student and being one means studying all the time, I just can’t say no to my sons when he asked me to play with them.
09. BlairBitch – diamonds, it’s a girl’s bestfriend after all.
08. Pamolinawen – when my nursery pupil whispers “may I use the comfort room?” and she brings with her her grooming kit because it only means she wants to do her thing.
07. Palwaded – when my wife asked for a quickie after we wake up I just can’t say no.
06. LoiPogi – to a group shower with DJ Lady Love Delamar, Chico, Brad Turvey, isama na natin sina Chinggay at Rico Robles.
05. KongYatHung – getting married again with the wonderful man I married just 11 months ago and spending our honeymoon, my husband like to do it again.
04. BabyLee – I can’t say no to out-of-town especially if you’re going to the beach.
03. Acer – to an RX DJ, like a job in RX, jock whore or GMA reporter.
02. NoName – Frankie, the Chinese good-looking guy na 1 year ko ng like and of course a new Honda Civic.
01. Shinobi – to my husband who holds my hand even after an argument or a fight, holding his hand gives me security and comfort of unspoken love he has for me.

10. Patsky – to a job offer from an embassy, kahit Somalia pa yan basta embassy.
09. Acer – if Jennifer Aniston or Kate Beckinsale asks me out.
08. NecessaryEvil – to doing it with my wife, kasi pinakamasarap ang luto ng Diyos.
07. Pam – to a good pair of shoes.
06. Isha – we are all girls in the family, I wouldn’t say no if my father suddenly introduces to us a brother from another family we never knew he had.
05. MrsLaNina – to my son’s cooking whenever he comes home from Denmark, because he’s a chef there it’s like bringing Europe to our home.
04. Acer – to spending a day of jamming with Paul McCartney in London, I wouldn’t prefer John Lennon but that means I have to die.
03a. LoiPogi – to a sampaguita vendor along Ayala or Makati Avenue who tells you “Sir bili na po kayo pambili lang po ng pagkain para sa mga kapatid ko.”
03b. MrsPiggy – to a patient with acne, beside a puss struggling to get out of angry pimple, it’s just too much to bear kahit na tao sa sidewalk pinapakialaman ko, never mind if there’s no fee.
02a. Joey – to the question “Any one for seconds?”
02b. Sayuri – to a Mango 70% sale pati Zara.
01. Jen – to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas offer for a job.

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The Morning Rush 686 (Answers to the Question “Can I Have Another Chance?”)

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August 22, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by DeadPoet

10. NoName – “Hmmm… o sige matuto ka lang mag-toothbrush pwede na tayo.”
09. Nathalie – “Sige, go ahead, gimik ka na, basta next year hindi na ako magpapaaral sayo.”
08. Boseros – “Ayoko na. Alam mo namang kasalanan yung ginawa natin eh.”
07. Kites – “You had your chance. Nothing you say now interests me.”
06. SpyShadow – “O sige na nga. Basta sa susunod wag mo ng lalabhan ang boxer ko, hangga’t suot ko pa.”
05a. Blitzen – “If you did it once, you can do it again.”
05b. GorgeousBitch – “Para ano? Para saktan mo ulit? No way Jose!”
04. Acer – “Sure! Basta hindi na kayo lilipat ulit!”
03. Inaki – “Second chance! Second chance! Parang hinalikan mo ako in public!”
02. TunaBelli – “Sige pero bagong bayad na yun.”
01. Kites – “No thanks I’m trying to win myself from unnecessary pain in my life.”

10. Topacio – “I wish I could but you yourself taught me that I shouldn’t.”
09. Shielapot – “With me you’ll always have another chance.”
08a. Vestiol – “Answer that yourself first, honestly you think you deserve another chance.”
08b. ChuvaCatdoll – “Answer me first, ilang chances pa ba ang kakailanganin mo bago ka matuto?”
07. PinoyBradPitt – “Sige na nga, basta wala ng kagatan ah.”
06. JediMaster - “Hay naku Bruno kahit iba-ibahin mo pa yang ayos mo at suot mo mukha ka pa ring lalaki.”
05. Sizzling – “honey naman, nakaka-apat na tayo hindi ka pa ba pagod?”
04. Acer – “Chance? Chance ba o chancing?”
03. Joeshred – “Sure, hands down and bend over.”
02. Fredrick – “Another chance, that would be boobies without nips nips, completely pointless.”
01. GorgeousBitch – “Sure, show me your annulment papers and I’ll show you my another chance.”

10. NoName – “Nope touch move dude.”
09a. Obidaya – “Tama na may asawa ka na eh.”
09b. LoiPogi – “Basta ba hindi malalaman ni misis why not.”
08. ShyAnn – “Hay naku itigil na natin to, tama ang hinala ko eh mukha na lang ang nagagalit sayo.”
07. Renzy – “You know what, the more chances I gave you the more nababawasan ang tiwala ko sayo. Ano? Ubusan ba to?”
06. Mommy – “Sure, basta next time na you do it again puputulin ko na yan.”
05. LoiPogi – “Look! You can have my body but you can never have my heart again.”
04. Isha – “No more please, one more nose job and you would not have anything to blow anymore.”
03. GorgeousBitch – “Wag! corruption of minors yan.”
02. Shasha – “My heart says yes but as much as I love you giving you another chance is not the right thing to do.”
01. Stan – “If you giving you another chance will solve things then yes with all my heart. Unfortunately it won’t.”

