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The Morning Rush 667 (Signs That A Loved one Is Evil)

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November 17, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by

10. KuyaBob – when you get Barok he/she laughs at you.
09. PinkyB – my ex who has a very weak backbone and who does all the taking when it should be give and take.
08. PowerMokong – pag nananaginip ako at sila ng new love nya ang magkasama bangungot, the next day when I see her para na syang kampon ng evil sa paningin ko for ruining my sleep.
07. Yona – if he laughs like “Muwahahahahaha” yup he’s evil.
06. JediMaster – Chico knows that if you scramble Mother-in-Law it also reads Woman Hitler
05. GoofyMom – when your sister or brother seduces or steals your spouse.
04. ShyAnn – I think my husband is evil coz he’s “horny” and he got this long tail but infront.
03. TunaBeli – if you discovered that under his bed he has a blow-up doll handcuffed, gagged and dressed up like Tina Turner.
02. MrsTunaBeli – if he listens to the Morning Rush and most of his top 10 entries are all about yaya.
01. KidBukid - there’s an evil in our house wearing rollers and dusters who spoiled my kids, invaded my kitchen, and made my day miserable and made my house as her own, yah you’re right she’s my wife’s mother.

10. NoName – if just one day you’re talking about new chips that you really love to eat and then the next day when you go to her bedroom she keeps lot of it pala and she doesn’t share.
09. PinkyB – evil is my neighbor who stole my first love and also that first love who left her after siren 5 kids.
08. TripTrap – every time I visit my soon-to-be girlfriend she’s evil coz she’s sweet, she prepares my favorite, tinola, but when instead of papaya she put Likas Papaya in it.
07. Aken – when he raises his voice infront of your family, you can’t react since his parent might have an impression of you na palasagot.
06. KurtPatrick – Kapag ang pangalan mo ay Cain, siguradong kapatid mo Evil, get it? Cain and Evil.
05. Sachi – my ex hubby is having an affair with his distant relative with my son having seen them.
04. NoName – when he dumps the whole can of fish food in your aquarium when he gets angry. P.S. Twice nyang ginawa.
03. YourHighness – my father is in the nugatory and the places of his duty meron syang babae.
02. Tony – when your bestfriend/roommate takes a jar of peanut butter, brings it to his room, calls the dog and stays in the room with the dog for 10 minutes.
01. SpyShadow – my wife is evil, usually disguise in leather with handcuff and stuffs… in bed.

10. Ronald – my former loveone is evil coz I found out that the girl names stored in his celphone phonebook are actually her boys.
09. NoName – I caught my boyfriend in a comedy bar together with his officemates which includes his ex, and instead of me getting mad it was him who was furious, defensive.
08. Kidbukid – you have evil older siblings if they always make fun at you, misinformed me about everything you asked them about like for example “kuya, can I eat this?” and they tells you “No coz you’re die.”
07. NoName – my grandmother keeps all the packages sent by our relatives from the USA, and doesn’t tells us about it but come Christmas she’ll give it to us as gifts from her.
06. NoName – evil ang boyfriend mo kapag lagi syang galit sayo kahit wala ka namang ginagawang mali.
05. NoName – evil ang girlfriend mo kapag bigla nyang hindi pinapakita sayo ang celphone nya tapos sasabihin nya sayo na nanggu-goodtime lang sya, tapos sa bandang huli ay aaminin nya din pala na may katext syang ibang lalaki.
04. EliteGirl – my former boyfriend is so evil because he wants me to stay with him and keep our relationship even if he got back with his former girlfriend. And to think I was the reason why they broke up, he really wants to have the best of both worlds.
03. Andrew – my former girlfriend is evil because when I tried to breakup with her she beg me not to, only for me to find out from her later after she broke up with me that she wanted to have the first option gusto lang pala nya na siya ang unang kumalas kasi Mapapahiya daw sya sa ibang tao.
02. NoName – evil loved one? When we were kids, my bestfriend will always keep our common friends from me, she’ll always says bad things about me when I excel a little bit and she’s jealous when I have some attention from people. KSP kasi sya.
01. SpyShadow – Evil ang utol ko, he farts under our sheets in the morning, throw his rolled up booger on us, and leaves smelly floaters in the toilet bowl.

The Morning Rush 666 (Signs That You Are OA)

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November 16, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by Cyber

