Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today in Beatles History (05 Feb 2014)

Concert at the Gaumont, Doncaster (Helen Shapiro tour).

'She Loves You', 23rd week in the Top 30 (UK New Musical Express chart).
'Please Please Me' LP, 46th week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express chart).
'With The Beatles' number 1, 11th week (UK New Musical Express chart).

Baroness Erisso approaches Brian about the possibility of his signing her daughter, Marianne Faithfull, to NEMS Enterprises.

Shooting of 'Penny Lane' clip.
12.00 noon approx. The Beatles meet behind the Royal Theatre, Stratford, London.
Shooting of horse scenes and others, standing in front of the Theatre Royal, and of John walking up and down Angel Lane.
4.00pm. The Beatles leave Stratford.

End of the Four Tops British tour, at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester .
Billy Stewart performance at the Saville Theatre.
Brian presents Cream on a Sunday performance at the Saville Theatre.

Francie Schwarz meets with an Apple employee at the Speakeasy.She finds Michael McCartney there.

US gold certification: 'Yellow Submarine' LP.
'Yellow Submarine' LP, 3rd week in the ranking (UK New Musical Express chart).

Apple Studios. Time unknown. Stereo mixing: 'I've Got A Feeling' (2 versions); 'Don't Let Me Down'; 'Get Back' (2 versions);'The One After 909'; 'Dig A Pony'.
Mixing of the roof performances.

'Yellow Submarine' LP, 3rd week in the ranking (UK New Musical Express chart).

Paul's performance in London, for 400 reporters and 2500 people more. 20 themes. 'Previous' concert, start of the 'New World Tour'.

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