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The Morning Rush 685 (Ways to Complete the Statement “I’m a ___ with the ___”)

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August 01, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10. Twilight – I’m a magnet of a wrong man with a specialty on separated men.
09. SailorTilapia – I’m a change smoker with weak lungs.
08. TunaBelli - I’m a buff man with a prominent bulge.
07. Mine – I’m a halo-halo with ice cream on top, in short I’m special.
06. Acer – I’m a clown with a big frown beneath this mask.
05. CobyKong – I’m an appealing guy with a responsibility to make as many women happy as possible.
04a. Stacey – I’m a blue baby with an IQ of 150.
04b. Tatiana – I’m a hot chick with a big brain.
03. YourHighness – I’m an amateur with a taste for pros.
02. FightingMaroon – I’m a sexually confused man with a totally hot girlfriend.
01a. PinkyB – I’m a very loving wife with a very lousy marriage.
01b. MommyJo – I’m just a housewife with a talent to drive my husband crazy with just a kiss even after 8 years of being married.

10. LilToy – I’m a girl with a friend who loves my true love and I’m the reason why they are together now.
09. Luis – I’m a loose cannon with a loaded gun.
08. ShyAnn – I’m a very understanding daughter-in-law with a very annoying mother-in-law.
07. NoName – I’m a doctor with a dream to be a pop idol.
06a. Rondrake – I’m a man of steel with a cape, a captor and a crown.
06b. ArchieD – I’m a dude with big boobs.
05. VinceRafael – I’m a married bisexual man with 2 daughters and a wife who understand my problem, my tantrums and sometimes my infidelity.
04. SailorTilapia – I’m a girl with 40D boobs and aching back.
03. GracyLouFreebush – I’m an innocent ingĂ©nue with a thing for pierced, tattooed and totally hot woman.
02a. Fredrick – I’m a nosey person with a sinus problem.
02b. Fredrick – I’m a good judge of character with a string of bad boyfriends.
01a. CigaretteGirl – I’m a dream girlfriend with no boyfriend.
01b. Sawyer – I’m a goddess with no one to worship me.

10. IronEagle – I’m a soldier with a rifle and a gun, one for shooting and the other’s for fun.
09. Chemist – I’m a license chemist with a pathetic clerical job.
08. Acer – I’m a pest-control professional with a huge phobia with rats and mice, I just don’t tell people for the sake of my business but roaches I can hold them in my bare hands.
07. Isah – I’m a commitment phob (?) with 3 exboyfriends who either had a girlfriend, or a wife, not to mention a kid in every picture.
06. Tonk – I’m a rich bitch with a familiar itch.
05. WentWorthMileage – I’m a true friend with a back-stabbing mouth.
04a. Bigandsmall – I’m a womanizer trap in a woman’s body.
04b. Agie – I’m a cute bisexual male with a female bestfriend whom I promise to marry by age 35 if we were both single at the time.
03. Biyudo53 – I’m still a two-rounder old man with my hot reyna ng palasyo.
02. NoName – I’m a woman with a guy who considers me his option while I consider him a priority.
01. Pen – I’m an optimist with a pessimism for optimism.

The Morning Rush 684 (Ways To Finish The Sentence “I Wish I Could Change…”)

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July 12, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10. Yen – I wish I could change the fact that he left me and love someone else.
09. JediMaster - I wish I could change my work habit specially procrastination that way I can get a lot of work done in the office and at home.
08. Dainty - I wish I could change my face and body to become young again to do everything I didn’t do before.
07. TunaBelli - I wish I could change Yaya’s skimpy outfit when she does the laundry, I’m concern she might catch cold or worst pneumonia.
06. KidBukid - I wish I could change the year I’m in, let say back to my childhood years late 60’s up to the mid 70’s where all I used to do is play, eat and be married.
05a. ProfessorReySalsa - I wish I could change the government’s deception of the people, the corruption, their lack of conscience and greed for power, everything is about money.
05b. Atoy - I wish I could change the Philippines from a corrupt country into one of Asia’s best.
05c. Skitso - I wish I could change the government system I witness a lot of graft and corruption, if the government revenues will use solely for the Filipino people mayaman na siguro ang Pilipinas.
04. MataderongIlonggo - I wish I could change the geography of the Philippines, I wish the Philippines were a huge chunk of island and not an archipelago so I can always visit my family, they’re in Iloilo and I’m here living independently.
03. CoachKamote - I wish I could change myself so my wife won’t leave me.
02. JoannaDeaf - I wish I could change stones to coins.
01. CobyKong - I wish I could change her underwear myself.