10. Raymond – when she wants to explain a simple point she goes to a 10-minute monologue.
09. Kalel – my girlfriend’s OA indicator if I fail to text her “kain na tayo” she enumerate all the days I forgot to text her back and then say “hindi mo na ako love ano?”
08. KidBukid – when your significant other would always say that she misses you so much even if you’re just going to pee.
07. YourHighness – if you use a spoon to scoop up your booger para hindi mapanis.
06. TunaBeli – Yaya is OA, she would always say “wag po koya!” e magpapamasahe lang naman ako.
05. TunaBeli – a certain DJ from another station is OA, you should hear him on his radio show how he would bash and ridicule personalities, well maybe that’s his gimik coz he’s not that popular anymore.
04. Charlotte – my in-laws visited me 2 weeks ago, my mother-in-law asking me to buy her petroleum jelly coz she’s having rashes on her body. I told her I used to have that too, my sister-in-law said, “Ganda talaga ang mataba nag-kaka rashes,” I really freak out and shouted “hindi na ako mataba” coz I already lost 25 lbs. My sister-in-law goes “huh?” and my mother-in-law and my kids are laughing and said, “ma, medyo OA ka na.”
03. ShyAnn – if when you’re kissing him he gets angry if he sees you not closing your eyes anymore kasi hindi mo daw napi-feel ang mga halik mo.
02. TripTrap – When my dad force me to eat rice for dinner even if I just have a heavy pasta for merienda like an hour ago, he’d say, “kumain ka hindi kanin yang kinain mo.”
01. Tony – its OA when after a hard exam the top student in our class will exclaim, “shock ang hirap ng exam babagsak ako” and when the exam score is release he gets the higher score, sarap sakalin.

10. NoName – when I fart then everyone covers their nose and says, “Ano ba yan ang baho” wala namang amoy. Malakas lang yung sound, OA talaga nila.
09. SpyShadow – yung bestfriend ko so OA, makanti mo lang ng kaunti ang hair nya galit agad at hindi ka papansinin the whole day.
08. KidBukid – my mother-in-law is so OA, whenever she visit us we just offer her a cup of coffee, she stay for a week or more.
07. ShyAnn – if you angrily tell manong guard, “Ano ba manong, lagyan mo naman ng kaunting malisya ang pag-frisk mo sa akin.”
06. Gian – back in elementary my classmate who happen to be the third honor over-all in the entire batch, suddenly cried, when we comforted her and we asked her why she’s crying, she told us that she did study very hard yet she didn’t perfect the quiz we took that same day.
05. JediMaster – if you just forgot to text someone for 3 days and they go, “galit ka ba with me?” with matching sad face.
04. Quin – OA yung mga listener ng isang radio station na pag hindi na natuloy ang isnag party kung anu-ano na ang nire-react, tuloy yung mga DJ hindi nagsasalita at nag-uusap, malungkot tuloy.
03. YoungIndy – OA yung kaka-green pa lang nung stop lights bumubusina na agad yung driver ng car sa likod ko.
02. Cobykong – an officemate went to the bathroom and brought her laptop with her because she needed to work while doing no.2.
01. SuperUltraSexyZen – my cousin and his co-worker girlfriend see each other everyday at work, then at home they would talk for hours on the phone, but that’s not it, when both of them has nothing to say anymore magtatampo na sila and they say “you’re not putting effort to the relationship.”

10. NoName – I often get OA when my staff at work doesn’t get the deadline, my sister who happens to be my staff also tells me that I’m so OA when I tell them “leave me alone, I’ll do it alone.”
09. Acer – when my brother, a former maroon PBL player, broke his wrist when he was in highschool he scream on and on “hindi na ako magba-basketball” two weeks after kahit naka-cast pa yung kamay nya nasa basketball court na ulit, naglalaro using 1 hand only.
08. SpyShadow – this mother cannibal is so OA when she told her children while playing with foreigners “how many times do I have to tell you kids, not to play with your food.”
07. ScarletIyah – when you see old married friends are so concern and bothered about friends who are still single when obviously some of them are simply be smug about it as if it is a competition of who’s getting married first.
06. Snakepit – OA yung mga taong affected pa rin na lumipad sila Chico at Del sa ibang station, bini-bring up pa sa Top 10.
05. SusanMeyer – I’m a bit OA when it comes to courting, every time there’s someone courting me I always think what if he’s not the one, then I ended up dumping men with no reason at all.
04. Ronald – my colleague was so OA coz she reacted to those chismis na sila daw nung isa ko pang colleague, when it’s obvious naman na sila nga talaga, coz they were caught in the act by my other colleague na sya ang nagkalat ng chismis.
03. NoName – I voted to save Chad of Pinoy Dream Academy when he was nominated for expulsion, I bought the reality show album because of him, I watched their mall tour to see him in person, I desperately asked my friend to get me a ticket for the Gala show, and I’m his website developer.
02. Ruthie – sobrang OA si Rachel Raye lalo na yung first episode ng show nya where Oprah was her guest, napatatanga tuloy si Oprah sa kadaldalan nya, tinalo nya ang ka-OAyan ni Tyra Banks.
01. Allan – my officemate has a tendency of making a pass whenever a guy react to her remarks, she keeps on saying “sa tingin mo ba dapat ko bang bigyan ng meaning yon? Ang feeling naman nya di ba? Hindi naman sya big deal sa akin pero ang kapal nya akala nya papatulan ko sya.” you think it’s over then after two days, she bring up a topic again and she stretched “di naman talaga sya big deal.”

