Thursday, May 1, 2014

FHM Philippines May 2014 (Chloe Dauden)

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She definitely doesn't deserve carrying a briefcase all her life. She deserves more than pose with other girls all carrying briefcases with numbers. Maybe flaunt her amazing body so men can ravish and ogle at her oh so hot body that's now all wet just for you. Summer sis sizzling wet with Chloe Dauden!

She was one of the 26K Briefcase Girls of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal before, and now she graces the cover of FHM Philippines May 2014 issue.

If you'll look closely at her face, it's like she's a mix of Marian Rivera and Andi Eigenmann features.

The magazine also talks about Porn Sex versus Real Sex, studies about the New Gentleman, an article about Raffy Tulfo, how to properly indulge on your vices, how to boost your happiness, and the experience of riding the new Honda Accord. It also discusses their Mt. Pulag climb, how to beat the Heartbleed bug, and how to get rid of an army of bacon briefs.

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