10a. EngrOlive - I wish I could change the course I took, I wish I could have taken nursing more opportunities abroad sayang.
10b. NoName - I wish I could change the credit card policy, pay whenever you can without the late charges and other charges.
10c. Bakekang - I wish I could change the day I signed up for my 4 credit cards, grrrr I really can’t save money because I have to pay for credit card bills. O r may be if I could only change my being an impulsive buyer.
09. Ginger - I wish I could change the preference of the ultimate love of my life so he is with me instead of him.
08. TheDriller - I wish I could change her or my religion, she’s a Christian and I’m Catholic, I think she’s perfect for me.
07. YoungIndy - I wish I could change time, sana mas mahaba ang oras from Monday to Friday kasi parang kulang na ang oras mo after work, parang ang dami mo pang dapat gawin at masarap magkaroon ng 8-hour sleep.
06. Fredrick - I wish I could change my last name to Pitt, Reeves or Bloom.
05. Chloe - I wish I could change the one person’s heart to love me instead of him being blindly in love with somebody else who doesn’t even seen her at all.
04. GrapeSoda - I wish I could change my bestfriend and her family’s mind, they are immigrating to New Zealand.
03a. Paul - I wish I could change the Filipino drivers attitude toward traffic lights; these are not mere suggestion you know.
03b. CoolPinay - I wish I could change the ways of driving here in the Philippines, pag Red Stop hindi Go and please stay in your lane.
02. Calpitech - I wish I could change my singing voice kasi kapag kumakanta ako kaboses ko daw si Gary… Gary Lising.
01. CallCenterGuy - I wish I could change the day when my girlfriend and I fought at her office lobby, now even if I beg on my knees she doesn’t believe me anymore because of the humiliation that I made her go through, it keeps on repeating in her mind.

10. Mister – I wish I could change the way people think of me, I wish people will remember me for the good things and not get stuck on the negative aspect that they have the positive as well.
09. IPodNano – I wish I could change my surname to Ayala, Lopez, Leviste or Zobel para mas may dating.
08. Sayuri - I wish I could change our weather, make it like in Japan or Korea with white Christmas and all where I could wear my winter clothes.
07. NoName - I wish I could change my sexual orientation, I’m gay but I want to be straight, I’m tired of the discrimination and I can’t have my own family.
06a. RideyRich - I wish I could change my nationality and be from a first-world country so there’s no hassle of securing a Visa.
06b. Atoy - I wish I could change na wala ng TNT na Pinoy sa America para wag ng mahigpit sa US tourist Visa dito sa atin.
05. NoName - I wish I could change my relationship with my dad, before we were so close but not after he hit me.
04. McDenzel - I wish I could change human courtship, the man will dance the Macarena and if she dances Macarena also it means yes. But if it’s another step means no.
03. Kulay - I wish I could change the color of the pink urinals by the MMDA, makes me feel gay everytime I use it.
02. SadBubbles - I wish I could change my past, I regret loving my two ex’s because they wrecked my life, now I’m 26 and I’m still single because I’m too scared to fall in love again.
01.  DoctorGreen - I wish I could change the course I choose when I took the UPCAT, now I’m a 3rd year intern student I’m not happy but I want my parents to be proud of me.

Survivor Philippines (Episode 14)

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Episode 14: "Million Dollar Question"
Reward Challenge: The castaways would run an obstacle course of a balance beam, over a wooden pyramid, a bamboo thicket, a second balance beam, and up a wood ramp to collect three puzzle bags. The castaways would then use the puzzle pieces to assemble a puzzle. The first castaway to finish the puzzle would win.

Reward: An advantage at the final Immunity Challenge.

Immunity Challenge: A long wooden dowell rod, about one and a half inches in diameter, was cut into different sized segments. On the center segment a notch has been cut on which rests a metal ball. The castaways would have to hold up the segments by squeezing them between two handles. After five minutes, the contestants were allowed to set the cylinders down and a new round started with two additional segments. After the cylinder was nine segments long, the final round would last as long as the castaways held out. The castaway who held up their segments the longest without allowing the ball to drop from the center segment would win.

Day 37's tree mail announced an unexpected Reward Challenge. The challenge was closely contested, with Malcolm edging out Denise. Jeff gave a sealed note with details of the challenge advantage to Malcolm to be opened at the Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Denise asked Malcolm if he was willing to commit with her to forcing a tie vote between herself and Lisa at the next Tribal Council, but he hesitated in committing to the deal. This made Denise suspicious of Malcolm's loyalty and forced her to strike a deal with Lisa and Michael to vote out Malcolm. Day 38's tree mail announced the traditional journey honoring the castaways voted out before heading to the final Immunity Challenge. Malcolm's sealed note stated that he would be given a mulligan in the challenge. If he were to drop the ball, he would be allowed to replace the ball and resume the challenge. Malcolm quickly used up his second chance when he dropped his ball during the three segment stage. With Malcolm using his second chance, all the castaways reset to redo the three segment stage. Malcolm struggled after the reset and dropped the ball for a second time. With just 30 seconds to go, Denise dropped her ball, leaving Lisa and Michael to fight it out. The two made through the five segment stage and to the seven segment stage, where Lisa finally dropped her ball, giving Michael the win. Back at camp, both Malcolm and Denise made their pitch to Michael and Lisa to keep them in the game. At Tribal Council, the two alliances of Lisa/Michael and Denise/Malcolm and who could win the game were discussed. In the end, Michael and Lisa chose to keep Denise in the game, sending Malcolm to the jury by a vote of 3–1.