Survivor Philippines (Episode 11)

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Episode 11: "Hell Hath Frozen Over"
Reward Challenge: Instead of a Reward Challenge, a Survivor Auction was held. Items won were the following:
  • Abi-Maria - An advantage in the game
  • Carter - Baked potato with an option to trade for two bags of rice and beans for the tribe (mystery item); veal shanks to be shared with the entire tribe for 60 seconds (mystery item)
  • Denise - Pancakes, bacon, maple syrup, and orange juice
  • Jonathan - Fried chicken and french fries (mystery item); ice cream sundae (not shown)
  • Lisa - Submarine sandwich (mystery item)
  • Malcolm - Iced coffee and donuts
  • Michael - Cheese and wine
Immunity Challenge: At the beginning of each stage, the castaways would be asked a question and if they got it wrong, they would have to carry an extra 5% of their body weight during that and the following stages. In the first stage, the castaways would be attached to a rope and would have to maneuver over and under a hitching post. The first five to complete the stage would move on. In the second stage, the castaways would navigate through a thicket of bamboo poles while attached to a rope. The first two to complete the stage would move on. In the final stage, the castaways would climb a multi-level obstacle and untie rope gates at various points. The first castaway to complete the obstacle would win.

On day 29, tree mail contained envelopes with $500 for each castaway, signaling that that the day's Reward Challenge would be a Survivor Auction. Money and items won could not be shared. Knowing that she was next to be voted out, Abi-Maria held out of the bidding until she saw a note, which she immediately bid at $500. Carter opted to exchange his baked potato for the bags of rice and beans to feed the entire tribe. Abi-Maria decided that she would try to stir things up in the tribe by feigning that the advantage she won in the game was much more than it really was. She told Malcolm that she was not going to the jury at the next Tribal Council, implying that she had another Hidden Immunity Idol. At the Immunity Challenge, she continued this feint when she faked that the note she won at the Reward Challenge was a two part note. She stated that one part of the note awarded her a double-bye into the final stage of the challenge, and that she would keep the other part to herself. She then tore up the note. Denise and Lisa got the question wrong and added the extra weight to begin the challenge. With five moving on to the second stage, it was only Lisa who was left behind. At the second stage, Denise got her question wrong again, making her extra weight 10%, while Carter and Michael added 5%. Jonathan and Carter moved on to face Abi-Maria in the third stage. Carter got the question wrong again, adding to his burden. Well rested and without any weight, Abi-Maria breezed through the stage to take Individual Immunity. Back at camp, the alliance of Denise, Lisa, Malcolm, and Michael agreed to vote out Jonathan. But Lisa was again wavering and told Jonathan all about the alliance's plans. She told him that she would be staying loyal to her alliance and to do that magic he does to try to save himself. Jonathan told Carter and Abi-Maria that they were going to vote for Denise, so as to circumvent the possibility of Malcolm playing his Idol, and then went to work on lobbying Michael. Jonathan told Michael that Lisa told him everything and that he was the swing vote. At Tribal Council, Jonathan continued to lobby Lisa and Michael to vote out Denise, but his pleas failed and he became the fifth member of the jury by a vote of 4–3.

The Morning Rush 665 (Ways To Say Goodbye To Someone You Love)

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November 14, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by Sakura

10. NoName – I love you goodbye.
09a. Frodo – It’s really not you, it’s my wife.
09b. KidBukid – I guess this is it honey but It’s time for me to go home with my wife and kids.
08. KuyaBob – Uyyy don’t forget my pasalubong ha, bye-bye!
07. TunaBeli – You’re the weakest link, goodbye!
06. Frudo – napagod ako sayo ha, pwede ba sa susunod wag ka ng gumamit ng handcuffs? Bukas ulit ha?
05. SpyShadow – Man: “So long mother of four” Wife: “Goodbye to you too father of two.”
04. Jedrick – I deserve so much better.
03. TripTrap – Yes, makakalaya na ako, don’t worry dadalawin pa din kita.
02. TunaBeli – Inday, 10 years old na ang alaga mo hindi na kailangan ng Yaya, pwede ka ng umuwi sa inyo.
01. GorgeousBitch – Well this is sad, but this doesn’t stop myself from missing you but something aren’t meant to last, you’re always have a special place in my heart no one can ever change that, goodbye.

10. MrEgg – O magbi-break up na naman tayo? Sige next time ulit ha.
09. Yuki – Kita na lang tayo uli pagkatapos ng 1 month vacation mo ha, Yaya.
08. Sirene – I’m saying goodbye not because I want to but because you asked me to.
07. Luis – before you go I would really appreciate if you follow the court’s TRO, and hey don’t forget the alimony.
06. Blanch – apparently my devotion to you is not enough for you to take the next step forward so I guess I better take the step on moving on without you.
05 TripTrap – Sige aalis na nga ako, sana ito na nga ang tamang gagawin ko, mahal kita pero bago ako aalis akin na lang Virgin Cola mo malayo pa biyahe ko.
04. Acer – Hay ang hirap mag-goodbye, ganito na lang, listen to “Goodbye Girl” ni David Gates, “Goodbye” ng Air Supply, and “Goodbye” ni Michelle Branch, that’s what I think, okay?
03. Atoy – Paalam kaibigan, malungkot man na wala ka na, alam naming nasa mabuting lugar ka na, I pray for you.
02. SpyShadow – Please don’t cry and don’t kiss me here in public pare.
01. KidBukid – Parang hindi naman ako umalis eh, kaso ako pa rin naman ang makakasama mo, kasi hindi ka naman makakapili ng babaeng katulad ko di ba?

