Friday, February 7, 2014

Today in Beatles History (07 Feb 2014)

Concert at the Odeon, Wakefield (Helen Shapiro tour).

Press conference at the Heathrow Airport.
6.30. The Beatles and Brian leave from London to New York (Flight 101, Pan Am).
13.35. Arrival at the US for a 10-day tour, at the Kennedy Airport, New York.
Press conference at the Kennedy Airport. The Beatles are taken to the Plaza Hotel.
Photographer Dezo Hoffmann is with them at both airports ard during the flight.
George gets a flu.

UK EP release: 'All My Loving'.

'New Musical Express' reveals that Brian has turned down an 8000 pounds offer for the Beatles to play a concert at the Madison Square Garden. It speculates that the Beatles talked Brian out of a 'big deal' with Bernard Delfont. And it says that one can 'discount rumours linking Alma Cogan's name romantically with Brian Epstein'.

Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent. Shooting for 'Penny Lane' clip. Horse-riding and candelabra scenes.

BBC's 'Not Only... But Also', with John's appearance, is retransmitted.

George's stay at the London University College Hospital begins. His tonsils are removed.

Ringo attends the 'Candy' premiere.

'Live Peace In Toronto' number 10, 1st week, its highest position; 5th week in the ranking (Billboard).

Start of 'London Town' LP sessions at Abbey Road Studios (3rd period). 

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