Denise, Lisa, and Michael enjoyed the traditional day 39 breakfast. Before the three headed to the final Tribal Council, they set their shelter ablaze. At the final Tribal Council, the three made their opening statements to the jury. The jury made their statements to the three and questioned the three about their game play. Artis took his statement to attack the three for betraying alliances. Carter asked Michael why he voted him out. Pete questioned Lisa over her perceived betrayal of the former Tandang members. He questioned Denise about why she played a better game than Lisa or Michael. RC questioned Michael about his role in her being sent to the jury. Malcolm also questioned Denise about why she played a better game than the other two. Jeff asked Michael if he was a person who made things happen, watched things happened, or wonder what just happened. He then asked Lisa to give him examples of her not playing in the middle and being assertive. Abi-Maria asked all three why they deserved her vote. Jonathan spent his time attacking the final three and revealing Lisa's past as a television star to the jury. When the final vote came, the jury decided that Denise was the Sole Survivor by a vote of 6–1–1.

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The Morning Rush 683 (Strangest Things You Are Allergic To)

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July 03, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10. NoName – I’m allergic to the aroma of coffee, even the the smell of someone eating coffee candy beside me, and I live on the second floor dorm if somebody is making coffee on the ground floor I could smell it.
09. TunaBelli – I’m allergic to my former supervisor’s nips nips they always protrude in the morning especially when it’s chilly.
08. Oreo02 – my dad is severely allergic to ants, one bite can kill him.
07. BashanSink – my mom is actually allergic to the sun, believe it or not due to a wrongly prescribe medicine when she was young.
06. SweetStitch – I am allergic to me ex-husband, everytime he passes by the office I know for a fact 100% he loan a money on me.
05. YourHighness – my wife’s hair especially when it touches my nose when we’re lying down together in bed.
04. Hazel – I’m allergic to MMDA enforcer infront of LaSalle Greenhills, they make my life miserable.
03. NoName – I’m allergic to newspapers, paper money, any old paper even old books.
02a. BlairBitch – I’m allergic to alcohol but they say exposing the body to the allergen builds immunity cells.
02b. Looney – I’m allergic to beer.
02c. Inaki – I know someone who gets severe hiccups whenever she smells beer.
01. Ukichiyu – before I’ve always love munching on yellow lemons, one day the grocer only had green lemons, so I bought ‘em, I ate ‘em and I ended up in a hospital with a severe allergic attack.

10. Gboy – the doctor told me I’m allergic to mites, dog hair and horse hair, I was told to avoid them but I can’t coz I’m a vet.
09. RedFlamingDog – I’m allergic to longsleeves, I got hives on my arms.
08. Raymond – I’m allergic to messy computer screen, believe it or not, I arrange people’s computer desktop in the office when they are not looking.
07. Bikay – anything that crawls except my boyfriend.
06. Ina – weight-gain drinks that contain steroid, I actually drunk some before to gain some weight my body went numb for 9 hours, and when I bought up to the doctor he said the allergic reaction was so intense I had a minor stroke.
05. Isha – I’m allergic to the sea, so I bought swimsuit and taking pictures of myself in my room so I don’t feel so deprive.
04. Zenzen – I’m allergic sa mga makukulit na born again na lagi kang pinipilit na sumanib sa kanila kundi pupunta ka raw ng impierno.
03. GracyLouFreebush – I’m a QA Analyst and I’m so allergic to high and mighty call center agents who flaunt their so-called skill, I crinch whenever I hear of them speak.
02a. NoName – my son is severely allergic to pava beans, whenever he eats it his RBC drop and need a blood transfusion.
02b. PurpleAddict – I know someone who’s allergic to beans, if he eats something like halo-halo with beans he gets sad.
01. PurpleAddict – my 8-year old cousin eats broccoli and carrots for recess because he’s level 6 allergic to peanuts and milk, if you touch peanut or milk even if you wipe it with your hand and touch him he will get an attack.

10. MisterBig – dapat lagi akong naka-tuck-in when I’m wearing maong, if not my waist gets a swelling around the waist area.
09. NoName – anything that touches my neck gives me an allergy, necklaces, turtle-neck shirt, even my husband’s kisses.
08. Iderf – a certain type of wind or breeze causes me to have huge patches of red all over my body.
07. Via – I’m allergic to fried chicken but only when it’s raining, so I stop eating when it starts cloudy.
06. DLite – fake jewelry. I can only wear 24K gold or else my skin breaks into wound.
05. Kit – I get allergy every time I shave.
04a. Acer – I’m allergic to calamansi.
04b. Cimex – cinnamon and lycees. One time I passed by Cinnamon roll store I fainted.
03a. Mariel – I’m allergic to ripe mangoes and ripe papayas but not the unripe ones.
03b. Jen – seafood. I get hives everywhere in my body but the strange thing is when it comes to sardines ang namamaga lang nguso ko and nothing else.
02. GothicZen – change in weather, I have wind burn lips and I can actually tell a few m inutes before it rain because of my lips, I’ve always thought I was a mutant.
01a. MovieANgel – my exboyfriend’s kiss, every time I kiss him I feel an itch.
01b. Kiala – my boyfriend’s lips, my lips swell after we kiss, it never happen with any of my other boyfriends.