10. Menggay – A year ago you broke my heart coz you suddenly said goodbye without even telling me why, now you’re coming back? Hey loser goodbye to you too!
09. Ricababy – I love you but I want to have a family and children of my own and I can’t have it on you so please let me go.
08. Hawi – We can’t play this game anymore but can we still be friends? or friends na may kaunting malice? Kaunti lang naman.
07. Bianca – it’s that feelings you have for me are not enough for you to stay and prolong the relationship, it’s just that choose not to let it grow, don’t worry I’ll still waiting but until you find someone new, I guess I’ll bleed myself dried again.
06. NoName – “Mom, we know you’re tired already, it’s okay for you to rest now.”
05. YoungIndy – Ang hirap sayo huli kang pinanganak, takaw demanda ka pa eh, pag 18 ka na lang.
04. RedWine – To my son: Had you been born and live, we would have been good loving parents to you and surely you would have been a perfect son to us.
03. Frudo – If you think that it’s hard for you coz I’m leaving you, it’s harder for me because nothing is more painful than letting go of the one.
02. NoName – you know you’re my life but I lost mine of loving you too much.
01. MerkWood – I wish I know how to quit you.

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The Morning Rush 664 (Things That Chico Could, Should and Would Be Doing While On Vacation)

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July 26, 2004 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10. Leslie – He’s listening to Del and Brad just to make sure that he can get back in case we they anything nasty about him.
09. Paul – he’s having those bisexual midgets from Frances, lotion his butt.
08. Haru – I can answer that, he’s with me and we’re watching porn.
07. Missy – he’s planning his marriage with Baby whale
06. Joeshred – he’s off finishing plan for this year’s tea Party.
05. ShyAnn – he’s off playing golf with his new buddies and hoping to get a hole in one.
04. Kidbukid – Besides having a new haircut he’s probably getting a new body piercing somewhere that no one can’t find.
03. DeadPoet – He’s off to Mt. Banahaw to cry his heart out after playing a really lousy game of badminton yesterday at the JVC Tournament.
02. Joeshred – he’s not really on vacation he’s in training co he’s not worthy.
01. Kenny – he’ll be back on Monday.

10. Pookie – he’ll taking a well deserve and well overdo bath.
09. Josephine – he’s lazing around trying to think about great excuse to extend his vacation.
08. Belli – he’s off to German to try out those 18-inch German sausages.
07. Benny – he’s off doing some major update on his friendster account like including pictures of Baby Whale.
06. Denster – he’s in a meeting right now about hosting his own radio show guesting Greg Turvey twice a week. Del and Brad were the option.
05. Inaki – he’s on the road lost and alone with his road map.
04. Joeshred – he’s probably had a hangover and unconscious after his date with 7-foot tall trysexual triplet from Mongolia.
03. Judge – Chico? Who’s Chico?
02. Raymond – he’s overslept today.
01. KidBukid – he’s off for a 4-day nude photoshot with a popular girl in the magazine.

10. Peggy – he’s skinny dipping to tan his white butt cheeks while baby Whale is watching.
09. JealousBoy – he’s secretly setting up cameras at Delamar’s place.
08. Jeplacks – he’s in Hollywood auditioning as Steve ???
07. GorgeousBitch – Wala lang, he’s just giving Del and Brad a chance to shine.
06. Ethiopia – He’s off down under chasing after all this tidbit.
05. RedDong – He’s off for his final ramp before he’s getting married to baby whale.
04. YourHighness – he’s abducted by aliens from Uranus and being experimented on as we speak.
03. SandraD – He’s off holding his own Tea Party without Del and Brad
02. SwapMe – he’s off to compete in Survivor or Amazing Race.
01. Delamar – He’s taking a break.

The Morning Rush 663 (Five Word Proposal)

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November 23, 2012 Episode
Topic Suggested by Camillo

33. CocoHernandez – Dami mong arte, sex agad!
32. DyneGirl – Bago ang lahat pre-nup muna
31. AkosiPoklong – Do you want some tea bag?
30. Markopio – Tanduay, Emperador o Gin Bulag?
29. LalabearCruz – Keep calm and be mine.
28. SuperWabby – Honey… wala na akong brieffff
27. DyneGirl – Hindi mo na kailangang mag-trabaho
26. Joti – It’s now or never, tara?
25. Jrhyan – Kailangan ng katulong ni mommy
24. ThatGuyMarkedX – Buntis ka, ako ama promise
23. Salt&Pepper – Pare, may gusto akong balak
22. JediMaster – Bitin ka sa titik O?
21. Markopio – Be forever I’m your 21
20. Jrhyan – Hardcore ka talaga marry me.
19. MashedPlutonium – Here between my thighs please
18. OMGian – Walang balak ang alak ko
17. XtrianoRhoynaldo – Doomsday na kaya ang arte
16. Jellyciouso – Kamukha mo future husband ko
15. JediMaster – tama na like sa facebook
14. AdonisMabangis – Facundo, pakasalan mo na ako
13. ElliotGirl – Eto na alak, alam na
12. ABoyNamedDaboy – Ano gusto sarap o hirap?
11. Camillo – wala ka ng load diba?
10. DyneGirl – Girl, I’m straight let’s marry.
09. DaDezarah – Promise you can prove me
08. MadmuttMark – Macho ako type kita pare
07. Camillo – No more listening to Adelle
06. EmersonPaul – You plus me equals forever
05. ABabyC – Koya kakainin ko na ba?
04. CocoHernandez – A ring on your finger
03. KikomanMachine – Happiness is a choice, me.
02. Markopio – Kakainin ko kung kakainin mo
01. SuperWabby – Don’t care about your past

33. Camillo – Hindi ka kagandahan choosy pa
32. KhikoMonster – Hindi kita tatalsikan sa mata
31. MadmuttMark – Itatali kita pakasalan mo ako
30. CocoHernandez – Marry me limited offer only
29. Jeggerji – Please please please please please…
28. Shyvanna – baby you can’t do better
27. SuperYanner – Player 1 ready, player 2?
26. Stormblade – Fight this fight with me
25. Bluegray – Let’s make churva na the
24. Butterbaby – mamili ka kung saang simbahan
23. SuperWabby – You want your muffin buttered?
22. BoiBakal – Come with me, sabay tayo
21. Kaikai – Marry me or else die
20. DyneGirl – Walang majubis love is blind
19. ThatGuyMarkedX – Gusto mo ng meri kwemas?
18. MadmuttMark – You’re the fear I accept
17. Bluegray – Let 2 become 1, charot!
16. DaDezarah – Sige ka I’ll beat myself
15. TrashySalvador – The ganda mo dati anyare?
14. ElliotGirl – The pilot can marry us
13. MadmuttMark – I am the whitest American
12. Liloboi – Gagawa tayo ng maraming Junakis
11. MadmuttMark – I have a big deck
10. Chenpong – Hi I’m Coco, kokompleto sayo
09. DaDezarah – Meron akong 5 milyong insurance
08. OMGian – Tara sa madilim na kanto
07. Uod – gagawin kitang tunay na babae
06. OMGian – I have a pleasing PESOnality
05. OMGian – Do you want an insperasyon?
04. Kengkarots – Let’s do the forever thing
03. Cee – Keep the wedding honeymoon agad
02. Tagofabic - your finger needs my ring
01. MadmuttMark – singer ka? Here’s my nota.

33. MarkyBoy – You’re mine now, forget him
32. ChinaisHere – Safe ako today you know
31. JepSpotted – tatanggapin ko ang anak mo
30. Liloboi – gagawin kitang artista promise yan
29. Maan – buntis ako wala kang choice
28. BlackSiopao – Isama naman ako sa habambuhay
27. ODH – May dala akong protection, game?
26. PoyDavid – Magaling akong lumamas ng tinapay
25. GaezelNut – Will you marry me? Amalayer
24. Marjham – Ang sagot sa tanong Oo
23. ChinaisHere – best before 30 years old
22. Wenggay – Let’s make today our future
21. ODH – Wanna wake up beside me?
20. Jrhyan – Straight ako noh, marry me
19. BlueGray – Delicious ka daw, pwede Patikim?
18. InanPerillo – I love you… and you.
17. MarkyBoy – Marry me today and everyday
16. ManoyPabaya – Please be my 100th wife
15. Amboklarick – Biological clock on hyperdrive, tara
14. Shiro – Dodong: “Sakto wala si sir, tara” Inday: “Wrong dito sya sa kwarto’
13. KevinReyes – araw-araw shopping? Marry me
12. Shyvanna – kasal or die a virgin
11. Bankerboy – our babies will be awesome
10. DementedKid – Good inheretant, no pre-nup, game?
09. Papuchino – enough rehearsals, let’s do this
08. ManoyPabaya – Marry me, I love bitches
07. NoName - Ikaw, ako, at nanay ko
06. ButterBaby – Let’s conquer each day together
05. Bangs – You love my big teeth
04. MadmuttMark – Masarap ang pancit sa motel
03. CocoHernandez – Papatayin kita sa sobrang sarap
02. Spike08 – Luluhod ako sa harap mo
01. MadmuttMark – My burden is your happiness

14. Mistervader – Found nobody else? Marry me?
13. Shyvanna – hoy matandang dalaga ka na
12. MacU – You’re old na, marry me?
11. Shyvanna – You look desperate, shall we?
10. Bababambin – Forever is actually my plan
09. Shyvanna – Promise I’m fair down there
08. EllaBuenavista – You, me, kitchen counter, now!
07. ChubbyAiAi – Spend forever with me? Please
06. Cryptoverbalist – You’re yummy, I’m hungry, lamon!
05. Mikomikolet – It’s not me without you
04. PilyongHusband – Makakapagpahinga na ang kamay mo
03. LoveloveKateDre – Baklush keri lang kita, evalur?
02. HyperMarve – Give me just one night
01. ManoyPabaya – Marry me please text back.
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The Morning Rush 662 (Things To Say To Someone Who’s Trying To Buy Your Votes)

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May 10, 2004 Episode
Topic Inspired by Election 2004