The Morning Rush 682 (Falling In Line Moments)

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December 07, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10. NoName – we were lining up in the same place that I lined up when we realized Gretchen Barreto was lining in front of us, she’s a goddess.
09. KulangSaTulog – I held my breath from the beginning of the line ‘til I got to the counter of a fastfood chain because the woman infront of me smell like tut!
08. Raymond – I was at the US airport lining up for immigration when I got so stress because I was pulled from the line for a thorough questioning.
07. Nikita – on my date with my ex boyfriend we were in line at a box office buying movie tickets and then he said, “O could you get me some softdrinks and popcorn?” so I started walking away from the line and what I didn’t realized was that he hooked the chain to my jeans, so started walking away everything just fell.
06. NoName – my sister was in line for movie snacks when a woman went straight to the counter, so she bitchily told the person next to her, “hmm hindi sya makapaghintay ano?” the girl replied, “Mom ko sya ano?” It turns out that the mom wanted to see what was available.
05. TripTrap – after an hour of lining up at ATM when it was finally my turn it goes offline.
04. LoiPogi – at the registration, I was the last in line, nobody’s behind me, but then this guy come up to me and goes “ikaw ba yung last sa pila?” I got annoyed so I said, “Hindi, ako ang una sa pila ng buhay.”
03. KidBukid – I was in line at school for registration when this pretty freshman was last in line, she look so lost so what I did was I pretended to know her, so I called her and we started talking and before everyone knew what was happening she was in line. Because of that she became my first college girlfriend.
02. TunaBelli – my wife and I were lined up in the grocery line, then about 2 lines away there was a woman also in line started shouting to my wife, she goes, “ang kapal ng mukha mo! Mas maganda ako sayo!” after awhile a man approached the woman and calm her down, eventually the woman calmed down, the husband went to us and apologize and said that she’s suffering from clinical depression.
01. NoName – I was in Bread Talk and there was a German couple behind me talking in German, of course they have no idea that I understood German. They keep talking criticizing the country, the Filipinos, how slow the service was, and me for cutting in the line, because apparently, a side story, they were both approaching the line more a less the same time but I, well atleast on my head got there first, so there was no cutting but for them I cut the line. After that, I waited for them outside then I stood infront of them and said in fluent German using a very sweet tone, “First I didn’t cut into the line, I got there first. And second, I take a bath every day; you should give that a try biatch!”

10. TunaBelli – I was in a very famous fastfood and who should I see? The Chico and Delamar, but Chico mistook me for Bungi na Lesbian.
09. AgawDilim – I was in line and then there is this guy, out of nowhere, started cutting in line, so I was so furious that I walked up to him and said, “Excuse me, alam nyo ba ang ibig sabihin ng fall in line? Ibig sabihin nun malaglag ka sa linya!” sabay talikod and walk away of shame.
08. Huhu – whenever my friend and I were falling in line in a fastfood we always split ourselves and going to different line, whoever get to the front first order the foods. It was so crowded that day that when we were both in the front of the line we were trying to tell each other like “okay I’m here!” but we couldn’t see each other because of all the people so ended up buying 2 sets of meals.
07. SpyShadow – while in line in a fastfood in Doha, I found a fifty dollar bill stacked under my shoe. I ended up treating the others.
06. GorgeousBitch – the stoplight was red, I was in my car stop there then suddenly I noticed right next to me was a car driven by a cute foreigner, suddenly as I was looking at him he’s looking back at me and we have a moment, and then the light turn green he drove away from my life.
05. CobyKong – I was in the airport and I was suddenly pulled out of the line, I was so nervous, and it turned out I was randomly chosen to be upgraded for business class.
04. Blanch – I was in a grocery line and there was a girl infront of me and 2 foreigners ladies and then another girl, the girl infront of me told the cashier “Unahin mo yung isa, sumingit lang yung dalawa” it was true, to support the claim I told the 2 foreigner women behind me “Excuse me, she was in ahead of you” the cashier ignored the girl and the 2 women ignored me, so nothing happen, the 2 foreigners women still went ahead, the cashier didn’t support the girl infront of me, so I just told the girl infront of me “We did the right thing” and she said, “thank you.”
03. Salmonella – I was falling in line in this bicho-bicho stall, the girl infront of me said, “isa ngang sugar-coated na bicho-bicho pero walang asukal.”
02. Joeshred – this happen when I was in line for LOTR premiere, I was 8th in line and I really want there early early early to make sure that I was front, but then the person infront of me started letting friends into the line one by one and I counted from 8th I became 50th.
01. Bandit68 – In a car, I was in line to pay the toll in Alabang when suddenly a huge tire out of nowhere crashed into my car and it bounce flew 10-feet into the air and then crashed into another car, it turned out it came off a speeding bus.