10. KidBukid – “kahit mahirap lang ako hindi ko pinagbibili ang karangalan ko.”
09. HomerSingson – “Sorry pare wala akong resibo baka sumabit tayo sa BIR.”
08. YourHighness – “anu’ng akala mo sa akin cheap? Baka pwedeng Dagdagan mo naman ng kaunti”
07. GorgeousBitch – “mukha ba akong nabibili?”
06. Raymond – “Pwede Euro? Magtatravel ako eh pagkatapos ng election.”
05. Sheridon – “naku wala akong panukli”
04. Edong – “Wag dito, maraming tao, pwede in private? Dun tayo sa Sogo room 110.”
03. Snuffles / HomerSingson – “Sorry hindi boto ang binebenta ko… katawan.”
02. Blessy – “Anu? Akala mo ba ikokompremiso ko ang kinabukasan ng bayan kong mahal? Ano? 500 pesos? Sige!’
01. Raymond – “Hay salamat bumalik din sa akin ang perang nakurakot sa akin.”

10. Roda – “ganyan ba kadesperado ang kandidato ninyo? Walang puso, walang hiya, walang kaluluwa, walang dagdag kahit kaunti?”
09. TunaBelli – “E kung ikaw ang bilhan ko dyan?”
08. JeffBag – “Libre ang boto ko walang presyo.”
07. KidBukid – “Sorry hindi ko pinapakain sa pamilya ko ang pagkaing galing sa masama.”
06a. Lorraine – “maghanap ka ng kauri mo.”
06b. ShyAnn – “Isaksak mo sa baga mo yang pera mo! At i-flush mo sa toilet yang pagmumukha mo!”
05. NoName – “What do you think of me thinking of you?”
04. GorgeousBitch – “Hindi ako tulad mo na sakim sa pera! Next time na lang may nauna na sayo.”
03. Stuart – “O sige saka nagbebenta din ako ng tocino, bagong bago galing Pampanga, ayaw mo? Vigan longganisa? Kesong puti meron din!”
02. VAguia – “Para manalo ka at bawiin ang nagastos mo?”
01. Rodel – “Kiss muna!”

10. KingMonarch – “brownie… attack!”
09. GorgeousBitch – “Bat naman ako magpapaloko sa tulad mong hindi nag-iisip?”
08. Elvira – my sister refuse to accept the money because she‘s a teacher, but when the guy approached my mom she said, “apat kami!”
07a. Sario – “Dangal mo para sa dangal ng balota ko.”
07b. Rodel – “500 pesos? Hindi mo mabibili ang boto ko, ako pwede pa.”
06. NoName – “200 lang? Buti pa si Mayor 300, sige ka si Mayor na lang ang iboboto ko.”
05. EarlJefferson – “Mas maganda sana ang buhay ng pamilya ko kung wala ang mga tulad mo.”
04. ChickBiatch – “You know what? I was about to vote for him but after this I think I’d rather not.”
03. KidBukid – “Sige ba basta iboto mo rin si Jusmine Trias.”
02a. AdrianOrtis – “Sige pa, sige lang pilitin mo pa ako nag-eenjoy ako eh hmmmmmmmmmmmm.”
02b. AdrianOrtis – “Talaga? Wow! Sana, bibilin ko din boto mo eh.”
01. Rodel – “Ayan Korina inyo pong narinig si Mayor na nagtatangkang bumili ng boto ko, now back to studio!”

The Morning Rush 661 (Things You Shouldn't Say While Scuba Diving)

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May 31, 2004 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10. Raymond – “I don’t care if your wet suit is shocking pink, shark won’t know the different.”
09. YourHighness – “Don’t look now but there’s a shark smelling your butt.”
08. CarlP – “Pare, theoretically how do you deal with it if you accidentally made pupu in your wetsuit?”
07. Dexter – “What do you mean I cannot take this bucket of fish blood with me in the ocean?”
06. Stuart – “Just how much does the octopuses sucker suck?”
05. Michael – “Boy am I thirsty!”
04. Elms – “Is that a moray eel or are you just happy to see me?”
03. BlueSkies – “Mister Instructor, if I have will it attract sharks?”
02. SpyShadow – “How wet does it get inside your wetsuit?”
01. Inaki – “Excuse me sir but your squid is showing.”

10. Snuffles / KidBukid – “License diver na ako so pwede na ba akong Sumisid?”
09. Tweet – “I think this dive knife belongs to you, tsuk tsuk tsuk!”
08. TunaBelli – “Now that we’re underwater does it make it officially a wet noodle?”
07. Stuart – “Huh? Who said those human look tasty? Who said those human look tasty?”
06. Denzel – While you are 100ft deep: “Grabe ha nakaka-pressure!”
05. Beckham – “Do things look bigger when underwater? Or is that really big?”
04. Gorgonzola – “I know where you can shab that snorkel of yours.”
03. Fernandez – “Do the terms top and bottom means the same thing in diving too?”
02. KidBukid – “Mister Instructor, do barracuda eat gay diver too?”
01. Carlo – “Sharkkkkkkk! Kidding!”

10a. AgimatniPaking – “Hmmm something fishy’s going on here.”
10b. Dong – “yubbishubby shuby deee, ewwwshippychikyfishy chubby” Annoy them.
09. BallBuster – “You know what Mister Instructor, you’re very good in your tight, no no make that every tight wetsuit.”
08. Roxanne / Biko – “Sydney P. Sherman 42…”
07. Sweetlips – “Wow! Strong current, oops there goes my mask, oops there goes my giggling…blub blub blub blub!”
06. Pig – “you pervert leave that starfish alone! Is does not want to get milk.”
05a. Fonzy17 – “Uy ang cute ng eel, ay sorry Mr. Instructor akala ko eel”
05b. Carlo – “look at all those squid; it’s as if we were in Australia.”
04. Morten – “Where do you buy your fins? Finland?”
03. Rebecca – “Soooo do I blow on this or suck up?”
02. Gonzo – “may signal ka?”
01. Kumag – “ahhh hon, I think your boob just floated away.”

The Morning Rush 660 (Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Get Back With Your Ex)

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April 19, 2004 Episode
Topic Suggested by Nina

10. AraBee / JediMaster / bittersweet – because he’s married with kids.
09. PsychoticRealm – because his last word to me were “mukha kang pera.”
08. NoName – because she overanalyzes everything.
07. TequillaRose – kasi ang spaghetti nya laging pababa ng pababa.
06a. Dee – why settle for him when I could have Brad Turvey.
06b. Tweet – why would I go for my ex when I already have a perfect partner I could have.
05. TunaBelli – because she doesn’t want me anymore and beside I’m married with her sister.
04. FoldedandHung – because he brings out the worst’s in me.
03. Raymond – because I don’t court divorcee.
02a. PhillipIvanOliver – kasi hindi na ako cheap tulad ng dati.
02b. Barok – because I love myself more now.
01. Patrick – because he accepted my mom’s bribe to leave me alone and used the money for drugs.

10. Joanna – because he left me and now he wants me back, the more he wants me back the sweeter the revenge.
09. Remlee – because he looks like a tarsier.
08. Math – because the respect is no longer there.
07. HomerSingson – because she’s itchy and she make me do all the scratching.
06. NoName – because he dump me twice already.
05. NoName – ayoko na ng luma.
04. KidBukid – that’s why they called ex’s because they belong to the past and that’s where they should stay.
03. MamaCoy – because I would only create reasons for him to leave again.
02a. Batman – because I heard her bad the last time and I think she learn her lesson.
02b. GorgeousBitch – because I don’t make the same mistake twice.
02c. Joti – dahil ayoko ng damputin ulit ang batong pinukpok ko na sa sarili ko.
02d. Angel – for what? So he can beat me up again?
01. NoName – because I don’t want to hurt the one who loves me more.

10. TunaBelli – kasi malaki na si baby, hindi na kailangan ng yaya.
09. NoName – it’s because he’s invertebrate, no backbone.
08. Cathy – because he’s too perfect nakakasawa.
07a. NoName – because he’s not the marrying kind.
07b. KingMonarch – I don’t see a future together.
06. Purple – because you’re really better off alone.
05a. HeartbreakKid – because I’m not bisexual anymore.
05b. Superman – because she deserves to be happy, I’m gay.
04a. HotKarne – I don’t think I can handle that much sex anymore.
04b. NoName – because I hate her family.
04c. Vida – because he’s a sterile two-timing jerk.
04d. NoName – because I don’t want him ever to grab that map from me ever again.
03. JediMaster – kasi nahihiya na akong bawiin ang lahat ng sinabi ko sa kanya.
02a. Yam – because I already gave all the last time, I’ve got no more to give this time around.
02b. Deland – what if it doesn’t work for the second time?
01a. NoName – once you go black you can’t go back.
01b. RalphWaldo – simply my taste has improve. 

The Morning Rush 659 (Things You Would Say To Your Father’s Girlfriend)

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May 12, 2004 Episode
Topic Suggested by AdrianOrtis

10. FieryStar – “Hey, do you know that my dad sucks blood when the clock strikes 12?”
09. YourHighness – “hey, haven’t I seen you before? Let me guess… Malate? Ayala Avenue? Ah hindi… Quezon Ave.”
08. AaronKulo – “Aba! Anu bang nagustuhan ng dad ko sayo? Pa-testing nga.”
07. KidBukid – “Your parents must be miners coz you’re such a gold-digger.”
06. Inaki – “Did you know that my dad’s nickname is Jack the Ripper?”
05. TunaBelli – “Hi! I’m junior ready, willing, able and much younger, here’s my cell number, call me just in case.”
04. DadaniGreg – “Alam ba ni papa na lalaki ka dati? Operada!”
03. GorgeousBitch – “I feel sorry for you coz my dad can never love you the way he loved my mom.”
02. MonkeyDonkey – “Do you have a younger sister? Papa-blind date ko sana sa lolo ko.”
01. Badman / KidBukid – “Inday? Akala ko ba tayo?”