10a. YourHighness – I was going to get my circumcision at V.Luna and I was 10th in line, all 9 boys chickened out and I ended up getting sliced and diced first.
10b. V53 – the whole barkada was supposed to be circumcised at the same time, everybody got except me because I chickened out, the whole entire year they keep teasing me calling me supot.
09. Tonks – I was at the grocery line with my 3-year old niece, I said “okay we’re putting everything on the counter” when we put everything already on the counter, the niece started to try to lift the cart onto the counter.
08. IshyWishy – we were in line for a Drive-thru of a certain fastfood when suddenly a taxi very recklessly drove over the gutter just to be able to cut infront of us, we thought he was desperately hungry, it turns out he was being chased by a police car and found a perfect hiding place.
07. Serve – I was lined up for a FX when this woman cut in line and then sat down, I stood right infront of her, refused to move and shut her a  murder’s look and said “sa paanong paraan mo gusto kitang pababain?” Eventually she went down and said she was really in a hurry, and then I said “sino ba ang hinde? Hindi excuse yun.”
06. Ralph – we were in line at the UP Theater and there was this very feeling girl who was trying to catch the attention of 2 guys in the line, facing them she started singing and dancing ”Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” as she was dancing she slipped and knocked down all the people behind her.
05a. MrsCrap – I was standing in line inside of the bank, I was pregnant then, I’ve been standing for 45 minutes, when I got near I saw why it’s taking so long, two bank tellers were chitchatting about Koreanovela. I took to them asking if they could hurry up coz my feet are hurting already, one of the two bank tellers look at me stood up and stop the transaction and went to the cr. I was furious, I talk to the bank manager after and she just smirk at me, she said she has no special favors for pregnant woman, I told her I wasn’t asking for special favor, I’m just asking you to do your job. Everyone just ignored me.
05b. Bernard – I use crouches and the barker will always pull me out of the line and put me infront, believe it or not people will grumble and get angry but the barker have to tell them that it is a law.
04a. ParisLover – we just got back from business trip in Paris, my husband and I were waiting in a line for our turn in a very very very famous fastfood shop in Paris, we were choosing what to order talking in tagalog and having learn that the most French people feel offended when you talk to them in English, I told the Asian guy at the counter in my memorize French “????????” and the server went “Filipino?” “Yes!” “Ako din! ano order nyo?” It was that he gave us 2 free sundaes courtesy of him and I felt so proud to be a Filipino and I really love those who take care of their kapwa Pinoys abroad.
04b. Piatot – I was in Cagayan De Oro and I don’t know a single Cebuano, I went o a neighborhood sari-sari store to buy some candies and when the tinder said “Pila” I look around and said, “wala naman eh” it turns out “pila” means “how many.”
04c. Piatot – Also in Cagayan De Oro, in a mall, done with my shopping I lined up at the cashier, she asked me “pikas?” and then I said “Yes” thinking that she was asking me If I will pay in cash, my friend pulled me aside and went to another counter because pikas means “sa kabila”
03. Flip – we were in heavy traffic in Katipunan and the car infront of us throw a plastic bag pull of corncobs on the road. Furious, I went down and handed the bag back to them and said, “Mam, I believe you dropped something.”
02. HappyBanker – I was lined up to fill up a coupon for a very famous coffee shop planner, the lady infront of me offered her purchases, it turn out it worth 12 stickers. Talk about the spirit of Christmas, I think she’s a Santa Claus in disguise.
01a. NoName - I was on my way to the hospital where a patient had an emergency, when suddenly a tricycle cutted me in my line and hit my car, the driver scratch his head and said “Nagmamadali lang po” I said “Sino ba ang hindi? Ikaw pag nahuli 10 pesos lang ang mawawala, ako buhay ng tao.”
01b. Just – I was lined up at the phonebooth at the hospital and my heart broke many times over listening to lady infront of me crying on the phone saying “Papabayaan ko na lang mamatay si Jun kasi wala na talaga akong pera pampa-opera.” 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Game of Thrones E104 (Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things)

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Ned searches for clues to the unexplained death of Jon Arryn (the former King's Hand), and in the process uncovers King Robert's illegitimate son. Robert and his guests witness a tournament honoring Ned. Jon takes measures to protect Samwell Tarly, an awkward and friendless boy, from the abuse of the Night's Watchmen; a frustrated Viserys clashes with his newly-empowered sister; Sansa dreams of life as a queen, while Arya envisions a far different future. Catelyn rallies her father's allies to make a point, while Tyrion finds himself caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.



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The Morning Rush 681 (Celebrities You Want To Make A Come Back)

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January 30, 2007 Episode
Topic Suggested by LoiPogi

10. TripTrap – The Alvarez Siblings: Gio, Guila and Luigi
09. Arjuna – JC Bonnin
08. Benny – Gabby Concepcion
07. Archangel – Tom Babauta
06. Alex – The Universal Motion Dancers
05. KidBukid – Lotis Key and Hilda Coronel
04. Archangel – Rudolf Yatkinchay
03. Marilou – Dean Cain
02. NoName – the Spice Girls
01. LoiPogi – The CAA Nature’s Touch Twin Michael and Anthony of Kwarto o Kahon