10. Garfield – “Do you talk to your eggcells? Wala lang, you remind me of someone.”
09. YourHighness – “Alam mo hirap na nga kaming mapag-aralin ni daddy dumadagdag ka pa, pwede ba bumalik ka na lang pag naka-graduate ka na?”
08. Pig – “I’m too doors down if you ever get tired of that old man smell.”
07. HomerSingson – “Tita, ako si mommy, layuan mo si daddy, awoooooooo!”
06. MarkyMark – “So you want to be my stepmom huh? Well there is one thing you should know, no pets allowed.”
05. CoolPinay – “what should I call you? Tita or anak?”
04. TunaBelli – “Lucky girl!!! My old man is Viagra powered.”
03. Joey – “Do you swallow?”
02. Aries – “Excuse me, kelan ang debut mo?”
01. Danah – “O so you’re my dad’s girlfriend, hindi ko alam sobrang na-miss pala ni dad si Kelly, yung namatay naming poodle.”

10. Pig – “I can see why dad likes you, everybody can, you obviously got milk.”
09. GorgeousBitch – “Dad doesn’t deserve a gilr like you coz he’s special and you’re not.”
08 -01 ***missing

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Morning Rush 658 (Things You Know Now That You’re Older)

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September 06, 2006 Episode
Topic Suggested by TMR

10. Tiki – Now that I’m older I now know that Palawan is part of Luzon and not Vizayas, by the way I’m already 24 years old.
09. BradTurkey – When I was in grade school as I attended religion class I really that adults do not commit sins only children do.
08. Bakekang – Now that I’m older I know now that it’s really much more fun to be a kid rather than being an adult, I remember when I was 10 I always wished that I’d be 20 so I can work with cool clothes, make-up, etc.
07. JediMaster – Now that I’m older I know that it doesn’t mean that if you already earning your own money you can buy anything you want.
05. Batneg – Now that I’m older I realize that there’s so much joy and happiness as being a child.
04. RightyRich – I didn’t realize how big the world is until I travel.
03. Benny – I didn’t know back then when I was young and studying how hard it is to earn money until I graduated and got a job and had to work.
02. JediMaster – life doesn’t get any easier it’s only get more complicated.
01. Tsoy – I learn that not all guys you want have all the qualities you’re looking for.

10a. Tikya – that Corregidor is part of Cavite and that Antarctica is the largest dessert until I joined the trivia quiz bee last week.
10b. LoiPogi – nalaman ko na hindi pala kapatid ni Tito at Vic si Joey.
10c. Anthony – that there are 5 states of matter, solid, liquid, gas, plasma and Einstein condensate.
09. NoName - when I was younger I believe that if it rains in our place it rains all over.
08. NoName – before I was so eager to drive a car and even took my mom’s car and drove inside the village, and bringing a car to school is so cool but now that I’m a lot older I’m so tired of driving, I wish I can afford a driver.
07. BottomlessInk – I used to think that when you have good and high grades in school you’ll be rich, now that I’m older grades don’t count guts do.
06. Joti – as I grow older may kasama ng takot ang Christmas season, habang papalapit ng papalapit ang Christmas season papalayo rin ng papalayo ang mga ninong.
05. YoungIndy – that there are many uses of rubber, hindi lang pala rubber shoes at rubber band.
04. TummyIllFigure – I realize what my parents told me was all true, they told me that I will do the same to my kids, I didn’t agree with them before but now I do kasi nagiging mahigpit din ako sa mga anak ko.
03. AudiGirl – I learned that life is so full of decisions. And the success and the failure are all defend on you.
02a. Archie – there are other things that make you happy other than just having a boyfriend.
02b. Fredrick – that love and relationship are not all life has to offer there are other things.
01a. NoName – that broken knees are easier to heal than a broken heart.
01b. Senorita – it’s better to suffer by a wound than to suffer by love.  

10. Acer – I learned that Paul McCartney was right, “yesterday love was such an easy game to play now I need a place to hide away.”
09. LoiPogi – I know that in this day of age that Isaac Newton’s Law which state “No two things can occupy a space at the same time” doesn’t hold true anymore, you just have to ride the MRT.
08. I used to think that life should be fair coz we are all God’s children, now that I’m older I know that life is not fair, there will always be something that somebody has and you don’t, or something someone can do and you can’t, like it or not that’s the truth so stop complaining why, just be thankful for what you have and happy for all the things God has given you.
07. Ronks – I used to think that viruses in computers came from dust.
06. IPodNano – I realize that Prince Charming and Knight in shining armors are only in fairy tales, and in real life mas marami ang Shrek.
05a. LoiPogi – I learned that not all stepmothers are wicked as depicted in children’s books I read when I was young.
05b. ItchyRingworm – I realize the older I get the wiser my parents become.
04. Alex – whatever you are or whatever you have will all be there when you grow up, hindi pala, there are things you’ve grown up with, you will outgrow and you will keep growing with.
03. KC – how much I miss the room that people give us when we’re young, when you grow up people expect you to be perfect thus we begin to see every action as a risk rather than opportunity.
02. Gray – the best thing in life are nothings.
01. Tsoy – I realized that the greatest lessons are learned the hard way, and our biggest mistakes are our greatest lessons.