10a. RonJeremyJr / Jaji – Nanette Medved
10b. RonJeremyJr – Dang Cecilio / Lyka Ugarte
09a. NoName – Ronel Victor
09b. TunaBeli – Fatima and Mon Alvir, Benedict Aquino
08. GorgeousBitch – Curt Cameron
07. Serene – Keno
06a. TripTrap – Chuckie Drayfus and Toni Braxton
06b. NoName / Dencio – LA Lopez
05. RickyCruz – Lilet
04. HotAirBalooney – Amanda Page
03a. NoName – Michelle Andana and Anjanette Abayari
03b. Joeshred – Caselyn Francisco
03c. NoName – Gino Padilla
03d. NoName – The Gel Boys
02. Specialist – Lady Dianne
01. McDenzel – Cecille Garucho of Tele-Aralan and Susan Calo-Medina of Travel Time

10. NoName – Matthew Mendoza
09. LoiPogi – Tony Daya
08. Molder – Tita Maggie
07. Alek – The Dancers: Octoarts Dancers, Dyna Dancers, The Wea Group, The Wea Twin
06a. KC / Miguel / IPodNano / JoeyTribianni – Jamie Gachitorena
05. Cookie – Red Steinberg
04. NoName – Tom Lupton
03a. LoiPogi – Bong Dimayakyak and Cher Valdez
03b. Greg – Shintaro Valdez
02a. Michelle - Albert Albert
02b. Harner Brothers
01. NoName - Mildred Ortega: Her one moment in time is when she was eaten by a higanteng palaka

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Survivor Philippines (Episode 13)

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Episode 13: "Gouge My Eyes Out"
Reward Challenge: The castaways would race up and over a slide and run into the ocean to retrieve two bundles of rings. Once the bundles were retrieved, they would toss five rings onto pegs. The first to toss all five rings to the pegs would win.

Reward: A helicopter ride to a boat which would take them to see a whale shark along with pizza and soft drinks.

Immunity Challenge: The castaways would use two planks to cross a rope bridge while collecting two puzzle pieces along the way. If a survivor falls, they would have start the rope bridge part over. Once across, they would use the two pieces to complete a labyrinth maze. The first castaway to complete the labyrinth maze would win.

Abi-Maria continued her bluff about having another Hidden Immunity Idol and talked to Lisa about voting out Denise. At the Reward Challenge, Michael took the win and selected Malcolm and Lisa to accompany him on the reward. While on the reward, Malcolm proposed to Lisa and Michael that they go to the final three together. The two agreed, though Lisa kept her options open about making a different alliance. On the morning of day 36, Denise woke up with severe pain on the left side of her neck which she surmised was from a bite. However, she managed to work through the pain to be competitive in the Immunity Challenge. Despite being the only one to fall off the rope ladder stage of the Immunity Challenge, Malcolm came from far behind during the puzzle assembly stage to take his second Individual Immunity in a row. Back at camp, Abi-Maria talked to Michael about voting out Denise. Afterwards, Michael and Lisa discussed their options of keeping Abi-Maria in the game. Lisa wanted to take Abi-Maria to the final three as she figured that Abi-Maria would not win, but Lisa also wanted to keep Denise around so that the remaining three would have a chance at beating Malcolm in the final Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, Abi-Maria continued to pitch to Lisa and Michael that she was their best hope to take to the final three as she couldn't win. But when the vote came, Michael and Lisa stuck to their alliance with Denise and Malcolm and Abi-Maria was sent to the jury by a vote of 4–1.

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The Morning Rush 680 (Bad Titles For A Sexy Film)

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January 19, 2007 Episode
Topic Suggested by LoiPogi

10. UnregisteredBomb – Umaga na ng hinugot… ang kurdon ng plantsa.
09. AraGirl – Pinoy Version of Borat “BORAT”
08. JohnLang – Tikman Mo Ang Malagkit Kong Biko
07. Greg / TunaBeli – Amoy Melon, Melon Amoy
06. Inaki – Wet Market Sexcapades: Sir, Fresh Tilapia Po!
05a. SpongeAnn – Nang Ma-comatose si Manoy
05b. Amigo – Nang si Elmo Naging Si El Filibusterismo
04. GemGum – Tasahan Mo Ang Lapis Ko
03. Memeboy – Nang Tumambok ang Pag-ibig ni Edilyn
02. Jomay – Ang Alat ng Torta Mo
01. Jom / JoeShred / DoctorEvil – Ang Tikoy Matigas Na

10. Specialist – Mainit Pa ang Gatas ni Lukas
09a. Sundowner – Ikasa Mo, Ipuputok Ko
09b. SinigangNaBangus – Itutok Mo Pero Wag Mong Ipuputok
08. Merlow – Ang Kati ng Higad Mo
07. Inaki – Ahahaha Ahitin Mo… at Lagyan ng Polbo
06a. Lafey – Nang Nawala ang Ibon, Nalungkot ang Pugad
06b. KateMold – Nang Dapuan ng Pipit ang Pugad ni Elmer
05. PuffDaddy – Hawak Mo Ang Kinabukasan Mo sa Iyong Mga Kamay
04a. JoeShred – Magic Kabute: Liliit, Lalaki
04b. JoeShred – Espadahan: Ang Dwelo ni Dante at Boigard
03. Bugoy – Bubudburan Ko ng Niyog ang mainit mong Pichi-pichi
02. SinigangNaBangus – Wag Kang Lalabas Kung Galit Ka Pa
01. YoungIndy – Pasalat ng Peklat

10a. PinkyB – Makipot Ang landas ni Eba
10b. Dempsey – Gising na si Adan
09a. MiriamKiambeng – Ang Pipit na Maliit Hindi Nakakaakit
09b. JC – Ang Long Talong Dumadagundong
09c. KayeDash – Kapag Gabi Bumubuka ang Kabibe
09d. Specialist – Kikiam Yumyum
08. McDenzel – Lawayan Mo baka Mausog
07. HisHeirness – Kapag Malaki ang SUgat, Malaki Din ang PEKlat
06. HisHeirness – Wag Mong Ibabad, Isawsaw Mo Lang
05. SinigangNaBangus – Damang-dama Ko ang Galit Mo
04. Joeshred – Ibagsak mo dito ang itlog Mo: Pateros, Egg Capital of the Philippines
03a. KateMold – Nang Tumapon ang Nata ni Cocoy
03b. NoName – Nang Binuklat ang Aklat ni Sabel
02a. LoiPogi / JediMaster – Wag Mong Kamayin Baka Mapanis
02b. LoiPogi – Ulo Pa Lang Ulam Na
02c. LoiPogi - Napagod ang Bunganga sa laki ng Tilapia
01. Ion - Pag Iyong Hinimas Genie ay Lalabas

The Morning Rush 679 (Signs That It Is Time To Breakup With Someone)

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January 12, 2007 Episode
Topic Suggested by TripTrap

10a. Sayoshi – pag nagtext ka sa kanya at sumagot sya ng “HU U?”
10b. TripTrap – if she doesn’t text or call you anymore and her alibi are always “La na me load” and we you do send her load their reply “thanks… sleep na me.”
09. SpyShadow – kapag sinisingil ka na nya uli.
08. DragonRider – pag nakita mong wala na yung bato sa engagement ring na binigay mo.
07. Tensai – if your husband starts asking you “hon, asan na yung eyelash curler natin?”
06. ChinaGirl – if he has been promising to leave his wife for 10 years now.
05. ShyAnn – if he only comes around twice a month, the 15th and the 30th.
04. PinkyB – if the lying which used to happen once in a while has become a habit.
03. LoiPogi – when her hotter sister finally gives in to your flirtatious.
02. Rodel – pag yung dating sexy na kalmot sa likod mo ngayon dumudugo na.
01. Acer – when an ex haunts the relationship inescapably.

10. NorthEast – if you can’t imagine him as the father of your kids.
09. BlueComet – Kung lagi ka nyang tinatanong “Hon, kakayanin mo ba kung mawawala ako?”
08. Stoic – if it becomes less painful to be alone.
07. TripTrap – if you decide to play hide and seek tapos pagtago mo imbes na hanapin ka umuwi na sya.
06. SinigangNaBangus – on our first Valentine’s Date the waitress gave us one menu and said, “share na lang kayo para sweet” and my ex replied, “we pass that.”
05. Tensai – if she wants you to act more girly.
04. Topaz – if there are no marriage plan ever discuss because all his hard-earned money goes to siblings for college.
03a. ShyAnn – if he gets a tattoo on his bicep and the design is a heart with a name at the center “Gabriel”
03b. Jaji – if your boyfriend says stuff like “Alam mo kung naging babae ako type na type ko yang si aga.”
02. PinkyB – if he says stuff like “sobra ka naman, once a year ko lang naman makalimutan ang anniversary natin ah.”
01. LanceaLot – if you wake up and you catch her pressing a pillow on your face.

10. Gambit – pag lagi nyang sinasabi na “Di ba if you love somebody you set them free?”
09. KidBukid – if he says stuff like “I don’t know what I would do without you, tara try natin sa Monday.”
08. Clever – after a week of not seeing each other he says he’s too tired to meet up with me only to find out later that he stays out with friends until 6am.
07a. Acer – if you find out that she’s a pro after all this year, kaya pala araw lang kayo nagdi-date.
07b. Acer / LoiPogi – if you check out their friendster and under sex it says “open-minded” and under status it says “it’s complicated”
06a. Freeverse – if after being intimate your husband takenly goes “Pare Paabot ng yosi”
06b. Joeshred – if he recites the vowels in monotone and after rolls over to sleep.
06c. Cobykong – if during your intimate moments you’re imagining somebody else.
05. Ginger – my boyfriend once told me “anu kaya kung bestfriend na lang kita, wala pa kasi akong bestfriend na babae.”
04. LoiPogi – if he says stuff like “ang firm talaga ng abs ng kuya mo.”
03. NoName – after such a long time of not seeing each other I text my boyfriend, “Kelan ba tayo magkikita?” and his answer, “bakit anu’ng meron?”
02. NoName – if a friend said he just broke up with his girlfriend and your boyfriend goes, “Buti ka pa.”
01. NoName – when you are “hanging on” to a relationship, because according to my uncle he once said, “you should never hanging on love, you should be riding on it.”